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  1. JHW 3d

    What does the Fox say?

    Well definitely don’t do your web surfing on that partition. Another option could be to run a virtual machine (not dual boot). Might be possible to sandbox that. We did this to maintain support for AutoCad Mechanical desktop legacy files on XP VM on a native Win7 machine after that sw became unsupported. The machine speeds today are much better than they were back then so it might not matter much performance wise. Also you’d suffer some GPU acceleration features but I doubt SWX2004 had much of that and/or it might not matter to you to do rendering. I could be wrong. I suppose one issue with this is you might need to purchase additional software to run the virtual machine which may be what you are trying to avoid. I can’t remember how we accomplished that. Do you have solidworks at work? I just learned there’s a license extension policy where you can use SWX on a home machine for personal use not associated with any work license. Of course, I’d be wary of doing this kind of thing if I were developing any kind of new technology that my current company could claim rights to. (Yeah they are like that). Also SWX is pretty liberal about allowing you to use their software for a year for free if you have a side gig starting up and you’re cash flow strapped. A guy at my work mentioned this to me recently. Not sure what happens after one year, but I guess they’d want you to start paying for it. Of course if you’re just modeling your living room to rearrange your couch and side table, this may not be what you’re looking for.
  2. JHW 3d

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned because it was a jpeg, not gif.
  3. JHW 3d

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned because ... bananable
  4. JHW 3d

    What does the Fox say?

    Solidworks 2004!!!!!! (OT: haven’t used SWX since that version, until this week. We are finally switching over to SWX 2018 from 10 years using ACAD/Inventor. The horror show is finally ending...) Have you tried a quick google search? Looks like there might be a few YouTube videos showing how to do this...possibly. Like this one (bonus points for Spanish): http:// Is “External Device” an option in your bios? Is the computer dead? Why the need for restore? If you happen to have another computer, what about just partitioning that and installing XP? Dual boot?
  5. JHW 3d

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for using multiple reasons when only one would suffice.
  6. JHW 3d

    Horse is to stable

  7. JHW 3d

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned because you wouldn’t have been so dismissive of Ding Dongs.
  8. JHW 3d

    How old are you?

    I remember being pissed and gave up on trying to beat contra. It just went on forever.
  9. JHW 3d

    Horse is to stable

  10. JHW 3d

    Seat Cushions

  11. JHW 3d

    Linked Words Game

    Travel bag
  12. JHW 3d

    Horse is to stable

  13. JHW 3d

    Linked Words Game

    Talk show
  14. JHW 3d

    Horse is to stable

  15. JHW 3d

    What density? HVAC psychrometrics

    This may be relevant to your question: http:// http://engineerboards.com/topic/29306-when-to-use-psychrometric-quick-equations/