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  1. I think in general it doesn't really matter so much what the "diet" is - but the quantity of food / calorie intake is what really matters ( assuming the diet install chicken nuggies and fries). We just try and focus on eating --------> Meats / Fruits & vegetables / Seeds and Nuts / Little Starch and No Sugar When the wife was an active RD she told me she felt most everyone she worked with that has type 2 diabetes got there by drinking excessive calories & sugar.
  2. one reason why so many people are not always fully taking whatever "scientist" say seriously is because there is usually at least one of these a day in the news..
  3. Mine went down pretty significantly when I got rid of most sugar, which also included (sadly) reducing the booze.
  4. This is on amazon prime... Totally worth watching
  5. Leadville MTB 100 next year Supe!
  6. I keep the stars for the wifes $12 drinks.. but in all seriousness there is a drive thru testing place right next to Starbucks set up - but the one here has actually been pretty slow as compared to a few weeks ago ( just based on my windshield survey)
  7. i got tested at starbucks this am
  8. When did the Aztec come out- sounds like the dirty bastards at Subaru may have pirated some ideas?
  9. The main thing I miss about the movies is it was a good way to clear my mind, lots of Fridays at the end of a shit week of work instead of going to a bar before going home I would go grab a movie by myself - seems lonely but it was always pretty relaxing - nice break in between the end of work and the beginning of a long weekend of "Kid BS" ( soccer, baseball, scouts, running ragged type nonsense)
  10. so you're saying we should have went to med school?
  11. Jax is great, they got me through the part of the pandemic where people were waiting in line for days at home depot - they dont have exactly the same inventory but pretty close to what we needed - plus there is something about a store that sells army / navy surplus / overpriced kuhl clothing, shotguns, bike gear, and chickens.. I think they opened one up in your neck of the woods?
  12. Dutch Oven Cooking? We are looking to make a trip at the end of the month & hit Mount Massive. So they closed the REI near our house instead of opening it up, rumor is that their lease was up and existing landlord wouldn't renegotiate the lease, but I just went by the main REI store in downtown Denver (3 stories) and it really had that going out of business feeling, like nothing really left to buy, tons of stuff on clearance, abnormal to see ski gear out this time of year at REI - it looked like they had shifted over to garage sale mode. I wonder if they are converting back to a mail order / internet order company? I have found a good alternative to REI here, local store called JAX, much prefer to give them my money to be honest, but I have a strange feeling that something is up with REI..
  13. I dont know, teachers just have a much higher tendency to whine about anything.. But Until they give it to the people who were trapped in hospital rooms treating 100% known infected then I think others can wait in line..
  14. I could see a slight trade off - Currently I lose 2 hours a day getting to and from work ( economic opportunity cost to me of a few thousand a year I would be able to spend that time doing what I want to do)- but there is also savings to me when I work from home - my commute is 25 miles so 50 miles a day at .50 / mile mileage @ 260 working days is a cost of around $6500- But depending on if the company actually reduced office size there likely would be more of a savings on there end - I feel I worked more when I was working from home - it was easy to slide into meetings online from 7 am to 6 pm & I think many in our company think productivity actually increased.
  15. also, be prepared to hear the teachers whining for hazard duty pay if they have to do their jobs in person......
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