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  1. Noticed a trend on the PE/PS exam of testmasters questions being used verbatim on the actual exam. Are the people at NCEES just that lazy or is it to give an edge to the people taking an $1800 course and NCEES gets a kickback from testmasters.
  2. onetoedsloth

    PE Scoring

    I am having trouble with the PE exam. Took the exam last fall did not study and scored a 68 and achieved 57% of the questions correctly. Studied hard and retook the exam and scored a 66 while achieving 60.6% correct answers. Statistically I should have passed using the same curve basis of the previous exam. Do repeat takers have a more limited curve than first time takers of the exam? Does the curve change from exam to exam? Does any first time taker that did not pass have a the percent correct to final score to compare?
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