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  1. Forget mainstream music, post your favorite songs

    I've been into some angry Irish rock lately - flogging molly and black 47 They did some of the background music on Sons of Anarchy. But it's defin good running music!
  2. Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    & for compaction just find a place where you can get some #57 stone - would think a yard or two would work and it would be way cheaper than flow fill and faster than compacting actual dirt.. but I would only worry about it under the concrete sections
  3. Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    While I am normally a fix it yourself type person, I would maybe just shop that price around other plumbers. You could probably also do the concrete cutting and removal and replacement yourself and save a decent amount and let them deal with just the actual pipe?
  4. Soda and obesity lead to around 200,000 deaths a year........
  5. The news seems to be dancing around the story of the killer But it sounds like he had a restraining order out and he was not supposed to be in possession of weapons and also had an auto theft conviction? Looks more like the republic of Kalifornia not doing its job and continuing its stance that the inmates are the victims - maybe there is more to the story but that's what I read from the CNN article... Around 800 people were murdered in Chicago last year but people only seem to care about these killings that have "shock value". I don't know why that is. As far as those opinion pieces - I had a relative shot and killed in the front doorway of his home- while his kids were having friends over. 6 rounds from a revolver to the chest- they say that is done so that the victim doesn't die immediately and is told why he was killed. The only suspect is his wife's brother and his wife's other brother is a Houston police officer where the murder occurred, it's been 6 years with no "leads" - imagine that... so I am not going to jump on the only the police should have guns line anytime soon. & I think most of left America had the same opinion a year and half ago.....
  6. I heard the cut score is 61?

    My best friend's brothers girlfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night that the cut score was going to be 61. So I think its pretty serious.
  7. The Automotive Thread

    stumbled across this.. I have the cheap version of the jeep so no seat warmers.. Looks almost to good / simple to be true? https://www.quadratec.com/products/24222_9001.htm?utm_campaign=shopping&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=bing
  8. October 2017 15K, or get Matt267 PE banned, SPAM thread

    I heard they lost the Indiana scantrons?
  9. adding a fireplace / woodstove

    yeah pine burns so fast you almost need twice as much compared to oak. Plus then you have to clean out the chimney several times a year. Ill just pay the .25/ HR for now I used to be able to get a cord of oak split and delivered for around 100 bucks in Atlanta, but we have too many trees...
  10. adding a fireplace / woodstove

    If there was an actual supply of trees here I would totally get a wood stove (& a log splitter) - gas is around .25/ hr and pellets is $1/HR. You can get wood here but it's pretty pricey and most of it's pine. If I ever make it to the mountains then we'll do the wood stove... Install is on the 23rd- just in time for turkey day and am looking forward to it! Some days I think my wife is doing this just so she can put the little cast iron kettle on the stove with water to add smelly "things" and add moisture in the house during winter when it's 09% humidity (we have the gizmo on our HVAC that adds humidity also)
  11. There already are "lines" In 94 the logic on semi automatic rifles was that the police are being gunned down a- claim which was never supported in crime statistics and currently they are responsible for an incredibly small number of crimes (not gonna look it up but i guess 1% or so) They should make it a crime to sell a gun for less than $500. Make it so the 1% can only afford them... talk to any cop and most crimes are committed with cheap guns not "semi automatic rifles" I don't own one but will probably grab one just to irritate the anti constitution / huff post crowd.
  12. I spent the weekend in a crazy rural area in a bank turned bed and breakfast / hostel. No locks on any of the doors and everyone was armed to the teeth with handguns, "assault rifles" and shotguns. There were no issues with anyone getting shot or anyone getting anything stolen?
  13. Movie thread

    The internets tell me this is the travel stop from the diner scene in Dumb n dumber a.k.a. The sea bass scene. - I didn't go inside but it sure doesn't look like the movie
  14. Have you guys ever started your own business?

    I wasn't near as committed obviously but I used to do that on eBay for a while with movies and other easy to ship items but by yourself it's a ton of work for little money- I'd like to actually know how many hours he would spend to get 1000 a month? I never see much but junk on the Walmart clearance aisle (must not have an eye for it!) I need a lift for the jeep so might give it a try! Anyone start getting Sunday deliveries with amazon? I think I am addicted to amazon prime just to see how fast they can get stuff but last week I ordered a hard drive for my kids laptop on a Friday and it was dropped off on Sunday but a kid in a personal vehicle?