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  1. No not at all thats why probably i get so little of that system and components as there were terminologies that im not familiar with
  2. Actually i just bought your full exam practice and Holy cow i printed it in the office and it become like a thick book im looking forward to solve and get more information. I just dont know if i have the will power to do this again in October... im drained financially and emotionally from this last exam..
  3. Thats what I told my wife i know i answer correctly all that psychrometric chart questions thats why im confuse i only get half right. During practice exam with PPI and ncees sample exam i got that everything right because most of it is pure look up and plug in the numbers off the chart. Thanks I will look into those ASHRAE charts because during exam i was scared to use my own charts thinking i might accidentally write something on it so I only use the chart provided during exam.
  4. Using the Merm just confused the heck out of me I was watching the youtube videos of Dan Malloy on mass balances heat transfer and I really thought I nailed that during exam as Dan’s videos are really helpful when doing practice exams the system and components maybe is the one I really need more material as I struggled on that during exam
  5. Actually I really thought I passed the exam but it looks like I got short on systems and equipments
  6. Hi all, I already accepted my fate with regards to the last exam. I just want to pass like everyone else. if you guys could take a look at my diagnostic and see if you could recommend any review material / 's. Last exam I use the MERM 13th edition NCEES sample exam and ASHRAE books as reference. Looking forward to this next exam and not failing anymore. I appreciate any help with this.
  7. What i meant is when i was doing the exam i went over my answers again and compare them to my asnwer sheet and shaded the wrong bubble like twice in the morning and once or twice in the afternoon as i was skipping and marking questions regarding difficulty
  8. Damn I failed Mechanical HVAC first time as well I feel so bad right now...
  9. Failed Illinois 51/80 i felt pretty good about the exam all problem i wrote the solution down, would you say my shading got in the way?
  10. Enthalpy entering turbine is superheated steam @ 2 mpa 350 C refer at steam tables h = 3137 kj/kg s = 6.9563 kj/kg-k
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