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  1. I guess its going to turn into "Breaking Bad"? I caught the first two episodes of Daredevil, really like this one, but slow so far... But this series is 100X better than the movie (which is rare)
  2. Road Guy

    Random Topics 3.1

    Is the PE this week?
  3. Road Guy

    The Automotive Thread

    do you remember which one you put on by chance? I looked at a couple that were just a little more involved (had to relocate the break line versus detach it and re attach it) & it seems they also had you do some measuring and I lost interest I don't think I will ever run 35's just due to how much driving I do, so I was mainly just looking for something that should give me around 2 inches of lift to help with some trail turns basically..
  4. Road Guy

    Movie thread

    There just isn't much out worth seeing these days, Shit I haven't even seen the new Solo movie on my VCR yet...
  5. Road Guy

    The Automotive Thread

    Cause I need to spend the money this year so they don't take it away from my budget next year! #government The 33's do fit on nicely but they do rub if you cut the wheel tight & they look "tight' in the rear ( @csb ) But that was a pretty slick thing they did (for a change) , the 33's were an immediate upgrade over the stock 29's I looked into doing a similar gain suspension lift and it looks like a lot more work so figured I would do this just to help account for the added weight of the new bumper I need to put into next years budget
  6. Road Guy

    2018 NFL - EB Pick EM

    I have Case Keesum as my backup QB in the office fantasy league - funny that the team scored 45 points but Case only got 9 "fantasy points" ..
  7. Road Guy

    2018 NFL - EB Pick EM

    ask him if he is picking the Cardinals over the Broncos tonight?
  8. Road Guy

    The Automotive Thread

    I would ask this question on jeepforum but all I would get in reply is "aww you need 37's man and a XXXX $50000 lift blah blah blah"1 Lols I think Autozone actually rents them (spring comressors) for next to nothing so may not be a bad backup plan if I cant get them on - All the 4 Wheel shops are like 2 months out in terms of new work... I originally looked at a cheaper kit but you have to remove the springs to install the spacers so I figured if I had to do that might as well go with the new coil springs?
  9. Road Guy

    The Automotive Thread

    yeah what's your Saturday look like? while you are in town?
  10. Road Guy

    one house built to last

    I have a friend who had (still has) a house in Cape San Blas, she told me having a house on the coast is almost a 2:1 insurance payment to mortgage payment ratio - I didn't know they had that kind of money but maybe spending 2X the normal cost of the house is worth it, if you have enough money to pay cash for the house and not have a mortgage.. also explains why a decent house is $2500+ / week to rent in that area..
  11. Road Guy

    The Automotive Thread

    It reads like the springs just slide on? (or did you mean Air Compressor)? I do have air tools, 1/2 sockets, air compressor and a fridge full of beer..
  12. Road Guy

    one house built to last

    Sure the other houses are old but Its still pretty cool that this one right on the ocean forefront took a heavy beating and stood. Newer isn't always better, in terms of residential construction and the downgrade in quality over the years.. I worked the aftermath of Hurricane Andrews with the Army and it seemed the opposite was true then, the older houses faired better than the newer houses..
  13. Road Guy

    The Automotive Thread

    Do you think this would be an easy Saturday project? So 33's fit on a stock wrangler, but now its a little "tight" Runs good but thinking of putting this leveling kit on to gain just a little bit better look and articulation. https://www.extremeterrain.com/teraflex-jku-1-5-perf-leveling-1351500-cust-install-J101887.html Looks like the biggest PIA would be just doing this on the floor of the garage? Id get a real life but I have 2 kids in college almost..
  14. Road Guy

    Ski Season is Around the Corner!

    I am told it’s the easiest one to do? Worst case I tomahawk all the way down to tree line :-)
  15. Road Guy

    one house built to last

    I saw this house on the news and then later saw the news story about it - pretty interesting that the one built above all the codes & with concrete walls withstood the hurricane.. although it looks like some others are still standing but it looks like it saved the house behind it maybe- https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/14/us/hurricane-michael-florida-mexico-beach-house.html