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  1. Turns out I lied... come to think of it, my 1979 Yamaha XS750 had a cartridge filter. It was a PITA because there was an O-ring you had to fit just right in the filter cover and it you didn't get it in the groove right it would be pinched and ruined if you tightened the cover down on it. I went through several O-rings on that damn thing.
  2. I've never run into these canister filters. Are they only in foreign cars, or do any cars have them?
  4. Reminds me of the time I couldn't unlock my desk with my car's key fob.
  5. Supe, a friend of mine did the type of deal you're looking at. He's pretty happy with it, except when the panels are covered in snow. I don't really like the idea of having the panels on my roof, but we have a a 5-acre clearing around the house that gets lots of sun, so I've been thinking about a ground-mounted array. But I'm also not real keen on someone else owning the equipment so I've been thinking about putting in my own system. But it's going to be in the $20k range... there's a 30% tax credit that decreases next year and the year after that would help with the cost, but that's still a decent chunk of change.
  6. By definition most criminal action could involve jail time (excluding civil infractions like parking or speeding tickets). It's up to the prosecutor to determine charges, but it's possible they could bring up something like negligent homicide or reckless endangerment if they feel they can prove it. If convicted they could end up in jail, paying a fine (to the government), probation, community service, losing a license, etc. But a negligent homicide conviction would likely include some jail time. Conviction under criminal law requires a burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Separately, as Kevo mentioned, the victims can bring a civil action under tort law. In this case the victims would likely be looking for monetary damages from the engineers/contractors, etc. There is no risk of imprisonment, so the burden of proof is much lower (a preponderance of evidence) so these cases are easier for the plaintiff to win. On a side note, often people go through both criminal and civil action for a crime. In those cases you'll sometimes see people plead "no contest" to the criminal charge in order to enter a plea bargain without admitting guilt, because if they admit guilt in the criminal case they'll almost automatically also lose civil case as well. In this particular case I read that the victims already settled with the construction company (which is bankrupt) for $42 million. No word on criminal charges, but Dean Agnostic, this story seems to indicate manslaughter or negligent homicide charges are unlikely:
  7. We've harvested a bunch of cucumbers, a zucchini, quite a few peas and some jalapenos. Made some refrigerator pickles yesterday.
  8. It's about 2 months from sowing to harvesting for cucumbers. So you might have a couple weeks to harvest cukes in September before it gets too cold for them to produce, but I wouldn't count on it because they don't grow well in lower temperatures.
  9. I read that as flagella. . .
  10. Some sort of Scientology voodoo going on there.
  11. For $29 I wouldn't hesitate to try it at least. If you can build a car you should be able to swap an HVAC control board--those things are usually pretty plug-and-play. Just take a picture before you start unhooking anything. And then if something else is wrong then you've only wasted $29 instead of $200+
  12. I have an off-brand one very similar that we use to cool our upstairs bedroom. Got it on sale at Menards for about $180 last year and have been pretty happy with it.
  13. We have an older (2010-ish) GE one (bottom freezer) and haven't had any issues with it. I don't like the design of the inside of the fridge because there's a lot of wasted space, but no issues with the french doors. And no, you can open either or both doors. There's a folding piece of plastic on one door that retracts when you open it. My wife had another bottom freezer with french doors and loved it. But it was too big to fit in our house when we moved.
  14. We've finally had a couple weeks of 80+ degrees and the garden is taking off. Had some really good strawberries a couple weeks ago and some lettuce last week, but otherwise nothing to harvest yet. . .
  15. Raccoons are a primary carrier of rabies. Just think if one of those raccoons bit one of your neighbors' precious dogs. from Here in Michigan raccoons (and coyotes) are in season 24/7/365 with no hunting license required. . .
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