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  1. Am how long have y’all been without AC? We once went 4.3 days with no AC in the summer in Atlanta and it was probably the hardest 4.3 days of our lives... probably should have gotten 4.3 tattood on all our arms or something...
  2. That’s a shame right there....
  3. congrats! You should treat yourself with 2 stickers
  4. How much screen time does Spideys aunt get?
  5. yeah I am just a little too close to some people working on this if you catch my drift (don't need to be in the comment section)
  6. Lots of news media and social media comments of the "this is what you get with low bid" variety, I don't chime in but this was a Design Build Contract (best Value Not Low Bid), which was later rolled into a DBFOM (Design Build Finance Operate Maintain) contract. So the taxpayers shouldn't be paying for any of the repairs (Assuming there isn't an RFI out there where the owner relieved the concessionaire from Global Stability, or made some other decision which transferred risk - but hopefully not)
  7. Well CDOT does have a US History Major running the department....... & yeah I realize that individual probably isn't making the important decision but if you saw this person on the news, well just lol...
  8. I'm going to be surprised if this doesn't shut down both directions of the highway soon.....
  9. We have something similar and it works well for one large room - but if it runs for say an hour or more then the amount of cold air delivered drops substantially. (like it needs a break every hour). Our house AC unit is at least a 0.5 ton sized too small, I had hoped it would infuse some cold air into the whole upstairs and cool the larger upstairs some but it is pretty much a window unit that you don't have to hang out your window.
  10. I don't know if Maytag makes fridges, but they are my appliance manufacturer of choice -
  11. has anyone taking a mini bike tech class anywhere? I don't want to take a full master bike tech class but was wondering if anyone had taken any of the ones at REI and if they are any good? Would like to be able to do my own tuning and not have to always rely on taking and retrieving from the bike shop..
  12. I wouldn't say I love it, but the house we bought has the higher end GE side by side and its at least 10 years old. not sure the exact model, the only thing that we don't like is the ice maker, it makes ice but the part that pushes the ice to the "little door that drops ice into my glass" has broke 2X and now we just grab ice the old fashioned way.. but those damn things are crazy expensive now, I am dreading when I actually have to go get one, but I wont be getting the one that has the see through screen, wife enabled, version that's $5G's
  13. This is in between Denver and Boulder. Curious to what the final conclusion on the cause will be. Also I placed this into the "glad I didn't work on this one" column...
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