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  1. took Geotechnical depth in October 2009 and passed. I used : CERM Geotech 6-min solutions Das - Fundamentals of Geotech (a pain cause metric but still useful) Coduto - Foundation Design I would recommend studying a earthwork/hauling/ wall construction as well. good luck.
  2. mysterious, Civil PE, GA, Email, 12/17/2009
  3. mysterious

    GA PE Results

    not to get off topic but on the SOS website i think they have added the results! Got i hope that its legit! just search your name under verification!
  4. Thanks for all the input, i have been studying and the hoping and wishing and praying and all that... So far i feel ok, depends on how much reinforced concrete is on the morning and how difficult the depth is.
  5. I sent my application in near the end of July. I received my letter the first week of September. I passed the FE about 4 years ago, I am pretty comfortable if the test is anything like the problems in my text books. All the other advice i've been given is that 7 weeks is enough time also, now i just have to pick between transpo and geotech.
  6. just a hello from the ATL get this, i applied to take the PE thinking i would get my application in early for the April exam and the board approved me to take it this October, i got 7 weeks! should i even try? or lose one of my 4 chances.
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