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  1. So I think they are going to small towns, like Telluride, Co and testing everyone to come up with this % of who has it and is not showing symptoms - best I can tell thats what caused this late weekend decision to encourage wearing cloth masks - maybe its like the Walking Dead where we all already have it? I was on a call with a guy from the office who was pretty sick early march, it wasnt the flu, they thought he just had pneumonia, but the called and asked him to come get tested - not sure if it "shows up" in your system if you have already have it or what, but he was kind of freaked out about it since he has felt "great" the last 3 weeks..
  2. pics? I dont care if you install an adblocker - and I appreciate you all putting up with this for a short time - if they cant get the ads to reduce and stop covering content this will defin be short lived - I am trying to find a way to have the google ads only show to people viewing the forum who are not members - but my day job is getting in the way.. its not huge revenue so right now its not worth it but wanted to see how it plays out..
  3. yeah I agree - I didnt care for the original post that brought it up - but I just know that most Americans consider themselves healthy if they dont have diabetes *yet. And that is all races. Maybe the news narrative will shift that this is killing people with chronic disease, and that can be "cured" for the most part. As a case study, I also think its interesting that the wifes grandparents lived in very rural south GA, farmed 1000 acres, no access to anything other than what they grew for the most part - and the lived to be a very healthy 90 (each of them) whereas their relatives ( sisters, cousins, etc) growing up in the same town but not "farming" lived very unhealthy lives, worked shit jobs at the Blue Bird Bus Factory (that 90% of us rode to school on) and died in their 60's and a few made it to their 70's for the most part. And the 90 year olds ate a shit ton of "gluten", carbs, etc - but didn't drink or smoke and probably didn't eat as much sugar as today's people. But they did eat sugar, just didnt inhale it if that makes sense.. So dumb question Rauci said today that he thinks half of us have it and are asymptomatic - Do you think he means that half us us already have it, and do not show symptoms and never will or just haven't shown symptoms "yet" ?
  4. indeed the do, indeed they do.. its weird they have been nagging me to try this so there must be something in it for them..
  5. I am doing a thing with Google this month - so far I am not a fan but going to see it out - not sure why they cant keep from covering up the reply box - Ive submitted a few hundred error reports, but google is the China of customer service (doesnt exist)
  6. I think what I miss the most is having 32"+ desk area so you can have paper in between you and keyboard? I may grab some plywood and rig something up - my current desk width is only 24"
  7. true - I did a project through I-20 - West side of Atlanta and at the Project Information Meeting everyone came just to bitch about no grocery stores in the area, I was like Sir I am just adding an "HOV" Lane to the Interstate?
  8. Poor is Poor, I've got plenty of relatives in South Georgia whose diet isn't any better because they live in the white version of the projects - And its not because they dont live near a whole foods, its because fried foods are f'n delicious! and most bad diets are soda based, you dont get to be 100 lbs overweight without drinking calories - Sugar will kill more people than corona, cars and guns combined this year but that shit will keep getting inhaled - I think the data when this is all said and done will be high casualties in areas where smoking is very prevalent and chronic diseases due lack of exercise and drinking calories exist. I saw an old dude in the grocery store parking lot take off his homemade mask to smoke a cigarette and i was like dude, why are you even trying? But thanks for at least trying to not breathe on the rest of us. and full disclosure I smoked while in the military, its been a long as time since I have enjoyed the delicious taste of a camel cigarette, but I am hoping that 10 years separating allows for some lung healing, if not. I just hope they wifey can keep my home morphine drip high
  9. In the end its really about this statement "Those chronic illnesses can lead to more severe cases of COVID-19." Most Chronic diseases are curable / preventable by not eating a bunch of shit and a strong exercise program - and frankly "my people" / southerners (White / Black) are terrible at both of those.
  10. The nextdoor Karen's have already started Mask Shaming those not wearing masks - If I go for a run or bike ride I am not wearing a masks - I just believe that's dumb - But I am seriously just not going to any stores on the weekends as I saw some weird shit this weekend on my one trip to Safeway (cause there Spinach Dip is +1)
  11. Yes we are Americans! We dont eat the dogs.. <<Not being racist to the fucktards that do eat dogs, but fuck them just the same>> Our stores are mostly back to normal, eggs are full again, meat was about half full, people here are still too good to eat chicken leq quarters apparently, cause those are full. Main aisle that is empty other than TP is the pasta aisle - & here I thought Denver was too good for gluten?
  12. This may not look like much but this tiny workbench has been a dumpster since we moved in (yikes 7 years ago?) I had most of this lumber left over from my over the garage shelf system - but added the 2 shelves under the workbench to at least start to organize my shit better.. I swear I must have found 3-4 items that I typically cant ever find when I need them and end up rebuying (like caulk guns, sawzall blades,etc)- I thnik I must own $400 in 3 IN drywall screws... Next on the list is to find a way to organize all of like items.. Just dont have a very big garage Off camera there is a decent sized tool chest - that is also a similar dumpster fire, but is at least organized by drill bits / sockets / wrenches / screwdrivers / etc
  13. my guilty weekend pleasure is just making a drive to get out of the house - All the places that are "open" are just packed on the weekends, I saw people lined up outside home depot but not lowes for some reason - we are supposed to be in 70's this week with some spring snow for the weekend
  14. 14 year old Border Collie, cant hear much anymore, but is still good for a Frisbee catch or two..
  15. In mid January I went out and loaded up on 9mm, and grabbed several boxes of buckshot that happened to be available - we have a local store called its sort of like an REI / Gun Store / Army Navy Store / Hardware Store, Ranching / etc - I have been going there in lui of Home Depot since I can get stuff like Cat Food and ammo in one trip.. But I think people "stock up " the closer you get to the "state shutdown order" cause that when our stores cleaned out of stuff like guns and ammo - glad I made some rounds in January- I looked at getting something "fun" that shoots a 5.56 mm but decided against it
  16. We dont do that here until after mothers day - but this year I am relocating the garden so I was going to try and do that this weekend - but holy shit Home Depot / Lowes is crazy on the weekends - so I am going to venture out early mid week when no one is there to get the few things I need.
  17. Found the DVD Kfox burned for me of One Crazy Summer - I thought I lost it in the move- and it still works! I heard John cusack absolutely hated this move and better off dead - which he did as a package deal or something - but this one crazy summer move is crazy hard to find-
  18. Looks nice - I kind of miss my 55g I sold when we moved from Atlanta - are you going to do all cichlids?
  19. Yeah that one (midway) was pretty bad -maybe it’s just hard to compete against that original cast but I thought they did a bad job of telling the actual story- I mean I knew what happened and I still felt a little lost watching the remake.. But I was glad they at least tried to Not make it politically correct...
  20. If you get your hands on some send em west- they are asking the wife to re use her n95 for up to 5 days - “cleaning” through some BS IV light at night... Fucking CDC keeps lowering the standards to keep osha I guess from shutting the hospitals down... - sorry, drinking
  21. So apparently China opened the wet markets up again? Gee what could go wrong? I mean I know they’ve been doing this forever but let’s at least bury the dead....
  22. If you go by each of the larger countries on the list on the left and then look at the confirmed cases graph on the right, there really isn't any country that is "flattening" the curve, except China - Does anyone think they are really not shamming the numbers? Italy's looks like it might be a little "less steep"
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