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    I finally passed! Congratulations to those of you who passed, and a big hug for those who haven't.
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    Congratulations to all who passed!! To those who need to fight this beast again, you can do it, and you will do it!! And thank you to everyone on here for helping me get through the wait period! I passed lateral building on the second attempt!! It is surreal and so many emotions going though me!! Still have to take the Vertical Building but I'm ready to face it.
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    I'm one of TWO for Vermont this cycle! Yay go us! I passed, finally, MAJOR YAY!
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    just swinging by on my lunch break to see the positivity my fellow engineers are radiating.. back to work i guess
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    If it makes you feel any better, I've taken the exam 4 times and finally passed this time. My score breakdown for the previous exams are: Civil: Geotech: October 2017: 47/80 (AM: 27, PM: 20) April 2018: 46/80 (AM: 21, PM: 25) October 2018: 45/80 (AM: 25, PM: 20) Don't get discouraged (easier said than done, I know) but keep on going. Don't quit, just keep taking it until you pass!
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    Best of luck on your exams today! I turned off posting ability for new "members" through the weekend, well be back up Monday afternoon after you have forgotten the test questions- Please do not post anything that resembles an exam question here - Level of "safe" posts: Safe- "Wow that test was hard, should have bought Road Guys Study manual" Less safe - "Geesh there were lots of water questions on there" Danger Area - "Did anyone get the answer to the HCM question where there were values for ADT, Shoulder Width, but not for Speed Design?" NCEES will subpoena your account and kill you level - " Two trains leave the station at exactly 4:00 PM, EST, Train A, is Red and is carrying 1000 passengers and is travelling at a rate of speed of 100 KM/H while Train B is blue, only carrying 500 Ford Ranger Pickup Trucks, each with 2 gallons of gasoline, is travelling at a rate of speed of 80 MPH. Which train will reach San Diego in time to have their test results invalidated?
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    I just joined this community yesterday, but I know that there are a lot of people out there that are currently getting some really awful news. While I am by no means an expert in test taking, I feel like I am somewhat qualified to offer some advice. I've taken four different NCEES exams, failing three of them - (FS Fail, FS Pass, FE Pass, PS Fail, PS Pass, PE Fail, PE Pass). If NCEES ever goes public, I'll buy stock. So for those who failed: 1) Take a Deep Breath: You're currently feeling a lot of emotions right now, and they're likely all negative. You poured countless hours and hundreds of dollars into this exam, and are feeling like it was all for nothing. It wasn't for nothing. You're now closer to passing the exam than you ever have been. This might feel like a huge set back, but it's a necessary step forward toward your license. Some people get there in one big step, while others take many small steps to get to their destination. 2) Prepare for Returning to Work: For me, this was the worst part of failing the exams. Having to explain my failure to co-workers, many of whom had already passed the PE or PS exam, was really difficult. In your mind, you likely think that colleagues are judging you more than they really are. The reality is that they are almost always sympathetic and feel badly for you. I've read some horror stories in the past where co-workers will verbally put down or make fun of someone who has failed - if this happens to you, I am so very sorry. That is truly a bad situation for so many reasons. But, 99% of the time, your co-workers will be sympathetic. 3) Take a Break: Every time I failed, my gut instinct was to jump right back on the horse and immediately start studying again. This is a positive mentality to have, but it might not be the most productive for passing this exam. Your first reaction might be, "But I've had a break for the past 6-8 weeks since I took my test". In reality, you haven't had a break. You've been stressing over the results, possibly losing sleep. Now that you know that you've failed and that you will have the opportunity to take the exam again, it's time to rest and clear your mind. You know what lies in your future, but for the next month, try to rest and make a plan. 4) Plan Your Move: One of the few benefits to failing is that you are presented with a report showing your weaknesses. Depending on how the exam went and what you know about yourself, this may or may not help you. For instance, my first PE fail showed that I was basically below average on everything except surveying. For me, it was completely back to the drawing board, but if you know that you're extremely strong in certain categories, terribly weak in others, and your results show this, then use it to your advantage when you start studying again. 