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    Hey guys! A coworker/soccer teammate/friend convinced me to do a century ride with him and his brother 2 weekends ago, so I guess I'm required to post here. Did a relatively slow pace, and stopped at all the aid stations for oranges, banana, starfruit, pretzels, donuts, malasada, spam musubi, etc... so it took us ~9.5 hours. Was feeling very strong up until we did the optional "Hill Climb Challenge" at mile 80, which was a mildly soul crushing 565' gain over 1.23 miles, (avg 9% grade). We then decided to "sprint to the finish", aiming for 20 mph on flats... I was starting to fall off the pace towards the very end.... Since our bike computers were all <100 miles at this point, we decided to go around the park in circles until they said 100... Which for me meant going an extra 6 miles... Was on flats though, and pretty easy to do. Felt strong during this. All in all, mostly fun experience. Plus I got a super stylish bike short tan souvenir.
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    I’m in process of changing up my sleep schedule a bit, since I haven’t been very good about being consistent. I moved my alarm clock to the other side of the room so i’d Be forced to get up to turn it off, instead of being tempted to hit snooze. So far it’s been a success. I haven’t hit snooze once this week, and I managed to get up before 6 every work morning so far. It’s given me time to make breakfast and eat it at home, and catch up on a little reading before starting my day. And, I feel a lot better because of it.
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    Only 2 votes? Must have both been townies. If one was mafia the other mafia would have voted to try an save them.
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    Dinner last night with my bestie. Pan fried hake (flour, salt, pepper) topped with a herb-lemon brown butter. Side of local cauliflower pan fried with capers, pine nuts, lemon zest.
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    One of my favorite shirts:
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    I wish that was a thing where I work. I need like, 365 of those.
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    Because whoever hires AB must not be too bright. Bazinga.
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    The application process use to be "coupled" everywhere. That was the default. You submitted a PE application to your state board AFTER you obtained the required experience and recommendations. Once the application was reviewed and approved, you took the exam, and if you passed you're got your PE license. Taking the exam is "coupled" to the application process. In recent years, many states have transitioned to a "decoupled" process. You can submit an application to take the exam BEFORE meeting the experience requirement. In theory you can take the PE exam as soon as you pass the FE exam (and some people do). But you still must wait until you have the required experience, and then you submit a 2nd application with your experience and recommendations. (In Louisiana it's referred to as a Part 1 and Part 2 application; not sure if that's true everywhere.) After all that, you get your PE licence. Taking the exam is "decoupled" from the final PE application process. Lots of states have switched to the decoupled process. They say it encourages more people to take the exam because there are less hoops to jump through before the exam. Also some people think the exam is easier if you're closer to your time in school. The boards don't really say this, but it also allows them to only have to review the experience of people who pass. As opposed to with the coupled process where they have to review every applicants experience. (They also get to charge 2 application fees.) But not all have moved to the decoupled process. I don't know much about this, but it sound like some states that still used the coupled process, don't like to recognize PEs obtained using the decoupled process. I guess they consider the traditional coupled process to be more rigorous.
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    Out of turn ban following up @NikR's suggestive pic ban: Banned because YOU'RE looking too hard ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Banned because go look for yourself!
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    This is tricky. My answer is none. Many of these conceptual questions build on your understanding of the topic/concept, unless you have experience in that area. The questions I encountered could not be found anywhere but if you know the underlying concept then you could figure it out. CERM, in my opinion, covers wider (and sometimes deeper) concepts than any class notes. It helped me with some of these questions. However, these conceptual questions cannot be relied on for passing. They could be a hit or miss. I would focus on passing the exam from the standard expected type questions which the class notes (I used EET) cover pretty well. And if you have extra time left to think about these questions, then you can try to figure out or deduce from CERM.
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    Banned for not following the game rules.
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    The intent is continued learning and depends on the individual approach. If you simply want to maintain your PE you can choose whatever PDHs are cheapest/readily available but may be of no value to you. If, on the other hand, you want to continue learning or reinforce what you already know, you may opt for PDHs to accomplish that.
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    1:45 to go. Currently at: @ChebyshevII PE 2 votes (audi, chart) @chart94 3 vote (cheby, nikr, tj) It's time for me to research stupid laws from Illinois and Washington (not DC).
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    This is crazy, but my license was actually issued two days after I got my result! I was checking the website for kicks and was totally shocked when I saw my name pop up. I'm wondering if it was mostly lucky timing, being just before the October exam? There must not be much of a backlog at the moment.
