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  1. Happy Birthday Dark Knight, Fluvial, benbo !!!
  2. Chucktown! Happy be-lated Birthday!!!
  3. Happy be-lated Bday Snickerd!
  4. Happy Birthday + 1 month !!! Sorry I missed this. Hope you had a good one!
  5. Happy be-lated birthday frazil !!!
  6. Happy be-lated birthday Flyer!
  7. 5-time World Champion and little person, Sally Montenegro, wins the 2010 Run With The Vikings.
  8. Happy be-lated birthday !!!
  9. rudy

    Oil slick

    BP did a fine job of covering it up. Forcing workers to sign no-fault papers before allowing them back on shore. Closing off the shores along the blast from the media.
  10. There were two lawsuits filed the week after the law was signed. One of them was from an AZ law enforcement officer stating that the law would deplete the AZ police deptartment resources.
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