5) Hop Back On the Horse: After a month of rest, pull out the crate of books that you last touched back in April, and slowly start studying again. If you took a prep class like EET or SoPE, look into if they offer a free 2nd attempt, or discounted classes for attempts beyond the 2nd attempt. If there were things that you didn't like about the class the first time, look into changing the school or instructor this time around (I had a difficult time following my geotech instructor the first time, and found that changing the instructor the 2nd time made all the difference). If you took a live class the first time and know where your weaknesses are this time, consider switching to on-demand if that's an option. This will allow you to spend more time on weak areas and less time on your strengths. 6) Pace Yourself: October is five months away. I won't lie - when taking a 2nd attempt and focusing on studying, those 5 months flew by. If you take a one month break, you have four months to study, and that is plenty of time. It's also plenty of time to completely burn yourself out. It's important to constantly study, but to also give your mind breaks. If your work is physically draining, plan on minimal studying on work days. If you must have weekends free, study 1-2 hrs a night, but give yourself a couple of nights off every week. Cramming and turning your brain to mush will do you no good in October - slow and steady wins the race. 7) When October Arrives, Relax: Stress is as much a factor in failing an exam as not being knowledgeable in your exam material. You will stress more going into this exam simply out of fear of failing again. Practice suppressing this fear, and know that you have an upper hand this time. You know what the test looks like. You know what the AM/PM time frame feels like. You've been here before. Reduce panic, skip questions that you are lost on, focus on what you know. (I realize all of this is easier said than done) But for now - just breathe. Looking back, this moment will blend with all others. You will no longer look upon it as a negative experience, but rather a building block that was necessary to get where you are bound to go. Best of luck!
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    Texas is out. Officially S.E. holder. Passed Lateral - Building
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    Oct '18 - 45/80 - Civil Geotech April '19 - 50/80 - Civil Geotech Oct'19 - Pass - Civil Construction For all those who fail, keep your head up! You can do it!
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    CA results are out! I passed!!!!
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    So I took the PE Civil Transportation back in the Spring. 5 weeks later I was at the dentist and as they were drilling into my teeth I got a notification on my smart watch and in the corner of my eye I saw it was from NCEES saying notice of exam results release. It was a pretty tense as I was like oh man I gotta log on and check this but I can't tell them to stop. So about 15 minutes later they let me take a break and I logged on and I saw that I failed. I then had to proceed to be having my teeth drilled into for the next 2 hours. I think it actually made it a little easier to accept as I had to keep a bit of straight face since I was in public, but I still was disappointed. I took it again in October and funny enough my prediction for the results release was December 10th as I had to go to the dentist again this morning. However, I was not interrupted with that email this time. Here's the healthier teeth and hopefully a passing result soon!
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    Welcome to the post April 2019 PE post-exam wait period. Did you think that studying for the exam and taking the exam was the hard part? Well you were wrong! Waiting for the exam results is the worst part of this whole process. A few years ago @Dexman PE PMP wrote a famous post ( http://engineerboards.com/topic/21356-feel-good-about-how-you-did-on-the-exam/ ) outlining the stages of the post-exam emotional roller-coaster. I’ve reproduced his immortal words (italics) and added a few new insights and advice below. Phase 0 (Emotional Hangover) This happens immediately after the conclusion of the exam. You spend the next few days bouncing between phases 1-5, either individually or at the same time. You are Heisenberg's test result, simultaneously convinced that you passed and failed at the same time. You'll find yourself suddenly with a lot