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  1. Hey. Yeah. That swirly fan thing...Maybe just that everything extended from the middle and that was the Night King. Just a WAG.
  2. I actually don't understand the people who are mad that Daenerys went crazy in season 8...She burned up people every season...she's always been nuts. Still lots of loose ends for the last episode...
  3. envirotex

    Texas Results

    You can also check the PE roster if you've already submitted all of your docs and have been approved... Best wishes to everyone! I know that there isn't much luck involved since you all studied your kiesters off...
  4. I got some container tomatoes. Can't really do anything else while we're in the rental...
  5. The books do explain more about the Night King, but they are also developing a whole other HBO series based on the prequel events...
  6. I did until it got too expensive to send me to the field...
  7. I like this alternative...Cersei is at the top of everyone's list. It'll be a race to see who can get there first.
  8. Banned because I'm Envirotex.
  9. QFT Y'all know the words...
  10. Banned for being too exclusive.
  11. There are quite a few worked examples in the 3rd edition...I had the most relevant ones tabbed with problem type name like "return sludge flow rate." It was very helpful. I took the exam a while ago, though...
  12. the emergency room because Skeeter fell off of...
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