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  1. So for anyone still watching TWD - I’m trying to catch up on this last season- did they run out of ammo? I am not following why the 2 main groups are back to bows and arrows and sticks? This whispers group just seems dumb.
  2. did he also get kicked out of Tom Brady's house? signed by the Cowboys in 3.2.1....
  3. yeah but then how do I look at my phone while I watch the game?
  4. breakfast burrito from Santiagos! Very Very Good but now I will have to eat light for lunch!
  5. FU NFL network - I wouldn't normally care about missing a Titans / Jag game but I feel like I am missing out on the Gardner Memes!
  6. It hasn't rained here since early June, but it will start to snow in a few weeks so its always a mad dash for folks to replace them after that first event. I've already bought 10 gallons of windshield washer fluid cause that shit flies off the shelf faster than the wiper blades...
  7. ill snag a pic but I have one mater plant that looks dead (has no leaves or brown leaves) but it has spit out more actual maters than the others that look "alive" - maybe that where the dog shits?
  8. post up that habaneros jelly recipe sometime! I think from the extended weather to desert heat this was a blah year for the garden - I'm going to move my area next spring, right now it just doesn't get enough sun. I got a shit load of cherry tomatoes from our container plants, but those went straight to homemade salsa.
  9. they wont but this would be a good time for the Giants to trade Elli to someone for a year ... QB's are dropping like flys
  10. Seriously wtf is wrong with this dude?
  11. I always liked Trever Siemien - not the most talented qb but the dude had some heart and took some big hits while At Denver -
  12. Browns are totally balling against the J E T S 6th string QB!
  13. Anyone watch The Ranch? I loved that show when it first started - great cast-but I don’t know why they just can’t do a comedy / similar to that 70’s show and not have all the “serious” side to it... I still watched this last season but it’s now only good for maybe one chuckle per episode [emoji107]
  14. Just need 25 more points out of OBJ
  15. I fully was expecting the falcons to blow that game-
  16. Did the refs hurt brees hand? I didn’t see the play?
  17. Watched Alladin today- holy shit was that bad - I am a Will Smith fan but that was fucking terrible- & 2 hours???
  18. Thanks! Weird they already shut the email down... oh well cya later!
  19. I’m unemployed until Monday morning! And only been drinking since 11:30
  20. Never saw that one...
  21. I thought it was pretty bad, not as bad as that Spidey Verse one though But I just thought the premise of fake bad guy / illusionist versus actual super human people was pretty dumb
  22. God damn crab legs is beating scam newton!
  23. man from reading the article looks like some overpaid UAW forgot to put some grease on the driveshaft during assembly? Id hope they would find out who did that and make sure they got the job at starbucks they deserve!
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