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  1. This Facebook page has been put up by some good folks who have found various photos and documents from the recent storms. Many of these were found a hundred miles or more away. Please spread the word, if you know of anyone who could benefit, please direct them to this page: http://www.facebook.com/PicturesandDocumen...rnadoes?sk=wall Here is also a page for found pets: http://www.facebook.com/ALTornadoAnimals Thanks.
  2. Fluvial

    Ever crossed paths with a killer?

    One of the kids I went to junior high school with later killed someone. I think it was a heat-of-passion thing, over a woman. My first husband had a friend with 3 kids. The oldest boy was always full of devilment. He would do stuff like pull the legs off of tiny frogs. I told my then-husband "that boy's gonna end up in jail". Well, when the boy was about 25 years old, he had a falling-out with his daddy and went looking for him. He had it in his mind to kill his daddy. He went down to the river because he thought his daddy might be down there fishing. Instead he found my then-husband's cousin Kenneth fishing. In his drug-fueled state, he killed Kenneth instead. Another high school friend was murdered in Texas, but I didn't know the killer.
  3. Fluvial

    Culture Crisis - Dr. Starner Jones

    Dr. Jones seems to be unaware that we are all paying for the indigent's health care anyway, through inflated prices at the doctor's offices and at the hospitals. I'd at least like to know what I'm paying out up front, rather than the costs being hidden behind $25.00 aspirin as they are now.
  4. Fluvial

    Pharmacy or Computer Engineering?

    "Better choice" is unique to each individual. Perhaps you could list the "factors in consideration", and what you are looking for in a career.
  5. Fluvial

    How do you feel about 2011?

    I think things are slowly turning back up. I don't expect a rapid recovery, nor do I think that would be a good thing. Looking back at my company's revenues for the past 10 years, I note that 2006 and 2007 were my best years. In 2008 and 2009 business plummeted, with my work basically half of what I did in 2006. 2010 was much better - about 75% of 2006 levels.
  6. Fluvial

    I need help with my pond!

    Agree with Dleg, also ... If it's silting up that fast, sounds like some area upstream has been disturbed and is causing the problem. I've seen folks here have some success with getting upstream polluters to come and dredge out their mess. You could also sniff around and find out if they have a stormwater pollution prevention plan for their construction site(s). One way to keep plants & stuff from growing in one is to make sure that all areas are at least 3 feet deep. The pond guy should be able to help you eradicate the lily plants. The reservoir here has a massive spray program to control those things.
  7. Fluvial

    Kids of EB

    Bass in one band, drums in the other. She's got a '68 Camaro too. klk your Emily is the most darlin' little thing!! Here's my grandson:
  8. Fluvial

    Kids of EB

    My daughter plays in two rock bands.
  9. Home-made chili over rice. With cornbread. Perfect for a day like today!
  10. Fluvial

    Caption the Photo 3-12-10

    Green beer, santiagj!! It's that old movie still of Jack Lemmon having just slapped a chick. I forget who the actress is. You see it on Fark lots of times with the caption "you shut your whore mouth when men are talking". Wait, maybe not Jack Lemmon... I dunno. Okay, try Glenn Ford and Erin Gray.
  11. Fluvial

    Caption the Photo 3-12-10

    Some days I just don't understand. Battering anybody isn't funny.
  12. Fluvial

    The unbelievable, true story of Automoblox

    Those are cute.
  13. Fluvial

    The basement boys

    Cross says the large-scale entry of women into the workforce made many men feel marginalized, especially when men were simultaneously bombarded by new parenting theories, which cast fathers as their children's pals, or worse: In 1945, Parents magazine said a father should "keep yourself huggable" but show a son the "respect" owed a "business associate." 1945 ?? Surely we're over the shock by now. Surely.
  14. Leftover venison spaghett. That was the last of it.
  15. I didn't get a Quaker oat bar and an apple.