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    You don't need the SG of the fluid because they are giving you the volumetric flow rate (in gpm). As @Audi driver, P.E. has pointed out, the table 18-5 can be a real time saver here. The equation in the table that has Q (volumetric flow rate in gpm) does not use SG. Here's why: Look at equation 17.59. You can re-write it as EA = hA g where EA is the energy added by the pump per unit mass. So, the hydraulic horse power P will be EA times the mass flow rate, m-dot: P = ( m-dot ) x (EA) P = ( m-dot ) x hA x g and you can get hA by applying the Bernoulli equation from the pump suction to the discharge, in other words, use equation 18-9, hA = ΔP/(ρg) which we can insert above: P = ( m-dot ) x (ΔP/ρ) Since we don't have mass flow rate, then use Q = m-dot/ρ in the above to get: P = Q ΔP If you restrict Q to be in [gpm] and ΔP in [psi] then you need to introduce a factor 1,714 in the denominator for P to be in [hp]. This is how they obtain that (Q ΔP)/1,714 equation in table 18-5. If you follow the solution provided in the NCEES sample exam you will notice it is exactly the same steps I've written here (what MERM calls EA is what they are calling w)
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    Banned for exhibiting an Eastern Washington inferiority complex.
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    Happy 2019 all and best of luck for those of you studying for the April PE exam! I recently passed the Civil/WRE exam and utilized EET's webinar course to prepare me for the exam. I'm 20 years removed from when I received my B.S. in civil engineering and took the EIT (FE) exam 10 years ago so I was hesitant on how to structure my study plan. Luckily, I found this forum and read through multiple positive reviews citing EET and specifically mentioning Dr. Islam. I decided to go with EET and it was the best investment I made toward passing the PE exam. Their webinar series and organized notes folders are second to none in my opinion. I took a milk crate of books to the exam, but primarily used EET's folders as reference material for o/a 80% of the material found on the exam. I was also pleased by the amount of homework, practice exams and simulated exams EET offers as part of their package that were instrumental for the afternoon (WRE) focused section. Lastly and what impressed me the most was Dr. Islam's dedication at teaching and coaching you through your studies - he goes above and beyond - through email/phone/adding extra webinar sessions/simplifying complex topics/demonstrating a positive attitude to ensure you truly understand the concept being presented and the variations of these that you might experience during the exam. Anyway, I am not a paid sponsor but wanted to share my positive experience with EET that resulted in a pass after my first attempt with the Civil/WRE exam last October as there might be someone like myself last year looking for a recommended study course. Historically, last October's WRE pass rate was the lowest in recent years....for me, Dr. Islam's in-depth course was the difference. Best of luck to all!
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    Another vote for C.
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    On my first attempt I used PPI and the manual from CPESR (I did not have any other CPESR materials). I did not pass by a long shot. On my second attempt I bought the Reza workbook and studied that thing pretty hard. I ended up leaving the exam feeling super confident, I was pretty confident on 40-45 problems and only had like 5 problems I did not know how to do, the rest I was able to make good guesses. I ended up passing.
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    Allowed to stay for spot on analysis.
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    Ok - squirrel update. I’m moving next Friday.
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    I'm not sure what they ask as far as protection goes but if you are electrical engineer and have been working in an industry for 5 years or more, shouldn't you be able to answer those questions? or get an answer based on the information provided such as answer based on TCC, relay setting etc? I think it would be better if NCEES provides sample questions which will help folks prepare along those lines otherwise, anyone can ask just about anything.
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    Banned because I wonder if you are both the same person, arguing with yourself.
