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    Hey guys! A coworker/soccer teammate/friend convinced me to do a century ride with him and his brother 2 weekends ago, so I guess I'm required to post here. Did a relatively slow pace, and stopped at all the aid stations for oranges, banana, starfruit, pretzels, donuts, malasada, spam musubi, etc... so it took us ~9.5 hours. Was feeling very strong up until we did the optional "Hill Climb Challenge" at mile 80, which was a mildly soul crushing 565' gain over 1.23 miles, (avg 9% grade). We then decided to "sprint to the finish", aiming for 20 mph on flats... I was starting to fall off the pace towards the very end.... Since our bike computers were all <100 miles at this point, we decided to go around the park in circles until they said 100... Which for me meant going an extra 6 miles... Was on flats though, and pretty easy to do. Felt strong during this. All in all, mostly fun experience. Plus I got a super stylish bike short tan souvenir.
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    Dinner last night with my bestie. Pan fried hake (flour, salt, pepper) topped with a herb-lemon brown butter. Side of local cauliflower pan fried with capers, pine nuts, lemon zest.
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    One of my favorite shirts:
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    Ok. My side of the story... Short version: @tj_PE, and to a lesser extent, @PeeWee, were the key to my victory. Long version: I’ve always been pretty good at hiding my role, even if I was not Mafia, in past games. So it was pretty natural for me to play the game like I normally would without suspicion. Knowing that EB would tell on me if I was using my PMs, I made sure to stay off it as much as possible, and asked @RBHeadge PE who I wanted lynched first thing in the morning. I also gave him a backup in case my primary target was taken out by lynching during the day. The night @txjennah PE was lynched, I decided not to shift my vote, as that would potentially give me away, especially since she was likely to die no matter what. In the days to follow, I attempted to act like I knew very little about other people’s roles. Several people suspected me throughout, so I did what I could to not retaliate too much more often than normal. I also truly was busy with work this week, so I had an excuse to keep quiet; I even logged off occasionally and kept the game thread open anonymously so I could monitor people’s conversations. Friday was the game changer. First off, I cast shade at @NikR; I was already a suspect, so I was scratching my head as to how to proceed. Then, @PeeWee got involved and posted I might be the doctor; this told me I was investigated (and so was @vhab49_PE), provided they were telling the truth. I was a little upset at first, but then realized he also said, “all the other townies who were investigated are now dead.” That told me that the cop potentially had used all their investigations. I kept that in my back pocket. Later, @tj_PE PM’s me and asks, “are you the doctor?” I had a choice to make at this point: do I say yes and bank on her not knowing who the doc really was (or having been the doc herself), or say no and have her doubt me based on @PeeWee’s statements. I saw the first part of the message, but didn’t open it, so she wouldn’t think I read it and was stalling. I logged off, and thought about how to respond for a few hours. In the end, I decided to risk it and say I was the doc, and to tell her I would save her that night. Apparently, her response told me she didn’t know the real doc, and it was possible that I got them already. She informed me she was talking to @NikR and was trying to get him to change his vote. Not having changed his mind, she turned on him, saving me from lynching. I had originally planned on eliminating her that night, but switched to @vhab49_PE instead. At this point, I needed the following things to occur: @NikR was not revealed to be the doc, thereby blowing my cover @vhab49_PE was not saved by the doctor, thereby blowing my cover @tj_PE continue to believe me when I claimed that I believed @Audi driver, P.E. was the remaining Mafia member. Everything went according to plan. So in essence, I was successfully able to slip under the radar by not appearing to act differently this game, I got lucky with @tj_PE having reached out to me, and I took a series of calculated risks. It paid off. The only thing I didn’t account for was how I’m going to rebuild trust, especially with @tj_PE, after this. (I’m sorry for deceiving you, and hope we can still be friends)
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    As in you, someone else, and a cup?
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    The application process use to be "coupled" everywhere. That was the default. You submitted a PE application to your state board AFTER you obtained the required experience and recommendations. Once the application was reviewed and approved, you took the exam, and if you passed you're got your PE license. Taking the exam is "coupled" to the application process. In recent years, many states have transitioned to a "decoupled" process. You can submit an application to take the exam BEFORE meeting the experience requirement. In theory you can take the PE exam as soon as you pass the FE exam (and some people do). But you still must wait until you have the required experience, and then you submit a 2nd application with your experience and recommendations. (In Louisiana it's referred to as a Part 1 and Part 2 application; not sure if that's true everywhere.) After all that, you get your PE licence. Taking the exam is "decoupled" from the final PE application process. Lots of states have switched to the decoupled process. They say it encourages more people to take the exam because there are less hoops to jump through before the exam. Also some people think the exam is easier if you're closer to your time in school. The boards don't really say this, but it also allows them to only have to review the experience of people who pass. As opposed to with the coupled process where they have to review every applicants experience. (They also get to charge 2 application fees.) But not all have moved to the decoupled process. I don't know much about this, but it sound like some states that still used the coupled process, don't like to recognize PEs obtained using the decoupled process. I guess they consider the traditional coupled process to be more rigorous.
