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  1. & Martha Stewart did more Jail Time than Snoop Dog
  2. Gotcha! That sucks & good luck!
  3. We drive a shit ton... But its a no annual fee card is why we like it. But the every little bit does add up..
  4. yeah defin sucks to have to fly, especially for Civil.. (too many books) Where does Florida administer the exam? Is driving just out of the question?
  5. One example, Chase Freedom has 5% back on fuel purchases January - March -
  6. brain is getting old I had to read that twice 😄
  7. "Mandatory" Lunch and Learn with "BYO" Lunch on a Fucking Friday? Are you F'n kidding me? Insert <Thomas had never seen such BS meme>
  8. so he had his stamp on the glass?
  9. but Popeye's biscuit > the toast.... For me neither beats a Zaxbys in Georgia though I feel that if I respond to there whitty question with an answer that rhymes I should get a discount - for example when they say "Hey Hey hey what kind of chicken you pickin?" if I respond with yo yo yo give me the 3 box combo to go, like I should get some sort of free sauce or something extra? I ended up going to this out of the way Mexican place, had a skinny margarita and some other unhealthy stuff..
  10. Looking back I guess its closer than I recalled, it said my RMR was 2400 cals/ day and I could consume 3351- I have been shooting to stay under 3000. But I dont really weight myself much - dont have a scale - Just gong by the holes in the belt...
  11. Moderate gives me 3400 cals / day - I picked strenuous because I am generally laying on the floor at the end of the workouts 🙂 (5 days a week) plus usually skiing or running on the weekend
  12. yeah that same link said I could have 3800 cal a day! BRB , headed to Arbys! then also maybe Wendys... I do think you have to have an accurate RMR for the calorie tracking to work - 1500 cals 'is not a lot of food. The wife is 130 # ish and her number's were around 2200 cal a day to maintain - she shoots for 2000.
  13. i have found that wearing one of those paper masks as you walk into the grocery store keeps the girl scouts from asking you to buy their diabetes discs. And it also is effective for door to door salespeople... #winning!
  14. Ran out of meal prep - defin need a cheat day -was thinking of either going to Canes ( sort of like a popeyes) for chicken fingers or go someplace I can sneak a shot of tequila and some chips / salsa?
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