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    Worrying about getting through the day was too stressful, put me off the lunch. Just wanna say I got a kick out of this. Here's the exact wording I sent to @ChebyshevII_PE for the orders to kill @NikR "Mafia builds a pair of concrete boots just the right size for NikR." So rest assured. No bunions.
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    It is now 6:00pm. The town lynched @Roarbark. He was the sole remaining member of the Mafia. Town wins! Congrats, all!
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    Does this make me the new @Baconator?
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    Loved it. I'm in for next round. So is @Audi driver, P.E.I bet!
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    Ahh hell yeah, I took out Cop the first round. I totally thought NikR was the cop.
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    Heck yes! Let’s get more people.
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    @NikR Well played. Good game, all. I tried. Mafia was @Roarbark and @JayKay0914. After she died first round I kept requesting air support, but nothing came.
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    @ChebyshevII_PE i vote to have a thuderdome face off between the remaining ppl.
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    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk i hate this what if im the mafia guys what if
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    Im in for sure!
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    @Audi driver, P.E.Ah, yes, now I understand. Excited to have you in another round.
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    Um...yes? I’m electrical, I only think in abstract concepts. Give me a break here.
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    I think it was a combination of figuring out the games’ mechanics and luck. It was random that the first mafia member got eliminated right away. I also felt really bad for JayKay and Vee; neither of them knew they were the mafia and cop until they were eliminated (since the DM said “not read” every time I checked). edit: wow I must be tired.
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    I appreciate the offer, and will prolly take you up on it within a couple more rounds! You did a great job as a Mafia member, btw.
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    @ChebyshevII_PE Definitely in. Like I said I volunteer to moderate if you wanna play. Otherwise I'm in as a peaceful plain 'ol concerned citizen. (˳˘ ɜ˘) ♬♪♫ Right. If Julie (if that's even her real name) voted for either of you, I would match her vote so it's 2 to 2 votes, and a coin flip today, then a coin flip in the morning when it's 1v1 (I think?????) Still not the best odds, but Mafia got pretty wrecked in round 1.
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    @tj_PE Damn your randomizer. Had 2/3 chance of giving me 25% chance of winning. Alas.
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    You would be much cooler if you did, temperature wise!
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    Thank you @ChebyshevII_PE for suggesting and moderating the game. It was a lot of stress and fun. Count me in too.
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    Put me off wolf lunch, not real lunch. My irl my leftover pasta was delicious.
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    I would have used the randomizer, and I probably would have done it at noon so I could say, “It’s Hiiiiigh noon!”
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    I'll throw my hat into the ring for the next round.
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    @ChebyshevII_PEWas definitely a good feature not knowing who I killed. Lots of stress/uncertainty not knowing whether cop was alive still. Thanks for the vigilant narrating. If you'd like to play, I volunteer to act as narrator this or any future rounds, Cheb!
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    good game all!
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    @JayKay0914 and @Roarbark were the only 2 members.
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    Now because I know you are all curious... 1. @vee043324 was the cop. 2. I didn’t reveal members’ roles at night in order to throw the Mafia off. Thanks for playing, everyone! I hope we get to do this again soon.
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    That's where you're wrong.
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    If only he were in charge.
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    Banned because at this rate you'll be wrong in 56 minutes.
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    Gives everyone a chance to stew and realize they're making a mistake
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    Yes. You should give it a try.
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