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    Final tally: 1 @blybrook PE (square) 1 @MEtoEE (jean) 1 @ChebyshevII PE (bly) 4 @squaretaper LIT AF PE (mp, rb, cheby, me2) @squaretaper LIT AF PE was killed by a copy of Twilight falling off of a tall bookshelf. @squaretaper LIT AF PE was maf Remaining players: @MEtoEE @ChebyshevII PE @tj_PE @txjennah PE @Roarbark @blybrook PE @RBHeadge PE @MadamPirate PE @jean15paul_PE @chart94
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    Death scene @RBHeadge PE slips on an orange peel and breaks their legs. An infection sets in and the leg must be amputated. Thankfully a good doctor appears to complete the surgery so @RBHeadge PE's life is saved (unlike Bobby Leach in 1926). Remaining players: @RBHeadge PE @MEtoEE @tj_PE @txjennah PE @ChebyshevII PE @MadamPirate PE @chart94 @blybrook PE @jean15paul_PE @Roarbark
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    Ahhh, look at all the lonely sheep-le. Yes. Squaretaper. Finally, non-suicidal townie death information.
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    omg guys I just thought of an AMAZING theme for next round I mod: H.H. Holmes and his Murder House.
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    Nope, girl. My favorite part of researching how to do it was all the blogs being like "don't plan on going anywhere for at least three days" and I'm just sitting here like WON'T BE A PROBLEM, BARB.
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    War and peace would probably do the job.
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    I plan on getting to that beer at back of the fridge.
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    Yeah, buying cheap damascus blanks and shaping a handle isn't what I'd call knife making!
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    Sweet! I'd love to do blacksmithing just to get into making knives, but absolutely, 100%, do not have the room for it.
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    I dislike the full-page ads I get when using a phone. Were donations not enough to keep the site up and running?
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    I picked up an anvil with tools, coal, coal forge, propane forge, and some 1080, O1, and a coil spring. Been learning how to do some blacksmithing.
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    Got my run in this morning. I love running outside when it's in the 50s. It's the perfect temperature to not get too hot and it's refreshing once you finish the run. One thing I've noticed since this virus crap started is that I've taken a decent amount of time off of my mile time. I'm consistently 45 seconds - 1 minute faster per mile now than I was back in February.
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    Yea I spent a lot of time in field with old school construction crews. Curse you out, call you every name in book. But on plus side, I have a really thick skin now. Once were waiting for someone to come open gate. Waited at least 30 min. Crew foreman tells person that shows up he was getting ready to use master key. Foreman holds up a pair of bolt cutters.
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    i had a dream last night i was late to this exam; and then the exam turned into a poker tournament. it was a weird one, including the fact i passed in 2018
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    I mean we call our dog, Moo most of the time I like calling her Marcie around people who don't know I have a dog so it sounds like I have a misbehaved, asshole child
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    Wait, I (a townie) wasn’t killed off and we got a mafioso? Now that’s how to enjoy a good evening! Way to go fellow townies!!!
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    *changes the words to a Marilyn Manson song* aaaaah the beautiful sheep-le, the beautiful sheep-le....
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    depends, boy or girl? boy @ 1 year would be
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    I usually go with, "'sup dummies."
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    I trimmed the holly trees in the backyard. Only took me 8 years to get around to it!
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    I thought you had to use "All y'all" for the plural.
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    Been using the Standard handbook by Beaty and it is so useful in terms of qualitative questions that I'm encountering.
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    i rly want ace pineapple cider rn
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    And i mean...i know this is overlapping for a stressful period for EVERYONE right now, they've just been really hard on us for utilization and using PTO instead of charging overhead, etc etc so it's hard for me to relax right now.
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    We had an outside cat when I was a kid. Gram called her Baby. Baby was not feral and was going to become an inside cat. But when Gram brought her to the vet for vaccines & an exam, Baby had cancer and was put down. Gram has another outside cat - not feral but not wicked friendly. He looks just like Baby but with an ear tip & janky eye. I don't know that she's named him even though she built him a hut & has been feeding him for 2 years.
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