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    After many years & 3 IVF attempts Mrs. Jbone & I are expecting a little one. Finally get to join this thread lol. Jbone mini expected May 2018!!
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    As I've advised others on previously, you'll be better off if you can try focusing on your family and/or a hobby (or even work for that matter!) to take your mind off waiting for your exam results. Worrying, second guessing yourself, etc. is not going to change the exam outcome at this point. I understand and can relate that not knowing your result can be frustrating at times. Given the amount time, effort, and resources we all typically devote to this exam is very substantial. But at the end of the day, it's important to keep the grand scheme of things in perspective. It is just an exam. And this exam does not define your efforts and achievements thus far in your engineering career. I guarantee you'll face far greater trials & tribulations throughout your career as you strive to advance your technical portfolio.
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    Tractor Update: Finally got a little bit of decent weather to support cleaning, blasting, and painting. We had two nice days last week before the weather turned back to crap so we shifted the schedule for blasting and painting. The plan was to have it on shiny new wheels and tires when it came out of paint but it didn't work out that way. Had to put it back on the old wheels to make room in the booth for other parts and the Mustang which is nearing paint-ready status as well. Moved it to the latest location by hand. The next time it moves should be under its own power.
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    So little J decided to show up early to the party. Born at 24 weeks gestation on January 24, 2018. weighing 1 lb 13 oz. Been a rough few weeks but he's fighting his way through every obstacle so far. Hoping to get home from the NICU in May. I think he's going to focus on Aerospace but we're still deciding lol.
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    Thanks. We are having a girl! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    I just got a job offer today! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Dear VTE, This week we suckered some of the new guys into lemon party. I hope you got to see it. Scrapbooking and shoes forever, csb
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    ARGH!! You jerk, i totally fell for that. Why??!
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    so my kid was bending forwards slightly to push the chair back to stand up from the kitchen table after dinner. As he was bending forward he sneezed and the force (allergy season)sent his head into the table. am I horrible person for laughing.
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    this shouldn't have taken an entire weekend? I failed to grab a pic once we moved the stove back, but I had to move a bunch of electrical and cable outlets so you didn't see them as much as before. ended up looking really nice! we bought the mantles from a guy in Wisconsin that makes them out of old barnwood (so trendy! ) they give it a nice touch... got started on the hardwood floors late sunday but was totally out of energy by then.... were going to stain them dark to match into the mantles and try and offset the light color stone some.. This is the 9th circle of pinterest hell! These stone tiles are a major PIA, especially cutting the inside corners, have to match them up so there are not many gaps, they break easily and are generally categorized as level 3 FTS ! supposed to snow again tonight so defin needed the stove back in operation!
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    How does @Road Guy find the time to run this place and coach the US Women's Hockey team?
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    Mini PE and I went to grandpa's workshop and made our car. We took 1st place. I never did this with my dad. Wish now I had.
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    Finding out the gender of my baby today! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    We bought an Eero. I was skeptical because as I told Mr. YMZ, "An excellent wireless network isn't going to make our shitty broadband connection any better." I'm eating my words now (silently) as I'm in a former dead zone that now has lightning fast speed. HE'S GRINNING AT ME FROM THE KITCHEN LIKE A CHESHIRE CAT NOW AND ASKING HOW THE INTERNET SPEED IS. Ugh.
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    Is it too late to share cute pictures of my kids? I've surprised the hubs the past 2 years with the kiddos' costumes. We have b/g twins, so year one (2016) was a given...(the light saber really lights up) And this year... Little man has a cape that's hard to see in the pics. Neither of them was too thrilled with the hat and headband.
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    Why so serious? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    anyone that has Comcast / xfinity using their new app which allows you to pause / turn off Wi-Fi to all the connected devices? Its great passive aggressive parenting - like today is early release day and kids get home from school around 1:00 so I set it where the xbox, cant use the Wi-Fi until 4:30
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    As a supporting member, I appreciate the tight ship y'all are running around here. Promptly removing spam, chaff, flotsam & jetsam, and miscellaneous nonsensical detritus keeps the quality high and the value of the boards top notch. THANK YOU.
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    It's Friday and even captain America leaving work early! (Just took this pic north of Denver)
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    I felt so sophisticated walking down the street with a tail wagging behind me. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    I don't think turkey with gluten free taco shells can be called tacos.