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  1. adding a fireplace / woodstove

    looks very nice. Did you get a cookie?
  2. Here's the view from the doorway looking out to the street.
  3. The Automotive Thread

    there HAS to be. We can't see the other side.
  4. The Automotive Thread

    @Flyer_PE the tractor is coming along nicely. nice job. You'll be tooling around on it in no time.
  5. The Automotive Thread

    I'm surprised at the money people are getting for 14 year old vehicles with 100k+ miles on them. My son is looking at 2013 F-150 quad cab 4x4 with 90k miles for $20k to replace his 2005 Ram 1500 supercab 4x4 with 150k+ His searches tell him the F150 is a good deal.
  6. The Running Thread

    It was frickin' POURING here a few minutes ago. It's gotta suck to running out there today.
  7. Basement 2.0

    "all the outlets have to be "tamper resistant / child proof" who knew?
  8. The Running Thread

    and it's a cold rainy miserable day. However, best of luck to anyone participating.
  9. I suspect you can leave things with the proctor but it's easier to just not bring it all. I don't know the Houston test center at all, but I would not expect there to be any lockers available.
  10. Possible playhouse assistance for inclusive park

    I agree that an SE isn't required. PE might be because it's for the public. If I were the PE that's going to help/put my stamp on this, I'd make darn sure that any path for liabilty is well understood beforehand. God forbid a disabled (or any) kid gets hurt playing on it.......
  11. Testing, testing, is this thing on?

    Yo CT. Glad to hear things are well. Welcome back.
  12. Basement 2.0

    I'm no electrician but if I understand it correctly, the GFCI just offers ground fault protection in addition to limiting current load. Wouldn't it be the same as having multiple lines connected to a standard breaker? The total load through is still limited to the breaker size and all circuits would be GFCI protected and the breaker would trip if there is a fault on any of the branches. Similar to wiring a single GFCI outlet before other outlets. The downstream outlets are protected by the upstream GFCI. That is acceptable.
  13. No Dilly Dilly at the Masters

    Not for anything but I'm glad they're trying to maintain some decorum at these events. Happy Gilmore was a great(?) movie, but that doesn't mean "pranksters" should ruin/degrade the actual event. I can't wait for someone to test their authority and get booted.
  14. Basement 2.0

    I'd call the guy who wired and ask him....it's his work.
  15. Calling All Home Theater Junkies...

    So I’m a big cheapskate that still has my old Sony Dolby 5.1 recover and upgraded to a Samsung 50 in. 1080 smart tv. I never hooked up the surround sound because the tv was digital output and the receiver has analog RCA inputs. I just learned of and bought a digital to analog converter that supports connectivity of the tv to the older surround sound system. $17 on amazon and I have surround sound again. Cool!