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  1. Stantec Consulting is looking for an EI for the Urban Land Development sector within our Sarasota, FL office. An opportunity exists in Stantec's Sarasota, Florida office for an entry level Civil Engineer to work in the area of land development consulting. The successful candidate will be self motivated with good communication skills, able to work on a team with other professionals to accomplish our client's goals. A solid base in civil engineering principles is a must with an emphasis on stormwater hydraulics and hydrology. A solid ability to conceptualize in three dimensions will also be a great asset as well as the ability to multi task. Your Capabilities and Credentials: BS Civil Engineering EIT certification or ability to obtain within a years time Shoot me an email at speargun @ gmail dot com and I'll put your resume in the hands of the right person.
  2. "When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic" - attributed to Benjamin Franklin. We have achieved the tipping point where there are more people in American who choose to be supported by the government than those who choose to have a higher sense of personal responsibility and pride. America promised the pursuit of liberty. Emphasis is on “pursuit”. It requires hard work, and lots of it. Now the majority of Americans want instant, give me, entitlement, equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity. There is no going back.
  3. Winner! We used to have a member here with a similar screen name who claimed stormwater modeling was the most difficult thing about civil engineering. For reasons not worth going into here, he was banned. Anything regarding stormwater modeling has been a running gag since. VT - my bad, now that you mentioned the name in that light I remember him.
  4. Good advice. Before advertising to the world (linkedin, careerbuilder, monster, etc.) why not search out employment yourself? Call your State's DOT office and ask for a listing of civil firms that have DOT contracts in the field your interested in. Contact your County/Parish Public Works office and do the same. Contact your State professional engineering office and see if they can send you a listing of all registered CE firms in the State, or by certain County/Parish. Once you have a list pear it down to the region you want to work, then by discipline. Then start looking online through the firm's website for available positions. Try to make contacts in the departments that you want to work and find out if they are hiring/looking/considering. I would lean on yourself and your local resources to find a new position before you just tell the world that you're looking for a new job. Best of luck and congratulations on passing the PE!
  5. Here in FL the different water management districts have a form letter that is signed and sealed to certify the stormwater management systems were built in accordance to the to plans and stormwater permit. There are also similar form letters through the FDEP to certify potable water and sanitary systems. Maybe some of those will be able to assist you in developing your own, hope that helps.
  6. What is McKeonCAD ... link? You've never used it? It's the state stormwater modeling system of Florida. Very prestigious program, but geared towards experts in that field. State stormwater modeling system of Florida? I've been doing stormwater work in FL for 12 years and have never even heard of it that's how prestigious it is. ASAD, HydraFlow, and ICPR are the top stormwater modeling programs for transportation drainage, site civil, and watershed modeling in the State of FL. Bridge hydraulics, water quality or groundwater, then you're looking at SWMM, HEC HMS/RAS. I would look into ASAD or even an ICPR license, both will be within your budget.
  7. These guys may have a product that you're looking for, http://www.tideflex.com/
  8. Your link doesn't work but I've already been there, no IDF curves. Thanks though, I have moved forward with developing my own. Wyoming_NY_IDF_Curves.pdf
  9. Anyone have a set of IDF curves for New York State, specifically in the region around Buffalo? NYS DOT tells me how to develop them (publication HEC 12) but for the life of me I can't find a set that has already been developed. Even ACOE was no help. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  10. If someone has the above book, could they locate the design service pressure range for a 12-inch water main? We using PVC C-900 pipe. Should be in section "Service Pressure" and/or Table 3.5 "Typical Service Pressure Criteria". PSI units would be helpful. Thanks!!
  11. Project is located in Pinellas County, FL. Relocating a 12-inch water main for a client and there are two commercial properties that are tied into the line. I don't have a McGraw-Hill Water Distribution System Handbook AWWA. Can someone direct me where I can find some information on determining the average daily water demand per connection for commercial use? TIA
  12. Grilled flank steak with some sauteed hogfish that I shot over the weekend. All on top of some mexican rice with fresh pineapple chunks thrown in for good measure.
  13. What does your spreadsheet have for a standard 90 (2-inch PVC)? Just checking the validity of 9.
  14. Long time no post, glad to see that this place is going full bore. Quick question: I'm reviewing some pump calcs and for the life of me I cannot verify the equivalent length used for the full port ball valve. The guy used 5.4 for a 2-inch PVC full port ball valve, I can't find ANYTHING to verify that value. Can anyone post a link to verify? Or provide other supporting information on this value? TIA!
  15. Casey, Your points are appreciated.
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