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  1. The Board is all Ga Tech grads who think if you don't pass it on the 1st try you shouldn't ever get a second chance..
  2. (Former GA person). I am 99% sure They only count the 4 times you took it in GA. But once you have the 4 times they do not let up on the 12 hours even if you pass the exam in another state. I know several people who passed in Alabama after failing 4 times in Ga and Ga won’t give them comity until they take the 12 hours of college courses. Instead of flying back to CA I’d just apply to take it in Alabama. Way cheaper and it’s not a bad drive.
  3. I do think they do lots of data mining and resume collecting for the future
  4. Next weekend garden... next weekend... (Pic taken last night)
  5. I don't think the spin offs will be able to compare, unless they really secure some good writers - to me the one spinoff Id like to see or read would focus on castle black - i think you could do a main story line of the wall and then allow a lot of other side stories between the rest of the kingdom south of the wall and adventures north.
  6. I think a lot of the reason people are angry is just that the show is ending. It can’t go on forever - it was already getting to be like the walking dead ( never ending). Most little girls who grow up reading fantasy books probably aligned with Dany- I know my daughter did. But she was becoming hitler like and needed to die.. What else do you expect for $14.99/ month
  7. I think it was to bring it full circle - the Stark’s bent the knee to the targeryens in exchange for not being burnt to a crisp by Dany’s forefathers - so they were just putting things back the way they were before - But I don’t recall who ruled the 6 kingdoms before the dragons....
  8. So based on the LOTR discussion we had a while back.. Arya = Frodo Jon = Sam Danny = Soron? Bran & Sansa = Ageon Tyrion = Gandolph
  9. But we don't know who from the bottom 4 on that list are going to lose another player due to a criminal charge, drug use / possession, violence against their girlfriend, etc..
  10. Danny has kind of been a quack most of the time, her only real sacrifice was learning she could not be burned alive -
  11. Guess Bran was being honest when he said he didn’t want to be Lord of Winterfell... So was Jon ditching the wall and becoming the king beyond the wall? Or is here really no more wall and that was just a way to keep him alive? I’m content with the ending - kind of reminded me of the Cheers finale for some reason...
  12. I predict 700,000 people cancel HBO in a few hours - I already did.....
  13. Is it bad luck to keep this thing going after results?
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