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  1. I have two Bose over ear NC headphones. 1 wired and 1 Bluetooth. Got the wired ones a few years ago and just got the Bluetooth ones from Xmas. I looked at them but couldn’t find the model no’s. On the headphones and the boxes are gone. Anyway I really like them. Use them primarily when flying but lately I’ve been using them for wfh zoom meetings. I suspect mine aren’t the 700s (but I don’t know anything about them). The noise cancelling feature makes a huge difference on a plane. They’re quite comfortable. I can’t say as I’ve done any comparison with other headphones but I’m quite happy with these. On a semi-related note, I worked with an older guy who was roommates with Amir Bose at MIT years ago. He said Bose’s opinion was that audio equipment need only be as good as the response of the human ear. Audiophiles that need oscilloscopes and reference electronics to demonstrate that their sound reproduction is identical to the source are somewhat wasting their time because if the listener cant hear any difference, who cares?
  2. And your point would be??
  3. And once all of it is on, it’s disposed of. Wonder why we can’t keep up with ppe
  4. That’s what I did. Major improvement.
  5. Den? Does your big monitor have double duty as your tv?
  6. It’s was just ok. Got a chuckle about Elton’s comparison with the aids epidemic. It was pretty clear what activities spread hiv/aids (it took recognizing it was in the bodily fluids to stop the spread through medical procedures). But all typical people needed to do was stop swapping bodily fluids with strangers. This thing you really need a space suit to avoid some contamination method. I just watched fraz’s link above. I went shopping last Friday and did not decontaminate anything before I put it away in the frig, freezer, cabinets, etc. I told my wife we’re gonna die. At least I bought some nice steaks for the last meal.
  7. MA_PE

    Movie thread

    We watched The Happytime Murders on Demand today. It’s from 2018 and is a human/muppets movie. Rated R and not suitable for kids. Kind of a strange movie but a lot of pretty funny stuff. Lot of recognizable people. Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Banks, Maya Rudolf, Joel McHale... it’s a roger rabbit kind of thing with puppets instead of toons. Not for everybody but I’d recommend it.
  8. MA_PE

    Corona Spam Thread??

    Just noticed the same thing. We received a corporate email warning against ‘malvertising’ defined as click bait advertising that will load malware. Hackers are thrilled with all the internet traffic due to the social distancing. Be safe people. DON’T CLICK IT!
  9. Work let me grab my chair from the office to use during the forced shut down. Great improvementt
  10. It’s Friday. Go for it.
  11. Who cares. Says the guy from Boston. Loved Tom. He had a great run. He always trusted Bill. Bill said it’s time to move on for the good of the team. Go out on top. Brady’s ego got in the way. i wish him well and it’s too bad it ends This way. cripe the way he keeps hawking stuff you’d think he needs the money,
  12. Why not just run it until it’s dead? Anything on the road will need insurance. The kid needs his own car to get around.
  13. Jen and dex: sorry to hear it. It’s always tough when the time comes.
  14. @Road Guy might be worth putting a banner up that April “paper and pencil” exams are cancelled.
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