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  1. johnf

    Newly Unemployed

    congrats...good job!
  2. johnf

    self reliance!

    amazing...makes me glad I don't live in an area prone to flooding...great work, except for the one fail...
  3. I didn't use the all-in-one at all in the pm (construction), but I did use it in the am. The all-in-one is a better study aid, for working practice problems, than it is a test day reference, imo, but it helped me. i wouldn't go without it.
  4. johnf

    What percentage of your income do you save?

    10% into a retirement account, but 2 highschool tuitions and 1 college tuition and a wife into all things equestrian leaves a big fat goose egg into savings. But my wife works harder than me, min 40 hrs a week, just to keep the horses. Bonus - the children don't have time to stray, with all the horse related activities. So, just a small cushion for emergencies and a long, austere road ahead, till the kids are out of school. We keep telling ourselves, just six more years...just six more *@#$#@& years...
  5. johnf

    MA PE Results

    congrats... same here, 3 times too... The new NCEES notification beats the bag off the old snail-mail DPL notification. But then again, I wouldn't have cared if they engraved a block of granite with "Result:Pass" and dropped it on me. I was thinking that MA wouldn't release the results til after the July Board meeting. Made my weekend.
  6. johnf

    How much have you spent total for the PE?

    state app 60 exams (3 times) 855 prep course (2 times) 1400 references 1500 travel 200 $4015 plus change - no reimbursment, but promotion and raise - if it gets through budget review
  7. johnf

    Success Strategy

    oh yeah, tabbed all reference material extensively.
  8. johnf

    Success Strategy

    Passed civil construction - 3rd try. 1st try, did a little studying, bought the CERM and NCEES practice test used my old college texts and got my ass kicked. 2nd try, got serious, spent a ton of cash, bought almost every ppi or amazon civil pe test prep book, did the SchoolofPE web thing, completely ignoring the diagnostic report, studied a little more, maybe 100 hrs total in a month before the exam, brought too much reference material into the exam and got my ass kicked again. 3rd try, used the diagnostic spreadsheet found on this website to focus on my weak areas, WR and depth. Made a study plan and stuck to it. Also used the SchoolofPE study plan. Studied about 250 hrs., including the SchoolofPE webinar. Early into my studying, which started on January 1, 2011, I bought the Essential Equations-Morse, Et Al, programed my hp 33 calculator with all of the equations, and then really worked the practice problems and exams using the programmed equations. While it became easier to just crunch the equations from either the reference or from memory,in the exam I used them a few times, especially the Solve function for at least two problems, 1 am and 1 pm, that saved several minutes each. Took the SchoolofPE web refresher (second time for a greatly reduced price) and really bore down on the weak areas. Most of their material is well presented and well worth it. Worked every practice test and problem I could find. NCEES, PPI, 6 minutes, Goswami, a few others on-line or in pdf. Simplified my reference material. Took only about 14-15 books and binders into the exam and used all of them. Was nervous going into the exam that I would need a book or reference that I did not have, and I've bought almost all available, believe me, but once in the exam, was comfortable with what I had. I ran into one afternoon question that I had no idea how to even start, and instead of searching through too much info, I quickly determined that I was not going to find anything similar, didn't have the background to answer and moved on, whereas on the first or second exams, would have spent too much time trying. Very important to recognize the difference between those questions that you can answer in a reasonable time and those that will just take too long. For breadth, used CERM 11th, All-In-One-Goswami(under-rated, in my opinion-if you don't have it, get it, provides a different format, perspective, and flows better from related topics) and SchoolofPE binder. Thats it. For depth, used CERM 11th, All-In-One, Construction Project Management-Mubarak, Construction Planning, Equipment and Methods-Peurifoy, Et Al, NDS, Guide to Formwork For Concrete - ACI, 318-05- ACI, Civil PE Professional Engineer exam Construction module,Third Edition - Rajapkse, Bob's Rigging and Crane Handbook, OSHA CFR 1926, and the Transpo binders, Green Book, MUTC and AISC Steel Design 13th and a general Transpo book, can't remember the title.
  9. Passed - just checked the ncees portal. Took about all I had to click on the notification tab. This forum has been a huge part of my success. Thanks to all.
  10. johnf

    Newly Unemployed

    Sorry to hear that...
  11. johnf

    so what's everyone's job?

  12. johnf

    AISC - steel design manual

    Hello - looking to buy a more current aisc steel design manual - email john@nashobaengineering.com Thanks
  13. johnf


    No...The Div of Reg met last Thursday. Hopefully they did what they need to do to have the results forwarded. Maybe next week...
  14. johnf

    PE results Massachusetts?

    Division of Registration meeting Thursday 12-17, then who knows how long to notify. WTF, why can't they let the testing co. directly notify?
  15. johnf

    Has anyone received mail notification yet?

    I'm waiting in mass too; the board meets june 25th, so maybe results in the mail the following week, my pick - optimistic=july 3, realistic=july 7