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  1. Waterpik

    I found this Listerine tool to be great for flossing. https://www.listerine.com/toothpaste-floss/listerine-ultraclean-access-floss
  2. It's Friday!!!!

    happy early b-day to all youse guyz
  3. SOUND Advice

    Sorry. I didn't see the price, but it's a nice system. These are an order of magnitude less. I've got some of the original AM-5's that I've had for over 20 years and moved with me several times. They still sound great. They are small and you can hide the subwoofer behind furniture (mine is under an end table). Great for music. With an A/V receiver you can use them for TV too (although I just use mine for the stereo). Like most items you can typically find prices much cheaper than listed on the manufacturer's website. https://www.bose.com/en_us/products/speakers/stereo_speakers/acoustimass-5-speaker-system.html#v=am5_v_black
  4. SOUND Advice

    why is the dining room table dancing? Here you go....the BOSE Lifestyle system. Small speakers with great sound. https://www.bose.com/en_us/products/speakers/home_theater/lifestyle-650-home-theater-system.html
  5. Fav Movie Scenes

    This is one of my ATF movies
  6. Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Depends what material you're putting the stone in. If the exiting material has a lot of fines the without a geotextile wrap you risk migration of fines into the stone and subsequent loss of "compaction"/support.
  7. Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    You're not going to dig to the top of the pipe with an excavator if you're working under an existing concrete slab with 2 ft of clearance. Flowfill is a good option for backfil and you can get it formulated with low strength so it can be excavated should that be necessary in the future. I'm still of the opinion that the easiest approach is to cut the slab above, repair the pipe and then pour a new concrete slab section.
  8. Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    so is the break under the patio? Does hos $5500 estimate include a new concrete patio area? I'd think the best way to approach it is to sawcut the concrete patio to gain access to the pipe. Install a new section with flexible couplings and to reestablish grade. Back fill and pour a new patio section. Difficult? not really but not a small job for the DIYer IMHO. $5500 sounds reasonable and get a guarantee about grade/settlement/cracking of the patio as well as that the pipe does have a high point that will slope back towards the house from the repair area.
  9. The Automotive Thread

    agreed. Seat disassembly may or may not be an easy task.
  10. Lyric battle!

    Walking on sunshine!!
  11. adding a fireplace / woodstove

    I believe that most gas fireplaces have fans.
  12. Have you guys ever started your own business?

    A guy I know set is wife up as the owner/president of his contracting company to get WBE projects. For several of the bids she had to go and be interviewed by owners/government agencies about the specifics of the company operations. He needed to school her on the details prior to the interviews so they are definitely trying to vet the system.