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  1. Another car chase on tv. I love this shit. I could watch this all day. Man that’s a great idea for a show. If this disability insurance ever craps out and they find out I’m fine, maybe I’ll start my own tv show. 24-7 car chases. There will be prizes and what not. Oh man... yawn. Or maybe I’ll just get one of my friends to do it. I really just want to watch it. Sounds like way too much work.
  2. I really hope your brother wakes up soon. If he doesn’t, that’s really selfish. I’m going to have to teach him a lesson. Maybe slap him around a little bit.
  3. I really need someone to bring me another beer.
  4. I don’t even know where that tramp went. She leaves for hours. Always comes back and showers right away. I guess she’s been working out. Ha, I haven’t done that in years. Old lady still thinks I’m a beefcake.
  5. Ever since your mom left this morning you just won’t shut up. Seriously, I have a headache now.
  6. STOP!! Geez can’t you understand English?
  7. And I’m not coming within ten feet of you until your older brother wakes up from his nap and changes your stinky diaper.
  8. You can have another bottle of milk in a few hours... what are we made of money?
  9. Just stay over there in your crib and cry why don’t you. See if I care.
  10. You know I only do laundry on second Sundays.
  11. Spilled my beer all over these fresh, only worn three days, khakis.
  12. Now look what you just made me do...
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