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  1. EB NFL Pick 'em League (2017)

    It was only 1 point.
  2. EB NFL Pick 'em League (2017)

    I'm on a roll so far. We're not even half-way there yet though.
  3. EB NFL Pick 'em League (2017)

    You're doing the same thing I did for Week 3 with comparable results.
  4. EB NFL Pick 'em League (2017)

    ^Either Tuesday or Wednesday morning, I select all home teams and put the lowest point value possible on the Thursday game. The idea being that if I don't get around to making my real picks before Thursday, I only lose a point or two rather than 16. For week 3, I forgot about the London game and had my picks locked in as I had set them Wednesday morning.
  5. EB NFL Pick 'em League (2017)

    So far, my best week was the result of getting locked out before I could make picks for any of the Sunday games. Just so happened that a lot of crappy teams won at home.
  6. EB NFL Pick 'em League (2017)

    Indeed. That comes later in the season for you. I'm putting a reminder in my calendar for every Wednesday morning between now and the end of the season. So I forgot about the London game and went to put in my real picks yesterday at 0745 CDT only to find that they locked at 0730. My screw-ups usually have dramatically different results.
  7. Lesson I learned a long time ago: Always check where the link it taking you before you click.
  8. EB NFL Pick 'em League (2017)

    Indeed. That comes later in the season for you. I'm putting a reminder in my calendar for every Wednesday morning between now and the end of the season.
  9. EB NFL Pick 'em League (2017)

    I just selected all home teams and put 1 point on the Thursday game. I'll put the real ones in later but at least I won't lose 16 points right out of the gate.
  10. Flat Earthers

    "They say 65 percent of all statistics Are made up right there on the spot 82.4 percent of people believe 'em Whether they're accurate statistics or not I don't know what you believe But I do know there's no doubt I need another double-shot of something 90 proof I got too much to think about" - Statistician's Blues by Todd Snider
  11. Movie thread

    I just realized I read that book 30 years ago. All I remember clearly is "We all float down here."
  12. EB NFL Pick 'em League (2017)

    ^It's only the first mile of a marathon and one data point doesn't prove a trend.
  13. Flat Earthers

    x2. Or the conspiracy theories surrounding the 9/11 attacks. Which is ironically today I was thinking the same thing regarding 9/11. I was in a room with several structural engineers that day and they were not one bit surprised at how those buildings came down. A few of my thoughts on conspiracy theories (especially if it's government cover-up in question): 1. The government as an entity is either a diabolical genius or a total idiot. It can't be both. I've always been entertained when I see (insert president's name here) accused of both by the same person and in some cases in the same paragraph. 2. If the two choices between bad government action are evil intent and stupidity, the safe bet is stupidity. Unintended consequences are a b!tch. 3. Given that the only way two people can keep a secret is if one of them is dead, how on earth do these people think the word won't get out on something requiring the silence of hundreds if not thousands of people?
  14. My favorites for Oshkosh 2017: Matt Younkin flying the Beach 18: Heritage Flight (F-35, A-10, and 2 P51 Mustangs): A warthog for @knight1fox3: And a couple from the Blue Angels performance:
  15. Fav Movie Scenes