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    Out of turn ban following up @NikR's suggestive pic ban: Banned because YOU'RE looking too hard ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Banned because go look for yourself!
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    We don't need his Tim Horton approved crap in here.
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    This is tricky. My answer is none. Many of these conceptual questions build on your understanding of the topic/concept, unless you have experience in that area. The questions I encountered could not be found anywhere but if you know the underlying concept then you could figure it out. CERM, in my opinion, covers wider (and sometimes deeper) concepts than any class notes. It helped me with some of these questions. However, these conceptual questions cannot be relied on for passing. They could be a hit or miss. I would focus on passing the exam from the standard expected type questions which the class notes (I used EET) cover pretty well. And if you have extra time left to think about these questions, then you can try to figure out or deduce from CERM.
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    Banned for having a suggestive profile image.
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    Banned for not following the game rules.
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    The intent is continued learning and depends on the individual approach. If you simply want to maintain your PE you can choose whatever PDHs are cheapest/readily available but may be of no value to you. If, on the other hand, you want to continue learning or reinforce what you already know, you may opt for PDHs to accomplish that.
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    I think we’ve found this game’s official shirt
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    I’m in process of changing up my sleep schedule a bit, since I haven’t been very good about being consistent. I moved my alarm clock to the other side of the room so i’d Be forced to get up to turn it off, instead of being tempted to hit snooze. So far it’s been a success. I haven’t hit snooze once this week, and I managed to get up before 6 every work morning so far. It’s given me time to make breakfast and eat it at home, and catch up on a little reading before starting my day. And, I feel a lot better because of it.
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    Hi Everyone, I just published two new videos that I'd like to share to help address one of the questions that I get asked the most lately about base changing the percent impedance values of machines (transformers, generators, motors, etc). Have you ever noticed that the percent impedance base change formula below: seems to have the old and new power bases on the wrong side of the fraction compared to the standard per unit base change formula: Or, have you ever seen this version of the per unit impedance base change formula and were not sure where it came from: Click play to see why all three of formulas are actually the same as long as a very specific condition is met that we will discuss in the video: How about a worked out practice problem to try this out and apply the formulas from the video above? Let's base change the 5.9% impedance of the generator shown in the one line diagram below using transformer T2's ratings as the new base values of the system: First, we'll start by dividing the one line diagram into three separate voltage zones created by each transformer and determine the new power base and new voltage base in each of the three voltage zones. Next, we'll use the base changing formula with the old per unit impedance of the generator (Zpu old) using the generator's ratings for the old base values (Vb old, and Sb Old), and the new base values located in zone 1 at the generator (Vb new, and Sb new). Last, we will cover how to tell with the old voltage base is equal to the new voltage base (Vb Old = Vb new) by looking at the voltage ratings of each device in the online line diagram and matching all primary and secondary voltages so that we know when we can use the shortened version of the per unit impedance base change formula. You can work out this practice problem along with me by clicking play below: If you'd like to visit the full article that these videos were made for, please visit: https://www.electricalpereview.com/base-changing-percent-impedance-and-per-unit-impedance/. I hope you enjoyed the new videos and learned something new that you can take with you to the up coming October 2019 electrical PE exam.
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    Banned for threatening @Audi driver, P.E.
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    this is why one should post after having coffee lol
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    I second @jean15paul_PE's post. Before 2005, you could not register for the PE Exam without the requisite experience and approval of your state board. Nevada was the first state to "decouple" the exam from the experience requirements, and about 15, or so, other states have followed suit. One additional benefit for state boards is that they can let candidates take the exam whenever, and simply take PE applications as they come, rather than having a mad rush of new applications twice a year. Though, with the transition to computer-based testing coming, it will be a moot point here in about 4 years.
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    Perhaps a library? Especially a college one. Go to an upper floor, it'll probably be quieter. If you don't need a school ID to get in! Do you absolutely need free wi-fi?
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    Guess who thinks my white bean chili is the jam?
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    banned for not being structural wait, wrong thread?
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    From a thread the other day, here is my current go-to chili recipe: Angus chuck (cubed) Ground beef Bottle of Budweiser Cocoa powder Fresh garlic Onion Tomatoes w/green chilies, e.g. Rotel Beans (at the wife's insistence) Ancho chili peppers and cajun bell peppers Spices - salt, pepper, oregano, chili powder, cumin, cinnamon, brown sugar (not much), garlic powder, Hungarian Paprika (sweet, because the wife didn't want it very spicy) Few splashes of balsamic vinegar (forgot this part the other day) Started by browning/searing the chuck and ground beef, then came in with the onions/garlic/peppers. Bottle of beer to deglaze, then everybody in the pot, tweaking the seasonings between hours 2-5 depending on how much certain flavors mellowed out. I am VERY tempted to give this another go, but try smoking the chuck roast before hand. I have on good authority that smoked chuck can actually taste better than brisket, and I think it could add an interesting depth of flavor that would play off the anchos and chili powder really well.
