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    just swinging by on my lunch break to see the positivity my fellow engineers are radiating.. back to work i guess
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    Oct '18 - 45/80 - Civil Geotech April '19 - 50/80 - Civil Geotech Oct'19 - Pass - Civil Construction For all those who fail, keep your head up! You can do it!
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    Me when a coworker asks if I've gotten the results yet. Also me when somebody on this thread keeps telling people to chill out and get a hobby. Or tells people to go back and read hundreds of replies. This. is. rough.
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    The fastest way to get your result is to post questions from the exam on here. Guaranteed.
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    Well, congrats to all that passed. To those among us that failed (myself included), sign up for April, take the next couple weeks to lick your wounds and enjoy the holidays, and get to studying after the new year. We all know what to expect and shall be better prepared for the next run. I've signed up for the next one in April, and I will be better prepared to knock this one out of the park. For those of you still waiting, good luck; may the odds be ever in your favor.
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    GUYS I PASSED IN MICHIGAN AHHHHH RESULTS RELEASED 9:56 am eastern time akdhdhhfkakkfkka ahhhhhhhh. I've been telling everyone I was certain I failed for the past 2 months
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    If you don't what to put in the effort, then you don't deserve the information and you should get off this site. And if you're such a lazy person, you probably failed the exam. If you don't like the content on this site, then you can leave. You haven't started off on anyone's good side anyways. You already said you made it through a few pages to gather enough information to find out they have to so a cut score meeting. But, now you're saying there's no point in going through the posts since you wouldn't believe anyone anyways. Referring people to other threads is the most efficient process. How many times do you think the same exact questions have been asked after every exam administration? Multiple people from the same administration ask the same questions, and this happens multiple times a year, and this site has been up for multiple years. Do you really expect people to write out the same answers every single time? That's just stupid. If you don't like the answers given on this site, if there are too many pages for your lazy ass to read through, if you don't like people referring you to other threads, if you're not going to accept the guesstimates that are given for the release date then why are you even here? You haven't started off on the right foot in this community.
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    Stop complaining and do the work yourself. Just skim the thread. It's mostly the last 15 pages that are garbage. Not that difficult.
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    I'd rather find out by refreshing and it popping up than building up all the anticipation of seeing the email, going to NCEES, and logging in. At least it'll hit me like a truck this way.
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    Passed!! Mississippi This thread was awesome to help keep me up to date! Appreciate everyone who contributed
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    Triple checked to make sure its not a glitch.... Looks like I actually passed.
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    I bet Trump will start his second term before our results get released.
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    I think i’ll let my “dating profile” do the talking...
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    WATCH THE LANGUAGE @Rocky244. This is your only warning. Use of offensive language will result in a permanent ban.
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    The conversation I have with myself every time I stop pressing the refresh button
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    I could see this ☝️ actually happening at a meeting full of controls nerds. "I went to a cut score meeting and a comic con broke out."
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    Aw, I'm sorry to hear you guys didn't pass, @Spickett and @MEtoEE. The PE exam is a beast, and you aren't alone in having to take it again. Most importantly, please remember that not passing the PE exam does NOT make you any worse of an engineer than you already are! You're the same smart people you were as before you took the exam, with two months' more work experience to boot. You guys will get it next time!
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    By the way, congrats to @Chattaneer and @LyceeFruit for passing! 😁 And others on here who passed if I missed you.
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    Hey, yo, buddy, pal, friend. *pat pat* These things happen. I know it probably sucks doubly hear because so many people are posting about passing, but it takes a lot of strength to be one of the few people to actually post about failing. PE pass rates are never that high. You can try again and you will pass. It took me three times before I passed. Take the weekend. Calm down. Hydrate (real water! Not hillbilly water!) and make a plan in maybe a week or two. Give yourself two weeks of not thinking about the exam at all. Enjoy the holidays and start the new year fresh!
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    4th time is the charm for me!
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    alright guys. Maybe things are trending real. I'm still skeptical. I've got to run to a meeting. I'll be back in an hour. Try to stay sane, I'll do the map when I get back.
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    and rapid heartbeats along with a feeling of dread
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    Was this a baking pun? What are these voles that everyone keeps talking about? @JayKay PE as Catwoman!
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    Yeah they do give you a progress report. It's in your login. It says pending.
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    8-10 weeks after the exam. 12-16 in Pennsylvania any weekday anytime during regular east coast business hours yes, February 29 becomes a thing nope on second thought, sure why not. you can't be wrong! only during an annular eclipse yes, i could tell you, but then id have to kill you they figure out how to safely cut wires lol, no yes, for October 2018 bonus: 47
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