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    My wife and I left our apartment and moved into a house about this time last year. I’ve mainly been putting off household projects. One the exam was done, I painted a few rooms, hung new light fixtures, put in new light switches...all the stuff I’ve been itching to do to my house. This weekend, we’re overhauling the theatre setup in our basement. Oh, and I’m glad the release date for Red Dead Redemption 2 was the day of the exam...🙃
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    I know the answer but I am not going to release any information. As per EB's semi-annual "Welcome to the Suck" publication, the exam result is to be published Monday early morning. If you do not believe, ask @RBHeadge PE. @txjennah, @vee043324, and @Audi driver, P.E.,
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    I put off just about everything for about 3.5 months before the exam. I just didn't have the energy to do stuff because the stress of studying for an exam that is unknown to me (first time taker) took it all out of me. My wife was very good to me during that whole time. It really was like putting life on hold and she was there and supported me when I didn't want to do projects like we did before, go out to eat/shop, essentially do anything. I found myself going to work, coming home, studying, eating/watching tv, going to sleep, rinse and repeat. I pray that we do not have to relive that experience. I just don't want to put her through that again. I know she would be just as supportive again and suck it up, but its not fair to her and my other family and friends. Here's to hoping we don't have to go through that again.
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    Dear Rylan, Thanks for speaking for all of us. Cowboys Fans Everywhere
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    I still remember keeping my NCEES login up in a Webpage all day at work - until I finally went into Phase X (Depression) and began drinking White-Russians again. Then one day (May 24th, 2018, one day shy of 6-weks after the test) I went out to lunch and headed over to a Wal-Mart near my office when I received that Email from NCEES. I was afraid to check it through my Smart Phone for some crazy reason, so I turned around and just about ran back to my office. Before entering the final character of my NCEES password, I took the copy of Psalm 23 ("Yea though I walk through the valley of death"), from my wallet, read it to myself, and finished the login. When I saw I looked up and gave thanks. Then I called over two of my co-workers to verify what I was seeing on the screen
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    F the saints Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Don't overthink. This is copied from another post as the experience questions comes up quite often. Your true "Design" experience may be limited, but you may have spent my your entire career on the "other engineering duties".  Here is a list of action verbs you can use in your record to get you started: • Designed • Analyzed • Specified • Programmed • Planned • Evaluated • Problem Solved • Produced • Created • Implemented Example: “I designed Scopes of Work for various change orders on the Project including re-design of pile layouts for building foundation, design of concrete expansion joint detail, etc.” Some other design examples, notice how specific the examples are: • Performed troubleshooting on air handling unit during commissioning. • Calculated construction loads for scaffolding to be used for concrete placement. • Calculated the loading on new concrete foundations to verify it was acceptable to backfill and place construction equipment on top of the foundations. • Specified foundation detail requirements • Designed storm water drainage plans • Designed formwork for concrete. • Calculated equipment fleet productivity rates and scheduled project to optimize equipment and manpower resources. • Designed temporary excavations support systems. • Designed construction haul roads. • Design of rigging systems. • Design of crane safety and operation plans. • Design of storage and lay-down facilities. • Design and inspection of site drainage and sedimentation controls. Other engineering duties can include: • Inspection of construction to verify conformance with design documents. • Perform value engineering analyses • Perform constructability reviews; provide design input based on reviews to the engineer of record. • Perform materials testing (concrete, steel, soils) and generate reports of results for use during construction (i.e., took soil samples and performed standard proctor). • Design and optimization of construction project schedule • Review shop drawings and submittals • Review and answer Requests for Information (RFIs) • Generate engineering cost estimates • Perform engineering economic analyses of construction plant and generate findings (i.e., buy or lease analysis, amortization schedule, maintenance costs over life of equipment, etc). • Performed safety inspections to verify compliance with OSHA requirements. • Generated (or reviewed) safety plans to ensure engineering controls were properly implemented (i.e., shoring for excavation, steel erection plans, critical lift plans, rigging, noise/light control plans, etc). The key is to say what YOU did on the project. Do not say you “managed” other people doing the work; you have to have actually done the work to get credit for it. You need to properly and completely explain your design experience which, depending on your state, is required in conjunction with your general engineering experience.
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    I finally passed the surveying exam! 😂 I used Reza's Workbook and it was really helpful. Highly recommended! Has anyone received the license number yet?
