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  1. CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) is a standard measure of the capability of the battery to deliver starting current. It is defined as the number of amps a 12 volt battery can supply at 0 deg. F for 30 seconds while maintaining a terminal voltage greater than 7.2V. My practice has been to install the highest CCA battery available that will fit the battery box. The idea being that the battery with the higher CCA rating can be substantially degraded and still be able to start the car.
  2. If they are applying a load to the battery, driving there shouldn't affect the results. There is a difference between state of charge and battery capacity (i.e. you can have a fully charged battery that only has 10% of it's rated capacity). The USB charger I use in my truck has a voltmeter built into it (see Amazon link below). With the engine running, the alternator should be able to maintain the system voltage higher than 13.5 Vdc. At idle, it may vary a bit with load but it should stay pretty solid when driving. You can also do a quick and dirty capacity check on the battery by seeing what the voltage does when you load it (turn on the headlights and heater blower etc.) with the engine off.
  3. ^Agreed. 3.5 years is about normal. I've managed to get 5 years out of a car battery once or twice here but those are outliers. I think the car manufacturers have been reducing the battery sizes to save weight. This leaves less margin to lose to aging and shortens the usable battery life.
  4. Saw Ford vs. Ferarri the other night. We went with another couple and even the wives liked it. Building a Cobra is still on my bucket list.
  5. History may be about to repeat itself. It spent time in econo-box hell once already.
  6. I certainly wasn't going to work any harder than I had to.
  7. No worries. I should have added that, for vented lead acid cells, you can find correction factors for temperature vs. battery capacity in IEEE Standard 485 (Sizing) and 450 (Maintenance and Testing).
  8. Any battery is an electro-chemical device. Increasing temperature tends to increase the energy released by the chemical reaction. As an every-day example, it's why your car battery may work just fine on a 70 degree day and not be able to start the car when it's 30 outside.
  9. I'm going to pass this year. I may have time to watch maybe one game this year if I'm lucky.
  10. And I thought I took a step forward in technology when I converted the old tractor from its original canister filter to a spin-on.
  11. Sorry to hear it, Ble. It's never an easy thing.
  12. I've had a couple that I had to drive a screwdriver through to get enough torque to turn them. Not really a viable option for a canister type though.
  13. Seems like almost any DIY car project has been recorded by somebody:
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