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    @Dean AgnosticThe first thing that comes to my mind when I hear pie is fur, hahahahahahahahahahahaha. I try to make my desserts memorable! I actually got told by people at work that I need to stop baking. That too much of a good thing is bad, and that their metabolism isn't as good as it used to be!
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    Hey Stewie, saw your post over on eng-tips, but forgot to respond. Are you still considering taking an online review course? I took the Bridge depth last year, and took EET's review course for both modules and was very satisfied with it. There is also an EET-SE Review thread you can read through for other opinions. They provide you with a study binder to go along with their course, and it is pretty much the equivalent of having the CERM for the PE morning section. The amount of material they provide you along with all of the lectures doesn't leave a whole lot of time to be digging through many other references/study guides. For studying, the only materials I looked through were the NCEES SE Practice exam, PPI's 16-hr building practice exam (only for the morning questions obviously), and David Connor's Bridge Problems for the SE Exam. I think Connor's book is mostly geared towards building engineers taking the exam that don't have any knowledge of AASHTO, but I still found it very helpful. I had the SERM from before, but never ended up diving into it at all, but I think it's a good resource to have for the Vertical exam. Additionally, I had printed out a lot of design examples for the depth problems. On exam day, I of course brought everything with me, but only ever used the EET binder with my supplemented notes/examples, and the codes. If you decide not to take a review course, or if you go with a course other than EET, I think you'd get a different answer on a plan of attack than what I provided, so I'll let others chime in there.
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    LOL yeah. Greasing the muffin tin is important. They'll get stuck and look unappetizing if you don't grease it. My family skips that optional step, so it ends up looking like a dinner roll. If you follow the last step, it will look like this: