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    Best of luck on your exams today! I turned off posting ability for new "members" through the weekend, well be back up Monday afternoon after you have forgotten the test questions- Please do not post anything that resembles an exam question here - Level of "safe" posts: Safe- "Wow that test was hard, should have bought Road Guys Study manual" Less safe - "Geesh there were lots of water questions on there" Danger Area - "Did anyone get the answer to the HCM question where there were values for ADT, Shoulder Width, but not for Speed Design?" NCEES will subpoena your account and kill you level - " Two trains leave the station at exactly 4:00 PM, EST, Train A, is Red and is carrying 1000 passengers and is travelling at a rate of speed of 100 KM/H while Train B is blue, only carrying 500 Ford Ranger Pickup Trucks, each with 2 gallons of gasoline, is travelling at a rate of speed of 80 MPH. Which train will reach San Diego in time to have their test results invalidated?
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    Welcome to the post April 2019 PE post-exam wait period. Did you think that studying for the exam and taking the exam was the hard part? Well you were wrong! Waiting for the exam results is the worst part of this whole process. A few years ago @Dexman PE PMP wrote a famous post ( http://engineerboards.com/topic/21356-feel-good-about-how-you-did-on-the-exam/ ) outlining the stages of the post-exam emotional roller-coaster. I’ve reproduced his immortal words (italics) and added a few new insights and advice below. Phase 0 (Emotional Hangover) This happens immediately after the conclusion of the exam. You spend the next few days bouncing between phases 1-5, either individually or at the same time. You are Heisenberg's test result, simultaneously convinced that you passed and failed at the same time. You'll find yourself suddenly with a lot of free time and no idea what to spend it on (pro tip: spam thread here, spend time with family and friends, or burn off the stress at the gym). You'll be looking at which PE stamps to order, and which PE study classes to take for the next exam. After a few days your brain will slow down and you settle into... Phase 1 (CALM) This stage will last a few days. You are mostly recovered from the mental marathon of the exam and post-exam emotional roller coaster. The full weight of what has just happened hasn’t really set in and you are probably a bit relaxed thinking that the worst is over. Phase 2 (SECOND-GUESSING) will start to set in over the next few days. You will start to forget small (but important) pieces of the exam and forget how you answered the question, but will remember just enough so that you keep trying to re-calculate the answers in your head. You will slowly begin to convince yourself that you got it wrong. Phase 3 (WORRY) will follow within a few weeks. At this point, you've convinced yourself that you've missed a few problems, but you *should* still be ok. Phase 4 (DOUBT) After worrying for about a month (we're now within 2-3 weeks of results at this point), you'll jump into full blown doubt. You are now certain that you missed way too many questions to stand a chance at passing. Phase 5 (ANGER) Once you've lost hope of passing, you'll move into Phase 5 (anger) over the fact that it's taken way too damn long to grade a simple scantron and the guys at NCEES are morons for taking so long. I mean, really, 6-8 weeks to feed a scantron into a f*ing machine, COME ON!! Another source of anger stems from all of the "Not this shit again" and "Don't try to calc it because it's worthless" responses to all of your cut-score and release date posts. BTW, want a sanity check of why it takes so long to “just score a scantron”? look here: http://engineerboards.com/topic/29578-ncees-news-update/?page=8&tab=comments#comment-7463208 Phase 6 (RESULTS) Finally, you'll hit Phase 6 (results). Each person reacts differently at this point whether they passed or not, how many times they've taken it, financial implications, expectations, etc. Regardless of how the results come out, at this point you will find that the CAB of your choice is very welcomed to either celebrate or cry into. Then there are obsessive futile “exercises” waiting examinees engage in. These can happen anytime during phases 2, 3, 4, and 5. The order of the exercise is arbitrary Futile Exercise A (Trying to calculate the cut-score) you’ll start speculating on the cut score, as if it’s universal for all exams. Maybe discussing a question in a nebulous way and convincing yourself that it will get tossed (questions aren’t