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  1. ok guys back on a serious note. i got accepted to grad school for MS in civil in the spring. what do you guys think about getting a "General" MS in civil engineering. you take 2 classes in structures, 2 classes in geotech, 2 classes in transportation, 2 classes in env, 2 classes in water...etc.... and 2 electives. what do you guys think about this? it would take me 2-2.5 years. i have no debt right now.
  2. thanks for the advice guys. i think the thread was going off the deep end haha.
  3. hey guys i just graduated with a Bachelors in Civil engineering. I am now officially on the job market and having trouble in both sectors because I dont have any experience But due to no experience I'm having some trouble finding a job. I had a job interview today but they did not like the fact that I haven't done a civil engineering internship. I have have talked to 5-7 companies asking to volunteer my time to learn and have been rejected at every one they said they could not support a volunteer. I have been accepted to an MS program in civil engineering for spring 2011; it would take 2 years. im thinking about doing it to try to wait out the job market; although i am scared about having a bachelor and masters in civil and graduating in 2012 with no experience. My family says there is no value on education and this is the best time to be in school; it very very hard for an entry level civil engineer right now. Any advice for a young engineer?
  4. oh yea i thought i had seen your car on team camaro. i'm m21man on team camaro.
  5. '69 eh? Need some stats, etc. and When I was a kid, my parents had a Dover white '69 Z28 with the DZ 302 in it. Stripe delete car. hey it's a 350 4 bolt bored out to a 355. forged crank and pistons. M21 muncie 4-speed. 12 bolt rear with 4.11 gears. my daily driver lol; yes im serious. PM me your email address; ill shoot you an email with pics if you want. are you on great forum. i'm also on which is a great site about transforming F-bodies into cars that can handle corners and racing.
  6. Vinny, I have a Hotchkis Front Sway bar on my 69 camaro and it made a HUGE differenct over the stock one. I believe stock is 7/8" diameter; where the hotchkis is around 1-1/8 and hollow. I would pick one of those up and stick it in; it takes about 1-2 hours to put it on a first gen.
  7. hey guys. i am also contemplating an MS. what are your guy's opinion on the general MS in civil engineering (no specialty). im scared about pigeon hole'ing myself in one area.
  8. hey guys i am a junior civil engineer and the job market for us starting out is horrible; as you know. im a new graduate. i was doing alot of research into the future of engineering and it seems like environmental is going to have the biggest boom. with an even bigger boom in biomedical engineering; which is projected to have over 20% growth in the next 10 years. i am now contemplating on getting a biomedical engineering degree. it shouldn't take too long as i would just have to take chemistry II and then get into the biomedical engineering classes. it seems like there will be so much growth and money in it in the future. any thoughts?
  9. I have a question about an electrical engineer that just graduated that wants to become a PE. he has not taken the FE exam, but is currentlly working under a PE. he will be doing his masters in electrical engineering while he is working. he told me that because he will have his masters before he takes the PE exam, he does not have to take the FE exam before the PE exam. Is this true? Does the experience for the PE have to come AFTER you pass the FE? I'm just wondering. Thanks.
  10. I'm halfway through my MBA program right now, and I feel like its a great idea. I'm learning so much more about finance, accounting and more importantly managing people. I'm getting such a broad introspect about corporate america, something I would never get in an engineering masters program. To move up in an organization, its not all about technical skill. Most engineers never make it to the next level because they are not well versed in the terms of finance. the mba gives you the best of both worlds, most of these business majors dont know jack shit so the engineering background puts you ahead of the game. An engineer MBA has great potential in the business world and a much higher opportunity to move up. You can work in business or in engineering. best of both worlds IMO. I know some people will disagree with me; i repeat if you want to be a hardcore design engineer, an mba is not for you.
  11. you guys have some good points. I appreciate it.
  12. guys, I'm a civil engineer, will be done with my MBA in summer of 2010. I'm not ready to work yet. What do you think is the best next degree to further my earning potential..... -MS Civil Engineering - 2yrs -Law Degree - 3 yrs -PhD in Economics/Business - 3-4yrs I'm still not sure about what to do, what do you guys think...for pure earning potential. im 22 yrs old, so no rush hah
  13. yes i agree. I didnt want to do masters in civil, because all it does is specialize you and can sometimes limit your job opportunities. I decided to get an MBA and will be done next summer, I believe it is a better long term career track as I could work in the business field or move up in an engineering firm.
  14. hey guys. i just graduated with a bs in civil engineering, going to start my one-year mba program next week. is there anybody who has done an mba here? what should i expect? alot easier than engineering? hotter girls? haha
  15. so would an MBA count to be licensed in 2015? Even though its not a "technical" civil degree?
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