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    Leaving for Las Vegas today for the NSPE conference, then up to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon on Saturday, then up to Bryce Canyon for a couple days. Not looking forward to the Vegas temperatures (high 109 today with a low of 90 overnight), but this is our first full week away from home in about 1.5 years.
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    Meant to post this yesterday
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    I just replaced the bypass valve on my water softener so now we have soft water and no leaks! I did the repairs close to midnight because that's how intolerably hot it's been here. The old rubber O rings were warped and dirty so I made sure to lube the dickens out of the new ones. Inserting the new valve was a smooth process other than my getting sprayed in the face due to inadequately screwing the flex hoses onto the new nipples. And yes I'm posting this with deliberate phrasing solely to cajole @csb out of the woodwork.
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    Psssh. There will always be deals to be had without the need for a Prime day. And you most certainly DO NOT want to utilize an SSD in a NAS application. This would be grossly mis-applied. And besides...
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    I was buying stuff from Amazon every day for the past week but when Prime Day came, I couldn’t think of anything I needed. Go figure.
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    That's an odd looking stripper pole.
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    The wife pointed out that I failed to install a linen closet (for sheets and towels I guess) when I did the basement - there was an area under the stairs I was going to paint the floor and hang some shelves- apparently that wasn’t good enough so over the last few weeks scrapped together some leftover tile and put in a “nicer” linen closet than I had previously envisioned - you can see my reasoning with the plumbing down drain in the way and all... but just easier to “smile and wave boys smile and wave”..... Shelving not yet fully installed - waiting on her to sign the change order
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    Oh man. This place never ceases to amaze me... Good news - I'll be going home early this week, probably Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Bad news - The powers that be who were organizing this whole send-one-guy-over-here-for-a-week-and-swap-with-one-guy-over-there aren't well versed in communication. Turns out no one on this end either knew about the swap or thought it would be for some unknown week after July 16. So, I'll be coming back here, probably next week. HAPPY F'ING MONDAY!
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    ^- that semi pro- arm chair QB to you I saw a video on LinkedIn - haven't seen it anywhere else and it showed the kids strapped to a gurney type thing - it looked a little big to fit through some of the 20" holes they mentioned - but I don't honestly think anyone except those that did it really knows what happened - but just glad they are out and hopefully recovering. I am glad stories like this exist - most of humankind is still fairly awesome (not "glad' the kids had to be in this situation - but "shit happens")
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    Great. This is one of the best methods to stream content and also back up your existing computational devices. I typically create monthly drive images of all our PCs and store this data on my NAS. I'm not sure how Macs handle networked file storage permissions and such, but with Win7/10, it's very straight-forward. I'm sure there are online resources that can help in configuring a Mac for file storage, I just don't know off hand how to accomplish that. As for recommendations, I suggest spending a little more towards a reputable brand for a NAS as you will get what you pay for in terms of reliability and performance. Spending a little more in the long run will typically result in less headache on your part. For my money, I stand by the QNAP brand of NAS components. This is the model NAS that I have. When purchasing, I wouldn't buy a combo kit with a drive pre-installed because that will likely drive the cost way up. It's better to buy the NAS w/o a drive (or drives) and purchase those separately. Presently my setup is only single drive at 8TB and my drive of choice is the NAS specific style made by Western Digital. Let me know if you have any other questions on this and good luck.
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    It's currently Prime Day, EB people!
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    From a can, right? To go with the Hormel gravy?
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    email me your contact info at ric.moore@dca.ca.gov and I will look into what you said your results letter says. The Board's laws do not allow for any verification or appeal of exam results.
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    Take a look at the websites for the review courses. If I'm not mistaken, most if not all of them should show their class schedule for the review course they offer. You can use this as a starting point and then modify or mix/match the different schedules. My suggestion would try to focus on 1 category each week or every few days ( depending on the total length of study time). The first day or 2 should be in depth review of the topic. The 2nd half of week should focus on sample problem's involving that category. While the number solution is important, try to focus on the procedure and how you solve the problem. This will help you during the test to understand what the question is asking you instead of just focusing on crunching numbers
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    A stripper arrested for behaving like a stripper. I'm shocked.
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    She is from France.
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    I don't know how SoPE is for construction depth, but I haven't heard very good things about it for other depths. I took EET for WRE so again not sure how Construction is for it but I thought it was very well put together and I believe it was what helped me pass. I am sure you can find some reviews on both for Construction. I agree with leggo though. Practice problems all the way. Gives you the most exposure to what could be on it. Good luck! You got this. It took me three times so don't get discouraged!
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    It may sound simplistic, but not knowing much about how you studied for your first attempt, I'd say do as many practice problems as you can. Also, be sure not to ignore studying the PM sections as well, just because you did better in the PM section of the exam. Come up with a study plan, and execute it to the best of your abilities!
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    And I think we can all agree the rescue divers must normally carry their balls in a wheelbarrow And again where is the go fund me for hookers and blow for the wild boars! Being that young and faced with - stay here and die or try and escape and probably die... They deserve it!
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    HI Drew! I'm a working mom of 2 kids, and I did it, eventually. It just takes a very understanding spouse/family, and a lot of late nights. Keep trying, you will get there!