tossed). You start spouting conspiracy theories that there is a quota for maximum and minimum number of passers (there isn’t), or that NCESS wants you to fail to get more of your money (meh, not really). The cut score will vary from exam session to exam session and from one engineering discipline to another. The cut score is based on what the minimally competent PE would get for that selection of test problems. Yes, PEs and other SMEs take practice exams with those problems to establish a baseline. It’s futile to try to guess the “cut score”, and even if you could you don’t know your own score anyway, so it really doesn’t matter. Want a little more elaboration? Look here: http://engineerboards.com/topic/30365-the-wait-is-killing-me/?do=findComment&comment=7485676 Futile Exercise B (trying to figure out how to get results before they come out) You’ll start trying to figure out ways to learn of your results before they come out. This will include searching your state’s PE license lookup or another state website, spam calling and emailing NCEES or the state board, etc. First: Please be nice to your state board workers! You are taking this test to become a professional, so act like a professional. NCESS won’t tell you anything beyond “8-10 weeks” until after they released the results. The state boards won’t tell you much more and NCESS usually doesn’t share anything firm with them anyway. The boards will often get surprised with the results too. No state starts updating their license lookup prior to the initial release of results. So don’t bother searching there until at least one state has released first! Some states (Mass, NJ, and a couple others) have other websites like where you can divine a pass/fail, but it won’t happen until other states have already started releasing, and those states tend to release after everyone else too. Futile Exercise C (guessing the release date) This is another favorite pass time. You’ll start looking through old map threads to try to guess the release date. Maybe you’ll look at state board meetings dates and try to cross reference with the past results to figure out when’s this years’ will come out. Multiple posters look at the (lack of) data and come to a “conclusion” that a given date is “it”. The OG’s tell you that the wait will last a little bit longer, but group-think sets in and the vets get mocked for “trolling”. Things get even worse when the “sure thing” date passes without a release. No one can say with certainty when the results will be released this early after the exam. With that written, we have been following things for a while and we have an idea of when the release will generally happen. Fall results take longer than spring results because of the holidays and time available to schedule cut score meetings. The vets may not know the exact date ahead of time, but we generally know the signs and can confidently give a “no earlier than” date. This is not the same as a release date. We’ll also know when things are imminent. Still want to scratch the itch? @Duckdude actually took the time to make a spreadsheet of known release dates for all states for all exams sessions going back for over a decade. And he did it AFTER he got his results back. Great dedication and work on his part! You can browse it here if you are curious. Futile Exercise (reading the tea leaves) This is a variation on futile exercises B and C, but warrants its own category. You’ll start scrutinizing every NCEES tweet or facebook post, take screenshots and discuss minor tweaks to the dashboard layout, or get over excited when a state board has called an emergency meeting. You look for any clue or edge to see if you passed/failed or when the results may come out. Sometimes these signs are legit, often they’re not. The OG’s have been tracking things for years and know how to separate the signal from the noise. Futile Exercise E (harassing NCEES and state board employees) The title says it all, it's an aggravated version of futile exercise B. Don't be a d$%K and try to avoid this one. You aren't doing yourself any favors by acting unprofessional. Futile Exercise F5 (spam reloading the NCEES dashboard) During this phase you are continuously reloading the NCEES dashboard and/or refreshing your email. FWIW, we can confirm that sometimes the examinees' dashboard will update with the result prior to the NCESS email going out. The time difference is anywhere from no-delay to a couple hours. Go ahead and spam F5 the dashboard to blow off steam. Speaking of blowing off steam, trying the April 2019 spam thread: or any of the other game threads. So, how did the exam go last week?
