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  1. JHW 3d

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for repeated non sequitur offenses.
  2. JHW 3d

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for letting this thread go off the rails.
  3. JHW 3d

    Ncees Pencil April 2018

    You’re a stickler for details aren’t you? RED!
  4. JHW 3d

    Ncees Pencil April 2018

    Green means Go! Red means Stop. Pretty simple.
  5. JHW 3d

    Ncees Pencil April 2018

    It could be worse. You could take tests 6.5 years apart and get the same color pencil. #engineerproblems
  6. JHW 3d

    Best Way to overcome "time" anxiety

    An alternate theory (not necessarily better, just different) is that the A,B,C,D counts are all equal, so as not to give statistical advantage to picking at random. For the PE this means each letter appears 10 times. If this is true... you may gain a statistical advantage by compiling a count of your confidently answered questions and seeing which letter is least represented. Obviously this would be your last resort, right at the end, for questions that you have no idea on. FFT
  7. I’ll agree with the previous answer. Read the problem fully, but don’t waste time on. Return to it at the end. In the meantime your brain will be working in the background on how to solve it. I’m serious. This happened to me on the PE. First two questions I had no idea how to solve. Heart rate starts to go up and I start to think— “fuck I am going to fail this test.” But then I skipped those and moved on. The third problem I could do, and the fourth, and so on. By the end of that first pass I returned to those first few problems, and just tied to break them down into basic elements: “what is the question asking for, what do I know about the problem, what can I assume...” and you go from there. I surprised myself... I was able to figure out how to solve the problems (or at least got one of the answer offerings). The test designers’ central agenda is to give you problems that you have not seen before to test your ability to break down the problem into its basic elements. This is intentional. If you have developed good fundamentals, this shouldn’t be a problem, even though you might get freaked out at first, like me. But there may be problems (hopefully very few) that you just might get stumped on. No big deal. Move on and get to the problems you CAN solve. This test is as much about your time management as it is about your technical acumen.
  8. JHW 3d

    Bolt strength problem. Need help!

    An alternative problem might include a bolt pattern that resists a compound load, so that the loads on each bolt are not identical. In that case, you would need to find a way to determine the worst case bolt loads and apply your safety factors there.
  9. JHW 3d

    Meme Battle

  10. JHW 3d

    Things that are worse than failing the PE...

    1. Buying a pizza in 2010 for 10,000 bitcoins.
  11. JHW 3d

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for not going away.
  12. JHW 3d

    Meme Battle

  13. JHW 3d

    Meme Battle

  14. JHW 3d

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for not being a team player.
  15. JHW 3d

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for coddling @Audi driver, P.E..