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    Just wanted you guys to know that you're all awesome. @vhab49_PE@Roarbark@NikR@tj_PE@chart94@ptatohed @leggo PE
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    Reminds me of the time I put away groceries. Couldn't find the milk the next day, it was in the cabinet with the cups.
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    See you in 18 years?
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    I agree; I need some time to adjust to our new infant anyway.
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    Anyone hate it when you accidentally click on the crazy chic from HS “story” and then worry if she’s gonna stalk your house and kill your pet rabbit?
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    I remember one time several years ago when I went to get my food container out of the fridge at work I couldn't find it anywhere. I went back and looked in my lunchbox, but it wasn't there either. I was sure that someone had stolen my food until I noticed a container in the microwave. Opened it up and sure enough, it was my food. When I had gotten to work in the morning I put it in the microwave instead of the fridge.
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    Unless you have base access. K-Mart is still ridiculously overpriced compared to mainland US prices, but the base exchanges on Guam are priced at ordinary US retail. Plus shopping at the Guam K-Mart is a nightmare. Bus loads of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese tourists coming in every 10 minutes, crowded aisles full of pallets of chocolate macadamia nut boxes, beach towels and other tourist goods. 15 minute minimum check out lines. I avoid that place like the plague.
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    im game - we also have the EB pickem this year run by leggo -
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    We splurged and went to wal-mart.
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    I say take a week off.
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    You know you need some of these went with the smaller version this time around...... 2 for 2 bucks, shipped, I lose about a quarter in the process, which means you win! http://engineerboards.com/store/category/5-engineerboards-stickers/ My primary goal is to be in some brewer somewhere and see one of these mixed in with all the other stickers on the bathroom mirror..
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    Thanks for all the advice I really appreciate it! Awesome, I got it printed and bound! I appreciate you telling me about those chapters, they seem to be what I need.
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    Adds complexity but also motivation (for me). They give me a reason to be my best!
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    General consensus is that the results are all over the map on this one. There are a lot of factors, one of which is whether or not your company sees your license as valuable (some companies require it, others don’t, some consider it a plus, etc.) I got an 11% raise about 6 months after passing my exam and getting my license, but ultimately it’s because I reached out to my boss and asked for it; not the easiest thing in the world to do. There are a lot of salary-related questions and topics elsewhere on this board that might answer this question for you more fully.
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    So the bottom line is process is arduous. Far and few would put themselves through this process. Shouldn't we start earning $10-20K more than before? I haven't seen that light bulb moment yet.
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    Even at the age of 31 it was taking its toll on me. Combine that with working and commuting then it's a nightmare. I was able to do it with the FE right after I graduated because I didn't have a job and I was fresh out of school. But not being in school for a while and constantly working makes it harder. Luckily I don't have a wife or kids. I don't know how people with a family do it.
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    Reminds me of the time I took the train home and when I got to the parking lot, I realized I drove into the city that morning.
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    I sent out the first couple of invites so shoot me your email if you're interested😎
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    Reminds me of the time I couldn’t find my keys and my wife found them in the fridge.
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    Thanks but I don't think the MP's at JBLM appreciate ninja photographers.
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    Reminds me of the time I locked my keys in the car at work. Last week.
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    Reminds me of the time I couldn't unlock my desk with my car's key fob.
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    i suppose i should figure out what the hell you all are talking about. i am already lost.
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    Look at the NCEES practice exam to see how these type of questions are worded. Maybe you will be lucky and get a straightforward question on one of these subjects, but keep in mind the questions will be worded to make you think and determine what info will be necessary to solve the problem. When i took my MDM, there a couple of obscure questions that make you go WTF?!
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    FWIW, you can buy a pretty damned heavy duty cargo carrier for about $150, so I wouldn't get too emotionally attached.
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    Just draft your favorite players and your all set!
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    Actually I feel like I am in the best shape of my life! Mainly just happy that my D____ still Works
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    Where'd you get it from? K-Mart is closed and that'd where my mom said I came from...
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    @BioEngineer I found that the CBT format is more similar to PPI. When it was pencil and paper it was more similar to the NCEES Practice Exam. Try not to freak yourself out - if I were you I'd go over the NCEES practice exam a couple times just to get more comfortable with those problems. Try to figure out where your issues lie with that exam, is it the qualitative or quantitative? If it's the theory questions, don't even consider rescheduling because you have no idea what to expect with those questions regardless, and those questions certainly won't appear on your exam anyways! I think you're just psyching yourself out though, which is very common at the 2 week period. Best of luck whatever you choose! I think you've got it though, stay confident.
