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  1. Ble_PE

    It's Friday!!!!

    @Supe, you available?
  2. Ble_PE

    Kids of EB

    You know that there are ways to prevent these "accidents", right?
  3. Ble_PE

    Christmas gifts /

    Glory hole jig?
  4. Ble_PE


    I'm still in this as well, however I haven't been listening to Christmas music quite as much this year as in the past. For some reason there aren't many local stations playing Christmas music full time.
  5. Ble_PE

    Christmas gifts /

    I got a Ring doorbell and now I'm looking into the floodlights. The only issue is that the location that I'd like to install the floodlight is much higher than I can reach myself, so I'd need to hire someone to come do it for me. I'm also a little unsure how well the camera will work at that height, so I've been doing some research on it. The security system will be next if the doorbell and floodlight go well.
  6. Ble_PE

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

    Is this thing still going?
  7. Ble_PE

    The Baking Thread

  8. Ble_PE

    The Baking Thread

  9. Ble_PE

    Random Topics 3.1

    Wonderful Christmastime!!