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    back in my day, we used to get 50 posts on a page...
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    Ragnar Napa is done! My legs weren't that tired by the end... Maybe I didn't run hard enough? My middle leg ended up getting shortened, so I ended up doing 18 miles during the race as opposed to my original 20-something. I also did do a run bootcamp class (has anyone ever done done the Sally Up Squat Challenge? This is it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bql6sIU2A7k and it sucks VERY MUCH in the middle of even just a three mile run) on Monday and a five mile run yesterday. Toying with the idea (still) of joining a run club or even just a run group to get runs on my weekly schedule as just a thing that happens, to help hold myself accountable.
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    But if you sacrifice for the greater good, you won't ever get to see the results yourself. Zoltar grant you a passing score for that level of altruism.
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    Hello everyone, I am writing this post about my experience for taking PE examination CBT, because like me at the time of the test there has been a lot of question about the test, and since NCEES has recently converted to CBT for PE exam not much people have taken the exam. So I have recently taken the Professional Engineering Exam for Chemical engineering and I have passed it (took it on OCT 28th). Here is my experience. Reference Handbook: The test was actually easy and solvable without the need for provided the reference handbook, during my test I rarely refereed to it. Plus the file provided was difficult to navigate, not your typical PDF file. Search function shows you the location of your search item and then you have to click on it to see the information (which given in a test of time is very critical). So just like in FE exam, one monitor divided into two sections one for questions and one for the handbook. The Exam: When you first login to the test instructions display that there are 2 sessions morning and afternoon. For me it was 42 questions morning and 38 afternoon, where the morning session was all technical and 90% of afternoon is theoretical and experience based and the time provided for test is more than enough. One thing to keep an eye for it is the time there will be no flag/notice to indicates the end of morning session so you could spend all 8 hours at one section. Also recently NCEES has added a new type of questions, drag and drop fill the plank and so on, however I have only in countered 2 questions of this type and the reset are normal multiple choice questions. Now the difficulty of the exam questions I would say very easy to easy, I have put on more effort to study for the exam than it is required for it ( I have started studying from July a total of 4 months). A good source to study from if the practice exam provided at NCEES website, i have also take PPI2Pass material, it was a good practice for your understanding however it is far more difficult than the exam, but it will refresh your memory. Generally most of exam questions you figure out the way of solving it from the first sentence.One thing I did which is I have divided the exam equally for each section however by the end of the afternoon section I have wished if i have given more time for morning session ( I got an hour left). I have encountered only one question that I decided to spend the last 30 min of the exam trying to solve it, however I was not lucky. The Result: After I have taken the exam I was anxious about exam result, they say 7 to 10 days however I have received my result after 3 days. So good luck on your exam and hopefully this post will set many tester at ease, and assist you for the test.
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    None of this sounds P90x approved. <smh> No kale recipes?
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    Just add the "holiday 5-pack" of beer and you'll be fine.
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    Let's just say that I haven't spread 45K pearls of wisdom around these parts.
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    were all going to die one day.. but these keep me from going to The McDonalds.. so I figure that's addition by subtraction..
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    I used Hiner's workbook and videos. PM and I can get you more info. I used Hiner's workbook and videos. PM and I can get you more info. You too.
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    Damn, that sucks......
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    Fixed if for me.
