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    Corona Spam Thread??

    Just noticed the same thing. We received a corporate email warning against ‘malvertising’ defined as click bait advertising that will load malware. Hackers are thrilled with all the internet traffic due to the social distancing. Be safe people. DON’T CLICK IT!
  2. Work let me grab my chair from the office to use during the forced shut down. Great improvementt
  3. It’s Friday. Go for it.
  4. Who cares. Says the guy from Boston. Loved Tom. He had a great run. He always trusted Bill. Bill said it’s time to move on for the good of the team. Go out on top. Brady’s ego got in the way. i wish him well and it’s too bad it ends This way. cripe the way he keeps hawking stuff you’d think he needs the money,
  5. Why not just run it until it’s dead? Anything on the road will need insurance. The kid needs his own car to get around.
  6. Jen and dex: sorry to hear it. It’s always tough when the time comes.
  7. @Road Guy might be worth putting a banner up that April “paper and pencil” exams are cancelled.
  8. MA_PE

    Movie thread

    I understand. The old john candy movies are great for that. I introduced my kids to Summer Rental, The Great Outdoors, Uncle Buck, etc.
  9. MA_PE

    Movie thread

    Captain Ron. A definite classic
  10. When my son was in grade school he was on the best town traveling soccer team. At each practice his coach had them running/drills continually for ~2 hrs. His theory was if he could push them to go as fast as they can for 2 hours, then they wouldn’t get gassed in a 1 hour game. It worked as they won a lot.
  11. Don’t tell me K/I means cast-iron <smh>. tunneling under the porch will add cost and if they’ve got to bring in equipment it’s probably $2500 to mobilize. I’ve interested in your other estimates. I’m looking at doing something similar near Boston. A few years ago they threw out a number of ~$4k
  12. My Bof A MasterCard hasn’t offered me sh$t for deals. I’ve had it for years with 12% rate (that I never use) and no annual fee which is why I’m using the Sears card more recently
  13. FWIW I’ve had a Sears Citi MasterCard for a while. I got it years ago when I was buying something at sears and got an automatic 20% off or something. I hardly ever used it for a few years, some concerts have Citi pre-sales so I’d use. Recently I’ve been getting emails of deals on the card. 10% back on travel expenses, restaurants, gas, etc. to a maximum of $60/month. I’ve started using the card more (we eat out a lot). I think they’re desperate because sears is essentially gone so they’re trying to build the reputation back. and its a no annual fee
  14. I get that every little bit helps, you need to spend $100 to $5 back. I’m lucky? If I spend $20 a week so that’s hardly an incentive to me. If your gassing up the fleet or getting <10 mpg maybe it’s worth it.
  15. MA_PE

    Movie thread

  16. MA_PE

    Movie thread

    I watched Den of Thieves on a plane yesterday. Typical “tough cop” and “worthy adversary” bad guy movie but not a bad movie. The ending was interesting. Anyone seen it? What did you think?
  17. MA_PE

    Movie thread

    I like the car. $45k seems strong.
  18. @tj_PE and @mudpuppy you guys must spend a lot of $$$ to get the big credit rewards. Do you do a lot of work travel? When you cash in rewards/points you don’t get any additional points so how do you replenish the stash. Without getting too personal how much are you charging a month? From my review of the terms from the many offers I receive in the mail, one needs to spend some fatty money to get substantial benefits and most of them have annual fee of ~$100.
  19. “A dude got out his side-by-side and started taxiing people” @Chattaneer PE what’s a side-by-side?
  20. Nice looking car. There are a lot of 68-69 Camaros around. If you’re confident in your friends recommendation and the price is right. Go for it. 350? Auto or 4-speed?
  21. I get to relive the baby experience through my grandson. 2 1/2 months and the changes are amazing. Thank god for IMs and FaceTime with him so far away.
  22. When they score in 10s (TD+FG). The 0-0 is your friend. Thanks for doing the board @Road Guy
  23. I’ve been in the big mall they keep showing in the power and light district. We saw KC and the sunshine band there. I got hosed on the squares. Glad KC won for my DIL.
  24. My daughter-in-law is from Kansas, so given the Pats aren't in it, I hope the Chiefs win. Money sent. THX!
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