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    So mini MS1 got a bass guitar for his birthday (December) and has been taking lessons at School of Rock since early January. After only a few months, he's pretty legit. At his age and level, they're learning somewhat simplified versions of popular rock songs (Highway to Hell, Seven Nation Army, Zombie, etc...), but not much music theory, unfortunately, or how to "read" notes (note lettering shown on the tabs). After being aggravating for a while, the wifey-wife got the owner to modify his course a little bit to include that info so these kids can be more well-rounded musicians. Anywho, after going to their first "concert" last month and hearing how good the music was (well, MS1 and the drummer), I wanted to try it. I always wanted to play banjo (love that sweet sweet bluegrass), but my fat fingers didn't hit the strings very well so my fretting was poor. Now the bass only has four strings, they're BIG, and spaced far enough apart for my sausage fingers... AND MS1 is learning music I was obsessed with back in the day. So now I'm picking it up, practicing his music, and getting into learning the non-simplified / real versions of his songs plus others he won't be learning. This sh*t is f-u-n, FUN. And I can now play a six song set (bass only) - Zombie, Feel Good inc., Highway to Hell, Folsom Prison Blues, Island in the Sun, and Say it Ain't So. The best part is the wifey-wife also likes this music, so when I'm playing and you can hear it through the whole house, she... doesn't... complain... Evidently, SOR has adult performance classes, too. Don't think I have time for that, but sh*t that'd be awesome. * just wanted to use this gif again *
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    You will begin to despise Justin Stine more and more each time you login.
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    I got the news I passed today! Holy relief.
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    I can’t wait to troll like other members trolled me the last 3 times I took the exam (finally passed in fall 2018). Lol.
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    PAAAAASED SURVEY! Yaha!!! So happy. Now back to re-studying seismic 😐
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    @txjennah PE I think it went well? I definitely liked the CBT format better than open book. It helped me study smarter and not spend so much time tabbing for things and instead learn and understand the content from just the manual alone. I had about a dozen "flagged" questions in both the morning and afternoon after I took my first pass through. Hoping that I got at least a few of the ones right. If I passed it wasn't with flying colors, but I definitely left feeling a lot better than I did in October. Just hoping it was enough this time!
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    what do you all think the cut score will be?
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    I, like most of us, have taken literally hundreds upon hundreds of tests. I’ve taken AP exams, Journeyman licensing tests, college finals, the FE and even personality tests (haha!) and none have had such a visceral effect as that cruel devil last Friday. Lord, may the mercy of your light open a path to a reality where I don’t have to do that again......
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    Well its all over but the crying now! Still less than 24 hours after completion but need to shout out to the community for the repository of knowledge that the boards offer. Thanks to everyone who contributes to the success of us as hopeful PEs!
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    Took the 2016 NCEES exam in a simulated test environment, and I passed. Going to do the Slay the PE Practice Exam this weekend and see how I do.
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    Despite knowing the results are not posted yet, I couldn't help myself logging into MyNCEES today. This wait time blows.
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    PASSED SURVEY!!! 😭😭😭. Congrats to all the people who passed. For those who did not pass. Don't get discouraged. Keep studying hard. If you put in the effort you will succeed!!
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    I had my first dream about this test last night... It was take home, the kids wouldn't leave me alone, I had 1 reference that wasn't even in my discipline and I forgot everything I had studied. I woke up sweating. Just thought I'd share. Happy studying! Only 8ish more days!
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    As a millenial, ive spent my entire retirement on avocado toast.
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    Initially NCEES send survey as a second chance to all the people who has failed. Based on the survey performance they let few examinees pass. As soon as they receive all the survey feedback NCEES finalizes the passing rate and release it to the boards.
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    Did someone say Wendy’s?
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    Woot woot spam thread! I'm gonna be ~that person~ and say it's my first time spamming in this thread without the exam looming over me! It's a nice feeling
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    Hey all, doubt checking here is going to be important for anyone taking the SE today and tmmrw but just wanna say good luck to everyone taking the test!
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    April 2019 test takers, you got this!! Good luck!!!
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    If you don't have time to watch videos, perhaps you can do EET's problems and review selected topics/videos you don't understand. However, it's very IMPORTANT to watch mock exams and 1st Simulated Exam (8 hours) videos. I think those are gold mine in terms of Ahmed talked about tips and tricks of how to approach questions and how to spend time on problems etc. He also explained each and every problems and how the questions could be twisted to ask differently, and i thought it was a gold mine. Also, EET's additional 3 CBT exams are very valuable. The problems inside are very similar to exam questions. I noticed that some questions are even identical. I've never opened ASCE or IBC during exam but i brought the books into exam room just in case. The material EET provided was more than enough. I think problems from EET and Hiner should be enough for you to prepare for another round. You probably don't need the other books unless you feel like you need more.