of free time and no idea what to spend it on (pro tip: spam thread here, spend time with family and friends, or burn off the stress at the gym). You'll be looking at which PE stamps to order, and which PE study classes to take for the next exam. After a few days your brain will slow down and you settle into... Phase 1 (CALM) This stage will last a few days. You are mostly recovered from the mental marathon of the exam and post-exam emotional roller coaster. The full weight of what has just happened hasn’t really set in and you are probably a bit relaxed thinking that the worst is over. Phase 2 (SECOND-GUESSING) will start to set in over the next few days. You will start to forget small (but important) pieces of the exam and forget how you answered the question, but will remember just enough so that you keep trying to re-calculate the answers in your head. You will slowly begin to convince yourself that you got it wrong. Phase 3 (WORRY) will follow within a few weeks. At this point, you've convinced yourself that you've missed a few problems, but you *should* still be ok. Phase 4 (DOUBT) After worrying for about a month (we're now within 2-3 weeks of results at this point), you'll jump into full blown doubt. You are now certain that you missed way too many questions to stand a chance at passing. Phase 5 (ANGER) Once you've lost hope of passing, you'll move into Phase 5 (anger) over the fact that it's taken way too damn long to grade a simple scantron and the guys at NCEES are morons for taking so long. I mean, really, 6-8 weeks to feed a scantron into a f*ing machine, COME ON!! Another source of anger stems from all of the "Not this shit again" and "Don't try to calc it because it's worthless" responses to all of your cut-score and release date posts. BTW, want a sanity check of why it takes so long to “just score a scantron”? look here: http://engineerboards.com/topic/29578-ncees-news-update/?page=8&tab=comments#comment-7463208 Phase 6 (RESULTS) Finally, you'll hit Phase 6 (results). Each person reacts differently at this point whether they passed or not, how many times they've taken it, financial implications, expectations, etc. Regardless of how the results come out, at this point you will find that the CAB of your choice is very welcomed to either celebrate or cry into. Then there are obsessive futile “exercises” waiting examinees engage in. These can happen anytime during phases 2, 3, 4, and 5. The order of the exercise is arbitrary Futile Exercise A (Trying to calculate the cut-score) you’ll start speculating on the cut score, as if it’s universal for all exams. Maybe discussing a question in a nebulous way and convincing yourself that it will get tossed (questions aren’t tossed). You start spouting conspiracy theories that there is a quota for maximum and minimum number of passers (there isn’t), or that NCESS wants you to fail to get more of your money (meh, not really). The cut score will vary from exam session to exam session and from one engineering discipline to another. The cut score is based on what the minimally competent PE would get for that selection of test problems. Yes, PEs and other SMEs take practice exams with those problems to establish a baseline. It’s futile to try to guess the “cut score”, and even if you could you don’t know your own score anyway, so it really doesn’t matter. Want a little more elaboration? Look here: http://engineerboards.com/topic/30365-the-wait-is-killing-me/?do=findComment&comment=7485676 Futile Exercise B (trying to figure out how to get results before they come out) You’ll start trying to figure out ways to learn of your results before they come out. This will include searching your state’s PE license lookup or another state website, spam calling and emailing NCEES or the state board, etc. First: Please be nice to your state board workers! You are taking this test to become a professional, so act like a professional. NCESS won’t tell you anything beyond “8-10 weeks” until after they released the results. The state boards won’t tell you much more and NCESS usually doesn’t share anything firm with them anyway. The boards will often get surprised with the results too. No state starts updating their license lookup prior to the initial release of results. So don’t bother searching there until at least one state has released first! Some states (Mass, NJ, and a couple others) have other websites like where you can divine a pass/fail, but it won’t happen until other states have already started releasing, and those states tend to release after everyone else too. Futile Exercise C (guessing the release date) This is another favorite pass time. You’ll start looking through old map threads to try to guess the release date. Maybe you’ll look at state board meetings dates and try to cross reference with the past results to figure out when’s this years’ will come