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  1. I thought most everyone except newbs has almost unlimited image posting ability? Will also check
  2. ill check and see if there is an android plug in I am missing - they have a different software for each phone type - and there customer service / support is pretty awful ( they are not based in the US)
  3. Sounds cruel but most patients who have to continue to receive CPR once they are in the hospital may live - but most dont really have a great QOL afterwards, part of the problem in all this is that our medical professionals in the US are actually too good at keeping people alive.
  4. Lol - sorry I’m trying out a new thing with the google..... if you don’t like it click on the X - and I can make them go away... damn kids college tuition doesn’t pay itself....
  5. he prolly sends multiple people out to get his food, weed, and other "essentials" though..
  6. I do think sometimes I get mixed up in that I have a tapatalk log in and password which is different from the log in to - Ill check the dashboard again later though - They used to offer a low priced app I could but, Ill see if its still an option Im just trying to clean up some website owner stuff while I dont have a 2 hour commute anymore
  7. PB& No J sandwich on some type of vegan wheat bread cause that's all they had at the sto
  8. yeah I am assuming leadville wont want a few thousand visitors in mid June even if there is some normal life by then. Oh well, back to not training!
  9. curious does anyone else still have issues with tapatalk? I downloaded some new software for it and it seems to be working for me? If you are still having issues would you let me know what phone you have and what version of tapatalk you are running?
  10. I am assuming there is lots of walking anyways at that marathon, especially above 12,000 - but I was going to do some runs on mosquito pass once the snow started to subside & I assume that is out of the question... I didnt pay yet, but missed the "early bird" March 31 registration, but at this point would rather pay a little extra than not get my $150 bucks back.. Always next year....
  11. Reading further down the article it does state that larger, less populated states have to generally drive further than other places so I pulled a "Fake News" and just posted the "headline" I dont know how CO is green - I went into the office yesterday morning and I-25 was fairly full. & just in a general political sense I think its sort of funny how the 60's era "liberals" were very much into F the government man! And today's counterparts are like "We must do everything the government tells us to do"! (not getting political just an observation I find sort of funny)
  12. @csb
  13. but they have craps tables in Reno?
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