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  1. Flyer_PE

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    The TA in 1976/77 had a sticker price of less than $5k. I gotta believe they were able to spend more than 20k for cars. I remember reading once that the magic number was 28 cars that were trashed in the production of the movie. Like MA said, sometimes the good story outweighs the facts.
  2. Flyer_PE

    Delt Configuration

    It can be solved from the diagram using simple vectors. Van = 480V*Sin(60deg) = 415.7 V or Van = sqrt(480^2 - 240^2)= 415.7 V
  3. Flyer_PE

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    ^The only thing that made it special was that it wasn't easy to get.
  4. Flyer_PE

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    Circa 1974: i thought diesel trucks were the coolest thing ever when I was 7. I still think they're pretty cool.
  5. Flyer_PE

    NFL 2018

    Found this amusing:
  6. Flyer_PE

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/09/06/burt-reynolds-legendary-actor-smokey-and-bandit-fame-dead-at-82.html Godspeed, Bandit.
  7. Flyer_PE

    NFL 2018

    It was a large part of my strategy last year.
  8. Flyer_PE

    Stolen Airplane in Seatle over the weekend

    I think the big difference is the commercial pilot tried to get the plane from the ramp to the runway under its own power. That could be a real trick with no ramp or runway lights.
  9. Flyer_PE

    Stolen Airplane in Seatle over the weekend

    ^Yep. Security screenings just reduce the chances of bad behavior. So long as humans are involved, the risk will never be reduced to 0.
  10. Flyer_PE

    Stolen Airplane in Seatle over the weekend

    The larger the aircraft, the less likely it is to require any kind of key to start. The engine start sequence is not that complicated and the checklists are not hard to obtain. I don't know about that specific model but I've seen add-on models for Microsoft Flight Simulator (2000) that were detailed enough to require the actual start-up procedure to fire the engine. I'm not all that surprised that he could get the props turning. Once the plane is pointed down the runway, getting it airborne is a simple matter of shoving the throttles forward and waiting for enough airspeed to rotate off the runway. Getting an airplane off the ground isn't the challenge. Putting it back on the ground in a condition that it can be flown again is the trick.
  11. Flyer_PE

    Happy Birthday Flyer!

    I may post another one from Saturday night. It's been getting better every year up there but 500k visitors sharing a couple of cell towers has a tendency to slow down data transfer.
  12. Flyer_PE

    Happy Birthday Flyer!

    Thanks! Got to spend it hanging out at the air show.
  13. Flyer_PE

    Not really politics

    A stripper arrested for behaving like a stripper. I'm shocked.
  14. Flyer_PE

    Happy Birthday CSB!!

    Happy Birthday!!
  15. Flyer_PE

    The Automotive Thread

    ^What a mess.