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  1. Those words do not belong together.
  2. As one of those "older" utilities folks, there's probably a bit more going on than you realize. Give it 15 years and you'll see. If I had the kind of time on my hands that I did even 10 years ago, yeah sure I could get everything done early.
  3. I finally had to replace the battery in my 2006 Aveo in 2018. I have no idea where AC Delco sourced that thing, but 12 years for a battery in Michigan was amazing!
  4. The brining helps the meat to hold moisture, so it doesn't dry out too much in the smoker (or oven.) I don't think it helps with tenderness. Are you talking about venison tenderloin (aka backstraps) or loins? I haven't cooked my venison tenderloins yet, but I plan to turn the loins into jerky. For the backstrap/tenderloin, a friend of mine gave me this recipe:
  5. I only did 3/4 cup of salt per gallon (which is what my book on smoking meat called for) but I did read elsewhere you could increase the salt content and only soak for a couple hours. I'll definitely cut down on the brine time next time, but in the meantime I have three more salty tenderloins to eat! They did turn out plenty juicy, so at least the brining worked.
  6. Pork tenderloin is very lean, thus the brine. But I brined them for like 20 hours. So probably waaay too long?
  7. My wife likes to make black eyed peas on NYD too, but bleh. But she put some in the collards too, and that was tolerable. I smoked four pork tenderloins and they were tasty, but very salty from the brine. I'm thinking maybe I brined them too long?
  8. Now JayKay is on my blocked list, along with Master Slacker and texjennah
  9. So it's easier to make babies in a 4 door than in an LJ? Also, what's the point of having a Wrangler if it never goes off road? That's like having a boat that doesn't go in the water.
  10. And,
  11. My last work day of the year!
  12. I was thinking the same. Might be a felony regardless.
  13. Test Results: INTJ-ADegree field(s) : BS / MS EE/PowerPE exam(s): EE/PowerCurrent work type: EE/Power, Supervisor (based on MBTI types, apparently Leggo and I don't get along)
  14. I've been a protection engineer for about 17 years and haven't heard of anyone that offers a certification per se. To learn concepts we send our newer engineers to Schweitzer's 401 protection fundamentals class, or an equivalent (ABB, Georgia Tech, University of Wisconsin and others offer similar classes.) Michigan Tech offers a power certificate, which is essentially a two-semester mini-degree focusing in power. You could probably tailor that to protection, or better yet enroll in their online MSEE.
  15. Depends on whether Richard Jewell shows his "richard."
  16. Dammit, I can't ignore leggo because she's a moderator. RG, ban her
  17. I might have to put a few members on "ignore" for the next month or so, starting with Master Slacker and leggo.
  18. Made chili yesterday with tomatoes and jalepenos we grew in the garden and venison I harvested in the back yard. Besides the spices the only ingredient we didn't "make" were the kidney beans. Might have to try to grow those next year.
  19. Holy crap, blast from the past! Welcome back dude. I think you were around for JR's divorce. Since then: JR got married. JR got divorced. JR got married again, and we haven't seen him here since. I see him every once in a while and he seems pretty happy. So I think third time's a charm. I met Elephant Girl through engineergurl. We hit it off and got married. Some of the other old timers have kind of faded away, but there's newer old timers filling in too. I'll let the rest of them fill you in on what's up.
  20. Not cooking per se, but I'm not creating another thread for this. I'm picking up my venison from the processor this weekend. I also bought a new electric smoker. I'm planning to make some venison jerky. Any recipes and/or tips?
  21. We ended up stopping at Dunham's around 11 PM on thanksgiving. I bought a pop up tent blind, an electric smoker and a gun cabinet. Used the blind to get a deer in my back yard Friday, stored the gun in the cabinet and will hopefully be smoking some jerky from it in the smoker in a week or so. So I'd say that was a good haul. We also went to Meijer on Thanksgiving morning and bought eight 35-lb pails of cat litter for $10/each, and then Blain's on Satuday and got two bags of dog food and a bag of cat food for about 40% off. How exciting. My wife made an order at 1 am Thursday for a new fitbit and a Christmas tree. All in all we didn't go too crazy this year. Seems like the deals weren't that great. Though I did go to Meijer this morning for toys 20% off plus $10 off $50 in Legos. Now my niece is getting a nice Harry Potter Lego set this year.
  22. In my experience they aren't going to make that suggestion until there is absolutely nothing left to do... e.g. my cat was seizing continually and uncontrollably with a temperature much below normal and the vet was ready to call the neurologist. And I was like, uhhhh, my cat's 17 years old, we're not doing brain surgery on it.
  23. Jim Cantore I assume? I'm pretty sure my wife feels the same way about him.
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