out. Multiple posters look at the (lack of) data and come to a “conclusion” that a given date is “it”. The OG’s tell you that the wait will last a little bit longer, but group-think sets in and the vets get mocked for “trolling”. Things get even worse when the “sure thing” date passes without a release. No one can say with certainty when the results will be released this early after the exam. With that written, we have been following things for a while and we have an idea of when the release will generally happen. Fall results take longer than spring results because of the holidays and time available to schedule cut score meetings. The vets may not know the exact date ahead of time, but we generally know the signs and can confidently give a “no earlier than” date. This is not the same as a release date. We’ll also know when things are imminent. Still want to scratch the itch? @Duckdude actually took the time to make a spreadsheet of known release dates for all states for all exams sessions going back for over a decade. And he did it AFTER he got his results back. Great dedication and work on his part! You can browse it here if you are curious. Futile Exercise (reading the tea leaves) This is a variation on futile exercises B and C, but warrants its own category. You’ll start scrutinizing every NCEES tweet or facebook post, take screenshots and discuss minor tweaks to the dashboard layout, or get over excited when a state board has called an emergency meeting. You look for any clue or edge to see if you passed/failed or when the results may come out. Sometimes these signs are legit, often they’re not. The OG’s have been tracking things for years and know how to separate the signal from the noise. Futile Exercise E (harassing NCEES and state board employees) The title says it all, it's an aggravated version of futile exercise B. Don't be a d$%K and try to avoid this one. You aren't doing yourself any favors by acting unprofessional. Futile Exercise F5 (spam reloading the NCEES dashboard) During this phase you are continuously reloading the NCEES dashboard and/or refreshing your email. FWIW, we can confirm that sometimes the examinees' dashboard will update with the result prior to the NCESS email going out. The time difference is anywhere from no-delay to a couple hours. Go ahead and spam F5 the dashboard to blow off steam. Speaking of blowing off steam, trying the April 2019 spam thread: or any of the other game threads. So, how did the exam go last week?
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    You will begin to despise Justin Stine more and more each time you login.
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    I have some good and bad news friends. Bad news is that Vee is in it for a 4th time. But it’s ok. The good news is that I’m 2 weeks away from finishing my masters. And I have some even better news: I’m leaving the senate at the end of the month and I’ve accepted an amazing engineering job back in New England and start in January. I will be doing design work and it will be so wonderful to actually “study” at work simply by doing work. There’s too many good things happening to me right now to be upset about this exam. And I do think working as an engineer will help me a lot for attempt #4!! I’ll be focused, not trying to do a million things at once, and I’m going to be making so much more money!!
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    In Milwaukee, there happened to be a "My Little Pony" convention at my hotel, down the street from the test location. At the lunch break between AM and PM sessions, I walked back to clear my head and eat lunch. Unfortunately, I walked into a techo-infused sh*t show consisting of grown men dressed in pony costumes/accessories partying way too hard for noon on a Friday. I literally cannot make this up. I was so drained from the AM session that I did not fully grasp the insanity of what I was subjected to until well after the entire exam was over.
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    Mini sap #3 is coming home tomorrow! 22 days in the NICU, one major surgery and a thousand bucks in gas to drive back and forth between hospital and home to see him and also stay in contact with my other two kids later, and he's finally going to sleep in his own crib for the first time tomorrow night.
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    FL HVAC-R PASSED!! results @ 10:17am Eastern 😆
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    Me when a coworker asks if I've gotten the results yet. Also me when somebody on this thread keeps telling people to chill out and get a hobby. Or tells people to go back and read hundreds of replies. This. is. rough.
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    The fastest way to get your result is to post questions from the exam on here. Guaranteed.
