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  1. Any have FiOS and want to refer a friend?

    Using their media data sevice Moca, I get 256Mbps, my normal internet is 75Mbps up and down.
  2. Any have FiOS and want to refer a friend?

    Tapatalk can't send a PM, fails every time. Here is my code:
  3. Any have FiOS and want to refer a friend?

    I do, but how do I find a referral code?
  4. Amazon Black Friday

    I love Amazon, but after a high CC bill last year, I must be careful! I had a constant stream of packages form Amazon last year, just like a recent South Park episode.
  5. deciding whether or not to take up civil egineering

    I am not a CE but here are my thoughts. You should brush up on your English and grammar skills prior to applying to any university. Engineering involves math and physics. They are considered difficult by many. I found that there were only a few difficult classes. I studied electrical engineering. There is a high demand for engineers. Pay is excellent for most engineering disciplines. Petroleum engineers make the most, but they also have the widest swings.
  6. GeoCaching

    I only do advanced ones, especially at night. Night caches are fun too.
  7. My dad started as a draftsman and went to night school 2hrs away and got his engineering degrees. That took 17 years to graduate!!!!!! Then he got his P.E. License! He stayed at the same company the entire time and retired from there at 55yrs old.
  8. In my state I'd need 12 years experience before I can take the PE, or 4 years experience after receiving a BSME which will take 3 more years. Either way it will be 7 more years (5 years I already have + 7 more = 12 years, eligible by experience or 5 + 3 more to complete BSME + 4 more). So in a sense the BSME isn't worth anything as far as the PE is concerned. Until that day comes, do I have a chance elsewhere to work as an EIT doing his own design? What state are you in?
  9. FYI - we hire designers and they "engineer". Since most of the stuff we design is also manufactured by us, we are usually exempt from the PE requirement.
  10. If you were calculating and figuring then you were engineering and not just CAD. It counts for experience. Some states allow math and science degrees so long as there was enough math involved for PE. Contact your state and go get your PE!
  11. Professional Memberships & Clubs

    That is why I dropped it in the first place. They did have some nice formal networking dinners though.
  12. I was thinking of rejoining IEEE and TSPE. Is there really any benefit to joining and participating in these societies?
  13. Credentials

    Credentials and certifications only. Organizations such as clubs and schools are not credentials. Superalpha, P.E., Eb.com.
  14. McDonald's Revamps Stores

    All the McDs franchises put in since 1999 around here are upscale with elegant style, big screen TVs, WiFi, etc. All have been remodeled starting around 1995 in the N. Dallas area.