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  1. Road Guy

    Random Topics 3.1

    Yes he ended up with a solo room - I like the old school dorms - I think it does help with the cost and it’s good for them to get a little bit of “bland living” over some of the suites I’ve seen kids move into freshman year
  2. Road Guy

    Random Topics 3.1

    Very old school — South Dakota Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Road Guy

    Random Topics 3.1

    Chillin in the dorm room...
  4. Heading to Rapid City, SD today- I know you are all jelly!
  5. Road Guy

    Movie thread

    I couldn’t sleep and watched DR. strange last night I mean - holy shit was that bad. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Road Guy

    Stolen Airplane in Seatle over the weekend

    You would hope they wouldn’t give out the “exact” commands on a flight simulator? Seems like a really dumb thing to do IMO.. But maybe if he did move planes around and such then having the “book” may not have been that far off, I think he was a baggage guy but I know the mechanics for the planes have a lot of say / authority over the aircraft though.. In a way this story is sad and kind of cool at the same time to be honest – just glad he dint crash into another plane trying to land or take off.. Military vehicles don’t have keys, you can normally just hop in and turn them on, for storage they would have a cable that would lock to a U-bolt inside the vehicle to make it “really hard” to drive, but you could still turn them on, same for HMVV’s and M-1’s – makes similar sense for commercial aircraft to not have a set of “keys” But I am sure now our overprotective security mindset will require all commercial vehicles get a “boot” that has to be locked and unlocked by a federal employee every time it checks in at the gate..
  7. We watched that as well - season 2 it gets a little wonky - haven’t seen the latest season - Agree it’s not great but worth a watch
  8. Road Guy

    Movie thread

    It’s one of those movies that so bad it’s actually kind of good, but yes that couple of minutes when they fire up the old battleship is some of the best screen time around
  9. Road Guy

    A redneck road trip west....

    5 year CO anniversary today!
  10. Road Guy

    Random Topics 3.1

    Any of y’all been to a water less boat race?
  11. Road Guy

    Having a back-up plan

    I would think textile engineering would be one that might be on the way out?
  12. Road Guy

    Stolen Airplane in Seatle over the weekend

    one pilot (one the news) said there are a series of commands you type in to start the engine that are pretty complicated, that one mistake makes the engine unable to start - so assume someone showed him that? cant imagine they put that in a simulator? be curious to see how the story unfolds, if he was just crazy or wanted to go down in a blaze of glory..
  13. anyone see this story? https://binged.it/2P2FcH3 https://abcnews.go.com/US/stolen-plane-crashes-unauthorized-takeoff-seattle-airport-source/story?id=57141064 So far they cant find that the guy had any training other than flight simulator type games - kind of crazy you could just fire up a 78 seat plane and just take off from a decent sized airport? Heard one pilot on the news said his barrel rolls were nothing short of "amazing" glad no one was hurt other than the thief, but this story is a little crazy..
  14. Road Guy

    The Automotive Thread

    It was in US news / works report - but I re read it and it’s 3% of vehicles sold today have a manual.. Sounds like manuals don’t help meet the Obummer mandated 39 MPG criteria - so guess I can literally say “thanks Obama” for it taking 3 months to get my vehicle back!
  15. Road Guy

    Happy Birthday RG!

    Get back to work!!!