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    After many years & 3 IVF attempts Mrs. Jbone & I are expecting a little one. Finally get to join this thread lol. Jbone mini expected May 2018!!
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    Get a Great Dane they said. It'll be fun they said. That's one of those tall pub height tables he's resting his chin on.
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    So little J decided to show up early to the party. Born at 24 weeks gestation on January 24, 2018. weighing 1 lb 13 oz. Been a rough few weeks but he's fighting his way through every obstacle so far. Hoping to get home from the NICU in May. I think he's going to focus on Aerospace but we're still deciding lol.
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    Thanks. We are having a girl! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    I just got a job offer today! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Dear VTE, This week we suckered some of the new guys into lemon party. I hope you got to see it. Scrapbooking and shoes forever, csb
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    ARGH!! You jerk, i totally fell for that. Why??!
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    How does @Road Guy find the time to run this place and coach the US Women's Hockey team?
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    Mini PE and I went to grandpa's workshop and made our car. We took 1st place. I never did this with my dad. Wish now I had.
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    Finding out the gender of my baby today! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    We bought an Eero. I was skeptical because as I told Mr. YMZ, "An excellent wireless network isn't going to make our shitty broadband connection any better." I'm eating my words now (silently) as I'm in a former dead zone that now has lightning fast speed. HE'S GRINNING AT ME FROM THE KITCHEN LIKE A CHESHIRE CAT NOW AND ASKING HOW THE INTERNET SPEED IS. Ugh.
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    Is it too late to share cute pictures of my kids? I've surprised the hubs the past 2 years with the kiddos' costumes. We have b/g twins, so year one (2016) was a given...(the light saber really lights up) And this year... Little man has a cape that's hard to see in the pics. Neither of them was too thrilled with the hat and headband.
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    Why so serious? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    These are a friend's photos of the totality. That's really what it looks like, no filters or camera tricks. The difference between 98% and 100% is indescribable. Believe me, I was a skeptic and this morning when I saw all the traffic I kind of thought since we'd get 98% here at home that it probably wouldn't be worth it to see 100%. I was so wrong. It's incredible to look up at the "sun" and look directly at it (without glasses) and to see the corona around the moon is mesmerizing. It looks like the moon is on fire. It's just crazy to see. And to see stars in the middle of the day. It's really crazy.
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    F-22 on display at Eielson AFB in North Pole, Alaska this weekend:
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    so had my final inspection on the basement Friday - FAILED! LOL I guess I didn't read the large print note on my permit that said all the outlets have to be "tamper resistant / child proof" major PIA to rewire them - but my fault... They did give me a temporary CO so I can move furniture down there , which is what I needed.. if its the current code they shouldn't even sell the "non child proof ones" oh well... On a positive note, this area of the Country doesn't use the standard molding for windows, instead they finish the sheetrock and then put a nice custom made window sill on the bottom (if that's what its called) - I had never done much with a router but I bought a cheap one and made 4 of these for the 4 windows in the basement, I burned through some cheaper wood until I got the hang of it, the glare from the sun makes these hard to see but I though they turned out pretty cool - wife was worried I would lose a finger or two in the process (still have all 9! )
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    2 weeks into my new job and still haven't been fired yet. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    I'm thinking about going into the admin control panel and exercising little net neutrality myself
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    I felt so sophisticated walking down the street with a tail wagging behind me. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    It's official! I've got a current license in the system! @Road Guy or @knight1fox3, please change my name to Sapper PE LS
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    My favorites for Oshkosh 2017: Matt Younkin flying the Beach 18: Heritage Flight (F-35, A-10, and 2 P51 Mustangs): A warthog for @knight1fox3: And a couple from the Blue Angels performance:
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    I may have gotten a lead on doing a little side work at, of all places, softball. There's a guy I know down at the ball fields, we play on different teams, but we've both been playing down there at the same place for years. I know he owns a blacktopping company from idle chit chat over the years. Last week he got a hit and ended up on 1st base which I was covering. Through the course of a little more chit chat we started talking about work. He asked what kind of Engineer I was and when I told him Civil he asked if I could do drainage/storm calculations. Now, even though we all know that stormwater is the most difficult of all the Engineering disciplines, I told him sure. Turns out, his company might be getting some work downtown tearing out old parking lots and vacant buildings for parking lots so they'd need someone to do the stormwater calculations. As it just so happens, I used to be the guy that reviewed the stormwater calculations for MSD several years ago so that'd be right in my wheelhouse.