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  1. For those in the military, it's always (supposed to be!) "Respectfully," or "Very respectfully,", oftentimes abbreviated just R/, or V/r/, And whoa to them who get it backwards. But not me... I don't play that!
  2. I lived in Alexandria (northern VA) and loved it. The schools are awesome (Fairfax County School District is huge, but very well run), and it doesn't feel so much like "city life". If you're rolling in the fatty money, Montgomery County is nice (I liked Bethesda), too. But from my perspective, the MD schools are hit or miss. You won't have that problem with Fairfax County. If we go back (good chance we will in the next five years), I'd like to live near East Capitol (as inside the beltway as you can get!) if I'm at the Navy Yard again. I'll walk to work! Really, it depends on where you're working. Public transportation can be a life saver (at least the Metro, buses a little less so) and makes for a "productive" commute. I had a friend who lived in WV. He rode the "party train" - a three hour ride, but everyone drank on the way home. You can combine your commute with Happy Hour. DC has a ton of culture - it's a great place to live if you don't mind the weather.
  3. I don't think so. These are small boat crews, and it sounds like they were being tracked by higher, even if they weren't communicating.
  4. "In a formal acknowledgment that the Persian Gulf episode was the result of an error by the United States Navy, Mr. Carter said the crews of two American patrol craft were not on a clandestine mission and “obviously had misnavigated” when they came within a few miles of Farsi Island, where Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps has a naval base. The 10 sailors on the boats did not report the navigational error to their superiors before they were taken by the Iranians, Mr. Carter said. “It may have been they were trying to sort it out at the time when they encountered the Iranian boats,” Mr. Carter said" These aren't blue water Navy boats, but rather Navy Expeditionary Combat Command "Riverine Command Boats". They are "commanded" by a Lieutenant.
  5. USAJobs... plenty of overseas opportunities.
  6. I hear you... but if the object is more than just stuffing calories down your gullet, sometimes the extra work up front can add to the experience. My son and I often do these on Sunday morning and like making them almost (but not quite!) as much as eating them.
  7. My favorite: On top of toast with some hot smoked salmon is awesome!
  8. Bullshit... that rumor's right up there with saltpeter!
  9. Eat enough MREs and you will hardly ever have to.
  10. And take a look at, especially if you're looking for easy and inexpensive.
  11. Or, rather, all you know is that diagnoses of Autism increased. How much of that is simply increased access to those who diagnose or change in diagnosis criteria?
  12. That's the problem with large firms... you never know what kind of project team you're going to get.
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