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  1. eefeezy

    CIVIL PE - Surveys - Mansour and Chelapati

    Or Better Offer
  2. I have two books for sale: 1) Mansour: Surveying Practice Exams and Solutions for CA Civil PE License, 1st Edition - A little wear with no marks on pages $40 (including shipping) 2) Chelapti: Section 21 Engineering Surveying, Volume VII - Used with some highlights in the first couple of chapters - $80 (including shipping) Method of payment: Paypal If you have any questions, please email me: markefe@gmail.com
  3. eefeezy

    California Dreamin

    Checked the database on several computers and iPhone to make sure it wasn't a joke...I PASSED (civil PE). Waited on Surveys. 5th attempt overall. Finally.
  4. eefeezy

    Direction of Segment. Reza Problem 3-20.

    When you calculate Point B you should get approximately (x,y) ---> (23174, 22934). This is a great example to NOT trust the picture of the problem. If you were to plot points B and C, B to C is actually heading to the NE direction (positive departure and positive latitude). Use inverse tan(delta x/delta y) to obtain an 89 degree bearing. Hope this helps!
  5. It's great to hear that I'm not alone. I'm sure we will eventually pass it. @cowboy - How's mansour's reference manual compared to Reza's. I'm thinking of buying the reference material, practice problems, and sample exam. Your input is greatly appreciated. @ptatohed - You will eventually pass, hopefully this April. Not sure if you used Hiner, but his materials worked for me. The trick is to go over his handbook (every page) at least twice. and like what @humer said, speed is the key.
  6. As frustrating as it sounds, I will need to take Surveys again this April 2011 to finally get my CA PE Civil license. First time - Attempted all 3, failed all 3 (I took all 3 review classes and spread them out for a year before taking the exam) Second time - Attempted Seimic/Surveys, Passed Seismic Only Third time - Attempted 8-hour/Surveys, Passed 8-hour Only I've used Reza's material, Chelapati's 3rd Edition, Surveying Principles for CE, and the 120 solved surveying problems. I'll admit, I probably didn't put in a lot of effort when studying for the other exams, but I felt I at least took the time to go through everything in all the materials listed. Are there any references out there and sample exams I can use to help me finally pass this exam. Tips will also help. Thanks in advance