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  1. I wonder if Stafford ever thinks about had he stayed at UGA another season he would have probably been the first round pick in 2010 draft instead of 2009 and he would be playing for the Rams, living in LA and 1. Not living in Detroit 2. Not a Detroit Lion
  2. but I do totally dig the sense of humor on that show, it fits me very well..
  3. Schitt's creek is my go to when I cant find shit on to watch and need a laugh - but I can only handle it in 2 episodes max! lol
  4. This was in one of those "high end" malls that has a shit ton of valet parking. It is sandwiched in between the Pelaton store and the Tesla store - very weird. I just wanted a warm place to walk during lunch (its 18 deg here) and wanted to check the mall, it has a ton of shops with someone at the door trying to lure you in - annoying like when you walk the strip at Vegas.. The guy working the door said they only sell the "top selling" items - He didn't get my joke when I asked if it would be delivered within 48 hours since I am a Prime member?
  5. I was killing time at the mall near my office today at lunch (which was a mistake!) But then I came across this: So you created an online business that put a lot of hurt on brick and mortar businesses and then you decide to create one?
  6. Agree - It seems to be a common theme among the teams that rarely every get it right (Browns, Bengals, Dolphins, Falcons, Broncos(since Elway)) so I am not sure why people think that a few wins is a bad thing, I mean if the team "really" wants to move up from #4 to #1 they can usually do it.
  7. This is the only pic I have on me so ignore the mess (I was taking pics of my jeep hardtop hoist) But I made these on the side of the garage, the previous owner left those 2X12's under the porch so they were free & sturdy AF! I plan to spend this weekend gutting some stuff in the garage but I could still use some more space, since we finished the basement I just dont have a ton of room - but these shelves were pretty easy to do, biggest PIA was getting the 4X8 sheets of plywood home. Note this pic is about 3 years old and most of the shit in this pic is already gone..
  8. I need Leggo to have a major slip up!!!
  9. I'm a Veteran but not a combat veteran, I think the best way to say thanks is just to "live your life", run the 10K, eat the cake, go to your work Christmas party and live it up, have kids, don't have kids, be happy, camp on the 4th of July, be a good friend, neighbor, parent, kid, mow your lawn in a well established pattern every weekend, etc, etc
  10. Last night I got a few episodes further into Jack Ryan, so far very good, but also has a little bit of "Clear and Present Danger" feel to it
  11. I built some off to the side and just used particle board, I can climb on them and they are great, but I just need more! I guess 2x4's would be easier - I saw these two and would do something similar:
  12. So in the never ending quest for storage space I am going to put some shelves above where my garage door is - Ive been looking around the internets and it seems like most people support them from the ceiling with 2X4's - I was thinking of using some lightweight angle iron (stuff you can buy at home depot) and then using some kind of metal straps to support the weight from the angle iron (which I would lag screw to the ceiling)? Anyone done something similar? In the pic below, red would be the actual shelf (2X4 fram with plywood) - dark blue the angle iron, and light blue the straps (metal) You cant tell from this photo but I will be able to anchor the sides to the side of the garage as well. Seems like a great use of wasted space
  13. I'm not supposed to like this stuff, but the wife made up several of these pizza crusts made with Zucchini and I think Almond flour? But I ate 3 slices for 80 calories total so that works for me! I couldn't really taste the zucchini to be honest, Id say it was not as good as Papa Johns but better than little Caesars. Its kind of a pain because you have to make the crust (in the oven) and then make the pizza - but let me know if you want the recipe.
  14. Weird that game was on here in Denver but I enjoyed it! Watching the Packers / panthers game yesterday it sure likes that last run with time expiring was a TD- (Not that I give a shit about the panthers) but how far away do you think we are from the NFL putting some type of chip in the football and sensors along the goal line to determine it it was a score or not? Surely that technology is already here!
  15. Through the last 20+ years its been tough, Before I had kids I could workout or run in the morning before work, then once I had kids I found that working out during lunch was the only way I could get it in - I would take a slightly longer lunch to run and shower and then get back at it. Its defin been a struggle, and the only times I was really successful with it is when we I would make it a priority, set a goal like running a half / full marathon. But throw in kids soccer / baseball / softball / scouts /etc and it gets really tough. Now that my kids are older (2 of 3 out of HS) I don't have to deal with dropping anyone off and there are no more sports that need coaches or games to attend, so I go to a 5 AM workout class cause my commute sucks and if I try and get it done after work I cant seem to get there in time.. I like to work but keep in mind if you dropped dead at your desk they would replace you in 2 weeks, so save some time for yourself!
  16. ^- thats on my list! it looked funny when it came out in the theatres Anyone go see the Terminator today? I was going to try and take a long lunch and see it but "work" got in the way...
  17. I am liking what I see out of GEN Z - they remind me of me, GEN X!
  18. fuck this next 7 hours, fuck these hours to shit and back!
  19. Just saw John Cena on TNF talking to Michael Strahan and Cena was noticeably smaller than Strahan- weird how large these dudes really are when we see them dwarfing regular folks (like John Cena)! Lol Also this was the first TNF game I watched and I have to say I liked the close in shots they do during the play versus the "standard" shots - thought that was pretty cool.
  20. I scored a few small bottles of that at the Calgary airport, (buy 3 get 3 or something) if anyone needs any? Dont judge, the sales girl was wearing pigtails and I couldn't concentrate!!!!
  21. not proud of it but I grabbed a hot dog from costco today - but damn was it good! Had a mango chicken salad in the car, may have to make that a late afternoon snack!
  22. Civil appears to be there? Is there a way I can make it where you cant wholesale delete the whole thing? About time for 2020 anyways!
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