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  1. Giving notice is always better when its over,good luck with the move and all the pending stuff that comes along with it!
  2. do you end up using most of your canned maters? We had a decet snow 2 weeks ago and it got right to around 33 degrees - but it actually really helped everything - green peppers, red peppers, jalapeno, etc have all taken off like gangbusters - my cherry tomoatoes, also have put out so many we have been making salsa just for fun.. My regular tomoatoes shit the bed a month back, not even going to give them the decency to be uprooted, going to leave them scrawny looking plants upright through the pending winter..maybe scare the next bunch into acting right
  3. Ok thanks, submitting a help ticket! Due to the "size" of the board (which I dont think its where it was 5 years ago) I cant even manage most of those settings myself, I have to submit a help ticket, some type of could platform. Has anyone else tried the android app? does it still suck?
  4. me and @csbwere supposed to be at the Festivus games this past weekend - but most of the hosts cancelled in Colorado once the mask mandate came down. & there is nothing worse than any workout indoors in a mask.. It is billed as a competition for "average joes" but most of the podium finishers I saw on line looked in pretty damn good shape! maybe next year!
  5. The sad thing is I have a decent tool box set up like that - what started out as an organized drawer based on US / Metric / 3/8 & 1/2's is now just "the socket drawer" lol & my older Jeeps, (TJ, YJ) they were nice and had a hole in the engine compartment where you could access the top of the front shock with a socket wrench to remove/replace the shocks, I guess that made too much sense for Chrysler since they did away with that and make you remove it the hard way...
  6. thats what I need to do. I am at the point where the "project" takes 2X as long as it should due to my own organizational failure.
  7. one day Ive got to get my tools organized better - I spent a good part of the day wrestling with some old rusty shocks that the bolts didnt want to break loose on - even with an imact gun - but I dont know how many times I look for some socket, end up going to buy it and then find the one I thought I had later in the day.. tis sso f'n annoying.. Had to take the brake assembly off to be able to get some elbow grease on the bolt head, but damn a 1/2 socket set was able to get a bolt loose that my impact gun couldnt get to move.. And after all this did I organize the socket drawer in th
  8. I think those were shorts from pre XF days, they look a little baggy..
  9. Damn- crashed early last night so I didn’t See this when it came out on the news. Glad she was able to be with her family at the end and hopefully away from the public. i had to look it up but she was confirmed nearly unanimously in ‘93.
  10. so is it like Vegas in August? I like the cold but not death cold, I was way up in the Canadian Rockies this past November, I went outside the hotel tryng to find a place that sold booze (which is actually hard to find after 8 PM there) and I literally thought, if I fell down and bumped my head I would likely be dead by the time anyone found me - it was F.n cold (for November)
  11. Lol I’ll send you a pm- I guess I shouldn’t have posted her name- small world -
  12. The 4Runner still pretty new though isn’t it? we feel without having to drag the whole family around the Tacoma was a good choice - actually I drove it today and it’s 10X more comfortable than my JKU. my daughter saved up 7k (selling the lords waffle fries) and bought her own car and I just had to co-sign for it.;)
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