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  1. jayjardine

    PTOE exam?

    Hi arenny, Having just received my passing letter from the August sessions (whew!), I would second the good advice Vishal has given. While I don't mean to alarm you, I did find the exam quite challenging and immediately wished I had delved into more depth in the recommended manuals. As Vish said, the refresher manual is helpful in re-introducing some of the key concepts, but you need to review in great depth key manuals such as the HCM, the AASHTO Green Book and the MUTCD. There were also questions lifted directly from text in the ITE Traffic Engineering Handbook and Traffic Safety Toolbox - basically when you review these, you want to ask yourself, how could this section be rephrased in the form of a multiple choice question. With regards to memorizing formulae, I have to admit I was confused and frustrated by the statement in the refresher course that most required formulas would be provided. A sample sheet was provided, however, the associated sample quiz had questions requiring formulas that were not shown in the sample formula sheet! Thus, I panicked and spent a lot of last minute cram time committing things like sight distance and critical collision rate equations to memory - time that could've been better spent reading the text books. In terms of purchasing resources, I would recommend the refresher course handbook but not the web seminar or the powerpoint CD (the CD had very little additional content that wasn't already in the handbook). You may be able to borrow the required manuals from your place of work to study, however, be advised that the ITE pubs you have on hand may be significantly out of date (I was relying on older handbooks from the 80s and 90s) If I had to sum up one key challenge it would be retraining yourself according to one specific by-the-book requirement. Many of us likely practice in different areas of North America (even in different countries) and local standards may vary considerably in terms of "what is typical / acceptable". In addition, if you work in an urban area or a mountainous area, you may be less familiar with the standards for rural highways or things like uncontrolled intersections. If you don't deal with work zone traffic management or railway crossings frequently you'll have to brush up on these areas as I recall a lot of questions on these topics. Good luck - the exam is tough, but it will definitely strengthen and enhance your professional knowledge.
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