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  1. I am really looking forward to camping this summer. For whatever reason I am not really feeling ski season this year so lets just let the snow melt and do some 4 wheeling and camping!
  2. I cant recall if I posted this but i got suckered into watching "Racing in the Rain" holy F'n shit is this a terrible movie, once I figured out Kevin Costner was the voice of the dog I realized this was going to be a stupid movie.... Also saw "instant family' - Mark Wahlberg - stretch movie about a couple adopting 3 siblings, fairly cory and probably not like the "true story" the move is based on but was watchable with a little "feels" added in - worth a view (found it on Amazon Prime)
  3. I dont recall the brand but I bought a mid range one from JAX (local version of REI store) around $35 bucks. very light and comfortable to wear, but thats about my limit on spending money on one.
  4. It was a dick move for sure but how many decent players get ruined by teams that are forever terrible ? Bengals, Browns especially. Even Peyton, Brady, wouldn’t have survived more than a few seasons.. The NFL should really delete a couple teams (Jags, Browns, Bengals and Lions) would get my vote
  5. normally you play this in an office, where you buy a square and payouts at the end of each quarter. How it works: Once all the squares have been selected, we will randomly pick numbers from 0-9 for each team in the Super Bowl, and assign that number to a particular row or column. These numbers represent the last number in the score of each team.
  6. What does suck is entering the void known as no football for the next 6 months, well in 3 more weeks..
  7. yeah I agree with that- I just meant in terms of sitting down to watch games there seem to be better contest to watch (in terms of a consumer, closer games) in the SEC when I am flipping through the channels, being in the "west" i have a lot of Big 10 and PAC 12 games on the TV and there just doesn't ever seem to be much to watch, not as many upsets (like SC beating UGA) - UGA will probably never win a title again btw, but maybe its just a personal bias but I dont ever find myself drawn to a Penn State Minnesota Game (Yet they keep putting them on the TV!)
  8. No HBO - but his other series that is on was pretty bad - I think it was Castle Rock? I wonder if Disney could put ESPN on Disney+? or if there are some agreements with other on demand services?
  9. As a whole the ACC sucks bad, Big 10 is really not much better, I dont ever watch a Pac 12 game for more than a few minutes and get bored, the SEC is finally getting some competition other than Bama - but week in week out there are better match up games to watch in the SEC than any other conference. Its funny because 20 years ago Miami and FSU were credible programs which are basically trash today..
  10. And knock on wood the wire harness replacement on the jeep seems to have done the trick - 5 days in and no weird warning lights coming on.... F'n squirrels, need Cousin Eddie to pay a visit and eat some of them
  11. Shit I left my lunch at home Guess its a cheat day at Canes!
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