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    Yes. Commute is like 15-minutes to the shuttle parking lot, maybe a 5-minute wait (mine has always been less), and then a 10-15 minute shuttle to the hospital. If I drive direct, it's only 13-minutes from my apartment, but there isn't any available parking on-Site right now and the garage has around a year waiting list (noooooo). But even with the shuttle trip, it's really only a half hour commute/not even in the morning and maaaaaaybe a 40-min commute in the afternoon due to a little bit of traffic. Half of my commute is shuttle time, anyway, so it's not really affecting me? I think my body is still adjusting? I just need to get on a schedule and find a gym. I think I'll be better once I start working out again. It'll at least make me too tired to stay up late.
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    Wow thanks for forgetting that I'm ded too. Rude
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    I'll add that one to the list too.
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    See, I can't help it.
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    I'm thinking that homemade poptarts might be one of my first bakes post-PE. Because why not make pie crust from scratch after an extended break lol Likely the SK ones: https://smittenkitchen.com/2010/04/homemade-pop-tarts/ But I may keep looking because I wanna do frosting and sprinkles (which is weird since I hate frosting cakes/cupcakes - I'm usually over the process by the time it's cooled enough to do so i do it begrudgingly)
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    fried eggplant pesto egg sandwich from a local place. it was a special but they reprinted their menu board and it's now a regular! yay!
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    I think you'll be surprised on how well you know the material once you start the exam. You've just got to get that first question out of the way. You seem to have the depth construction topics under control, how well are you doing on the breadth practice exams? I'll say its a huge relief during the lunch break knowing you only need around a 50% in the afternoon to pass the exam.
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    Great game, everybody looking forward to the next one!
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    I originally thought there were three but I was wrong about that. From the grave, my ghost is believing the current vote is correct.
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    If you like the guitar, you've got to give this one a listen. I've never been called a long haired country boy, but I'm still country...
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    I am so out of the know this season that I just learned that Clay Mathews is no longer the best looking woman in Wisconsin!
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    Don't Lynch a townie...
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    I was not mafia, but, you know, it's the tradition of the game for JK to die on the first day.
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    It’s not like I can control my excessive sweating problem...
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    I’m gonna be busy all day so i’ll vote now and see if new information pops up later. @RBHeadge PE I vote @chart94. Seems like he had it out for leggo, and he’s been acting strange this game, like he knows something...
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    @JayKay0914 as long as it's after the PE, I'm so down for this. I wanna make scones. And muffins. and the SK apple plum pie (I legit was just telling my coworkers about it since he went apple picking!) My bestie and I are going to do a GBBO bake-off. with one oven lol (and not a lot of counter space no matter whose house we're at lol)
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    i appreciate you! ♥
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    Wouldn't matter, no one had this week's score count (it was everyone's lowest score thus far, and therefore is dropped in the current standings).
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    I just bought some dividers so that I could sort through my solved practice problems by section and put them in their own binder. There were times when I'm sitting there looking at a problem and I can imagine that I completed a problem that looked just like it but I couldn't locate it right away. So I know this resource will come in handy.
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    Banned for not actually banning @Fisherman504.
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    I don’t think that’s gonna be an issue, no sir.
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    Lucky guy. I got dick pics.
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    HAHAHA. Our conveyor elevator calculator.
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    All is forgiven. I guess we’re even now, huh?
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    Haha I figured it out by googling how to do spoilers in an online forum. Mod win!
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    but someone gets murdered by the mafs at night toooooo unless they were saved! by el doctoro
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    Also, here’s a little life tip for all ya’ll: don’t start your day with both coffee and an energy drink. I couldn’t think straight all day, first because I was too wired, and then because I was too tired.
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    Me and my husband were planning on getting better at work
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    Congrats! I passed my Surveying too! 2nd try! Feels good to be done with these seismic and survey exams.
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    I passed the Oct 2017 civil-construction depth exam (2nd attempt) after being out of school for many, many years. I'm 57 years old so don't let age dissuade you. Here was my strategy after failing the first attempt: Review Courses: The Ultimate Civil PE Review Course and EET's Breadth and Depth Practice Exams: For construction depth, include as much geotech review as possible. My practice exams included ones from EET, Ultimate Civil Engineer Review Course, Goswami, NCEES, Beth Lin Hartmann, Learncivilengineering.com, and passthecivilPE. Practice Problems: Indexed binder contained breadth in the front and construction depth in the back. This seemed like a time waster initially and was a pain, but it paid off by allowing me to quickly look up problems and, more importantly, giving me one simple binder to practice problems from. References: 1926 OSHA, CERM, MUTCD, Geotech Engineering (Coduto), ACI Formwork for Concrete. Other Practice Problem Books: Civil PE Morning Exam (Shepherd), Mike's Civil PE Exam Guide As you know, the real key is working problems until they are almost second nature. It seems like some of the theory behind the problems comes to life with repetition. Good luck and don't give up.

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