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  1. I recently graduated from school and passed the FE exam. Basically, I was wondering what the next steps are into becoming licensed other than waiting and taking PE exam. Do I just sort of bide my time until I have the necessary years of experience? Are there any states out there that let you take the PE exam without becoming licensed and then receive the licensing once you do have the experience? The way I see it is I am only going to become further removed from certain subjects in the subsequent years and have to study more later. Right now, I don't have as many responsibilities with family and work as I foresee in four to five years. So it would be easier to put the time in now. Would it be worthwhile to look into becoming LEED certified in addition? Is there experience requirements for that? I don't know a lot about LEED, but it seems that there are a few different tests/tracks. What would be the best one for a civil/water resource engineer? I haven't seem this topic discussed anywhere on the board, so I thought that I would ask. It seems that most of the posters would have some good advice. Any insight, or other useful ideas for an entry level engineer would be appreciated. Thanks.
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