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    @Audi driver, P.E. was kicking off his fun old fashion family Christmas by heading out into the country in the old front-wheel drive sleigh to embrace the frosty majesty of the winter landscape and select that most important of Christmas symbols. As he was cruising down the road, some obnoxious tailgaters started to ride his tail. Not this time he mumbled to himself. He pushed his foot on the accelerator trying to outrun the shoddy, run down truck that now had taken a sharp turn into the opposite lane attempting to pass. His wife looked horrified screaming to him how he shouldn't provoke them. @Audi driver, P.E. turns to her and shouts "if its alright with you ill do the driving." In the backseat @ChaosMuppetPE and @JayKay PE looked bored with their dads antics and had begun to play on their iphones tuning out his angry snarls. The truck finally passes @Audi driver, P.E. and then abruptly slams his brakes causing @Audi driver, P.E. to lose control and almost go off into a snowbank. After their near death experience, the greaseballs finally arrive at the tree lot run by none other than @RBHeadge PE. @RBHeadge PE runs up to greet his customers. The entire town had gathered at his tree lot as it was the day after thanksgiving and he was doing a 33.333 percent off sale. Can i show you around ? @RBHeadge PE asks. Sure says @Audi driver, P.E.. They start to walk over to the main lot and Suddenly @Audi driver, P.E. notices the pickup truck that was messing with him. From the pickup truck emerges @LyceeFruit . She flicks @Audi driver, P.E. off and begins looking around at the trees. "oh the nerve" @Audi driver, P.E. tells @RBHeadge PE, who has begun showing them trees. As they are perusing around, a shout is heard and suddenly the entire town is chanting "THIEF, THIEF, THIEF ". @RBHeadge PE races over and tackles @LyceeFruit to the ground. "Not so fast, you gotta pay for that first or my fist will meet your skull" threatens @RBHeadge PE. "Hey listen here fish boy, it was me!!" @LyceeFruit screams in protest. "Lies, we saw you take it and we arent going to stand by and let you get away with it. There has been enough crime in this town as it is with that damn mafia taking all the limited edition new years eve furbies shipment! shouts @ChebyshevII PE. "You know what I say its time we take matters into our own hands!!!" @MadamPirate, @squaretaper PE and a shout in agreement. TO THE CHIPPER!!!" everyone chimes. @txjennah PE starts the chipper up as @leggo PE , @NikR_PE, and @Roarbark lift her up and toss her in. A sharp scream is drowned out by the grinding of bones and flesh, met with a splatter of blood and guts all over the chipper. All of sudden the chipper stops suddenly. "Damn thing always jams" @RBHeadge PE proclaims. He reaches up into the chipper and pulls out a half chopped up baseball bat. what the hell he thinks. He jogs over to the shoddy truck and opens the door. Lying on the front seat was a gun, rope and a bottle of moose. MAFIA!! he shouts as he collapses to his knees. @LyceeFruit was lynched by the town. She was mafia.
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    Did anyone sign up for NCEES' early results pilot program? Someone in my office received an e-mail a few days ago. It was something about receiving preliminary results within 2-3 weeks.
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    well at least we now know which is the easiest engineering degree to get
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    I just got this email!
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    @RBHeadge PE. Thank you for all you do for this forum. It just amazes me to see your influence here. I am sure a lot of people on this forum appreciate what you do. Once again thank you!
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    Still says "PASS". Had to make sure it was real
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    I passed!!!! This was my third try and I was pretty discouraged after the first two attempts. Seeing that green PASS makes it all worth it! Almost two years of my life devoted to studying for these tests...
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    OH MY GOSH I PASSED! Third time's the charm!!!
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    just remember that with all the $ spent by PE wannabees, college, work, time away from their life, $ spent by NCEES, $ spent on expensive test prep materials, etc, one thing remains true: You can be a PE and still be a dumbass...
