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  1. The last tome I went winter camping was when I was a scout and we did the “deep freeze” camping weekend. We were in pup tents with 1ft+ of snow on the ground. It was fun when I was in middle school. Didn’t feel any need to do it again after scouts.
  2. That looks like good time. Hope you got lots of liquor.
  3. If you’re that concerned, why not disclose your side gig to your boss/supervisor. Also don’t use company resources for the work unless you clear it internally. Do you have E&O insurance in case something goes wrong? not saying you shouldn’t do the job. Just make sure all your bases are covered.
  4. steak tips, peppers and onions, rice, macaroni salad, pita bread.
  5. Filing system wth is that?
  6. Is it a sealed battery or can you open the caps on the top and see the fluid level inside? If you’ve got caps, pop them off. The level should be covering all the plates inside. If it’s low it might be a sign that you’ve got a slow leak (combined with your observation of deposits at the seam it would seem likely). Then it should be replaced. Of course replacing it couldn’t hurt period. Note that completely disconnecting battery power on most newer cars clears parameters stored in memory like the preset radio stations and if the transmission learns your driving style and adjusts shift points accordingly. Not a big deal but if there’s any learned settings it needs to go through the learning process again. FWIW most mechanics usually have a 12v power supply they temporarily connect while swapping batteries so the memory settings aren’t lost.
  7. My brother was having abs light issues with his 2008 bmw 335ic convertible. Took it to the dealer and they said the system needed to be replaced and estimated the repair at $12k. He took it to a local mechanic would said he could do it for $6k. He’s had the car since new, it’s always garage and only has ~80k.
  8. Cold Panera lemon orzo chicken soup and crackers. Soup was hot until the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the building. They were working the elevators today. I suspect there’s a correlation. PITA
  9. She is as cute as a button. I hope things continue to go well with mini-chat 2. Get to see my new grandson (7 weeks old) in a month or two. Can’t wait.
  10. Happy bday to you YMZ. I hope things are well with you and your family. Have a great bday!
  11. I just putting up the tree tonight. I typically give my kids cash. They can use it more than anything. My wife buys them far too many gifts on top of it.
  12. I always snowblowed a path and a poop area in the yard for Scotty. Anymore than 4-6 in of snow and he couldn’t go without jamming snow all up in his bizness.
  13. MA_PE

    Movie thread

    I wish I didn’t watch SNF last night. The only plus is that I’m currently in MST so it wasn’t too late.
  14. If they’re worn in, are they still new?
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