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    You got this. Come exam day... "Drunk ideas by Vee".
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    When you go to have your palm prints and finger prints taken at the Prometric testing center they administer a lengthy Polygraph examination. You will need to provide all of this to become licensed...
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    Banned because you should never publicly admit @Audi driver, P.E. is right.
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    @txjennah...you got this !.. good luck to you !!
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    Yeah, I felt the same way too before I passed. That didn't last too long. You and @vee043324 will know what I'm saying in May 2019.
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    Shit, when you put it that way....
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    Unless its a support flying-squirrel, then it's totally understandable.
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    I have just forgotten to do it, will try and get to today and if people want to puss out that's on them
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    If spicy sweet chili is not your favorite Dorito, you're not even human.
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    Oh yes, I remember it now, had to go through that for FE exam also.
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    Eng pro guides is on par with the exam. Complex Imaginary is not.
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    Aka, walking taco. Similar to a frito pie, which I first experienced as a side dish at Fox's BBQ in Atlanta.
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    who wants to get a tattoo when we pass!!!
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    I'm going down down baby your street in a Range Rover...
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    FINALLY. Happy Friday!
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    Oh god, I shouldn't have gotten so excited about that clover question. As some who lives in farming country/grew up listening to crop cycles and other gardeners I was like, "Clover! That's a cover crop/rejuvenating crop! That adds nitrogen!" I think some of these questions are definitely put on the exam just to throw you off your groove!
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    Yes. As long as you have passed the Prometric Polygraph before the exam date.