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  1. Anniversary of the Challenger Explosion

    If I didn't feel old by looking at the title of this post, I do after seeing most of the responses. I was working as a drafter with Kimley-Horn. One of the girls that I worked with, Judy, brought in a small black and white portable TV, and we all gathered in her cubicle to watch. Now I feel old....
  2. NFL 2015

    all I care about......the REDSKINS are in first place and looking to continue the rise next Monday againts the ROMO-LESS Cowboys!
  3. The Automotive Thread

    That's not how the world works.....
  4. LinkedIn Connections

    While I was out of work, I tried to increase my "network" as much as I possible could, so every single day I would start sending out connection requests. I have made a VERY interesting discovery since I've been doing this. Even though Linkedin is a CAREER NETWORK and not Match.com, I get dramatically more accepts from women than I do men. I get about 50-75% acceptance from women, and about 5-10% from men. It's exactly the opposite of what I would have expected. I have continued to send out random connection requests even after I came back to work just to build my network, and it's largely the same now that I'm working. It's like men are threatened to be connected and women see it exactly as it is......or they just are programmed to be nicer, so instead of "hurting my feelings" they just accept.
  5. The Automotive Thread

    If the alternator is indeed dead, then it will drain the battery while it's running.....your best shot is to shut it off and hope the BATTERY will start when you're done and allow you to drive far enough to be safe......
  6. Anyone want to feel old?

    ^^^ It was actually good to see all the names that I remembered from way back when still on here.
  7. Anyone want to feel old?

    Here's one for you....it's been EIGHT YEARS since I passed the PE exam!!!! lol I was just talking about this site today, and thought I would drop in and say hello.
  8. funny pic thread

    ^^ ok, slightly different.
  9. MARCH MADNESS - EB.com Bracket Challange

    I can't believe that I LOST to someone that had TEN LESS correct picks than I did!! WTH!
  10. MARCH MADNESS - EB.com Bracket Challange

    One thing I know for SURE....I will NOT finish last, and have a little ability to trash talk, at least until tonights games are done. FIRST PLACE for now!!! woohoo!
  11. Happy Birthday, DVINNY!

    Happy Birthday!!!!
  12. Happy Birthday Mary

  13. Happy Birthday MudPuppy

    Happy Birthday!!!
  14. Opening Day

    I can honestly say that being a Braves fan, this past season may have taken the most excitement out of a sport for me than any other season ever!
  15. What would you ask Santa for?

    ^^^ That's odd....I'm guessing you're past one age, and so far from the other, the clothes would be dramatically out of style.