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  1. Flyer_PE


    I'd go back to farming until the money ran out.
  2. Flyer_PE

    Differential Relay

    There is a buried assumption there. In the case of a mechanical differential relay, the CTs on the WYE side of the transformer will be connected in delta to compensate for the 30 degree phase shift across the transformer. It's still a good practice to connect them that way but it can also be dealt with in the software of a programmable (SEL, Beckwith, ...) relay.
  3. Flyer_PE

    NCEES Question 530

    They solve the problem on a 1MVA base. The impedance of the system is 100% (1pu) on a 40 MVA base. When you convert that to a 1 MVA base you get (1pu*1MVA/40MVA) 0.025.
  4. Flyer_PE


    ^21 (7+7+7) if they are balanced at 7 amps/phase. At 180 Hz, the current vectors are no longer separated by 120 degrees.
  5. Flyer_PE


    When you do the time domain math on a 3 phase system, you find that the triplen harmonics (primarily 180 hz but it occurs at higher multiples of 3) actually add on the neutral rather than cancel one another out.
  6. Flyer_PE

    The Automotive Thread

    Figured it was time for an update on the project. Progress has slowed down some due to work and a couple of other projects but it's getting there. I posted on the Allis Chalmers forum to see if the "Correct Police" would get their undies in a knot over the DIN rail terminal block.
  7. Flyer_PE

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    The TA in 1976/77 had a sticker price of less than $5k. I gotta believe they were able to spend more than 20k for cars. I remember reading once that the magic number was 28 cars that were trashed in the production of the movie. Like MA said, sometimes the good story outweighs the facts.
  8. Flyer_PE

    Delt Configuration

    It can be solved from the diagram using simple vectors. Van = 480V*Sin(60deg) = 415.7 V or Van = sqrt(480^2 - 240^2)= 415.7 V
  9. Flyer_PE

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    ^The only thing that made it special was that it wasn't easy to get.
  10. Flyer_PE

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    Circa 1974: i thought diesel trucks were the coolest thing ever when I was 7. I still think they're pretty cool.
  11. Flyer_PE

    NFL 2018

    Found this amusing:
  12. Flyer_PE

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/09/06/burt-reynolds-legendary-actor-smokey-and-bandit-fame-dead-at-82.html Godspeed, Bandit.
  13. Flyer_PE

    NFL 2018

    It was a large part of my strategy last year.
  14. Flyer_PE

    Stolen Airplane in Seatle over the weekend

    I think the big difference is the commercial pilot tried to get the plane from the ramp to the runway under its own power. That could be a real trick with no ramp or runway lights.
  15. Flyer_PE

    Stolen Airplane in Seatle over the weekend

    ^Yep. Security screenings just reduce the chances of bad behavior. So long as humans are involved, the risk will never be reduced to 0.