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    Mine says the same thing. That was what I had talked with them about, which lead to the 2 week comment. My understanding is they are both covered by the exam we passed.
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    I got this answer before the last administration as I am an OH resident going for a CA license. You must take it in CA.
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    How many more years, if ever, do you think it will be before they update these concrete tech notes for ACI 318-14?
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    Looks like my application was completed today and finally got my license number.
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    So, I got a side gig working security with the Cincinnati Reds. Not supposed to take selfies, but I managed to snap a covert pict while I was "checking my messages". TBH, I don't know who most of these guys are, but maybe there are some Cubs fans on here.
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    I meant to log in earlier. I truly appreciate your help EB folks, especially @RBHeadge PE I passed Electrical, Power. The advice I got here really helped me. I will definitely give back.

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