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  1. Is anyone going to post their failing scores? Nobody in the US of A?
  2. I think I'll skip work tomorrow and take a trip to Santa Monica.
  3. A. Since I paid a few months back and had the day off from work, decided to sit in and get a gauge the type of questions on the exam. B. It really did not cost more, since I took the time off to concentrate on work and interviews, which by the way, paid off. As for no experience, in the past I worked as a Mechanical Engineer designing tooling and sporting good equipment.
  4. On this board you sometimes do not know if one is joking. I'll relax thou. Palvarez83, you are correct, I choose to take the Thermo&Fluids this time around. Last time a friend who works in HVAC convinced me on taking this depth. Big mistake. Thanks for the advice.
  5. You guys have no idea why I am taking this PE, just for personal gain. An for your info I already have my PE Civil Engineering License from the State of California. I got a 38 with 0 hours of study. Why 0 hours, more important things to deal with in my life and decided to sit in instead of cancelling. Failed Miserably? I can guarantee you this will not happen this time around, I actually found time to study this time around and had time left over to have a life. You guys need to find yourselves and get a life.
  6. This topic always has alot of controversy attached to it. Some people say do not bother, but others just want to know. Just for kicks and gauging purposed while everyone is waiting for their results, post your previous results if you have previously taken any of the PE Exams. Mechanical/HVAC 38/80 FAIL and proud of it. Got back up from the floor, dusted myself of, and got back on the bull.
  7. Can someone provide me with a pdf of the MERM 11th Edition Index. Need help. Thansk.
  8. dneva


    I second that and we should begin picketing infront of the board office if we see no results.
  9. dneva


    Where does it say that? On my ncees account, on the right column of my exam history. What do you mean what place/state I took it? All this means is NCEES does not release the state specific exams, CA Survey and Seismic Principles. NCEES will release your 8-hour results once the Board tells them they can release them, upon which NCEES will email you letting you know to go check your account. In the past, the Survey and Seismic results came within a week of the 8-hour results. My suspicion about why it seems to be taking longer is because the Board wants to release the results of all 3 exams at the same time, thus the state specific exams are probably holding up the 8 hour results. I second this, this is the first time they've dealt with the Seismic being computer-based, no? I'll come in third and agree with this ideology.
  10. dneva


    And all this time I was hoping to get my results before the end of the world. We will all go down without knowing. What a horrible way to go down.
  11. dneva


    Everybody is getting cynical around here. The wait is getting to everyone even daniel85.
  12. dneva


    Peter, Better luck next time.
  13. The 43 is for the HVAC depth and not for the Mech and Machine Design. Please note, all the depths have different cut scores and the 43 is not the true cut score for this exam, as it is only speculation based on some results posted on this topic.
  14. Yes, i made the same assumption after i placed the post and reread the post by t_maghani.
  15. t_moghani, Is this cut score of 49 correct problems for the Mechanical/HVAC? Does not correlate with Texas 42 problems correct with a 69% grade. Strange to have a 42 as 69% when 49 was also considered failing. Now wondering if different states have different cut scores. Hmmmm.
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