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  1. maryannette

    Random Topics 3.1

    ... a wonderful Christmas time!!!
  2. maryannette

    Christmas gifts /

    I am giving to several people (who have everything and are hard to buy for) “The Best Jar Opener EVER” as defined by me - oil filter pliers.
  3. maryannette

    It's Friday!!!!

    Pizza and beer help make a bad week better! And a recliner. 😊
  4. maryannette

    It's Friday!!!!

    I guess I should stop saying "FUCK, NO" in meetings.
  5. maryannette

    It's Friday!!!!

    Terrible week! I have been so busy at work. My husband has been very busy too and we've both worked a lot of hours. We get home at night and just talk about how worn out we are.
  6. maryannette

    It's Friday!!!!

    Dilly dilly indeed!
  7. maryannette

    Failed the FE 7 times now - Need Help!

    I found that the best time I spent was working practice problems. If the problem required using statistics, algebra, geometry, etc and I needed to refer to that subject, I spent time on it. Working problems is the best way to get ready for the exam. Good luck. Work hard!
  8. maryannette

    What do you need for you to consider life to be happy?

    Happy depends a lot on who you are and what stage of life you are in. It also depends on the people who are in your life at the time. But, mostly, it depends on your own heart and soul. When you are happy with who you are, regardless of who is in your life and your circumstances, you have found the secret!
  9. maryannette

    Kids of EB

    Is there a 3-point line?
  10. maryannette

    Remembering Mat (aka VTE)

    He IS missed. One day we'll have the great eb meetup in heaven.
  11. maryannette

    Happy Birthday Dark Knight!

    Happy, happy birthday, DK!!! I hope it has been a wonderful day.
  12. maryannette

    Happy Valentine's/Singles Awareness Day

    And, I tried the <3, but it didn't turn into a heart. What is wrong here?
  13. maryannette

    Happy Valentine's/Singles Awareness Day

    <3 I got flowers. I don't usually get flowers, but I did this year.
  14. maryannette

    2 Years Already

    Here's to you, Mat! Do they have scotch ramen in heaven?
  15. maryannette

    Vibro Piers (aggregate piers)

    Anyone ever heard of or have experience with aggregate piers? It's a method of increasing the bearing capacity of soil by compacting it horizontally when crushed stone is driven in.