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  1. I remember what the wait was like. I'm anxious for you guys. GOOD LUCK!!
  2. I don't know about the rest of you, but I sometimes worry about if I've made a mistake in my work. I'm a geotech and our field is very new and not as standardized as structural, for instance. Soils are never uniform. So data on soils behavior is approximate at best. So here's my point: the times I find out I was wrong about something (an assumption or even a calculation) just make me learn that much more about what I do in the field. Those failures honestly really really make me a better engineer. So, hang in there and keep learning the field. Good luck to you. I hope the next time is it!
  3. My short answer is that I will get a raise. I work for a large company, so it may take a while to go through the ridiculous amount of paperwork. My co-worker's boss came to her with a number that amounted to about 15% above her current pay. But we know what her peers are making; and her offer is lower than all of them while her education, length of experience, and breadth of knowledge are measurably greater. She is now in a difficult position. For her, there is a position in town that will pay her and value her more. She has to now make that decision. In this job market, for my specialty, it is more difficult to threaten to leave. So my cards have to be played a little more carefully. I will tell my supervisor up front what I expect and put him on the defensive (we have a good relationship, it won't be a strained conversation). He will have to come to me to say why (I'm assuming) the company is offering me less. If it's too much less, then I will just have to let him know that I will not be able to continue doing all of the extra things I do outside of my job description (training others, marketing, project management) so that I don't feel undervalued for my work. That's my bargaining power. I just don't want to resent coming in to work. That's my goal.
  4. hang in there, y'all. hope you get good news tomorrow!!
  5. what does that smiley mean?
  6. I noticed the website doesn't update until next wednesday. are any of your records up online, those of you who rocked the exam?!
  7. I want to order mine, too. (I'm from Georgia) I was kidding with a PE the other day saying how I couldn't wait to NOT use my seal. He blathered on about how it doesn't matter if you seal or not. And then I said that I wouldn't put PE after my name either. He went on about lawyers and how I could just take extra care when I wrote something so I wouldn't have to worry. So I told him that I was disappointed to hear that I would have to do more work after my promotion to senior (by caring and checking) than I do now. I thought as you moved up you did less. He said I should've thought about that before I applied. Do we turn in our senses of humor when we get our seals? 'cause I should've, then, thought about that before I applied lol.
  8. Rather 3 letters: EIT or 2 letter: PE lol (Former EI, speaking here) Congrats on passing and ROCK THOSE LETTERS ON THAT RESUME!!
  9. My friend moved and has to wait for the USPS to forward. Can you imagine?
  10. vollEngineer


    I'm from Georgia, but I've enjoyed engineergirl's updates, too. How super ridiculously unnecessarily nice!!!
  11. Oh, I didn't say the state - Georgia has registration numbers.
  12. that's so sweet how you think that these people spend all day working and are distracted from their grindstones by the occasional email or phone call...
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