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  1. No worries. I should have added that, for vented lead acid cells, you can find correction factors for temperature vs. battery capacity in IEEE Standard 485 (Sizing) and 450 (Maintenance and Testing).
  2. Any battery is an electro-chemical device. Increasing temperature tends to increase the energy released by the chemical reaction. As an every-day example, it's why your car battery may work just fine on a 70 degree day and not be able to start the car when it's 30 outside.
  3. I'm going to pass this year. I may have time to watch maybe one game this year if I'm lucky.
  4. And I thought I took a step forward in technology when I converted the old tractor from its original canister filter to a spin-on.
  5. Sorry to hear it, Ble. It's never an easy thing.
  6. I've had a couple that I had to drive a screwdriver through to get enough torque to turn them. Not really a viable option for a canister type though.
  7. Seems like almost any DIY car project has been recorded by somebody:
  8. He has a really nice set-up. He may have to relocate for work and he wants me to buy the place. My problem is that my next move will be South. I want to build something similar somewhere warmer and a little more tax-payer friendly than IL.
  9. ^Looks like an interesting little beast. The only foreign tractor I have messed with is my BIL’s Kubota.
  10. Well, it's re-assembled, leak-free for likely the first time since around 1972, and back home. Pictures with the sun shining on it Saturday: And I'm starting to line up the next project: 1991 MR2 Turbo. I took delivery of this car in May of 1990. I hauled it up to the shop Saturday to make sure it's as solid underneath as I thought it should be. The underside of the car looks damn near new. It's only been in snow once (bad forecast and got caught trying to get in one last drive before Winter) and has been garaged for all but 1 of the 29 years I've owned it. I'm planning to dial it up to 11.
  11. The problem is that you have to have two "if/Then" arguments running in parallel. Pretty easy to do in programming space, not so much in a formula.
  12. Ok. The error you are getting is being caused by asking for the 9th largest number in a list of 8 numbers or less. I don't know of an elegant way to get-r-done using only formulas.
  13. 2 questions: 1. Are you sure the cell is blank/null and doesn't have a space hiding in it? 2. Do you actually have nine numbers in the range for it to add? (If you ask for the 9th largest number and there are only 8 numbers in the range, you will get '#NUM!')
  14. Try this: =IF(COUNTIF(H4:R4,">0")>4,"Yes","No")
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