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  1. I just putting up the tree tonight. I typically give my kids cash. They can use it more than anything. My wife buys them far too many gifts on top of it.
  2. I always snowblowed a path and a poop area in the yard for Scotty. Anymore than 4-6 in of snow and he couldn’t go without jamming snow all up in his bizness.
  3. MA_PE

    Movie thread

    I wish I didn’t watch SNF last night. The only plus is that I’m currently in MST so it wasn’t too late.
  4. If they’re worn in, are they still new?
  5. Well there’s a chip off the old block right there!
  6. HBD @leggo PE just saw that I missed it. Hope you had s great one. MP don’t shoot your eye out,
  7. Happy Bday. I hope you have a great one.
  8. I just saw this. Happy belated bday. Sorry you weren’t feeling well but it sounds like you got to relax a bit.
  9. Means and methods are often left to the contractor. However, withe these new “efficient” designs it seems prudent to check the stability at various construction stages. Sometimes construction loads are the controlling design loads.
  10. Exeng. First I need to say to you that jealousy is an ugly thing. There are plenty of successful people that have a high school, trade school, bachelors, advanced degrees, etc. none of these paths are guarantees of success but all have the potential. As has been said in a number of responses so far, the primary element of success is work ethic and a passion for whatever job one pursues. In most consulting professions these days advanced degrees are the norm. This follows the progression of the value of a high school diploma in the 40-50s, was superseded by the value of a college degree, which has given way to the value of graduate degrees. However if someone gets into a good company then it’s their competency and work ethic that leads to success. i guess where I’m going with this is you need to step back and look at situations beyond your own personal experiences and stop generalizing your situation with the global circumstances. There are no handouts and just completing a degree program doesn’t guarantee a high paying position. It’s the work product that leads to success.
  11. Barry came through Boston a couple of years ago. Groupon was offering $40 seats. My wife went with a friend and she said it was fun. In case you didn’t know he wrote a lot of famous marketing jingles in the 70s-80s.
  12. We have a fixed wage increase of $1/hour for the first PE The company will also pay all costs associated with getting the first PE. Additional licenses are at the discretion of the supervisor/fivision head. The company will order new business cards too. Promotion isn’t guaranteed but you need the PE to get promotions above the junior staff level. i think this depends on the size of the company, (we’ve got several hundred PEs) and how valuable an individual’s PE is to the company. At my place essentially all engineers who meet the required experience level have a PE so from that perspective beyond a rite of passage it’s not all that big a deal.
  13. The Red Sox, despite having the highest payroll in MLB and being the defending WS champs, didn’t even make the playoffs this year. Talk about a nosedive. Matt: glad to see you teaching your kids what Gogo music is. 100.7 WZLX for classic rock.
  14. Just outside Boston we had power getting ready for work this AM but apparently it’s been out since 9AM and isn’t back yet.
  15. So I gather she wouldn’t go for a $2200 bottle of champagne.
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