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  1. Sad but very true. Dammmitt.
  2. Will: I'm not sure I understand this. Are you saying that Electrolux has been settling out of court and paying the subrogation claims, but if the plaintiff hires this expert they won't settle and will go to trial? So what, if the guy has definitive proof of a faulty design then Electrolux should lose at trial, correct? I guess I don't understand the "threat".
  3. Also if your water has minerals in it the plastic ones get stained and look like carp. SS you have a shot at cleaning them if you ever want to. We also got the "quiet" one which basically just adds some fiberglass insulation around the tub. It does deaden the sound some but I wouldn't necessarily classify it as "quiet".
  4. I can't recall how old our current mid-level Maytag is (at least 10+) but the racks are rusting a bit. Still on the fence about trying to clean/recoat them or just buying a new dishwasher. We paid the extra money and got a SS interior. I think it's worth it.
  5. When he first started playing, my son wanted to catch because he got to wear all the catcher gear. He wasn't very good at catching but damn he looked cool.
  6. so you coming up this week?
  7. Are we back to the $75 car cabin filter again?
  8. I think this depends on the springs you're replacing. A torsion spring runs parallel to the door opening and is above the door header. "two springs and a center bearing" sound slike a torsion spring set up to me, and for a single 2 car door that's pretty heavy. torsion springs are tricky/difficult to install as you need to release the old springs (assuming only one is broken) and then torque the new ones once installed. Dangerous task because of the potential energy when they're torqued. Definitely not for the casual DIYer/faint of heart. $600 sounds reasonable to me especially in LI. This is compared to the other setup where the springs are on either side of the door running parallel to the door tracks/perpendicular to the garage opening. These spring are only under significant tension when the door is closed. One can easily change them out by yourself as you're not fighting the spring at all. For this setup $600 sounds high.
  9. Congrats Ble. Do you get anytime off or do you start fresh on Monday?
  10. Maybe you should cut back on the taco bell.
  11. Jeb: that's pretty fun and they pay you to boot. nice.
  12. "veggie" and "sausage" should never be combined. It's an abomination against nature. Pita bread w/ turkey sausage and egg. water. bag of almonds
  13. Which axis are you trying to to rotate the black thing about? Does it rotate about it's own longitudinal axis (so it spins) or are you trying to rotate the black stick about the attachment point to the grey slide stick (like a "T" where the top bar spins but the stem does not)?
  14. Happy Bday @tj_PE. Hope you have a great one.
  15. some egg, bag of almonds, protein bar, and water. @tj_PE I don't drink coffee either.
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