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  1. I just don’t understand why this isn’t something built into Microsoft office or something?
  2. Anyone know of a way to do a poll for a meeting with people in different companies other than a doodle poll? I F'n hate the Doodle poll.. TIA
  3. True about those graduate degrees, I have lots of people with graduate degrees that work for me But College just gives you the opportunity, it doesn't define success. But many people, even in engineering fields, believe that getting their degree was the 'achievement" in their career.. Its like STFU and get back to work already!
  4. I don’t know I had a guy back in Atlanta who gave me free fresh eggs and while they were that cool brown color I don’t think you can tell the difference once they are scrambled It was kind of funny he had so many eggs about 10 people in our office were bringing the carton back every Monday and he would fill them just to get rid of them And yeah cage free / grass fed is just all an elaborate rouge to the Whole Foods crowd..
  5. I hate that feeling when everyone else is going out for spring break and you are left to do all the bull shit work...
  6. They are like .99 from the Kroger’s for a dozen
  7. those are two of my least fav words
  8. also I need to buy a road bike, but this is officially a "date" for next year!
  9. LOL - did anyone ever actually use this platform? You’ve received this email because you have content in Google+ for your personal (consumer) account or a Google+ page you manage. This is a reminder that on April 2, 2019 we’re shutting down consumer Google+ and will begin deleting content from consumer Google+ accounts. Photos and videos from Google+ in your Album Archive and your Google+ pages will also be deleted. Downloading your Google+ content may take time, so get started before March 31, 2019. No other Google products (such as Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive, YouTube) will be shut down as part of the consumer Google+ shutdown, and the Google Account you use to sign in to these services will remain. Note that photos and videos already backed up in Google Photos will not be deleted. For more information, see the full Google+ shutdown FAQ. From all of us on the Google+ team, thank you for making Google+ such a special place. Google LLC 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 You have received this mandatory email service announcement to update you about important changes to your Google+ Page, product or account.
  10. So is this a port a john week? a few guys on my project that work for the state DOT alternate between doing this one and the one in Iowa every year, seems kind of cool.
  11. just eat the rooster and then you can still have eggs! I have a friend who lives in an older part of Tampa, his neighbor is the OL Coach at The University of Tennessee (doesn't live at the house currently ) and the guy rents it out to Air BNB parties every weekend since they are less than .05 mile from the beach, but anyways he is building a chicken coop along his fence line in hopes that the roosters will just be an annoyance to all the renters that come and go every weekend.. well see how that works out for him Cotton..
  12. so @csb This is only 2 months away and while I think I could get in shape for it I don't think the wife would be happy with me spending my extra week of vacation this year doing this http://bran-inc.org/wp/ But how does this work do they drag my army GP medium tent and memory foam mattress around and you camp in the park somewhere or do you score a motel? I start accruing 4 weeks PTO 4/1 so want to bank some time to do this next year--
  13. good to know thanks! - Its been a bitch of a winter and pool is on the wifes mind...
  14. Damn - i stayed at the Hard Rock for a work thing 2 years ago and all the pools were closed - I really like that casino but the hotel is F'n dump (& a $15 ride to the strip) I didn't see many rooms at less than $150 at Bailys or luxor but will look again. What about the Bellagio? If i just wanted one night that I wasn't too concerned about? They had some cheap rooms for Tuesday (we are there the 17-19th) wanted to pick up the Tuesday.
  15. was trying to add a day to our trip next month, flights are cheaper, but for a Tuesday I cant find any of the mainstream hotels for anything under $300 bucks? wonder what is up? Thinking of just low balling and staying at the Hard Rock for $55 bucks? Last time I was there the pool was under renovation, anyone know if it back up and running?
  16. watched Free Solo yesterday morning - even though I knew he lived some of that camera footage of him 2000 feet up dangling over shear death still freaked me out... I liked the part where he got an MRI and he was missing (or it was very small) the part of his brain that told you not to do shit like that (in medical terms) Really cool achievement but I wonder how much he got paid by north face cause they were pimping that shit so much it was funny!
  17. went and checked out some used car lots at dealers yesterday (since they are closed on Sundays and you can "look"), have to get the kids squared away with a vehicle. made the mistake of looking at the new cars, Holy Shit very depressing, we were at a jeep/dodge place and not much under $40K these days (for a 2018)
  18. yeah i always use jack stands - I have to rotate the tires on the jeep this weekend, keep forgetting to make an appointment to have it done, but rotating in the 5th tire on the back makes it pretty easy (with a helper / teenager)
  19. (I don't watch the news) - but are they throwing the kids out of the colleges or letting them stay? from talking to friends of mine back east it is crazy competitive to get into schools it seems, kids with 3.7's and 1400 on SAT getting wait listed to places like UGA, UF, UT,Miami, etc. One friend of mines daughter didn't get into UGA, GT, or UF, but got a full ride offer to FSU - I know the schools wont admit it, but I believe they only take a portion of kids from "the burbs' cause they have to take enough kids from other counties in the state- you are better off if you live in a more rural area if you want your kid to go to one of those schools. I told my daughter to be happy she got accepted at all the places she applied, CSU, CU, and Univ of Wyoming!
  20. ok thanks, hadn't looked yet, but is that a common issue (if it aint got no oil it wont work) - hate to get rid of it cause it was my grand dads (& he was cool)....
  21. yeah that set up is sweet! If I ever felt I was in a forever home would love to add one of those For us poor garage mechanics, I have a really old sears bottle jack I use to get the jeep up, even a 3 TON hydraulic floor jack doesn't lift the front axle up enough. but anyways it stopped working, do you have to add oil to these things. There is a port that looks like oil goes in & what type? This was actually something I got out of my grandfathers garage when he did in 1996 so maybe its just done?
  22. Sorry I thought this was the “baked” thread..
  23. caught some of cock blockers last night, i give it a 5 on the meh scale. I think John Cena is trying to get into roles "The Rock" turns down. When Leslie Man stuck the funnel tube up his but that was pretty funny but I think I lost interest after that, as the movie turned to the serious comedy ending...
  24. well I meant, in vegas you should have a fun drink
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