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  1. So I gather she wouldn’t go for a $2200 bottle of champagne.
  2. Kinda like $8-$10 draft bud lights at ball games, how can these prices be “justified? Frickin crazy.
  3. great song by a hugely underrated rock/blues legend
  4. I checked out the Omnia website. Electronic dance music is not my style. I did see on the FAQ the vip table pricing is a beverage credit to be used throughout the night. However $5k buys a lot of drinks even at crazy prices.
  5. Bags of frozen peas? Which head did you hurt?
  6. How much load are you putting on it? Can you fill it with epoxy and then drill it out?
  7. There’s always gambling. as an engineer you might like the Atomic Testing Museum
  8. Happy bday. I hope you have a great one.
  9. What are the dimensions of the beam (height and thickness) and what’s the total length? if you know someone with a torch they could heat it and bend it back. bring it to a body shop and see what they say. Looks like it would be too tough. Just need a means to brace it put the load on.
  10. Agreed. Looks like you can “fix” it with a sledge hammer. Is it just that the back piece is bent at the center? Wrap a good strap around it and put the other end around a tree. Put the car in drive and pull it straight.
  11. X2! (Well not the back part but you know what we meant) I’m sure mom and son were very grateful.
  12. You’re a good man @Supe.
  13. I bought the LG and went for the larger 10000 btu unit. $360. It seems to work well but overnight lows are in the 60s so I didn’t use it last night. We’re supposed to be hot/humid for the next several days so it should get a decent test. Wife seems happy,
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