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  1. RIP VTE

    damn.... will raise a few to you tonight!
  2. funny pic thread

    not sure why someone would put forth the time and effort to put this on their work vehicle, but I got a chuckle out of it
  3. Kids of EB

    happy bday and I assume you are getting ready for mini snick # 3?
  4. Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Ive never had the "knack" for it. I had to level the area where I put a shower pan in the basement and it was much more of a PIA than I thought it would be. How much space you talking about?
  5. NFL 2017

    I think I'll pull for the jags over anyone else left
  6. Hello from Boston

    Either way you all talk funny
  7. I couldn't get through season 1 of daredevil, may have to revisit, since I think I have finished everything else on Netflix
  8. Random Topics 3.1

    a couple of counties in NE CO tried that a few years ago, I am pretty sure its not an option in the constitution. But maybe those parts of CA could just become part of Nevada, Utah, Arizona?
  9. Random Topics 3.1

    that's better than the $500,000 / acre here!
  10. finished season 1 of punisher, it was pretty good. Started watching Sneaky Pete on Amazon. I didn't catch the first 5 minutes, but what does he do if his cell mate gets out of jail?? Or was he in for life?
  11. Professional Ethics

    Honestly you could waste a bunch of time and gather evidence and submit to the state board and maybe (big maybe) they may send him a nasty letter; if even that. But probably not worth your time unless your firm feels they are losing work for it and then they can get attorneys involved, but sadly these people exist and normally karma / life ends up catching up to them eventually
  12. Random Topics 3.1

  13. Basement 2.0

    Yeah that stuff sucks If you go back a page in this thread our living room we repainted that shit brown with a lighter color grey and did that with only two coats of the behr paint.
  14. Basement 2.0

    we have had really good luck with the Behr primer included paint. It wouldn't cover a crazy dark color in one coat but defin in two
  15. Basement 2.0

    I don't have any finished painting pics, but here is some in progress pics.. glad the painting part is over...