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  1. What are the dimensions of the beam (height and thickness) and what’s the total length? if you know someone with a torch they could heat it and bend it back. bring it to a body shop and see what they say. Looks like it would be too tough. Just need a means to brace it put the load on.
  2. Agreed. Looks like you can “fix” it with a sledge hammer. Is it just that the back piece is bent at the center? Wrap a good strap around it and put the other end around a tree. Put the car in drive and pull it straight.
  3. X2! (Well not the back part but you know what we meant) I’m sure mom and son were very grateful.
  4. You’re a good man @Supe.
  5. I bought the LG and went for the larger 10000 btu unit. $360. It seems to work well but overnight lows are in the 60s so I didn’t use it last night. We’re supposed to be hot/humid for the next several days so it should get a decent test. Wife seems happy,
  6. I need to grab a portable (in the room) ac today. We have window units for the BRs but Mrs MA is going to be home for 2-3 eeeks following a medical procedure and we don’t have AC in the back room where the TV is. The windows out there are all big horizontal sliders so a conventional window AC won’t work. I’m going to grab this one because it’s in stock at HD. anyone have any input or suggestions on something else? thanks
  7. Have no fear., We will definitely embarrass you and drink all the beer.
  8. cool. He'll be the envy of all of his friends. did you crank Born to Be Wild when you gave it to him? Speaking of which, this year is the 50th anniversary of Easy Rider. A local theater is going to show it on the big screen for $10 on Saturday. I told my wife we might have to go.
  9. Flashback. Where's YMZ these days? didn't she help you with the design?
  10. nice. break it before your son even sees it.
  11. cool. Does he have any clue? What a great b-day gift.
  12. Keep it. I think it makes it look tough.
  13. Agreed. with family in the military I find myself traveling to remote locations to go and visit and the inability to fly easily (and for reasonable money) to visit or for them to come back is a royal PITA. However, TSA is much easier and more pleasant when the airport only has one or two gates and handles about a dozen regional jet flights a day.
  14. take the plane ride and go through the process. See what the real deal is....then say not interested.
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