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  1. Yes there is an online search for active licences, but my name doesn't show up. My guess is that this is where the fee is required to become "active" and listed on the search.
  2. I can't apply for the license and pay the fee until they give me a registration number. I guess Maryland is late sending out the registration info for whatever reason, nothing else to do but keep on waiting.
  3. Hello all, First, congratulations to everyone that passed the October exam, and for those that didn't, keep trying! Your hard work was not lost and it will better prepare you for April. Now let me say that it was great to get the results notice before the holidays and gave us all a chance to celebrate. But now that the new year has started and 3 weeks have gone by, I am still waiting for my state board (Maryland) to send me my registration number so I can make this official. Has anyone received theirs in the mail yet? I really want to start this process so I can change my email signature/business cards and get my stamp, but I am so terrified of having a Miss Colombia experience and be told that the results notice was a mistake, and I did not pass. The MD board says they send out letters approximately 2 weeks and maybe it was delayed due to the holiday, but I am just getting anxious.
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    Hello folks, I work for a large public University as an owner's rep on capital construction projects. Our office is going to be implementing e-Builder as our in-house software to manage these capital projects. We are going through the "design" phase now and should have a fully working system tailored to our needs by the Summer. I was wondering if anyone on here has used e-Builder in the past and has any thoughts on its effectiveness. From my understanding, it is mainly geared toward owner's but maybe some engineers/contractors/construction managers use it as well? It seems like it has a lot of nice features and is fully accessible anywhere from the web which is nice. However, it seems weird to have every project correspondence go through the software, even for minor things that an email would do just fine. Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone else has experience with it.
  5. I am in a bit of a predicament so I thought I would seek some advice. Here is my situation. I graduated 2 years ago with a BS in Civil Engineering. I have been working as a Project Manager for a Engineering/Construction Management firm, as a consultant to a local County govervments Department of Public Works. I act as the owner's rep on small Water and Wastewater Capital Projects (most projects are less than $1M, a handful are in the $1-5M range). I am also about 1/3 of the way through a master program in project management. I am thinking about taking a job with a State University's Capital Projects Program. The projects would be more along the lines of large scale building, educational facilities, residential building type projects which interests me A LOT more than water and wastewater projects. The problem is that the job is entry level so I would essentially be taking a step backwards in my career progression, I would be back in the position I was in 2 years ago coming out of college. The salary would only be a small cut from what Im making now but with a lot more vacation days so I consider that a wash. My only concern is the effect of taking this step back, and going back to that entry level, right out of college role, which I tried very hard to work my way out of the past 2 years. Also, since I would be working for the state government, I would have to worry about the possiblitiy of salary freezes and furlough days. Any suggestions or feedback from similar situations? Any experiences working for state governments?
  6. Category: Project Management Description: Heery International Inc., Parsons Brinckerhoff's Building Division, currently has an opening for a Project Manager in the Annapolis, MD area. This candidate will be managing various water/wastewater projects for a capital improvement program. Heery’s responsibilities are to manage projects from planning and budgeting through design, procurement, construction and performance phases in the same capacity as our clients in-house project management staff. Requirements: • B.S. Degree in Civil or Environmental Engineering • 5 + years experience in the water/wastewater industry • Experience with design, construction or management of water/wastewater projects • Cost, schedule, scope and quality management experience will be required • PE or CCM preferred • MS Office and scheduling software knowledge a plus Heery International, Inc. offers a competitive salary and full benefits package and there is continual growth and opportunity within. All offers are contingent to taking and passing a pre-employment substance abuse screen. EOE/M/F/H/V. Location: Annapolis , MD Travel: Not specified Minimum Experience (yrs): 5 Required Education: Bachelor’s Degree
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    Career Path

    I would consider the type of work you will be doing to be more important than company size/career advancement opportunities. Seems like your best chance to advance is if you enjoy your work. But no matter what you choose, I would wait until after you get your PE.
  8. Hello all, I am at a crossroads in my very early career and would like some opinions. First I'll give a quick background. I graduated with a BS in Civil engineering spring 2010 and about 2 years worth of intern experience as an estimator. I got to see a variety of projects including schools (K-12 and higher), prisons, hospitals, office buildings, etc. I wanted to get a job as a structural engineer, but in this economy, not many firms were hiring, and those who were did not show me much interest. So when I graduated, I switched over to a Project Manager role for the same company I interned with, working as a consultant to a local government's DPW. I have been managing small water/wasterwater projects (pumping station upgrades, a water tower, fire hydrant painting, etc.) for about a year now. Although I am given a fair amount of responsibility, I am concerned about the fact that I am not getting any real engineering experience. I thought I could make up for this by going to grad school at night to get a degree in structural engineering and change careers after I get my degree. I got into a structural program with the chance to take Project Management classes as well. My first class started this summer and its a scheduling/delay claims class, and I really enjoy it. I can tell it will help me in my current role and I feel way ahead of all my classmates. This gets me thinking that maybe I should just get a degree in Project Management and continue to pursue a career in Project/Construction Management. My company is a midsize (900 employee) engineering/construction/program management company, owned by a very large (14000 employee) engineering company, so I think the oppourtunities are endless if I decide to pursue this path. I am just worried that 5-10 years down the road, I will not have the technical/engineering/design experience to be a truly competent PM, able to work on large building construction projects. I should also note that I do work under and with several PE's, and my experience does qualify, so I can take the test in 3 years. I am also on track to obtain CCM certification (Certified Construction Manager) in 3-5 years. So basically what im asking is, can an "Engineer" with PE, CCM, and M.S. in project management survive without ever actually designing anything? Or do I need to reevaluate my career and backtrack a little. Any advice would be appreciated.