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  1. Been a while but I seem to recall it is something like this... A Black body absorbs incoming radiation, raising its temperature. It will re-radiate (at a rate proportional to its own temperature raised to a fourth power - I think) but it’s net radiation will be negative until it gets hot enough to balance the absorbed heat and lost heat from re-radiation. A perfectly reflective body (is this white?) does not absorb any radiative heat and so does not raise its temperature.
  2. Do you want this as a personal project or something you would try to sell? If the former, I would start with a cheap drill motor (battery, motor, gear box, clutch, bearing, chuck) and build up from there. You can intercept the trigger switch and run that to an arduino controller. For the latter, you would need to think about this a little more and either educate yourself or pay someone to help create a more detailed specification. Start with a phrase of what action you want your thing to do rather than how you think you might accomplish that action.
  3. Removing a tooth will increase the gear SPEED. Therefore gear TORQUE decreases to satisfy the power equation.
  4. I transfer the pile into a crucible, along with a metric ton of steel scrap, and heat it to 1600 degrees. This incinerates the paper, blood, and ink cartridge, and fuses all the metallic items into one blob. I pour the molten metal into a sand cast to create a large-than-life bust of Bill Cosby, let it cool, then eject it onto a new pile. There is now a one ton metallic bust of Bill Cosby in the pile.
  5. I will place this black hole above the pile. There is no pile.
  6. Another car chase on tv. I love this shit. I could watch this all day. Man that’s a great idea for a show. If this disability insurance ever craps out and they find out I’m fine, maybe I’ll start my own tv show. 24-7 car chases. There will be prizes and what not. Oh man... yawn. Or maybe I’ll just get one of my friends to do it. I really just want to watch it. Sounds like way too much work.
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