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  1. Plus all those skinny bitches in the rowing / crew video all have chicken arms and shoulders?
  2. The power lifter dude is “doing it wrong” From the manufacturer here are the muscles worked - I agree it’s an endurance workout but if done right it’s hitting the legs. You don’t pull on the rope until your legs are fully extendedzz
  3. He will be like your average high school valedictorian in a few years, living in an apartment working at the local movie theater
  4. Mongo just know that it has something to do with where Choo Choo go mongo = me
  5. well at least we now know which is the easiest engineering degree to get
  6. New Link, shouldn't show names..
  7. Literally 15 years ago we were trying to get the Nintendo CUBE at 5 AM(this was before the stores opened on Thursday nights) they were impossible to find - we had a team at the wal mart to get one- they were no where to be found - my brother in law (the good one) found several that we assumed the employees had stashed for themselves in the automotive section (behind the tire display) we just took one and got the hell out of there... We still have it for when a little Zelda - Ocarina of Time strikes our fancy
  8. If Carhartt every breaks into the ski gear / hiking department I think they would dominate, I've got a couple of carhartt items and they are durable and warm as F! I think NF is slowly becoming Patagonia / Eddie Bauer / Lands End unless you buy there very high end stuff i.e. just meant for kids to wear at the mall..
  9. I think the biggest disappointment of this football season is the failure of Budweiser to deliver on their "Dilly Dilly" beer commercials - Definitely been a disappointment
  10. Ok now I checked "Anyone with the Link Can Edit!" Dilly Dilly!
  11. The best thing about everyone going out Thursday night is that you can generally go out Friday with minimal lines.
  12. I have one from Marmot that has held up really well (multiple 14'ers, tons of hiking and camping), I honestly think Patagonia is stuff they want High School kids to buy but isn't really meant for actual outdoor use (or at least that has been my experience)
  13. If we are in town we will go out towards midnight just out of boredom and to watch the carnage and may be opportunistic if we see something, although the level of Black Friday participants is way less here in Denver than when I lived in Atlanta. Last year I bought a 55 IN TV for like $250 bucks.. I now wish I had gotten he 65... We are not going to be in town this thanksgiving so we will miss out, not really though...
  14. I just realized the assassin dude in Jack Ryan is also the assassin leader from GOT. “ a girl is no one” dude....
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