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    Same here. My overall score was 42/80 and, of course, I scored lowest in protection. It was 23%. With code I answered half correctly. If I would have answered the other 6 correctly I would have passed the exam barely. This is definitely an area I can work on for the next time around, and overall taking the real exam gave me insight on how to improve in the other areas I did somewhat good or decent. Now when it comes to protection...in 2018, in my opinion, any course prep out there did not accurately match the problems in protection at all. To put things in perspective the pass rate nationally for the October 2018 exam was 54% in power. That is the lowest on record. I am betting it is because of the new emphasis on this topic. Hopefully moving forward the study prep out there will refelect the new changes to the power exam
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    The latest update on Project Farm Tractor: Just finished the last of the wiring. The lights are what happens when your were raised by a combination of an electronics technician and tinkerer father and a farmer uncle.
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    I used the Mahallati book and went into the test feeling prepared, but I left feeling like I didn't read the right material. Luckily, I still passed, but I'm not sure I would recommend it like I would EET for seismic.
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    This was my original profile picture...I...do not think this challenge was issued to me.
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    True. The official ncees practice exam is a joke, and at the end of day the responsibility lies on the individual to pass. The exam is fair in the sense that you’re told upfront that anything is fair game. just my 2 cents.
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    @mikesltj23If I were you I'd give it my all right now studying for April first. It's your last shot at it so might as well spend the whole year if need be! Best of luck... For me, I'm waiting for CBT 2024
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    @vip-eng I took EET and didnt pass but I had marginal, deficient, marginal, marginal, deficient defeicent I honestly would say I missed it by 2-3 questions. I think if you get 35/55 your in the clear.... I am taking seismic again for the second time with EET next week... pretty sure i will nail it feel much better I understimated it the first time
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    Thank you! I'm also in Water Resources, but I used to do metal buildings. All things considered, I am leaning towards Hiner on-demand. This is so helpful!! Thank you.
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    Per their website yes, it covers the New California Engineering Surveying Exam Test Plan updated in January 2018. Some of the recordings have (Do Not Study) note, most of the recordings were from 2017 and there are 4 are from 2018.
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    Agreed. I'd been out of school for almost 25 years prior to taking the course and passing the PE. I'd qualified experience wise to take the exam years before but needed a course that would give me a strong review of the basics prior to taking practice exams. GA Tech and the internet played a huge part in getting me there. The course may not work for some and that's fine. However to characterize him as an "old retired geezer' is crude and unnecessary.
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    I did the 15k I've done for the past four years now on Sunday. It went alright. The weather was great, but I was little bit sick (and still am), so it might not have been the best idea to do it. Oh well! I'm still glad I got it in. I like doing a race in the first half of January. I feel like it sets me up well for running the rest of the year!
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    Hey @JFrost...you're very welcome and glad you're finding my experiences useful. You can find some of Dr. Tom's videos on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mLfmjcovlc&list=PLNY488wl-RoDeoLt_jU35Os8tjuVLiWwH But it appears that some of the MDM related videos have been taken down. I did purchase the course through his website and it was well worth the money. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about the exam or specific problems when you begin to study. Being that you're taking the exam in April, I recommend to hit the books now if you haven't already. Good luck with studying !
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    Week 2 Question For The Week can be found at: www.spinupexams.com/ Under the "Question For The Week" tab. Previous weeks are also contained on the website.
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    Get on the bus, I’m taking you to school. You don’t end up with that. Convert GPM to ft3/s, use the specific gravity to find your specific weight, multiply by feet of head and convert to HP. And yes. The term feet of water is confusing, but that’s one correct form of the equation. The other is what SAcme said.
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    Justin, If the problem had stated simply, "feet of head", then I would agree with you. The problem stated "Feet of water", thus the pressure across the pump is enough to support a column of water 60 ft high. The density of the fluid that is doing the pushing is irrelevant . The term "feet of water" is a unit of pressure (eg. see this calculator: https://www.unitconverters.net/pressure-converter.html). The actual head on the pump is 60 / .7 = 85.7 ft. ME_VT, that equation is incorrect. Power = Force * Velocity. Force = pressure * area, Velocity is Volumetric flow /area. Therefore Power = Pressure * Volumetric Flow. Mass does not appear in the equation.