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  1. If you’ve never seen it, check out Harold and Maude (1971) for weird.
  2. Anyone here know UFO. michael Schenker is a guitar master enjoy. i highly recommend their live album Strangers in the Night. You intense workout people (and rock/metal fans) might like it for a workout tape.
  3. @Chattaneer PE just saw your post from July 30. Congrats on the new addition
  4. I’m using the full site on an iPad Pro. My “unread content” just locks up on a blank page.
  5. Surprised to see MA with no restriction, but I googled it and apparently it’s true. Then again I wonder how many parents AND a judge would approve a child marriage. Interesting.
  6. Then it would be a roadster and not a coupe. 😃
  7. I believe all corvettes from 53 to present were fiberglass/ composite body panels
  8. It’s actually a trans am site. Corvette forums and most of the members are a bunch of self-important asshats. The guys on this TA site are pretty non-judgemental. LOL. No plans to make it RHD i guess some corvette guys like it too. ‘although it took 2 years to sell the parts I get the “ugly” but it SCREAMS 80s in a cool kind of way. I’d love to have/drive it around. You’ve never seen seen the ur
  9. Figured id post this in the automotive forum. A guy on a car forum I frequent just posted that he bought all the parts to build a clone of he Corvette Summer movie car. The front and rear clips are new fiberglass parts supposedly molded from the same molds that made the movie car. for the uninformed
  10. I gave up coffee at least 10 years ago. i used to drink it at work purely for the caffeine value. Never really enjoyed it. I don’t miss it at all. Mrs MA needs her coffee in the morning before she can function at all. Then she carries the mug around like it’s crack,
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