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  1. M. Gustave: You're looking so well darling, you really are. I don't know what sort of cream they put on you down at the morgue but, I want some.
  2. Better watch the rotors...No braking until next week.
  3. I thought roof top tents were preferable for bear-proofing...I think the flip top is the better option, but I think it cuts out some interior storage space.
  4. Same...Mini-Tex is out the door this fall. We're building one of these in the shop...Can't decide between the tent on top or the flip up roof. Seems like the tent on top would really be better for overlanding, just because you don't lose interior storage space, but I don't think it's as cool...
  5. Brisket nachos are a Texas staple...Same with brisket tacos. Kind of like Forrest Gump and shrimp, really.
  6. It seems poker just ain't your game...
  7. I’ll kill you right now. Say when...
  8. You're a daisy if you do...
  9. I'll fight you right now...
  10. I've not yet begun to defile myself...
  11. I have two guns...one for each of ya.
  12. Banana nut muffins and Tombstone...
  13. I dunno...I have way too many unpleasant memories of salmon croquets from my childhood. That was always the worst dinner of the week. Mmmm...canned salmon.
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