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    no roommates to share the financial burden? I can understand it being disheartening. I hear crime can be lucrative. Might be time for some side gigs.
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    True about those graduate degrees, I have lots of people with graduate degrees that work for me But College just gives you the opportunity, it doesn't define success. But many people, even in engineering fields, believe that getting their degree was the 'achievement" in their career.. Its like STFU and get back to work already!
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    LSU will win. ONLY because it will be our luck that after winning the whole shebang, the title will be taken away when the head coach's FBI investigation is complete.
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    Passed both. Thankfully on First attempt. Used EET for seismic and Reza for surveying. No review class. Self study with workbooks. For anyone taking/retaking these, my advice would be focusing on attempting to make 45 questions correct in 2:15 hrs. The rest you can just guess. Remember, you need only 35-40 to pass. Do several round to identify the questions that "WORTH" trying. For surveying, try to prepare/answer THEORY questions. I found at least 15 questions were theory question which you can answer each in 15-30 seconds if you know the material. So, don't ignore those portion when preparing for the exam.
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    I got some insight on the results release from a reliable source. Since May is a 3 pay period month, NCEES will release the results on May 30th. That way if you fail, youll receive a paycheck without benefits taken out to lessen the blow. They're really considerate this go round.
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    Now, a dessert island. That's an idea I can rally behind. @JayKay0914
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    I don't think I would be capable of waiting more than 5 seconds after getting the email to check.
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    @NJmike PE These kids don't have any dedication. I remember pushing 100 pages per day. I now understand why the failure rate keeps going up.
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    Received my seismic results just a minute ago. Pass.
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    "I think, therefore, I am" ~ René Descartes. I am certain that I exist in some form or fashion due to the fact my senses and interaction with the world tell me to do so. When I feel pain, I am 100% sure that I felt it. I am 100% sure on over 90% of that exam. I know there are questions that I missed, and there may have been something that I misread, but that problem was worded incorrectly if they anticipated scaling. That is not what I got from it when first reading it and you yourself stated that you did not understand until pondering it for some significant amount of time on an exam where time is the enemy. You shouldn't have to solve riddles for this TRASH test. It should be about engineering knowledge. The problem was flawed, and if it took you more time than instant recognition, assuming you have knowledge of the subject (which I believe I do and it sounds like you do too), the problem needs to be rewritten.
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    Spoken like a true engineer.
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    I’m a second time test taker here for the Water Resources depth. The morning session felt very straight forward with lots of low hanging pinatas. Within about an hour I had finished half of the test which was a good confidence booster. Towards the last hour I was left with about 5 which I had skipped over. Trying to finish the exam in passes worked well because reading problems a second time brought me mental flashes on how to solve them. Within my last 20 minutes there was one problem that I knew I could solve if I plugged at it long enough but figured my time would be best spent checking my work in filling out my scan tron. Once we broke for lunch I walked to a nearby sandwich place. I had planned where I was going to eat weeks in advance and luckily didn’t have to drive anywhere. One thing that really helped my nerves was not trying to engage in conversation with anyone on how they felt about the exam. I was able to eat, relax, and focus on the afternoon session. I waited in my car for the remaining 15 minutes until everyone started herding in the door. I started the afternoon session very strong, skipping problems that looked like disguised bear traps. About two hours in I had finished 20 problems and was right on schedule. Towards the end I was left with about 10 problems with about 45 minutes remaining. Some of these problems were just out of this world and I had no idea where to even start. Looking back, I could have probably completed them if I had more time but had to guess on these. This was definitely my best attempt compared to my first go. What I changed as far as my study habit was doing more practice problems. I had taken 7 practice exams, which included 4 breadth, 2 depth and the NCEES practice all of which I brought for reference.
