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    Lol I actually did better in thermo and heat transfer than statics and dynamics in school. Using machine design stuff at work over the last 6 years helped keep the basics relatively fresh in my head and made studying easier. On another note, finally got my license number today great start to a vacation week.
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    Lilzieg was evicted on 4/17 (9 days late) and came home on 4/25. She had meconium in her lungs and her umbilical cord strangling her and had to be delivered by emergency C-section, but she's doing great now!
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    so a few weeks ago our garage freezer got unplugged and we lost some stuff, luckily I didn't have much meat in the freezer, but I bagged up what was in there and put it in our extra trash can next to the house, guess I forgot about it, went to pull that can around for Friday trash pick up and almost hurled - didn't even open the lid, but I guess a pack of ribs and some chicken sitting in a plastic trash can in the upper 90's heat for a few weeks makes a hell of smell.. just hope that shit is gone by the time I get home!
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    Me: Entropy, Enthalpy, Polytropic, Adiabatic, Carnot Cycle, Re-heat Regen Cycle, Gas Turnine - Steam cogen.. Easy! Deflection, Kinematics, Vibration Tri-Axialllalalal Stressss what??? lol