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    I regret voting out @Audi driver, P.E.. @Audi driver, P.E. loves this game and really wanted to stay.
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    Seismic is out and I PASSSEDDDDDDD!!!!! It was my last exam and I am 37 weeks pregnant. I failed seismic once and I AM DONE NOW!!!!!!!
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    So, for those of you not on "the Facebook", I made my big screen debut. I don't remember even hearing about it being in theatres besides some film festivals, but I was an extra in "My Days of Mercy". It was when I still had my motorcycle and they said they were looking for biker lookin' guys. It was a grand total of about 1 second. It was funny while they were shooting though. We had to look like we were in a bar, but not make any sound at all...no glasses clinking, no talking, nothing...we were all supposed to sit there and mouth "peas and carrots" over and over again so it looked like we were talking. My motorcycle actually got more screen time than I did. I only watched enough of the movie to find my scene and FFW-ed through a bit, but for those interested in that kind of thing, I can verify that there are boobs and at least one scene of Kate Mara and Ellen Page doing things that are definitely not kid appropriate.
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    Proud of my gradual transition from a Dilbert to a Wally.
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    Worrying about getting through the day was too stressful, put me off the lunch. Just wanna say I got a kick out of this. Here's the exact wording I sent to @ChebyshevII_PE for the orders to kill @NikR "Mafia builds a pair of concrete boots just the right size for NikR." So rest assured. No bunions.
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    It is now 6:00pm. The town lynched @Roarbark. He was the sole remaining member of the Mafia. Town wins! Congrats, all!
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    Riding through Leadville today and someone put this in the woods.. literally scared the shit out of me when I looked left...
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    Heh.. I was gonna ask if that nasty shit came with a free butt plug.
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    That shovel didn't look entirely innocent at first glance.
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    Got the result, I passed. Thank you to all the EB members who shared their exam experience. Big thanks to @GirlsCanDesign@txjennah PE for your help, advice and support.
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    The only problem with living in Indiana, is that you're living in Indiana.
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    Well, I suppose it’s better than dreaming your cell phone went off.
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    Water? like from the toilet?
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    Engage 4 day weekend mode:
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    I’m out. See you monday.
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    Just got it! So happy.
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    Well, he made it a day and he was in the driveway asking me to unscrew the throttle limiter. Picked the boys up from nanas house after work yesterday. After I showed him how to start it and do the strap on the helmet, he took off and I didn't see him again until it started getting dark. This is the kid who would, literally, not leave his room all day if you let him between the laptop and the iPad so I'd say the "dirt bike", as he likes to call it, is a success..
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    You know you need some of these went with the smaller version this time around...... 2 for 2 bucks, shipped, I lose about a quarter in the process, which means you win! http://engineerboards.com/store/category/5-engineerboards-stickers/ My primary goal is to be in some brewer somewhere and see one of these mixed in with all the other stickers on the bathroom mirror..
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    I took the CBT Environmental PE exam on June 11, and I still haven't received results. Did anyone else take it around that time, and if so, have you seen results yet? Update: Just found out that I passed! I primarily worked through the NCEES practice exam. I also found the videos at the link below to be helpful working through additional problems. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHKm4iNu0vE&list=PLhEt0fVgaYTjXqyTG_HI5xiQykBzYJHgo
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    It’s been a while since mine did this but this brought back a lot of memories when I saw this today....
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    you should have written it into his contract.
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    Hey, I mean, you’re closer to perfection (read: WA) that way.
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    Couple things I have learned along the way: 1. Begin studying realizing the fact that 60-70% of everyone preparing like you will fail. This is the death star trench run--the odds are not in your favor if you just do what everyone else does. 2. Don't plan on figuring problems out while taking the exam. You need to know it all before walking in there. It needs to be reflexive, automatic, instinctive. 3. For the morning speed and accuracy are essential. When you practice problems, practice them the way you'd solve them in the exam. As in...quickly and unglamorously. How accurate can you be when you aren't actually writing out Cs=Sds*I/R or other formulas? 4. Don't expect the test to be fair. Study everything. Don't think just of how to solve the problem, but also how test writers try to trick you into a mistake. 5. NCEES is not in the business of helping you pass the exam. Remember that when you buy their practice exam. 6. Read the code until you dream about it. Read footnotes..and their footnotes. Read commentary. 7. Annotate your code...highlight it, put notes, shortcuts and reminders in it. Especially ACI, which is a labryinth. 8. Have as few references as possible. Don't walk in thinking SERM will be your bible. 9. If you're a buildings person, know AASHTO. If you're a bridges person, know buildings. 10. Wake up early the day before the exam. That way, you're a little more tired the night before and can go to sleep earlier. 11. It's statistically easier to hide knowledge deficiencies in the morning, with multiple choice. The reverse is true in the afternoon. Approach and methodology are important. The wrong approach will torpedo your entire problem. NCEES knows this and writes problems to lure you into this trap.
