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    W?!T?!F?! Wife stopped to get more bird food and filters for the aquarium last night AND ENDED UP COMING HOME WITH TWO MORE PARAKEETS!!!
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    Well I finished the event this past weekend. But wow, it seemed about 10x harder than the first one I did. I completely underestimated all the elevation gain of this particular location. I realize being in the midwest that the "elevation" is still laughable to you westerners, but some of those inclines were killer! Saw a lot of people tossing their cookies and just getting off their bikes to walk. But I powered through it! And somehow, I even shaved over 3 min. off my swim time and over 2 min. off my run time. Both of which are usually my worst events. I ended up with a 9 min swim and a 28 min run. But the steep hills killed my bike time (transitions at 3 min & 1.5 min). On the descent, I topped out at just over 35mph so we were bookin' it! Still ended up with an overall chip time of 1:57 (previous was 1:55) though so I'm pretty happy with that. It was tough as hell but a heck of a way to end triathlon season!
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    yeah but how many times have we been in the middle of a shitty job situation and said to ourselves, "man If I could I would get up and leave right now"
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    Speaking of Luck, tell him to stop throwing INT's...
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    Today, I am FINALLY a P.E.!!!! After 5 months of waiting, Oregon finally approved my application. My 2018 New Years goal was to become a PE. So I started studying 1/1/18 and like many of you, I worked my butt off every night and weekend for 4 months. I took the PE exam 4/13 and passed on the first attempt (one and done baby!), and then began one of the longest waits in my life. Going through the Oregon application process. 5 grueling loooooong months later, my licence was finally issued today! I'm sure since 99% of my April 2018 brethren already received their licences, most are now long gone, but just wanted to let you all know the last guy in line waiting, finally got it!
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    Sounds like you guys need to follow my coworkers advice - "nobody ever got hurt laying on their couch."
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    There's a wicked steep hill by my house (I only average about 7 mph going up it) that I once hit 40 mph going down. It was pretty effin' scary. I haven't reset the max speed on my trip computer since that ride (probably 5 years ago).
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    niiiiceee. slide into your DMs
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    let them all go free, if they come back to you, then it was meant to be!
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    I'd be inclined to say while scheduling the interview that the position as posted doesn't meet your salary requirements and if there's no chance of them moving the pay grade then it's not going to work out. Doesn't waste anyone's time and I don't see as it would burn any bridges.
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    Someone gave me this advise. I found useful. However I did all chapters and all chapter end questions. It was helpful. Chapter 1---show you how to use the per unitChapter 2 ---If you don't remember the basics of KVL, KCL etc.Chapter 3, 4, 5....i barely touch it....is DC generators and motors...so no need to worry about those.Chapter 7-12 ---needs to be studied....discussed power and transformers.---this is like 45% of the exam.Chapter 13-15--needs to be studied....it discussed motors....when i study for the PE i concentrate on motors not generators....generators is the same thing but reverse.Chapter 17---needs to be studied... synchronous motor.Chapter 21--needs to be studied....power electronics....from power electronics you just need to know if the input wave look like this how would look the output wave.Chapter 24- gives you an understanding of how the power is generated....i read it... interesting chapter.Chapter 25 & 26- Transmission and distribution.....these are important chapters that needs to be studied....in fact there was a question in the real exam that i answer the question from one of those chapters.Chapter 30 - Harmonics you at least need to know what cause it....what is a 2nd order 3rd order...etc. I wouldn't skip this one.
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    Congrats! I also just received my license number on Friday!
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    Glad that you're ok, @leggo PE! I have been lucky, and am yet to be doored.
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    Glad to hear you're OK @leggo PE!!!
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    I'd like to give him the "Take This Job and Shove It" award.
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    that is a good recap. i generally followed the same thing. but i would say, do not ignore too much generators. the analytical questions on the exam might be difficult if you ignore it.
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    Congrats. I just received my license yesterday as well. Same story as you as far as testing goes, etc. Except I screwed up and downloaded application forms in January, so that I could work on the application slowly and methodically and have everything ready to submit as soon as I found out if I passed. I submitted my application ASAP after learning I passed the April 2018 Exam. Unfortunately the board had revised the application form in March! Super minor edits, but they made me redo the application and my personal references. So that pushed me way back. I found out yesterday that my license was officially issued and I'm finally a P.E. as well. The wait made it that much sweeter. . . . or not, but still! 😁
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    I kind of rushed to take the exam in April 2018 because April 2018 & October 2018 would be the only Environmental PE Exams where the exam is 80 questions and on paper. So, if I failed April at least I would have had a second shot with the same format. I don't see how the environmental exam could be presented with the same question types in a CBT format where the examinee is only allowed to use the NCEES Reference Manual (in its current format). There is no chance I would have passed taking the April 2018 exam using only the current NCEES Reference Manual (I did print it out and bring it with me, but never touched it). I'm interested in seeing how either the exam changes or the reference manual changes. . . . but I'm glad I don't have to experience it firsthand.
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    My uncle had a parakeet that would sit on his shoulder and drink beer from a glass he was holding. The bird developed such a big beer belly that it couldn't fly if it wanted to.