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    North Carolina is out. I'm 54 years old...out of school 26 years. Passed ME TFS the first time. 😀😀😀😉
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    Just got word from NCEES....by some miracle I passed!
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    For the love of all things sacred...let’s not hound their chat. They’re going to say the same thing, until the results are actually released. We’re supposedly professionals. Making immature jokes behind closed doors (or in a forum) is perfectly acceptable, but continually hounding the testing agency that has no control over when state boards approve results is college level stuff.
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    Ok, since you asked for it... This is my contribution from the discussion weeks ago regarding that poor schmuck who unknowingly bears the wrath of all of us compulsively checking and cursing his scapegoat existence. Getting delirious.
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    If it makes you feel any better, I've taken the exam 4 times and finally passed this time. My score breakdown for the previous exams are: Civil: Geotech: October 2017: 47/80 (AM: 27, PM: 20) April 2018: 46/80 (AM: 21, PM: 25) October 2018: 45/80 (AM: 25, PM: 20) Don't get discouraged (easier said than done, I know) but keep on going. Don't quit, just keep taking it until you pass!
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    I would like to congratulate everyone that passed, cheers to you guys!! And those who were not fortunate enough this time.....Please, retake the test. I am a second time taker I scored 45/80 October 2018 and passed this April. You guys can do it......... I feel for you and strongly encourage you to retake it... Thank you to the great admins and people who are serving the engineering community with this great forum.....You guys are the best...
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    This feels right, maybe a 52-53. There was a cliffside forming around 49-51 from the reported failures. WRE reported a 54 from a coworker, and I know some people want to dismiss it out-of-hand, but I don't really agree with that approach and I think the 54 should be considered. With that said, I really want to caution people about focusing on the cut scores. I can understand this as an academic exercise, or an attempt to get a Pyrrhic victory, but it can't mean anything more than that. The cut score doesn't matter; you can see my thesis here. If anything, knowing the cut score for last session's test could hurt you in the next attempt. The NCEES diagnostic already shows you your relative strengths and weakness by subject area. You can actually use that information that to help focus your studying for the next attempt. But, how would knowing this sessions cut score help you? I'm not asking rhetorically, I want to know why you think it will help? The cut score doesn't guide you on what subject to study. Perhaps you could to make the argument it provides guidance on the intensity of the studying for the next attempt? Okay great, except that if you got a 49 and you think that the cut score was only at 51, then you might not put as much effort into studying for the next exam as you should, maybe just a 'few' more hours than the last time. That's the wrong approach! The cut score changes with every exam in every session. You can't plan for the last war, you have to plan for the next one. You need to study for the next exam as if the cut score is 80/80, not low 50's. Planning for the low 50s is how you get to repeat this whole dreaded exercise yet another time. the "you" in the above isn't directed at anyone in particular.
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    What project number do I bill this week's engineerboard.com's time too?
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    @RBHeadge PE. Thank you for all you do for this forum. It just amazes me to see your influence here. I am sure a lot of people on this forum appreciate what you do. Once again thank you!
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    Nevermind! MN is in and I passed! literally got the notification as I was leaving the work parking lot.
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    God damn Trump. All the Republican States are getting their results first. its one of those conspiracy things, huh.
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    All, let's try and make @RBHeadge PE life a bit easier. In the past, some states are missed because of too much conversation in the map realease thread that RBHeadge puts together for us each year. Only post the state that you are reporting as "out" and the time/date. Hold discussions on "hoping [insert state] is coming soon" to other threads. Hold notifying of your passing/failing the exam, and also avoid congratulating others (congratulate them on other threads, or through PM, they deserve it!!!!)... it just adds unneeded traffic here. I realize that: by posting this I'm becoming part of the problem... and there is a lot going on with results coming out, and so many are very excited. but please keep this thread on point.
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    I just got an email stating NOTIFICATION, but it was from my dermatologist.
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    Plot Twist: RB is actually Justin Stine. JK.
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    I wouldn't trust *that* Kim. If you change all the letters in "Kim" to their corresponding numbers you get 11, 9, and 13, which add up to 33. If you google the significance of the number 33, you get a connection to pretty much every single conspiracy, secret society, or major religious figure. If the government says there are no such things as aliens, you better believe there are aliens. If this "Kim" says results will not be out today, I'd bet they will be out today. +1 for my vote.
