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  1. Highly doubt it. Wouldn't that mean only 171 from New York passed. There must be way more than that, I heard 800 total people took the exam in New York. So AT LEAST 400 passed. They are just a bunch of lazy fucks at the state.
  2. I will be using my stamp on a regular basis. Instead of my boss stamping my own designs I will be. We will continue to save money instead of hiring design firms, so that will not be a change.
  3. Any idea what a normal raise is for getting your PE license? Me in particular I am Civil and work for General Contractor.
  4. I just saw my buddy from work name on there. He's Civl/Geotech name begins with V. Worried because the skipped me, I took the same test.
  5. They added 5 names today. awesome
  6. Last year my friend took the April Exam for NY around April 10th, a bit earlier than us. He found out he passed around June10-15, but his name didn't show up on the Educ. Dept website until July 16, over a full month later.
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