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  1. Lol... I hear Oct 2020 is in jeopardy too
  2. weird the google visitor traffic is very high but no one wants to spam!
  3. these are rookie numbers!
  4. These early hot days in the low 90's you defin feel about a 2 hour window where the bedrooms that face west and get the full sun blast get a little warm, but the rest of the house stays comfortable - then once the sun goes down it switches back to cool pretty quick-like You sort of have to be strategic and close the windows on the west side of the house in the evenings when the sun is blasting that direction and open the ones on the east side of the house where the air is much cooler.
  5. I dont normally watch the news, but this caught my eye last night and I had to go find this photo - but holy shit we let 4 star generals look like this? (my only interest in this photo is the fat general) I cant tell if this is the Army or Air Force? Looks like army to me? - either way horrible example for your soldiers..
  6. damn-- reminds me of the old days at home depot people would return a router with a brick in it.. I am helping my son do the brake pads on his rav4 this weekend also - trying to decide if I charge him for labor?
  7. we have lots of people painting rocks with dumb positive messages on them every where you look, I feel like throwing them as far as I can chunk them when I see them but then I figure I will get hit by the karma bug later on...
  8. Is there a lot of residential or commercial construction near you? I recall going through several years with that and its so annoying.
  9. Watched the 1st 3 episodes of space force, the chimpanzee one was hysterical.. the 3rd one was pretty slow.. will defin keep watching it - its not what I was expecting but its better than most anything else on Do they ever say what the wife went to prison for?
  10. My bad... I still ain’t going back on the inside...
  11. That story is dated March 22... But still...
  12. We did go for the SF of our house - There are a couple of different models based on power vs noise - They were all pretty close in spec #'s - I think ours was one below the "Lexus" I didnt expect to have to put 4 roof vents exhaust ports whatever you call them in the house, but it works really well. I am in the basement and have the window cracked down here and I can feel it pulling air from all the way upstairs (just through the cracks in the door I guess) But our logic was the same, not much use of the AC here - I defin suspect it would be a good fit where you are. We used a company called Quiet Cool Colorado - Veteran (West Point grad / Iragi vet owned) Woke up at 1 Am and had to turn the thing off cause I was literally freezing -
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