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    None of the vets trust the extrapolation. Full stop. The extrapolations tend to run low, lower than historic trends. The low extrapolated cut scores only match the observationally derived cut score when the number of high 'failed' data points=1. We don't know how Texas determines the cut score. What's the equation? Is there an equation? When you think about it, it can't be fully linear. Any assumptions about the equation could easily be off by a few problems in either directions. Reminder: each exam has a different cut score. It will vary by discipline, session, and afternoon session. No. After the test, many brave souls who failed will list their failing score and the exam they took. Often there are enough reported scores in the same exam that we can observe a threshold score for a few exams. It's usually around 53-55. But we've seen 52, 56, 57. The response rate hasn't been good the last few sessions. So people fill in the blanks with the n=1 sample size and use a best fit curve with Texas passing scores to arrive at cut scores like 45-51. With enough rum, I might be willing to believe 50 or 51. However my liver would disintegrate before I'd believe a cut score in the 40s. The essay below is using a generalized "you" and not directed at any one person. And I'm not interested in debating semantics, or philosophy of professionalism, or engineering ethics, or 'special circumstances' in this high level essay. The simple fact of the matter is that the cut score doesn't really matter. When I was in your position, the vets would tell us that same thing. But we didn't believe it, we were too emotional, and lacked the right perspective and experience to understand. It would take a couple years before I truly understood why the cut score doesn't matter. The cut score is what it is. You've either demonstrated the minimum competency for license or you haven't. You are taking this test to be a professional,. People's lives may very well depend on how well you, your team, and your charges do your jobs. As a matter of public trust, people expect you to be a professional when you stamp your work. The bridge stays up, or it collapses. Ideally, you should have walked of out the exam room highly confident that you got at least 85%. The bridge stays up. But hey, I've been there too, twice. It's an evil f$%^ing test. Most people walk out feeling like they're in the ballpark of 65%-75%. And this is where the cut score and uncertainty starts to feel like it matters. The anxiety really builds up. This thread is titled "Welcome to the Suck" for a reason. However there's nothing you can do about it now. If you pass, great! The bridge stays up. if you fail, the bridge collapses. Resolve to do better, improve your study habits, and definitively kicks its ass in 6-12 months. However, if you are hanging your hat on the cut score being in the 40's or lower: sorry, but you don't deserve to be licensed at this time. The bridge collapses. The public needs to trust the profession; their lives depend on it. Like I wrote above, assess your strengths and weakness, improve your study habits, get more professional experience, and hit the books. Resolve to kick its ass in 6-12 months. If the state board approved you to take the test, then you have the ability to pass!
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    We just gave NCEES the okay to release Florida results. So keep an eye out. Congrats to the 250 who passed the April exam! It will take two to three weeks for the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation to input the results and for us to double-check everything, then DBPR will generate PE numbers. Watch your account at myfloridalicense.com for your PE number to appear (hopefully by Memorial Day).
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    HIV Test results = 20mins Pregnancy Test result- 5mins P.E Test - Forever and a day. With all the technology in the world, Engineers of America have to wait 30plus days for the results of a test. Aint that ironic.
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    YEA BABY!!!
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    Just wanted to say congratulations to all of the people that passed the PE and SE exams recently. Way to go!
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    At some point soon many of you will find out that you passed the PPE exam. Congratulations! Passing the PPE is a major accomplishment that takes 8+ years of work and sacrifice. I'm certain you'll be excited; you should celebrate! But first I need to tell you: DO NOT IMMEDIATELY ADD PE AFTER YOUR NAME! Wait until you are actually licensed. I am not trolling! I am not trying to take away your accomplishments! I am not trying to kill your buzz! I want to keep you out of trouble. Just because you passed the PPE exam does not mean that you are a professional engineer*. Only someone with a current PE license is a professional engineer and can use the postnominal “PE”. ** Every jurisdiction has laws and/or regulations governing who may offer their engineering services to the public. To claim that you are a professional engineer, when you lack a license is false representation. There are civil penalties associated with claiming to be a PE without a license, and it may prevent you from getting licensed in the future! The rules and enforcement vary from state to state. But it’s better to just wait until you officially have a license. So how long do you need to wait? It varies by state, and it can range from hours to months to officially get your license. It could be longer if you took the test before satisfying the experience requirement, but you probably knew that already. When is it official? It varies from state to state. But the consensus is that you are official when you find yourself in the state engineer license lookup with a current license. You will certainly be listed there before they send you an email or mailed envelope. Once it’s official, go ahead and add those letters after your name! What do I tell my boss, clients, colleagues in a big meeting, proposal, C.V., etc? You have to be ethical about this. You still can’t claim to be a PE until you are licensed, and you can’t imply that you can stamp things right now either. The easy and safe thing is to say that you passed the PPE (or PE exam), but are awaiting license from the state. Other PE’s will know that the hardest part is over, you’re basically in the club, but it’s just a formality of getting through the bureaucracy. However the subtlety may be lost on others, like clients and non-engineer bosses, so don’t leave people with the impression that you can stamp something currently in that jurisdiction. One other note about adding PE after your name. The physical address in your signature, business cards, etc should match where you are licensed to practice. This goes back to falsely representing yourself. If your business card says, for example, DC, but you are licensed only in Virginia, then you are falsely representing yourself as a licensed engineer in DC. If that same business card adds that you are only licensed in Virginia, then you are not falsely representing yourself. Of course if you have a license in both jurisdictions, then you are not falsely representing yourself. The same principle applies when trying to get business outside the state/jurisdiction of the license; you have to make it clear where you are actually licensed.Engineers get in trouble for this sort of thing all the time. So be careful. The NSPE website has dozens of ethics case studies on this sort of thing available for reading. tl;dr wait until you actually have a PE license before adding PE after your name Can a mod sticky this please?
