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  1. Do the problems in MERM and other sources then finish off ALL the sections within the NCEES. Time yourself while practicing as to avoid "falling in love" with any problem. The NCEES Sample format is representative of the actual exam. Focus on scoring as high as possible in the Morning Session because the Depth is usually MURDER. Someone gave me that advice my first time, which I ignored to my detriment. The 2nd time, I followed the advice and I was on Cloud 9 when that PASS result arrived.
  2. The MERM problems are not representative of the actual test. However, it does have a great index which I found very useful when I did the T&F Depth in April 2007. I did practice problems for all three areas (HVAC, MD, T&F) and this really helped me to pass the 2nd time around. Don't skip any of the areas because it will really hurt you in the morning session. Good Luck in April '08.
  3. Congratulations to all new PE candidates!!!
  4. I think the book bas is refering to the following: Gas Tables Thermodynamic Properties of Air Products of Combustion and Component Gases Compressible Flow Functions Copyright 1945 7th Printing, 1960 Very extensive book for air properties using °F and Btu/lb. Compared to this book, MERM has nothing for air. EXCELLENT! I got mine on eBay but you might find it in your local library.
  5. You guys and gals go kick some a.. Then party your butts off. Y'ALL are overdue!!!
  6. From what I see, you're focused taking HVAC as your Depth. As you know, the morning session has problems from all three (MD, T&F and HVAC) sections. Don't just focus on one area because skipping any section is really NOT a good idea. Been there! Done that! Take a look at the Depths within the "NCEES - PE Sample Questions & Solutions: ME" and see if there are any MD problems in T&F, or T&F problems in the HVAC etc. Just because you select a certain Depth, doesn't mean that type of problems will be the only ones you'll see. If you're doing the exam in April '08, you have plenty of time to solve problems from those others areas and do fine.
  7. Fordman101


    I mixed up the flash cards and used them during lunch time while preparing for the PE. They do have a lot of non-quantitative / theoretical info you will use while doing problems. I couldn't get the sample exam but the PE Exam Preparation book had some good problems with clear solutions. I used it along with MERM and Potter.
  8. Got the wall certificate and license card on August 11, 2007 just a few days before eight weeks. All the blood, sweat, and tears that I have invested in getting the PE then to see my name on that certificate was an unbelievable feeling of accomplishment.
  9. First attempt: I skipped MD totally because my background is mostly T&F and HVAC. (BIG MISTAKE!!!) Second attempt: I did a lot of MD problems as if this would be my Depth. I still chose T&F but the MD problems within the T&F Depth weren't that challenging. For a couple of a problems, NCEES had me shaking my head and saying "You MFs, You Want WHAT?" Now that I PASSED, I retract / appologize for the MF comment but the latter stays!!
  10. The FBPE website showed my license number 13 days after receiving ny notice from ELSES / NCEES.
  11. Florida I recieved my Exam Results Notice from ELSES / NCEES on June 15, 2007 and my license number was issued by FBPE on June 28, 2007. Per the notice, the license card and the wall certificate takes 8 to 10 weeks. The license cycle expires on February 28, 2009 with the renewal fee due ANYTIME before that date. Also, as a new licensee, I'm exempted from the continuing education requirements until the next licensing cycle.
  12. Fordman101


    Hi Annie, Thanks. I tried responding yesterday but got a message that your inbox is full. I worked at a Waste to Energy facility and picked up some experience dealing with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes from a maintenance / repair perspective. I didn't review or prepare for any questions that dealt with the codes but I think the book below may help with the T&F depth. Title: The ASME Code Simplified: Power Boilers ISBN-10: 0070116369 Prepare for all three sections (MD, HVAC, T&F) because I had to do that to pass the second time. Study SMART so we can see your name listed for PASSing the Oct'07 PE exam.
  13. A week after getting my pass notice, the FBPE assigned my number. No certificate as yet.
  14. I couldn't find any "real" opinions on the net about this MGI ME course. It appears to be a $600 to $650 gamble. I couldn't justify spending that kind of money without some real feedback.
  15. Mike, I don't think it matters because the steam properties haven't changed through out the years. At least not in any significant way. Get a copy that is in U.S. units that minimizes any possible loss time due to interpolation. Every second counts!!
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