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    I'll be the second alternate.
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    I did very few of the MERM / MERM companion problems when I was preparing. I did LOTS of problems from the NCEES practice test and from the "6 Minute Solution" book. I also took the Dr. Tom prep course, and he makes up lots of his own problems which are similar or only slightly harder than the NCEES practice test. Like everyone said MERM problems are designed to be much harder than the real test. Which is great for over-preparing on your knowledge, but not good for being prepared on your test taking techniques and time management.
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    Hey @BioEngineer, deep breath! I do find the exam more similar to the NCEES practice exam than the PPI exams (which is probably not what you want to hear). That being said, with my successful attempt, I too had a freakout moment when I took the NCEES practice exam 2 weeks out from the exam and bombed it. You're still 2 weeks away, so while it might be too late to dive really deep into any new topics, I'd use this as an opportunity to review a couple of things that are still giving you issues. And like someone told me when I made a similar post back when I bombed the NCEES practice exam, it's a good way to remind yourself not to get too cocky on exam day and really read through every question. I think only you know best whether you need to push the exam back or not, but know that bombing the NCEES practice exam isn't necessarily an indicator of how you'll do on the real thing. You got this
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    I can play, if we need extra people.
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    In my experience, if pipe material is not specified (e.g., Schedule 40 Steel), I use the diameter given in the problem statement. If pipe material IS specified, refer to piping tables (App 16.B in the MERM) for diameter and area (make sure to pay attention to units!).
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    Thanks RBH. I think I might have to pass. I am always half a day behind when I finally check-in in the late pm / early am and there are always 4 pages of posts I missed that day. Hard for me to keep up. But thanks for thinking of me guys, it was fun.
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    MiniCheb #3 was born at 4:27am this morning. She’s beautiful. Cheb is a happy daddy.
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    Cucumber #2, zucchini #4 I think. Our tomatoes are starting to turn red finally. And it looks like I'll get 2 more cucumbers and maybe 3 zucchini. But all of are plants seem to be dying... bean plants look ok but the others... 😬 And boyfriends new hydroponic setup. Lettuce and spinach. Only 1 tray of each is planted right now. He plans to stagger the planting times so we have a constant pile of leafy greens. He built the shelf and I think he couldve modified the plans so the shelves sat closer together and then he'd get his 3rd shelf of plants(his idea for 3 levels) 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    Wheelchair fixed. Chatted with the mom a bit - son has cerebral palsy, and this was his fold-up chair for someone to push when he would go out with friends, etc. I guess he was at camp, and the counselors tried to pick the chair up to go over a bump or curb or something, and grabbed it by the foot rest. When they did, the bending moment bent one of the tabs and cracked through the braze. Thankfully she left the good foot rest with me, so I made a fixture with some tubing and all thread to line everything up, eyeballed it to match everything as closely as possible, and TIG welded the tab to the wafer thin tubing. Reassembled, and thankfully she had the chair in her trunk for me to check it. Lined up perfect on the pins and latched securely, so I'm declaring victory. 90 minutes later I threw my back out again. No good deed goes unpunished, LOL.
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    I stacked all my books on the table prior to the exam and the proctors didn’t seem to mind. But I did do all my practice exams with only one book on the table at a time, just in case. My strategy on a lot of aspects was to practice for the worst case scenario.
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    Didn't experience this during my exam.
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    I'm guessing it will be site dependent, but I am dubious of the report. It doesn't make any sense.
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    For me, I have found best in creating my own formula sheet as I am going through problems/topics (kind of like a condensed version of the study guides because I am writing notes as well). I am using graffaeo/eng proguides/the essential text book resources mentioned here.
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    Oh, good to know I'll be queasy for the next several months!
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    this was my engineering mind put to work to install this with only one set of hands. super stable.
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    I don't remember if I shared this when I did it, but made this thing out of wine barrel rings. it's f-in heavy!!! but I like it much better than the lampshade the sellers hung from the ceiling. also took me like 7 tries of connecting the wires and securing the fixture because there was no give at all and they kept coming undone. woo!
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    The results......................(more drama dots).................
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