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  1. Back in the day I had an Aztec for a rental car. I was very impressed with the functionality. You’re absolutely correct that the styling was ahead of its time. The boxy transformer look is quite similar to a lot of vehicles sold today. Especially some Toyotas kias etc.
  2. That is our options at present. I remain WFH.
  3. Kurt (Richard Dreyfuss) drove one in American Graffitti.
  4. Just saw this. Happy belated CSB. I hope it was a great one!
  5. so sorry to here this Ble I hope he takes a turn for the better.
  6. I was seriously considering this dewalt multi tool system that was on sale at HD the other day. I just don’t use things that much and my experience with battery powered tools is that when you go to use it the batteries just don’t hold a charge anymore. Maybe these newer batteries are better in this regard.
  7. The coating on our dishwasher racks is peeling in places and rusting. Replacement racks are like $200+ each. WTF! So we might as well just get a new washer. This one is probably 15 yo anyway but it works great. I recall when we bought it. I just said f’k it and paid the $100 to have it installed. I recall mine saying the installer was whining that the existing machine was difficult to get out because it was old. She’s like no shit pal that’s why we paid for a professional to do the install. Lol. Glad I went that route. Will probably go that way again.
  8. Hi Bill welcome aboard. Experience is always welcome here. Congrats and enjoy your retirement.
  9. I know Ford wants you to replace the tensioner pulley when the belt is replaced. Not sure about other brands.
  10. Thought this was a pretty cool article. Especially for engineers who live nearby or have seen it in person.
  11. I resemble that remark. We have 3 window acs and one through the wall. I typically run the the 4 pedestal fans as opposed to the ACs
  12. I agree with Supe that the turnbuckles are carrying any vertical load. The bolt going through the Spherical bearing might squeak. Put some lithium grease on things (same as car door hinge) and that might do it.
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