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  1. Ham, egg, and cheese on an English muffin with black coffee.
  2. Yogurt and cereal with black coffee.
  3. Are you sure that you didn't get a cherry or grape tomato plant? That's what type we plant every year and you just described the fruit perfectly.
  4. Ble_PE

    Movie thread

    24 by my count, but it's very likely that I've seen more and I just can't remember seeing them.
  5. Oatmeal that is now sitting in my stomach like a brick and black coffee.
  6. I remember one time several years ago when I went to get my food container out of the fridge at work I couldn't find it anywhere. I went back and looked in my lunchbox, but it wasn't there either. I was sure that someone had stolen my food until I noticed a container in the microwave. Opened it up and sure enough, it was my food. When I had gotten to work in the morning I put it in the microwave instead of the fridge.
  7. Happy belated birthday RG!!
  8. Scrambled eggs, toast, and black coffee.
  9. Cereal and black coffee.
  10. I've not heard of a program like that, if you get more detailed information could you let me know the details?
  11. Ok, that's what I thought. We've watched all of them, and while the 3rd season wasn't as good as the previous ones, we still enjoyed it. It looks like they're doing a fourth season which will be the final one.
  12. When did season 3 of MITHC come out? I think we only watched the first 2, but I don't really remember.
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