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    Do you think They'll release the results in the next couple weeks? I read that NCEES is releasing them early this year after all the upgrades to their system this year with the transition to CBT in other disciplines, which has helped speed up the scan-tron results to get released faster
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    Having just received the good news that I've passed the PE exam, it's only fair for me to pass along the knowledge, tips, advice that I've used that ultimately proved successful. I've been a lurker on the board for a few years now and gathered a lot of information before I decided to take the exam. I'm not saying that my approach is correct for everyone. Others have passed using different approaches and methods. I started studying for the October exam in the spring and got burnt out. I started back seriously studying (every day) at the beginning of July. Here's what worked for me: 1. Based on the work I've done daily, as well as the subjects I've studied in Grad school, I knew in advance that I would be taking the Thermal/Fluids. Decide what afternoon session you want to take and focus on that. Do not waste time trying to master all three major disciplines. 2. Once I applied and got my letter of approval, I purchased the MERM, Thermal/Fluids Six Minute Solutions, NCEES 2008 practice exam, and NCEES 2001 practice exam. The 2008 exam was updated in 2011. The actual content is the same. The 2008 exam contained all three disciplines. The 2011 book simply split them apart and sold them individually. The NCEES 2001 exam is very difficult to get hold of but well worth the effort and money. 3. I prepped for this exam with the attitude that it was a one-or-none deal. I was only going to take this exam once. At the time I started prepping for the exam I had a one-year old son to deal with AND I was pursuing a second MS degree. Why am I telling you this? You need buy-in from your spouse/significant other. My wife and parents spent countless hours while I studied late into the night and all day on weekends. 4. I did not read the MERM. I skimmed through the MERM to get a general idea where the sections were located and what information was in the Appendix. 5. Copy the MERM appendix and have it bound separately. It will save you a lot of time during the exam and make it much easier during practice. It will also save the life-time of your MERM binding. Print and bind the Index also. 6. I began by working the Six Minute Solutions book. Do not be afraid to look at the answers if you get stuck the first time through. As I was working the SMS, I would find the formulas in the MERM and highlight them AND record them in my notes. If I didn't have a clue how to work the question, I would read the solution, find all the equations, and work through it using the solution. Highlight your equations in the MERM and in your notes for easy reference. I worked through the SMS 7 times before I got 100% correct under 8 hours. In fact, by the time I was at the end of my preparation, I was working through the SMS in about 4 hours and getting 100%. A lot of it at that point will seem like rote memorization, don't be scared of it. As you're working through the problems, read and understand the methodology. Work the problems over and over again. 7. Once I completed the SMS, I moved on to the NCEES 2008/2011 exam. Again, I worked this using the same methodology as above. I got 100% correct, under 8 hours after my 5th attempt or so. Use the same method of writing down the equations you did not know and reading the methodology. 8. Worked the NCEES 2001 exam using the same approach described in (6) and (7) above. You'll see a lot of posters saying keep an exam to test yourself the last week or so. I found that working as many problems as possible with as much time left to prep was the best strategy. 9. Now I moved on to the MERM. I worked all the main sections noted on the NCEES breakdown. Skip the math, project management, plant engineering, statics etc. I worked the Fluids, Heat Transfer, Thermo, HVAC, Machine Design sections. I did NOT work any of the 1-hour time limit problems. I was able to work all the problems in those sections twice. Do not be afraid if you get stuck and need to read through the solutions. 10. By this time, I had approximately 10 days left before the exam. I worked the SMS and each of the NCEES exams the first three days. I re-worked the MERM problems in the Fluid, Heat Transfer, and Thermo sections. 11. I went through the MERM, using the notes that I made as I studied (here's where the highlighting comes in handy) and tabbed what I felt was important. At this point I knew the MERM and the bound appendix intimately so I didn't feel the need to tab that much. I certainly tabbed the major sections of the MERM and a few diagrams. Follow the now famous Shaggy tabbing method on this site. 12. I took Thursday (the day before the exam) off. I was up early (normal time I leave for work 0500) and did one run through of the SMS, NCEES 2008, and NCEES 2011. I drove to the exam site and ensured I knew where the building was. Then I drove home and packed my bag. I took a back-pack. I took the MERM, the MERM appendix I bound, Steam Tables, Lindeburg conversion book, sample exams, 2 calculators, and ear-plugs. I put my money, approval letter, and ID cards in a zip lock bag. Then I did absolutely nothing exam related the rest of the day. I took my son to play-time, watched a few movies etc. 13. Exam day I was up early and went to the site. I finished both sections (AM and PM) with over an hour to spare. I did NOT go through and rate questions etc. I simply worked the questions in order. If I didn't feel satisfied with an answer, or if I had to guess, I put a mark next to it and moved on. At the end, I came back and re-worked the questions I had doubts on. I still left the exam room very early both sessions. I felt that leaving the AM session early and giving myself extra time for lunch allowed me to clear my head and prep for the PM session. 14. Went through the now well known process of self-doubt and anger at the lack of timely results. 15. Got my results today. Wrote this up as a thank you EB for your help and support. Thanked EB financially on getting the good news. Feel free to ask any questions and best of luck prepping for April 2015.
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    This should answer somewhat of your question. http://www.bpelsg.ca.gov/applicants/processing_timeframes.html If your application is approved by June (Quarter 2) which is plenty of time, you should be able to register and take exam in window of July-September (Quarter 3). I'd start studying if i were you because application takes time.