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  1. Still here...Glad it's Friday.
  2. Yep. Check the features and the ratings on the newer models...We had a 1st Gen GE Cafe and didn't love it, but when we get our appliance package for the new house, we'll probably get a new one...We really did love every other appliance in the group, though...I saved my fridge. It's in storage. Thinking about moving out the landlord's brand new Samsung.
  3. What year is your GE...?They have made some signifcant improvements...You might want to look at a newer model.
  4. It's Friday. Time to bust a move. You know the words...
  5. Let me know how this works out for you @Audi driver, P.E....
  6. Chicken and brown rice bowl with mango pico and iced tea. Unsweet. And extra cilantro.
  7. Pretty sure he wanted you and Fudgey to be twins...or a brother from another mother...
  8. I just started up again. Last time I did 12. This time I'm doing 14, for now...nothing after 9:30PM, nothing before 11:30AM. It's really more about calorie control for me, than anything else. I guess last time I did 14 also, because my alarms were set 10:30 to 8:30...gotta have an extra hour at night during the summer...
  9. Black coffee. Intermittent fasting...Breakfast at 11:30.
  10. Happy Birthday, @csb! Please tell me you're taking the day off...
  11. Blackberry Chobani with the fruit on the bottom.
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