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    There already is a legal term title for PE-candidate: Engineer in Training (EIT). I can at least understand the usage of PhD candidate under very limited circumstances. But I've never heard of MBA- or CPA-candidate, that just reeks of overcompensation.
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    ARGH! Stupid Minnesota! screw the vikings, screw every single one of the lakes, and screw Jesse Ventura!
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    Michigan is out. I PASSED!!!!
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    Russia, if you're listening....get these people their PE Results!
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    I passed MD, PE Structures
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    I have no intention to fool anyone and it is genuine. I was really surprised to see this response and shared with you all.
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    So you're saying a spot on the ledge has just opened up? DIBS!
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    This. think of it this way (the majority of us are engineers here, so if you haven’t experienced this, you will at some point): how would you feel if you were hounded over and over by a customer, boss, colleague, etc. for something you could not immediately do something about? NCEES is made up of people who have feelings just like you, and they are in this exact scenario as we speak. Harrassing the people who work there will not make the results come out any faster, but it will decrease morale amongst their employees, so these attempts are both fruitless and destructive. I ask with RB, PLEASE be cool. They are NOT out to get you. They’re doing their job.
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    Actually I just didn’t re order it to the top . On purpose.. sometimes this forum Moves around like that island on lost
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    Does your mom know you are here?
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    Since the question always comes up please consider including the times of release (in eastern) along with the state for future tracking purposes. I'm going to wait a week to see if we get any reports from Mississippi. If none arrive I'll put the finishing touches on the map just after Memorial Day. Day 1 tally: 26 (+2 partial) Day 2 tally: 20 (+1 partial) Day 3 tally: 2 Day 4 tally: 1 Day 5 tally: 2 Total: 51/55 jurisdictions
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    Texas here, and I’m so happy to announce that I passed. This was my second attempt. The Texas state board has yet to update the grades, but last exam cycle I failed with a scaled score of 64 (42/80). I feel for the regular posters on this forum that have failed. Don’t give up. Doesn’t matter if this was your 2nd attempt or 7th attempt. Keep taking it. I’m going to write up an enormous detailed post sometime in the next 2 weeks on how I managed to passed. Hopefully it will help someone. Before I log off, I endorse and recommend Zach’s course. I would have failed without it.
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    @8-10 Weeks Later You win the best username contest.
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    you don't *have* to wait to find out the answer to get ice cream
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    What about it? The state is a combination of the Philly and NYC burbs. Half the state roots for the wrong two football teams, and the other half is south Jersey.
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    Anyone else think @RBHeadge PE secretly works for NCEES and knows exactly when results are being posted ?
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    Here is my take: If we receive an email today stating that our results are available, then we will likely have the results today. If no such email is received today, then it is extremely unlikely we'll have said results today. I'm not 100% sure of my logic but it seems pretty stout.
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    NOT TRUE. Dear freaking cheezit, this theory is annoying AF.
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    Results came earlier than expected. Got an email this morning (Wednesday) with the results, and I PASSED! Such a feeling of relief and excitement. Will provide a more expanded summary of my experience later.
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    I keep him around for comic relief...
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    Two weeks away peeps... I am starting to feel the anxiety building inside...green box please Lord 🙏
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    Screw the raise, I will start my own practice and tank the Juggernaut I am working for. Mark my words, or don't. Completely up to you and what you want to mark. This is a free country
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    24 days, 1 hour, and 23 minuets to be exact, but who's counting...

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