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  1. when I renewed in Jersey the first time the requirement was waived. my first license was only good for about 3 months though...
  2. Teach my boy on a daily basis how to be a productive member of society and using my smoker
  3. 1. 4-7 depending whether you want a PE and the boards are requiring a masters degree to sit for the test. 2. Depends on how smart you are. For me, very difficult. 3. Depends on what type of engineering you go into. 4. Yes 5. Depends on you and branch of engineering you go into.
  4. This statement alone tells me you have allot to learn my friend. Tim +1 You don't know that you don't know until you find out that you don't know. If you are under the impression that you know, then you haven't reached the step of finding out that you don't know. You have a long road ahead.
  5. Pass the FE exam and then the PE Exam and you are an engineer. You don't, and you are not. Doesn't matter what your undergrad is in or if you have one at all. my 2 cents
  6. It is hard for me to believe that someone with a masters is making in the mid 30s
  7. picusld


    great show. Hopefully I can catch on Hulu tonight
  8. If the city is pumping it, they know there is a problem. I would also guess that it was installed incorrectly as opposed to engineered poorly. Sanitary sewer is pretty easy though. stuff flows downhill. If it is not going downhill, it will go to the lowest point and then work its way up. If your house is the lowest point, then it could get everything above it. Odors would be caused by sitting sewage. If it is a major problem for you tell the City that you are going to start complaing to the Environmental Protection Agency (federal) or Department of Environmental Protection or equal (state). They will get you results if the city isn't doing anything.
  9. I love how teachers will say that they want an engineers salary, but if broken down to hourly, they are probably making the same if not more than I am now. The average teacher salary is around 70k in my district.
  10. Old ford f-150 Jeeps are for kids and are a misserable ride. I had a CJ-7 when I was younger and grand cherokee for a work vehicle. Plus you would get the convienence of a truck.
  11. Just sat through my first one. Felt like someone was running large machinery outside.
  12. Last week, I was donating some stuff at the thrift store and decided to venture in. To my amazement, there were a number of name brand shirts and pants never worn, tags still on, and looked pretty good for $4 a piece. I am going there this weekend to pick some stuff up. My neighbors would never consider going there and my household income is over double what theirs is. Although I am paying around 1k a month on day care with another one on the way which will take my total up to around $1,800 a month. That discount really makes a difference...
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