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    I'm thinking that homemade poptarts might be one of my first bakes post-PE. Because why not make pie crust from scratch after an extended break lol Likely the SK ones: https://smittenkitchen.com/2010/04/homemade-pop-tarts/ But I may keep looking because I wanna do frosting and sprinkles (which is weird since I hate frosting cakes/cupcakes - I'm usually over the process by the time it's cooled enough to do so i do it begrudgingly)
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    So in other words, just another day at the office.
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    Just random for me. Although it is calendar related. 2019 products are already shipping and being installed. Trying to release a new version before 2020 sales. (I'm in new product development for my company.)
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    fried eggplant pesto egg sandwich from a local place. it was a special but they reprinted their menu board and it's now a regular! yay!
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    yep, new codes some states are adopting soon, getting in before that deadline, wanting to be done by end of year and also have a holiday therefore pre xmas, and construction season in the spring so if you back calculate permits and all that shit you gotta get done soon to start construction in april.
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    But their logic seems to be "more people take power" rather than "I have a higher chance of passing power than control systems" Because why else would you willingly take the power exam? Eff this noise. It's awful.
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    I passed Survey!!!! Congratz all on Seismic. I used Reza first, used EET this time and passed. Good Luck all!
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    I'm down to take a break. Let @ChebyshevII PE bask in his glory for a minute or two. And yes, well played, cheby!
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    I have no civil specific advice, but I do want to add this... I took Dr. Tom's Mechanical (MDM) course and one suggestion he has for the last 2 to 3 weeks of review. Focus on your strengths and let go of your weaknesses. That seemed really counter intuitive to me at first, but after some time, it made a lot of sense. You've spent months preparing, and in that time you've improved on every topic. But there are some topics you're better at. Make sure you knock those topics out of the park. That's your opportunity to get lots of "easy" points because you know that stuff. For the topics that you're weaker in, your completed preparation will get you most of them right, and it's ok to miss the hard ones. You don't have to score 100%. With the same amount of effort, you can make more significant gains in your strong topics then you can in your weak topics. I'm a big believer in there's no approach that works for everyone. Listen to advice and then decide what you want to do. But I just wanted to throw that out there. It worked for me. Unrelated: I love your profile picture @civilrobot. ❤️
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    I think you'll be surprised on how well you know the material once you start the exam. You've just got to get that first question out of the way. You seem to have the depth construction topics under control, how well are you doing on the breadth practice exams? I'll say its a huge relief during the lunch break knowing you only need around a 50% in the afternoon to pass the exam.
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    I'm still working some practice exams, to keep my mind in "Study Mode". But I am feeling much better prepared than last April and more nervous lol.
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    LOL! It shouldn't have because I saved it in chat so it should never disappear!
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    It was established early on in the thread that a 1v1 tie would be broken by coin toss (or similar) and not by night-kill.
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    Great game, everybody looking forward to the next one!
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    I know, but I had to use that line for the gif to make sense.
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    I too hope you are not making a grave mistake
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    Forever remote?
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    The crime wave continues unabated. The townies once again raid the courthouse and look at @NikR's profile. They learned that he was once ticketed for flying a kite in Chicago.* @Audi driver, P.E. reminds everyone that @ChebyshevII PE has a criminal record too (buying a matress on a Sunday) and that almost no-one knows his real name. But it doesn't matter. The kite-haters prevailed. The town voted: @ChebyshevII PE 2 votes (audi, nikr) @NikR 3 votes (cheby, vhab, tj) @NikR was lynched by the town.
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    Watching Train to Busan. It's a Korean zombie film that's pretty good.
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    This is crazy, but my license was actually issued two days after I got my result! I was checking the website for kicks and was totally shocked when I saw my name pop up. I'm wondering if it was mostly lucky timing, being just before the October exam? There must not be much of a backlog at the moment.
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    Thanks guys. I'm leaning towards the Artisan right now. I had a feeling Mrs. Supe would like one of the color options for a little contrast/retro look, when I noticed that for some reason the gloss cinnamon color (basically a burgundy red) is selling for $279 new direct from Amazon. All the other colors are selling for $379, normally $425. The extra power/capacity/pouring shield for an extra $79 is kind of a no brainer.
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    Banned for c&p'ing a wife beater's vid.
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    no i don't have the mental capacity. just vertical. and I am not feeling confident.
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    i've turned on everybody i have trusted in this game, or they've betrayed me so idk i might need to take a couple weeks off also the SE is in less than 3 weeks and i gotta get it done.
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