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  1. Just remember that the writer is an old time D&D gamer. I see this as being what we call "TPK", total party kill.
  2. catapults loaded with Dragon glass shards sent to the undead. Quickly and easily routed. Any that miss, the undead will step on.
  3. Sounds like perimeter drainage is insufficient. On the foundation walls, install dimple membrane on the outside. Upgrade the perimeter drainage.
  4. Keep it simple. Elevate the tub and go out the base of the foundation wall.
  5. You have the plumbing on the outside wall. Flip your bathroom around so you have access to the tub/shower from under the stairs.
  6. Tau on Netflix. A lot of twists and turns I did not see coming.
  7. I was a Boy Scout / Cub Scout leader for 13 years, both sons achieved Eagle Scout. Both had entered cars over the years and did quite well. I did help them when using power equipment, but aside from that, they did the work themselves. My happiest moment was when one of my cub scouts, took a saw, cut a wedge off of the front end of the block and glued it onto the back. He painted the car with colored markers............He won. Beat out all the other cars, especially the "Dad" modified cars that looked like months were taken to build and paint.
  8. humner


    I live in the Catskills. Only fantastic bagels here. That is all................
  9. humner

    North Korea

    Just put it out there that he has something on the Clintons............................
  10. humner


    They leave at 3:30. I spoke with the woman in charge on Tuesday. In the past, they have not received notification from NCEES on time. I plan on giving her a call at around 9 am if nothing is posted by then.
  11. yeah, hard to layout books and work in the exam site.
  12. afraid that you will have to sit in that assembly room again in the tight table area with the swivel chairs?
  13. They always say that. The results should be out tomorrow or Friday
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