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  1. Flyer_PE

    Not really politics

    A stripper arrested for behaving like a stripper. I'm shocked.
  2. Flyer_PE

    Happy Birthday CSB!!

    Happy Birthday!!
  3. Flyer_PE

    The Automotive Thread

    ^What a mess.
  4. Flyer_PE

    The Automotive Thread

    A buddy of mine has a Lincoln with Auto-Stop. It has an over-ride but you have to activate it every time you start the car. The car is two years old and you can tell the over-ride button gets hit every time he drives the car. My biggest worry is rolling into a busy intersection and having the car fail to start.
  5. Just did a bit of this including a reminder that while his residence in our house is long term, it is not permanent.
  6. Flyer_PE

    The Automotive Thread

    ^So it's a speedy money pit. Seems more like an aircraft to me all the time. Congrats on getting it out on the track. Sounds like it's going to be fast as hell once you get the bugs worked out.
  7. Flyer_PE

    The Automotive Thread

    It appears that race cars and airplanes have a lot in common.
  8. Flyer_PE

    The Automotive Thread

    Wasn't there an old saying about something to do with boobs or wheels and problems? Yep. It's cheaper to rent than to own.
  9. Flyer_PE

    The Automotive Thread

    It could be worse. The damn thing could have wings.
  10. Flyer_PE

    The Automotive Thread

    ^My wife was singing the theme to Green Acres the first time I drove it into the driveway.
  11. Flyer_PE

    The Automotive Thread

    Tractor Update: Finally got a little bit of decent weather to support cleaning, blasting, and painting. We had two nice days last week before the weather turned back to crap so we shifted the schedule for blasting and painting. The plan was to have it on shiny new wheels and tires when it came out of paint but it didn't work out that way. Had to put it back on the old wheels to make room in the booth for other parts and the Mustang which is nearing paint-ready status as well. Moved it to the latest location by hand. The next time it moves should be under its own power.
  12. Flyer_PE

    The Automotive Thread

    If the seller is unwilling to cough up the VIN#, something is off. Better to keep looking.
  13. Flyer_PE

    Random Topics 3.1

    Ditto all of the above. There are no words.
  14. Flyer_PE

    EB Cycling Club

    Not as serious an infraction as using 'their' instead of 'there' but I'm still going to have to turn you over to the grammar police.
  15. Flyer_PE

    The Automotive Thread

    ^Glad that nothing I own is on the second list. Of course nothing I own is on the first list either.