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  1. Got my run in this morning. I love running outside when it's in the 50s. It's the perfect temperature to not get too hot and it's refreshing once you finish the run. One thing I've noticed since this virus crap started is that I've taken a decent amount of time off of my mile time. I'm consistently 45 seconds - 1 minute faster per mile now than I was back in February.
  2. ^I'm wanting to organize my tools a little better, but we spent all day Saturday organizing our garage. It looks like a different place right now and I'm hoping we can keep it a bit more organized. The kids are the worst because they just start piling things up on whatever shelf they find space on, and it stays there until we put it up or threaten to throw it away.
  3. I went to Costco late last week and it was well stocked save for toilet paper and cleaning products, e.g. lysol wipes, hand soap, etc. They were also restricting the number of people they let in the store at one time as well, so that was nice.
  4. Yea, but wouldn't those be too fatty?
  5. I get this same error with the same Android app version on a Samsung Note 8.
  6. He said "as I read that..." indicating he read it incorrectly. Man, explaining these things is no fun!
  7. Well, I hope he got his wish. RIP Joe Diffie.
  8. Evidently not long enough for them to hatch.
  9. I didn't know RG was Jeff Foxworthy! Remember the spool?! Did you have an orange road cone?
  10. Yogurt, cereal and black coffee.
  11. Yogurt, cereal, black coffee.
  12. I'm not sure how many are still at work or not, but this is NSFW:
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