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    snickette arrived saturday morning just under a week early. 5#13oz of fun
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    I struggled. Sorry it's sub-par! --- It finally came to a head. “We know what you’ve been doing,” @MadamPirate said, body angled in front of @vhab49_PE as they cautiously faced the other two contestants, “and we’re going to stop you.” Darkly painted lips stretched into a lazy smirk as @txjennah PE leaned back companionably against @blybrook PE’s bulky shoulder, “You knew this was coming. I’m just wondering why it took you so long and why you let so many die in your futile pursuit.” @txjennah PE’s eyes glinted darkly as they took in the other two, heavily hooded eyelids barely moving as they looked them over and found them wanting. The space between the two groups seemed fathoms long, but was, in reality, maybe only 20-feet in length. The polished ballroom surface seemed to highlight the lines drawn in the sand and the previously unknown alliance came to light. Popcorn crunched guiltily, filling the silence, and all present turned to glare momentarily at @Will.I.Am PE, who shrugged and kept eating. They were fighting to have the chance to seduce him or something. He still wasn’t quite sure the purpose of this whole endeavor, and with 14 people dead, he felt like he should at least know that. “Well, that-” @MadamPirate turned and then abruptly shoved @vhab49_PE to the side as @txjennah PE lunged at them both, eyes narrowed with something dark and unexplainable. Their face burned in anger at the attack from behind: how could they? Then they remembered they were dealing with a murderer who obviously didn’t mind being a coward and killing people behind doors where they couldn’t defend themselves. It was a flurry of fists, kicks, and even a bite or two as @MadamPirate parried and countered @txjennah PEs attack, an animalistic snarl working its way from their throat. This would end today! They wouldn’t let anyone else die on their clock! They reared back and charged forward, knuckles hitting true at the soft neck throat muscles of @txjennah PE, sending the other scrambling back. @MadamPirate struck again, bare fist glancing off the sharp jawbone of @txjennah PE, with the other arm following with a sucker punch hook to the liver that cracked at least one rib. As @txjennah PE cradled one side of their body, @MadamPirate slammed their knee into their stomach, forcing their torso to collapse right into their arm. @MadamPirate then slammed them into the wall, arm now pressed firmly against their throat while the other began to bury punches into their stomach, again and again and again, ignoring the spittle spraying onto their face as they continued the deed. Leaping back to avoid a wide haymaker, @MadamPirate turned, ready to join forces with @vhab49_PE only to almost lose their arm as @blybrook PE went charging past in a dizzying tornado of froth and bloody fur. “Don’t worry about this!,” @vhab49_PE cried, legs clamped around the rampaging bear, attempting to slam their block heel into the animal’s skull as @blybrook PE, in turn, tried to throw them bodily against the wall. At least one eye appeared to have been gouged out, due to the rivets of blood streaming down into the howling maw, and at least one of the bottom canines had been snapped out from @blybrook PE defending themselves. Before @MadamPirate was able to respond they had to dodge the swipe from the hunter’s knife in @txjennah PE’s hand. It seemed their opponent was more well-armed than they thought, They dodged a lunge that removed one of their dress’s sleeves. It also appeared that @txjennah PE had gotten their second wind. There was a moment of stillness, where a still smirking @txjennah PE had backed @MadamPirate into a different wall, point of the knife held almost at their throat, but-THEN-another burst of dodging and weaving, bobbing out of the way of the knife that became closer and closer until-alas!-it struck! @MadamPirate stumbled back a few steps, hand going up to paw uselessly at the knife that was now embedded in their chest. They stared at it in confusion, at the handle sticking out from a location where it didn’t belong. “You thought you could beat us! Beat me!” @txjennah PE wheezed out a dry chuckle, “You could never beat us! You knew nothing! With you out of the way, I’ll be the winner! Me! And I’ll be on television and I’ll be the star!” Their last few words cracked as they began to stalk forward slowly, one foot dragging, to finish the job. They did not expect @MadamPirate to smile at them through bloody teeth, as if this was some type of joke. Or for them to reach up and rip the rest of their damaged ball gown off, carelessly letting the fabric fall to the ground. @txjennah PE most definitely did not expect to see the streamlined body armor that had prevented the knife from fully embedding itself. The officer’s badge gleamed dully on @MadamPirate’s chest. “We end this now,” They said, hand quickly going for their sidearm at @txjennah PE's scream of fury. Without a pause, the clip was unloaded with exacting precision and prejudice, followed by reloading so they could be ready. Because, even though they trusted @vhab49_PE to do their best, there was one simple fact about @blybrook PE: they were a bear. A bear was a class of its own and an injured bear was another, but an injured bear, blinded both physically and by love, that had been forced into multiple costume changes throughout this event, was a class