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  1. It's highly dependent on location. I lost 33% on my house from 2002 to 2017, though the loss was still less than what I would have paid in rent for 15 years. That being said, Long Island is probably one of those places that likely won't lose value in the next couple decades.
  2. I know you're not big on buffets, but Caesars buffet is one of the best. For dinner, Nobu is supposed to be really good for japanese/sushi. Also really expensive. Old Homestead is supposed to be a good steakhouse (also really expensive.) I haven't eaten at either of these, but wouldn't hesitate to try them if I wanted to drop a few c notes. Joe's Seafood Prime Steak and Stone Crab is supposed to be really good too. It's in the forum shops attached to Caesars. Wilheldp's review above wasn't the greatest though. For the next tier down, we tried Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill and liked it--I had lamb chops and they were tender and juicy. Beijing noodle was fine for Chinese food--maybe a cheaper lunch option. I don't know much about Rao or Seersucker. I've heard bad things about Gordon Ramsay's Pub. Also stay away from Mr. Chow based on many of the reviews I've read--it's just way overpriced Chinese food. Restaurant Guy Savoy is one of the fanciest restaurants in the world. For $355 to $550 per person you got some fancy looking stuff the French call food. To venture a little further, for breakfast I'd recommend crossing the Blvd to Linq and try either Guy Fieri's or Hash House a Go Go. They both have excellent breakfasts and bloody marys. Sucks about the Hoover elevators! As for timeshare people, we just ignore them and keep walking. It feels rude to us midwesterners, but they're used to it.
  3. I'll convert my garage to an apartment and only charge you half that!
  4. Receiver likely won't auto-compensate, but most have level adjustments so you can manually adjust the volume on each channel. Works better if you have a db meter, but you can do it by ear as well.
  5. I put my old water heater by the curb and it was gone within 10 minutes... but I lived in redneckville and you live in a nice HOA-type area.
  6. RG, are you talking about an expansion tank? I had lots of trouble at my old house with valves leaking and the water heater temperature-pressure valve opening. It turns out there was a check valve at my meter to prevent water being pushed back out into the city water system (I think they added it with the lawn sprinkler pump.) When the water heater would kick on, the water would expand and have nowhere to go, so it would overpressure the system until something leaked. I added a small expansion tank and the problem went away. The tank wasn't very hard to add (but did require some soldering.)
  7. Personally I like the security of sweating, but a lot of people swear by shark bite. Runs about $40 for a kit: Water heaters now seem to have plastic in the inlet as a heat trap, so you can't solder onto them anyway or you'll melt it--need a union or coupling instead. Still might be worth going the handyman route and have him teach you. Or buy some pipe and fittings to practice first. Thing is copper is so damn expensive now that might not be worth it. My sweats never turn out pretty, but they hold water which is the important part! I'm usually more worried I'm going to burn down the house in the process.
  8. ^I came up with the same as them, which appears to work.
  9. For the night of 4/16 I'm seeing a Luxor Tower King room for about $100 with tax and resort fee if you book direct. I think Bally's is around the same (use offer code INSIDER to get a discount at Bally's.) I like Bally's in general, but if you're into pools it pretty much sucks. Bellagio is pretty nice if you want to spend the dough. It's always really busy and crowded in there, but they do have nice pools. Vdara is next door and a little more laid back (and cheaper.) We really liked Vdara and had a nice view of the Cosmo from there. No casino in Vdara but it's a short walk to Bellagio or Aria. That's a good tip on Triple George. I've heard Joe's is supposed to be excellent, so if Triple George is even better then I've got to try it!
  10. I looked it up and it appears HRH's Rehab pool will be closed most or all of this year, getting ready for the rebrand to Virgin. But it does have non-party pools open.
  11. I'm guessing you're running into spring break traffic. I don't know about HRH's pool, but that's a long ways off the strip if you like to walk around. If you're slumming and it's only a night and you want to stay on the strip I'd suggest looking at Luxor or Bally's. Luxor has a lot nicer pool than Bally's and if you get a Tower room they're pretty nice (and right by the pool.) The Tower One Bedroom Suites are pretty nice too for the price. The casino itself is pretty crappy though. The HRH has been bought by Virgin and they're going to rebrand it to a Virgin hotel next year.
  12. Let us know how Red Square is. I've looked at it a couple times but haven't tried it yet. We've been to Lupo across the hall from Red Square a couple times and it was pretty good.
  13. You're just a tease!
  14. Let me say I've had breakfast at the MGM Grand buffet once and thought it was kind of gross. It was free and I might do it again for free, but I wouldn't pay for it. There are much better options nearby for a similar price. For comparison I've eaten at both the Mandalay Bay and Bellagio buffets twice each, and I won't go to either of those again even if it's free (I know that sounds stuck up, but really the food is bad--the people next to us at Bellagio said the same thing unprompted--and there's so much good food in Vegas.) So in that respect the MGM Grand buffet is better than those.
  15. (we don't have a ban her emoticon?)
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