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    and then put a towel (cape) around her back and say now you are Super Angry!
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    All - Since the survey poll wasn't really working out, I wanted to try and different method for obtaining this info for everyone to use. Please suggest edits or ways to improve this.. Will be a work in progress! Thanks- RG https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Iwv-su5Qr2PSJGfl4vi8ajj04e3Sj5FoS80aJqdrjjY/edit?usp=sharing
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    You get a parade held in your honor, an EIT certificate made out of solid gold, and a congratulatory visit from the president. I’m kidding, of course. But then again, I wouldn’t know, since I didn’t get my score when I passed; I just know I passed. That’s probably why passing candidates don’t receive their scores...if they did, NCEES would be obligated to do something...
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    I think he should wait to ask her until tomorrow. She'll be in a better mood on Friday.
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    I'm talking about what you name yourselves. The Japanese already have you beat with the "Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular People (RAUP)" Maybe "Girls Against Genitalia Related Eating and (by the way) Fellatio is not Love it is EXploitation" (GAG REFLEX)
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    Dannng both EET and Reza! Overkilllll haha but you'll pass for sure
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    I think I'm going to attempt to make these this weekend: http://ashleymarielifestyle.com/fluffy-sourdough-cinnamon-rolls/
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    Two important piece of information. 1. It is FRIDAY! Finally. 2. Halfway through my 10 week bootcamp. And I haven't died yet.
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    Haha you never know, you may have the highest score! It must be an awesome feeling!
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    I just flipped through really quick. May be handy if you have to draw a detail on the essay questions. Or if you have a question asking what is the correct detail, etc. Might help in your studies in applying the code correctly too, but then you may find that you don't need it during the exam.
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    So I should start planning my March 14th protest now?
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    Yes, I am taking EET right now, and I have Reza book too. But it's good you passed man using EET, that's so encouraging, so the real test harder that EET practice exam!
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    Quick update on this. The link for the USCS units is no longer working, but I found the same table that used to lead to, here: https://www.bbpsales.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/3A-Appendix-Steam-Tables.pdf The link provided by @Audi driver, P.E. for the SI tables from NIST is still functional (but it wasn't during the recent government shutdown). The moral of the story is download them, print them, and save them.
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    Hi - For anyone who is considering refresher for the PE/SE exam, I would like to recommend EET PE/SE refresher course - I had taken the course this summer for vertical and it turned out to be one of the best refresher that I have attended. Classes were for almost 6-8 hours Sunday (10-12 weeks). The classes are pretty much oriented towards the exam syllabus supplemented with excellent notes and problems. There are office hours once every week and questions/concerns were readily answered. In additon, a simulated exam is conducted few weeks before and the exam results are discussed - pointing out few key points etc. The instructors were very responsive to my questions and knowledgeable. I received support right till the day of the exam. I am not in any way affiliated with EET.
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    It's Friday. Finally. RN. Did I say that I need you? Did I say that I want you? For all of the Gen X'ers that were erased this week...https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/generation-x-forgotten-again_us_5c4539d5e4b027c3bbc2fc87
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    I agree the term engineer is loosely used in some companies. I have seen job titles such as "quote engineer", "proposal engineer", "bid engineer", "customer engineer", etc
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    @utilityeng....thank you so much for the idea, I just had my wall certificate framed and really liked the results. Michael's (Aaron's Brothers) did a great job and they gave me 65% off!
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    I took the EET SE Lateral online demand course this past fall. I had taken and failed the SE Lateral (Bridges) multiple times over the past few years, primarily due to the AM multiple choice questions which I was never able to achieve an acceptable level. I almost always got "Acceptable" on all 3 of the PM bridge essay questions. I have taken a couple of different review courses and I found EET to be the best option. I used School of PE in the past, which helped me past the SE Vertical (Bridges) on my 1st attempt. I took School of PE again for the Lateral and found that only the instruction for the bridge PM essays was worthwhile. I also tried Kaplan's online demand course for Lateral and did not find the instruction to be very helpful. There was limited application to exam problems and too much background discussion. Just to give some background on my experience with the EET SE Lateral online demand course: I signed up rather late and did not start studying until September 18th for the October 29th exam. However, I worked through all of the online tutorials nearly every night and spent my entire weekends studying up until the exam. My focus was on topics related to buildings for the AM portion, which I struggled with in the past. The instruction was extremely helpful and there are many homework problems to go with it. I would advise anyone who is interested in this class to take advantage of its wealth of information and practical exam problems. As stated in one of the posts above, the exam simulation is extremely helpful. No other course I have taken previously offers this level of training. Both instructors are extremely knowledgeable and very approachable for 1 on 1 tutoring in the evenings to answer questions. Although I did not focus too much on the bridge PM essays since I had always done well in the past, the course material is also extremely valuable. I found out on December 12th that I passed the SE Lateral (Bridges) to close out that chapter. Again, I highly recommend EET for the SE review courses and I am confident that this applies to any of their other topics (Civil PE, CA Seismic PE, FE, etc.).
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    DO NOT worry about the raw score or anything else. Worry about knowing the information on the exams. You should be able to know what to do by seeing the problem. If you don't know what to do, don't understand the problem, then you are not ready to take the exam. Study and review the material until you know what to do on each problem. This comes by working LOTS of different problems, however, working the problems is the solution. If still unsure, take the prepineer.com review course. Sure, it costs some money, however, you will be able to gain the confidence as well as have experience with many different problems before you take the test. You can do this! Good Luck!