of fight that nobody had ever historically been through without dying (it’s never been documented, which means it always ended in fatality). It’s a simple fact that when a bear fights in the wild, instinct points them towards disabling the weapons of their enemy, which for a bear is their jaws and, to a lesser effect, their large claws. A fighting bear will try to do everything in their power to target their enemy’s mouth. Unfortunately, this applies towards non-humans as well, meaning a bear will often rip the face off of lesser attackers. It’s what self-preservation forces them to do. So @MadamPirate knew @blybrook PE was going to attack before the bear’s brain cells made the decision, could hear the saliva bubbling in their maw as they situated their bulk before they charged like a locomotive being thrown off its tracks. @MadamPirate quickly fired three shots, hitting deep in the meat of @blybrook PE’s bulk, before they dodged out of the way with a tuck-and-roll. They stopped in a genuflect, preparing for the next round, hand slapping up to their forehead to smear away the blood that had been slowly dripping into one eye and clouding their vision. @blybrook PE roared in annoyance when their attack did not reap any impact, vibrating the windows and mirrors present on-set and sending one of the makeup girls squealing and clamping their hands over their ears. The momentary distraction, where @blybrook PE paused to swing their head in the direction in an attempt to determine if it was @MadamPirate, was enough for the police officer to fire of a few more shots at the opening. @blybrook PE locked their knees, bracing against the onslaught and letting out a woof of frustration. They mock charged in-place a few times, as if to ramp themselves up for their attack, before letting out a bark of rage. This time, when they ran at @MadamPirate, they swung their head from side to side as an impromptu battering ram, mouth wide and ready to catch on anything. They were lucky and locked onto @MadamPirate’s leg below the knee. With a cringing snap, the bone was crunched between the jaws and the body thrown to the side. Without pause, a huge paw with 3-inch claws came slamming down onto @MadamPirate face, to prevent them from mauling in retaliation. @blybrook PE gave a guttural bark deep in their throat before they took out a chunk of the cop’s upper torso, tossing the mouthful to the side so that another could be scraped away from the shoulder cavity. They huffed in place for a few minutes, shaking their head every few seconds to hear if there were any other survivors, before they lumbered to their feet. Another huge shake of the head and rubbing with a paw revealed one eye still intact, though covered with matted, bloody, fur. “So, I guess you won?” @blybrook PE swung towards @Will.I.Am PE’s voice, lips pulled back in a snarl, before they snapped back into their television persona and gingerly picked their way over. “Not that I don’t think you have a great personality,” @Will.I.Am PE said, “But I don’t think it’d work out. I mean, you’re a bear. And I’m me.” An awkward pause. “And I have a wife.” The bear grumbled, sitting back on its haunches. There goes its spinoff series. @blybrook PE is mafia. The remaining player is: @blybrook PE THE MAFIA WON
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    Colorado is out 10:34 AM ET!!! NCEES released the results. Confirmed what I knew last week. I passed.
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    "Hello darkness my old friend. I see you pressed F5 again."
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    Dear NCEES, Roses are red, violets aren’t blue It’s amazing the pain that you put me through I pay for your test, I studied so hard “Unacceptable” you say! My psyche is scarred. But surely, I think, the next time’s the charm? Learn from my mistakes, ok what’s the harm? With each failed attempt, it’s less likely I’ll pass The tears I have shed, ‘twould surprise you, their mass. I did what I could, bought your practice exam. “Accurate practice”…we both know it’s a sham. But oh well what’s the point, I’ll pay you again. Each consecutive fail like a kick to the shin. Don’t worry some say, this is what’s life’s like! You fall, stand up tall, and get back on the bike. But this is quite different, I sardonically say These graders—with my emotions they play They trick me and fool me in every way What did I do wrong? No one can tell Frustration so strong, it could make me yell. But my dear friends that’s the end of this rhyme Sorry that reading it took so much time. NCEES there’s still time, for us to be friends A simple, succinct and fair way to make amends. In April when you see my dear test Just put “acceptable”, let’s agree, it’d be best.
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    You're assuming the symbol with one boot is equal to half of the symbol of two boots. That's a dangerous assumption to make,since there was no definition of the one boot symbol and no operation defined to convert these symbols. IMO you can just as easily assume any value for one boot and thus there are an infinite number of solutions. In the real world,this is sloppy problem and a careful engineer would have to do more research before making a conclusion.
  49. 8 points
    Alabama's out. I PASSED! 3rd times a charm thanks to EET!
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    Just make sure you click on the eb.com Amazon link to order your squatty potty
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