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  1. We have our company holiday party tonight so we are closing at 2!
  2. Happy Friday! It's been awhile..since I've posted but I found a job and I'm back and the kiddo is almost a year old already!! Time flies
  3. I haven't posted in awhile but I was the one who got laid off the end of August. A week before I had my baby. I am still looking for a job (it's rough out there as you know!). Well I am applying for a job and the posting says to email your resume. My question is what type of information should I put in the email? Should it be somewhat like a cover letter? Thanks!
  4. So just a quick update. I spent 3 days in the hospital the beginning of last week with preterm contractions. The admitted me because I was 2-3 cm dialated and 50% effaced but they were able to stop me there luckily. I am now on strict bedrest until baby comes which is pretty close to torture for me because I was still going the gym on a regular basis and am a pretty active person in general. But of course the longer I can keep him cookin the better. I will be 34 weeks tomorrow so if I do go into labor after that they said they won't stop it. So I am done with work for good because I was getting laid off anyway next month. My husband has been great now that he has to do everything! Other than that I am just hoping to go as close to full term as possible (and not go crazy in the meantime!)
  5. Congrats klk! Hope you get to take her home soon!
  6. Don't know if anyone would know the answer to this but I was just wondering if it is legal to lay someone off while they are on FMLA?
  7. Hooray for Friday and a long weekend! Let's of course not forget the reason for the long weekend
  8. Congrats!!! And good for you for staying Team Green. You are stronger than I am! I am due exactly a month after you and I agree time is flying!
  9. Congrats!! He is adorable. How early was he?
  10. I really like the song that plays when the alien pops out! "Hello my baby, hello my darlin"
  11. That's one thing good about knowing what you are having you can give him or her a name. I picked out our son's first name (Noah) and my husband picked the middle (Christian). I used to talk to him when I would drive to work, I am sure other drivers thought I was talking to myself. With this one we think we have a boy's name, but still undecided on any for girls. We'll know in June what it is. Also you should yell the names out a couple of times and see how it flows! You know your in trouble when your parents yell all three of your names. I love the name Noah! That was my first choice. But my husband can't get on board with it because he had a bad student named Noah (he's a teacher) and can't get past it. So we are still deciding.
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