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  1. ^That engine looks awesome. I didn't fare much better this weekend. Getting the front and rear pan seals into place isn't all that easy with the engine upside down on a stand. It's a real PITA when it's upright and bolted to the rest of the tractor. Ruined one of the seals in the attempt so it was time to step back, let my blood pressure return to normal, and order some parts.
  2. I NEVER do anything under a car that's being held up by hydraulics alone. It's one of those things that was drilled into me at a very young age.
  3. The only one I had go bad was a seal issue and it was bleeding fluid all over the floor. It's not uncommon to have to add a little every so often. As long as it's not leaving a puddle, I'd add fluid and keep using it.
  4. The Mustang belongs to another friend of the shop owner. I'm on the hook for the electrical in that one. It's running a fuel injected 4.6 liter with a Ford Racing module and a digital gauge package. None of which was standard equipment back in '65.
  5. It's just standard hydraulic oil. I used some mil-spec hydraulic oil I had leftover from my aircraft owner days. I'm pretty sure any car parts place will have something labelled Hydraulic & Jack oil or similar.
  6. If my buddy didn't offer up the shop for this, it would still be deteriorating in my garage. I'm just glad I found the leak before I put things back together enough to run it again. I enjoy working on this thing but I'd like to have it done-done.
  7. Scope creep: Turns out that it wasn't the front of the oil pan. The timing case cover sprung a leak and the oil trail was hiding behind the alternator. Even with the use of dye and a black light, it wasn't easy to track down. According to UPS, the new gasket should be here tomorrow and it should be able to start putting it back together Sunday.
  8. Those lines are for the power steering. It's completely hydraulic. The power steering pump is bolted to the frame and the reservoir is mounted ahead of the radiator.
  9. Yep. Thought I could drop the pan without splitting the tractor but just not enough clearance. It's the typical two steps forward, one step back. At least it was a lot easier splitting it without 50 years of rust and 2 inches of grease covering the bolts.
  10. Several of you have already seen it but I figured I would post the progress pictures here as well. Status as of Saturday afternoon: The good news is that the only big thing left is to fix an oil leak. The bad news is that in order to fix the leak, I had to do this: With a little luck, I'll have it back together Saturday afternoon.
  11. I'm not all that familiar with large Li-ion designs. Almost all of my experience is with various forms of stationary lead-acid strings. However, from what I know of SAFT, they are a reputable company. The place I would start for an education on the subject is the IEEE Energy Storage and Stationary Battery committee (http://sites.ieee.org/pes-essb/).
  12. Depending on the cell type. replacement of all cells may very well be warranted. For many configurations, the cells are sealed and the only way to examine the internals for damage would be through destructive testing. Do you know the cell type/chemistry (VRLA, Li-ion, etc)?
  13. We're currently living in a culture that is in constant and unrelenting search of something to be pissed off about. Seems to be more fun to get all spun up over something we see on TV rather than just change the channel or, even better, turn the damn thing off and read a book.
  14. my thoughts exactly. $300 for a car battery is nuts. I paid less than half that for an Interstate battery that contains a lot more lead than any passenger car starting battery I've ever seen.
  15. That lift is the greatest thing since sliced bread. The garage belongs to a friend of mine. He's the one responsible for the really nice paint job. In exchange for his help in making the tractor look pretty, I'm on the hook for wiring a 66 Mustang he's building. It's getting a bunch of digital upgrades and he hates doing the electrical work on these things.
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