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    To truly understand NCEES, you must watch the dark knight rises. Remember when Bane finally defeats batman, and he expects a quick demise? Batman/SE exam test takers: why didn't...you just....kill me? Bane/NCEES: You don't fear death. You welcome it. Your punishment...must be more severe. Batman/SE exam takers: Torture? Bane/NCEES: Yes. But not of your body...of your soul. You will learn that there can be no despair without hope. I will give you hope...to poison your souls. To let you believe you can pass. And then, when it is done, and you receive your results...and everything you have worked for is ashes...THEN you have my permission to die. And THAT is why results take so long, and why you can never know what you missed in the afternoon to determine what to improve upon for next time.
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    Well, it's re-assembled, leak-free for likely the first time since around 1972, and back home. Pictures with the sun shining on it Saturday: And I'm starting to line up the next project: 1991 MR2 Turbo. I took delivery of this car in May of 1990. I hauled it up to the shop Saturday to make sure it's as solid underneath as I thought it should be. The underside of the car looks damn near new. It's only been in snow once (bad forecast and got caught trying to get in one last drive before Winter) and has been garaged for all but 1 of the 29 years I've owned it. I'm planning to dial it up to 11.
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    I learned things while I was working problems. I'm gonna take that as a win and not worry about my results until it's time!
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    My name, and license number just appeared on DCA website ... no words can describe the feeling almost a year of studying and hard work for this moment .. it's totally worth it 😍 The board kept his words 🙏😁
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    i feel like literally every environmental who needs to take the PE is opting out of April in hopes that other people will experience it first. no judgement, I'm one of those people opting out of april and waiting too.
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    Hi everyone, I received this in an email after reaching out the Board: License numbers are automatically issued bi-weekly for all eligible applicants who have passed all required exams and fulfilled the Livescan/Fingerprint requirement. The next list was scheduled to be processed March 29, 2019. Your license number will be available on the CA Board’s website on/or within 2-3 business days after the date mentioned above. Please click “License Lookup” to view your license information at that time. http://www.bpelsg.ca.gov/consumers/lic_lookup.shtml Your wall certificate and paper pocket license will be mailed to you in approximately 6 to 8 weeks. You will also receive a plastic pocket ID card in the mail in approximately 12 weeks.
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    Let me share my experience with both EET and Hiner. I passed Seismic on 2nd try. Here is what i did. 1st time - I watched on demand EET (60 hours.. yes it's long but worth it) videos, did HW, Mini Exams, and all CBT exams, and only Hiner's Final Exam. I spent around 150 hours on seismic 1st try. I was very confident before the exam...so much that i was over-confident and didn't do review because I was having 80% or more on CBT exams and I passed both 8 hours and survey on 1st try. . However, during the exam, I got panic and wasn't ready to break down the question. I spent more than 5 mins in a few questions and realized that i was 30 mins behind the schedule. Needless to say i failed the exam with Marginal, Deficient, Deficient, Marginal and Marginal. For 2nd time - I reviewed EET's book from cover to cover, watched the selected videos that I feel i need to review again, Mini Exams and 1st Mock Exam (no more than 10 hours). This time on top of all EET's HW, Mini Exams, Mock Exams, CBTs Exams, I also did Hiner's 450 HW problems and Final Exam. THIS IS IMPORTANT - I realized that after my 2nd time studying materials, all the gaps between my seismic knowledge fell into pieces and i was able to make sense the seismic subject. Now, I can remember most of the formulas from EET's cheat sheet and that helped me to speed up during test and not looking at formula all the time. I tried to analyze what happened during my exam from 1st attempt and how i could do better this time. I have both EET's cheat sheet and Hiner's summary sheet, I'd say EET beats Hiner hands down. I can't speak of Hiner's lecture since i have never taken it before. But I suggest you stick to one method (either Hiner or EET), master its cheat sheet (or summary pages), work problems from both EET and Hiner. Good luck.
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