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  1. Google chrome still has some ways to go as far as frame data drop off menu is concerned. I cant properly use TBPE website because the menus wont come off properly. Same issues with many other websites. So, for those i use firefox. Google is getting everyone's private info for free because of all the free softwares it offers. Be it picasaweb or google docs or gmail. All of these are residing on google servers. Look at gmail and the ads change depending upon the email you are reading. Pretty soon, we will get solicitations in mail because of what we searched on the internet.
  2. I use discountpdh.com to get my remaining pdhs before renewal. It is about $12-$15 per PDH and my company readily pays for it since they would rather keep me in office than send me to seminars or training courses which costs a lot if you count in the overhead hours.
  3. ISTJ You are: slightly expressed introvert (11) distinctively expressed sensing personality (62) distinctively expressed thinking personality (62) moderately expressed judging personality (44) But, i remember taking similar test last year and i was INTJ. So i guess i am getting more sensitive as i am getting older
  4. Congratulations to all new Texas PEs. Enjoy the newly found PEness
  5. LITTLE HARRY Little Harry was eating breakfast one morning and got to thinking about things. 'Mommy, mommy, why has daddy got so few hairs on his head?' he asked his mother. 'He thinks a lot,' replied his mother, pleased with herself for coming up with a good answer to her husband's baldness. Or she was until little Lalloo thought for a second and asked, 'So why do you have so much hair?' B)
  6. Captain Ronald Could you please tell me the condition of Captain Ronald in Room No. 605? He was operated upon last week and I’d like to know his condition.' The nurse excused herself and then returned to the phone. 'I have just checked Captain Ronald’s chart. His condition is excellent and he seems to be making steady improvement. Who shall I say called?' 'This is Captain Ronald in room. No.605. My doctors don’t tell me a thing!
  7. Another pointer. If you dont know any microstation command but are aware of the autocad command, you can type in the autocad command with "\" prefix to make it work. I have used it quite a few times when i was in time crunch.
  8. Congratulations mizzou. What a Cute Baby.
  9. Thanks All. This baby sleeps most of the days and is wide awake at night. Sometimes we have to take her out at 3 am to cajole her to sleep. But apart from that, we are enjoying parenthood.
  10. Our little baby girl was born on August 4th, 10 days overdue. She weighed in at 8 lbs & 20". We tried everything to get normal delivery but after 24 hours in LDR, we finally consented to c-section. Sorry for not posting earlier since it was busy like crazy.
  11. Update: We are already past the due date by 4 days. Even now, the baby doesnt want to come out. Doctor has asked us to wait until Thursday Evening to start the induction. She told that they have to wait for one week past the due date before they do something about it. But she also gave the option of having c-section any day we wanted. Since we have waited so long, couple of days wont matter if it means having it in a more natural way.
  12. Updated: PE June'06 , raised to mid 60's. After that, one raise in '07 & another in '08 for high 70's now. Hopefully, i can cross over to 80s next year with the same employer.
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