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  1. NO! Happy Bday RW. hope it's a good one!
  2. You left Vegas with the trip covered and some coin in your pocket? That's a huge win! Sounds like a fun time. Did you ever ride the High Roller? I was at a conference and got a free ride in the bar car. That was fun.
  3. That's what I figured. We used to use newspaper, but it's hard to find a hardcopy newspaper these days. Plus they can charge 15x the cost by calling it a "puppy pad". What worked for me is whenever he starts to go (or assumes the position) pick him up and carry him outside and heap on the praise when he goes. Some people will bring the pad/newspaper outside and hope he gets the idea to go on the pad which is now outside. Then wean him off the pad so he just goes outside. We were able to pretty much bypass the interim step by moving him outside whenever he started to go inside. Fun times. I keep telling my wife I want another dog. She keeps saying no.
  4. he's really cute. What's a "puppy pad"? Is that millennial speak for "newspaper"?
  5. it's a darn shame. you'd think they'd have better fire protection on an old timber structure like that.
  6. Is this the service to multiple dwelling on the cul-de-sac? There are special details that need to be adhered to to have sewer flow through MHs but the pipes can go into MHs.
  7. @JayKay0914 air filter is easier than the cabin filter as it's right on top and easily accessible. I don't want to read about any accidents.
  8. @JayKay0914just another shout out for the timely post regarding the filter replacement question. you prompted me to not be lazy and take a look at it. Had oil changed at dealer and for their "multi-point inspection" the two things needing "immediate attention" were the air filter and the cabin filter. I expected as much as recommended maintenance said to replace. There charge for the service was $22 for air filter and $77 for cabin filter , so $100. I told them not to bother. I was having some difficulty locating the exact part numbers so I just went out and physically checked them by removing the filters and reading the numbers off the parts (or in other words physically doing the work involved to change them). Literally less than 10 minutes with no tools. Ordered filters on Amazon. OEM Hyundai air filter $12.88, aftermarket cheapo cabin filter $11.78 with tax and free shipping $25.40 for both and will be delivered on Friday. I'm pretty stoked. Not sure how they justify the cost of the cabin filter. It's kind of a PITA to access as it's behind the glove box and you need to do it by feel instead of looking directly but it's still a 5-10 minute job at best and the filter is cheap. Anyway, thanks for the kick to get me off my a$$.
  9. It's funny you mention that. I'm taking my 2016 Elantra in for service. I used to do a lot of my own stuff but as I get older (read lazier) I pay people to do it. The only things that says "replace" instead of "inspect" for the 15,000 mile service is the oil/filter and the cabin filter. I had the oil changed at the tire dealer when they mounted my snow tires and figured I'd have the dealer do the recommended service tomorrow when I take them off. I just youtubed the cabin filter on my car and it's literally a 5 minute job that doesn't require any tools. Same as the air filter. I'm not going to have the dealer do it. I suspect a newer corolla will be just as easy. @JayKay0914you can do it piece o' cake.
  10. well that's a pretty horrible thought. Stop it.
  11. no roommates to share the financial burden? I can understand it being disheartening. I hear crime can be lucrative. Might be time for some side gigs.
  12. Making sweat joints is actually pretty easy. just need to clean it use some flux and assemble. heat the pipe way from the joint and then touch the solder to the joint until it sucks it in. Wipe and done. Is the $900 from a local plumber? I'd try a few....seems high. Sounds to me like the guy is busy and really doesn't want to bother with it.
  13. RG: that sucks. Is the grand for a new heater installed or just the installation cost? If it's the whole deal, that doesn't sound too bad. The other key question is: Are there shutoffs to isolate the HWH or do you need to drain the system? Another thing to consider is disposal of the old one. Will the installer take it away?
  14. Similar to @ruggercsc I took the FE (called the EIT back then) when I was 23. I was 44 when I took the PE and passed the first time. Git ‘er done.
  15. How long is the gestation period? ie. How long does the egg need to "cook" in the hen before she "poops" it out?
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