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    Does this make me the new @Baconator?
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    Loved it. I'm in for next round. So is @Audi driver, P.E.I bet!
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    Ahh hell yeah, I took out Cop the first round. I totally thought NikR was the cop.
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    Whoever started the rumor that I don't like being tagged... LOL!
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    @ChebyshevII_PE, next time we can play with a Roman theme and have a Jesus instead of a Doctor. Since Jesus is immortal, that player could constantly revive @Audi driver, P.E.. That should add weeks and weeks of fun for @Audi driver, P.E.. I can’t even begin to imagine all of the comments @Audi driver, P.E. would have if we played that game with @Audi driver, P.E.. @Audi driver, P.E. would definitely have to find the humor in that.
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    You guys really messed up by killing @vhab49_PE!
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    not sure if you mean voting with or against???? I too, am spawned from the center of abraham, horseshoes (the food), hotdogs and deep dish pizza.
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    @RBHeadge PE @Roarbark @tj_PE @NikR @Audi driver, P.E. @vhab49_PE @AlmostSE @chart94 Voted off: @JayKay0914 was mafia. Killed in the night: @vee043324 Rest in pieces Vee.
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    If @ChebyshevII_PE really wanted to screw with us, he'd make the gametime in @Roarbark's timezone.
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    Surveys out now! I passed! All done now!
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    Let me know how this works out for you @Audi driver, P.E....
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    Sir, do you have a few moments so that I may spread the word about the states of Tennessee and West Virginia?
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    I did not take an online course as part of my studying. However, on this forum, I have seen a lot of love for the Zach Stone material. I used a lot of the Engineering Pro Guides material (books/exams) in my studying and liked his take/approach a lot. He now offers a review course, and I would probably check that out if I was currently studying. Generally I would look for people who are 'participating' in the continued changes to the PE. There are some courses/materials out there that haven't changed for several years - those are probably outdated/low effort. I see Zach and Justin on here regularly, and I think they are keeping up with the changes to the exam content. This doesn't exclude others, btw, I am just pulling out two names I see a lot and have heard good things about. There could be others I don't know about.
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    Jus got mine. Good luck everyone
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    We went to the USA-Chile game in Paris on Father's Day. My 11 year old and 6 year old loved it, as did I. Mrs. Buff was ambivalent about it before going, then once we got there, she was all about it as well. The only thing that I didn't like was that they do not sell alcoholic beverages inside the stadium (no beer, boo!), but I guess that's a good thing, after the shenanigans that I have seen on YouTube at other Eurpoean soccer matches. We are now religiously following the team in the Buff house.
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    I don't remember if I shared this when I did it, but made this thing out of wine barrel rings. it's f-in heavy!!! but I like it much better than the lampshade the sellers hung from the ceiling. also took me like 7 tries of connecting the wires and securing the fixture because there was no give at all and they kept coming undone. woo!
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    I was here a week ago asking for advice for managing the kid while studying for the PE. Husband has stepped up tremendously. As a mom, you think you need to figure out how to balance everything. Sometimes, you just can't... Thanks for the reality check guys
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    Since it rained most of the weekend I made a trial run at some Adirondack chairs- had most of the lumber from another project, since these are pine will defin have to give them a heavy coat of paint - plan to make the next two out of leftover snowboards and skis! maybe $30 bucks in wood and $2000 in billable hours into this Never have all the shit tools you need.. Shitty pic but the front feet are "rounded" that took me some time
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    It doesn't look like anyone has bothered that shoe rack since about 1975
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