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  1. Is it bad luck to keep this thing going after results?
  2. ^- yeah I was surprised by that movie, a little cheesy but I enjoyed it, it had a little bit of the "BIG" movie feel to it (Tom Hanks) also
  3. I feel like I've been 10% billable since I was 16... But I don't really know many people I have met in my career that wake up everyday, and feel they are at some higher level status because they are an "engineer". I do believe that Doctors believe their shit doesn't stink. But they are making $300K or so. Would I like to make that, yes, would I want to be a doctor, nope. In terms of lawyers, I make more than the median salary for lawyers in the US so not going to lose much sleep on that one.
  4. It would have seemed ill timed, if Dragon no fly and burn without Dany? Not sure they even get in the gates without Drogon. Another conspiracy theory is that Varys poisoned her to be crazy and burn everyone so that she wouldn't get the throne (long)
  5. watching the last season of Colony, thought this was pretty well done, but apparently no one else did so it got the axe last year
  6. What i thought would be a cool ending is someone narrating the story ending (in the future) and give everyone a 5-10 minute send off - Like a bunch of folks sitting around a fire telling stories...
  7. One of my dependents thinks the white horse sent for Arya was Bran.
  8. Just got a call from NCEES and they’d like to at least get this thread to 9K before releasing ...
  9. Agree 100% and I don't think Jora and her advisors did her much good, she was basically told that she would show up and everyone would bow to her and let her assume the throne. Maybe its best if the Targaryen's truly die off Wonder if we have seen the last of Yara?
  10. So lets say Arya / Jon kill's Greyworm and Dany - it looked like there was enough unsullied left to be a problem if / when this happens. Will they bow to Jon / Arya if they kill Greyworm since he is their leader? What will they really do? I wonder if well see some type of North versus Unsullied / Dothraki battle? Probably wont happen but it would be cool to see a Gendry / Arya - King & Queen at the end.. I kind of wonder if EP 5, showing Arya's small size not very effective in an actual battle is going to make her rethink her life's purpose?
  11. its a great day to be at work! (when you have a house full of family)
  12. Looks like someone is trying to take credit for the leaked script that was posted almost word for word on Reddit 2 weeks ago & I believe the Hound scored a kill shot to the chest, it just the Mountain was no longer alive, so you cant really kill what's already dead. Hopefully well see Bran in action in the last episode, not really sure how you get Danny off the dragon.. But all in all I liked the episode, I wonder if part of what drove her "mad" is that Tyrion was right and the people surrendered, basically meant she was wrong..
  13. I think they were better off with Joffrey as King
  14. No shit! Happening now.... waiting on the in laws and parents to arrive in about an hour for RG dependent #2’s graduation....
  15. Now I can grow shrooms in my basement!
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