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    It's been fun, folks. From AC Slatering to treadmills to boobs on a plane... party on, EB.
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    What did the chicken ever do to you? I'm going to contact PETA.
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    In the amber corner, weighing in at 20,213 posts, wearing blue shorts, the Jedi of Juke, the Crew of Brew, YOLO with Solo, it's KNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHTFOOOOOX!!! And in the green corner, weighing in at 15,575 posts, wearing brown and green shorts, the Master of Monsoon, the Saipan Tsunami, the one and only Tropic Thunder, it's D(eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)LEEEEEEEEEEEEG!!!
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    looks like a seafood hotdog to me.
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    A dish doesn't have to have multiple types of seafood in it to be called seafood. It only has to have one piece of seafood to be called seafood.
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    Mediocre Mrs. Meatball
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    So to recap: A food item was ordered. It was called a "lobster roll", however it did not meet the criteria of what an actual lobster roll is as defined by the traditional recipes from New England (like adding beans to tomato soup and calling it chili). Instead it was simply a bread roll with lobster in it.
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    I'll drink for y'all. I'm already drinking for me
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    @knight1fox3 haters gotta hate. go Pats!
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    And just for @MA_PE in case he hasn't been razzed enough...
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    To answer your question the most simple way possible...the California Board provides this exam because 1) the laws require the California Board to do that; and 2), Section 6755.1(b) states that the examination "...shall also include questions to test the applicant's knowledge of seismic principles and engineering surveying principles as defined in Section 6731.1." Section 6731.1 of the Professional Engineer's Act defines what 'surveying' a licensed civil engineer is allowed to practice or offer to practice. Whether that civil engineer actually practices that is not the point. The fact that you are allowed to, is the point. Since the licensed civil engineer is allowed to practice this, that licensee must demonstrate sufficient competency in doing so, all in the name of protecting the public. And for these latter facts, it is assumed that the candidates for licensure as a civil engineer already know how to perform these activities, not simply that it is something one would read up on. If anyone wishes to eliminate this requirement, it's quite simple to resolve. Just lobby a member of the California Legislature to author a bill to remove that requirement. In the meantime, I would recommend that you review the reference list (already posted by someone else) and the test plan specifications for this specific exam which can be found at https://www.bpelsg.ca.gov/applicants/plan_civsurvey.pdf
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    Agreed. Both of those places are pretty affordable on an engineer's salary. I've done both. It's just a matter of picking the right "requirements" and doing a little research. If you plan it 'right', it could would be about as much as Disney on a per day basis.
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    Sounds like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is settling to be The Mediocre Mrs. Maisel.
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    Is it bad that the true reason I want to go is because this great aunt comes from Ireland and usually summers in the Hamptons/Montauk, and suddenly she's like "Jersey Shore is cheaper, I will attempt that." And I'm rubbing my hands together like, 'yes, yes, see the greased up guido parking themselves on your private beach.'
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    Banned because I'd rather drink the beer in the cooler than hit (read:miss) the ball on the tee.
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    I think there's a thread for first world problems...
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    Did this happen on Snapchat? @vee043324
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    This method works nope not enough
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    Too bad you missed out on the joys of DOS and large floppy disks and cassette drives.
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    The real question is whether flu shots are Tony Horton approved.
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    We watched BOTH documentaries on the Fyre Festival. What a bunch of assholes. I feel like both documentaries compliment each other, because each delves into something the other doesn't.
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    Seismic is the exact same way. And quite frankly so is the national exam. Surveying is a part of many facets of civil engineering so having basic knowledge is not a big deal. This has to be the most dramatic post of all time. I'm assuming you went through 4 years of college and maybe a hundred exams that had "archaic" techniques you don't even use anymore and you're going to let one more fairly simple 2.5 hour exam bother you for more than a few seconds? Come on man. Thousands of others have passed this test and there is no reason you can't pass either with the information given to you by the board.