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  1. NFL 2017

    Haters gotta hate. https://thekicker.com/brady-gets-6th-finger-surgically-added-to-hand-to-hold-future-ring/
  2. NFL 2017

    Blasphemy! TB12's hand is fine.
  3. Kids of EB

    wow. Happy B-day to Snickette. Soon she'll be picking out prom dresses.
  4. Hello from Boston

    and commute from Worcester everyday? that's gotta suck. Are you dependent on the commuter rail?
  5. Hello from Boston

    so now you're going from Worcester to where? or are you calling Worcester...Boston?
  6. funny pic thread

    wow that's pretty harsh.
  7. Random Topics 3.1

    negotiations don't work. Need to do a drive-by at the in-laws, slow down, and push them out of the car. Sort out the details later.
  8. NFL 2017

    that catch cost me big time. It's like NO just threw the game.
  9. Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Kenmore washer we got from a friends parents when they moved out of their apartment at least 10-15 years ago....going strong. maytag dryer again at least 10-15 years old. Also going strong.
  10. Movie thread

    It is the nostalgia trend. The story is recent enough for old people like me to remember and old enough that the millenials never heard of it, so it will get both age groups to go see it. Kind of like the Bobby Riggs vs Billy Jean King story. Nancy Kerrigan grew up and lives in the town adjacent to where I live. The Boston Globe had an article today where they called her and asked what she thought about the renewed interest in the Tonya story. She basically said she's just ignoring and going about her business. She's made a good life out to figure skating whereas, Tonya has done everything from celebrity boxing to World's Dumbest..... to try to make a buck.
  11. Movie thread

    Hey like RG said.... we don't judge.
  12. Overwhelmed Sump Pump?

    Where is it? Is snow like that typical or is this an anomaly.
  13. Movie thread

    The old "I didn't but I was told....." right..
  14. Overwhelmed Sump Pump?

    if he's truly got french drains around the perimeter then they could be clogged. There is clearly a positive head pressure at the first sump causing the water to "bubble in" at the interface between the floor slab and the sump.
  15. funny pic thread