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  1. TX-PE results?

    I received a letter from the Texas Board that I passed this weekend, which was identical to the email I received shortly after the exam stating that I would receive additional info in a few weeks...
  2. Advice/How I passed/My Experience

    Working problems is the key to building speed and avoiding common mistakes... I worked the NCEES sample exam timed and the Lindeburg untimed plus all of the 6 min Solutions Problems for Fluids / HVAC, and morning only for the machine design. I skipped most of the 1 hour problems in the MERM except for Fluids/Thermo and HVAC. I filled up 3 notebooks worth over 4 months! BTW, I took the HVAC depth but I wanted to be prepared for Fluids / Thermo as well due to the overlap. I will never forget how I felt getting the results online and passing! For new exam takers, do not forget to make notes in PEN in the MERM and use your exam calculator for both work and studying.
  3. Cool iPhone / Touch Heli

    Checkout this RC Helicopter: Parrot Drone I want one if it is not outrageously expensive...
  4. Well now that the PE is over...what's next???

    I briefly thought about it, but I need a break for a year or so from any more exams! :-)
  5. New Years Resolutions...

    Made it back to the gym after missing a couple of weeks around the holidays. It was absolutely packed tonight! What is your new year's resolution? Mine is to learn to draw recognizable objects in pencil :-) Drawing for the Absolute Beginner at Amazon
  6. 5 k thread fall 09 results version

    Dallas is going to be extremely cold with a low of 11F and high of 23F this Friday....
  7. Avatar = Pocahontas

    The plot was rather predictable, but the 3D forest, effects, etc. were absolutely amazing. The theater was packed so I ended up closer then I would have liked, but it made the experience more VR. Highly recommend AVATAR if seen in 3D!
  8. HP33s calculator for Sale

  9. I GOT #1 wooohooooo

    I want number 5, but I need to win the lottery first
  10. Has anyone gotten their stamp yet?

    I received mine from A-Plus Stamps, located in Duncanville TX. They shipped promptly.
  11. 5 k thread fall 09 results version

    Happy New Year!
  12. Allowed References?

    You need to check with your local state PE board. In Texas, your notes must be bound and cannot be in pencil. I used a copier for my hand written notes. Handwritten notes in the MERM must be in pen! I did not bring any oversized charts to the exam. A psych chart was provided with the test. Here is a link to the Texas Board PE exam info for those who may be interested: Texas Board PE Exam Info
  13. HP33s calculator for Sale

    Forgot to mention that the starting bid was $0.99, which is the current bid as of 1/1/10 at 3:42 PM CST
  14. For sale on ebay: Mechanical Engineering PE Sample Exam by KAPLAN, second edition. This updated version published in 2009 contains sample questions for all three modules and includes USCS and SI based problems for the current NCEES exam format. Link to ebay: Kaplan Mechanical Engineering Sample exam