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  1. Might be too late now cocoloco, but it was not worth the money for me. I do recommend the MERM and the NCEES exam practice test (those 2 alone should do the trick)
  2. Hey man, I always assumed the not reporting scores was a faster and cheaper way to grade exams. That way the machine only grades until it knows you passed and moves on. WHat do yuo think? JPGOLF
  3. What about having a motor re-lift the weight? I know it then is not 100% non-electric, but it would use roughly half the power a 40W incandescent would. (bear in mind I spelled ROUGHLY before you start with the power factors, friction losses, etc!) BTW, I guess since we are all engineers here, I better think twice about what I say! LOL And yes, it would create emissions, but, it would already be more efficient than an incandescent, CFL or LED (it uses half the power of the LED), keeps it connected to a plug (good for me since I design MEP Bldg. systems). Now about that 4' tube... I guess it won't work! JPR
  4. I was the project engineer on a new municipal bldg. I was busy running other jobs at the time and had another engineer do the HVAC sizing for the units. I reviewed his work and saw his outlet temperature based on the heat output of the unit was too low, so i told him it had to be at least 95-100 degs. He changed it, BUT LEFT THE SAME UNIT WITH THE SAME HEATING OUTPUT, not a larger one! I missed it completely. Project went to construction and on the first winter, 2nd floor was C-O-L-D!!!! and the unit was running constantly trying to achieve temperature. I found out about it and had to go to the boss and explain the whole thing, on top of having to let the architect on the job (who previously BTW complimented my job as project engineer) know that we screwed up! I felt horrible! of course. My company had to pay for replacement unit, however, I asked a mech. contractor friend of mine to change it and send us an invoice. He did not charge us! (HALLELUJA!!) So I did a few jobs for him (reviewing dwgs.) as payback. In my defense, even though I know it is my fault, the other engineer has a LOT more experience than me and should have known better, but what are you going to do? ALWAYS CHECK EVERYTHING! TWICE!! JPR
  5. Here is my info: BSME - 2002 (UF) EIT - 2006 PE - 2007 Small & busy Consulting firm 5.25 years experience Location Philadelphia Suburbs, Pennsylvania Pay - 80-85k We do MEP design for commercial buildings (lot of healthcare) and my title is Project Engineer


    Congrats! What did you think of the exam? Jpgolf


    Hey Ray, good luck on the LEED exam. Based on your comments and I am sure you are going top ace that thing. The workshop was most of it for me, and then reviewing the notes the weekend after the exam, and that was it. Unlike the PE, they do give you your score after you are done. Beware of the way the questions are written, some may seem "maliciously" written. Just read and understand each question thoroughly and carefully. Jpgolf
  8. Hey Chavez: I would hit the books full blast regardless. The more you prepare yourself the better. Bear in mind taking the test adds the "stress" factor, plus the "this one is for real" factor. I took the EIT on april 06 and found the afternoon section MUCH harder than the morning section. I also took the PE on april 07, passed on both. JPGolf
  9. Jregieng, you are correct, I have been doing some looking-around to see how the job market would appear. I have seen recent law-graduates go for clerkships with Judges and I do not know if that is a must, I would not like to do that, even though I understand it is good prosecution experience. Ray, thanks man, at least now I know I have 1 contact that knows another contact, just in case! Regarding the long hours, don't we engineers work long hours anyway? I am not at 60 hrs. per week, more like 50 right now. I think taking the PTO Exam would be a nice test to see how interesting this field really is. If it bores to me death then I guess that's it. If not, I know I can continue, besides, I passed the PE, how difficult can that test be? right?? Jpgolf
  10. When I graduated, I swore I was going to work for 2 years and come back and get my M.Sc. in Engineering - That didn't happen. I stayed at my first job, and I am still here after 5 years, have learned a lot, like the work environment, good pay etc., became a PE this year and everything, LEED AP, etc. 3 years ago I got married and my wife is now on her senior year of Resp. Therapy. She will be done in May, so we were thinking about now me going back to school. I thought about an MBA, but in my small office that would not amount to more than a handshake and "Good for you!". I have always been interested in studying law and as a previous poster said, going maybe into Intellectual Property Law, and even Real Estate and Construction Law, since I have experience on those areas. I do think it can open a lot of doors, even though I worry about how rewarding the job might be. Frankly I only have a small idea of what the day to day entails. However, the more I think about it, the more I get excited about it. Anybody has any insight into this? My plan is to start studying this winter for the PTO exam and take it next year, as well as prepare for the LSAT and apply to a night program close by (Temple University, Phila). I think taking the PTO Exam would give me a notion for what Intellectual Property Law would be like. Let me know if any of you guys are in the same boat as far as deciding and if there is any of you engineers actually attending law school, or practicing! Jpgolf
  11. I did not get the day of the test reimbursed, but paid under my vacation time. Once I got the seal, Employer paid for the seal ($50 overnight delivery). I also received a raise after getting my license (6%). I was expecting 9% but oh well!
  12. Thanks Ray, I got home yesterday and my license was there waiting for me. I guess we are home-free. I will actually be sealing my first job today! I have been waiting a while for that! Regards, JP
  13. Cool. Is there a requirement to carry the card? I assume then I must be about a week from getting mine then. I am sure everyone feels relieved now that licenses have been issued. See you guys at the ceremony! Jpgolf
  14. Hey Ray, seal just came in, looks nice and the standard seal is good enough, just your typical seal. I did not get the hotline to send me a fax, but maybe I should and get it out of the way. Regards, JPgolf
  15. BTW, Seal has been ordered from Engineer Seals, overnight delivery (Thursday delivery) Also, call the automated number from NJ to check on licenses, I checked mine and it shows active as of today. Congrats to all, Jpgolf
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