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  1. My wife has some seeds planted inside... nothing sprouting yet, but we can't plant outside until Memorial Day anyway so we've got some time.
  2. The video ends prematurely, which leaves so much to the imagination. Does he swallow the rat head? What happened to the skull--does that just add crunch? Is it safe to swallow a rat skull? It seems like that would tear up your insides. And what about the fur? I really find it hard to believe there is anywhere in the world where eating whole rat heads for nutrition is a thing. I suspect this a dare or a shock video or a rite of passage or something.
  3. Boiled & baked rat head is tastier than raw rat head! This should be in the Cooking thread.
  4. Which reminds me of this: The Deerfield, MI Testicle Festival has been delayed due to Coronavirus. Its not too far from here, but I've never been. Might have to check it out next year.
  5. And it's just the opposite around here--even though Michigan has 50% more cases than Louisiana, doctor's prescription or not, we can only get a test in my county if (1) showing symptoms, AND (2) have had exposure to someone who tested positive and/or traveled out of the country, AND (3) are high-risk (over 60, diabetic, lung disease, etc.) We only have 24 confirmed cases in my county, but who knows how many cases we actually have since they are hardly testing anyone.
  6. For #4... it's late summer in Australia with temps in the mid- to high-80s and it seems to be spreading there.
  7. So last week I called my credit union about rates and decided I was going to refi into a 20 year mortgage at 3.0%. But got busy with preparing for the coronovirus and the refrigerator dying and I never called them back. Checked again yesterday and rates went up to 3.5% in a week. Annoyed, but I imagine with the fed rate cut and the likely upcoming recession the rates will drop again.
  8. Well damn, the DNR wants the raccoon for testing. Says it's likely canine distemper. So much for dinner. Yes, lots. Thirteen of them Saturday morning. I'm not a poacher, but if this turns into the apocalypse at least we have an option before resorting to cannibalism.
  9. Grub hub and Uber Eats, etc. don't deliver out here in the middle of nowhere, but the plus side is we killed a possibly rabid raccoon in our yard yesterday so we have something fresh to eat!
  10. What? Letting points expire is blasphemy! He can spend those points on me if he really doesn't want them!
  11. Except they say one of the players tested positive.
  12. Is it bad that I hope for things to break/blow up/burn down because it makes my job more fun/stressful?
  13. I could use some dollars.
  14. I saw that and thought the same... but I was supposed to be going to Cleveland area for a work meeting in three weeks, which was just cancelled due to this.
  15. So are you claiming there is there a physical law governing punctuation that can be discovered by the scientific method? Or it's dictated by God? Or you just like to be annoying?
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