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    Happy mafia-versary! One year of keeping this thread going!
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    Went to visit the wife when they had her working doing COVID testing in Bethlehem, PA. Don’t do a lot of interstate driving so I’m not in the habit of checking for skimmers at gas pumps. Apparently I was gotten on the way home because a $53 charge showed up from Amazon that wasn’t mine. Fortunately it was a prepaid debit card so they didn’t have my actual bank info, but I wasn’t very optimistic about getting my $$$ back. Called Amazon and the card and I got refunded though. Amazon looked it up and there were actually 3, but I had already turned off the card on the app. Fast forward to a few days after I got home and the Amazon guy drops off a set of wireless earbuds. Looked it up and, sure enough, they are right around $50. Guess they forgot to tell them that, if you’re going to steal someone’s info, you don’t have the stuff shipped to their address. And BTW, the earbuds are really nice. 😁
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    A lifetime of PE exam preparation really prepared us for this. We have the advantage...
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    Spirit animal: fish. eyes: three. brain: very.
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    “Not again!” screamed Bly “Investigation wrapped up. I know the killer.” “All, off to the home of Jennah. Evidence shows that she’s mafia.” “You stay here JayKay. You can do no harm due to oath hippocratic.” Townies grabbed weapons and through the dark streets hurried to their next victim. As they neared they saw a bright light. Speculation it may be fire. They arrived and found Jennah still holding the gun. She appeared frozen. Unexpectedly she begin ascending to the light in the sky Alien abduction!!!!!! Town wins! @blybrook PE was the cop. @JayKay PE was the doctor. @RBHeadge PE @squaretaper LIT AF PE @txjennah PE were the mafia. Good game everyone. But I don't think this show will get renewed for a 2nd season. It jumped the shark some time ago. LOL
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    Ok fine lol, I'm mafia. AND WHAT OF IT BEYOTCHES
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    Some good news spreads through this town terrorized by the unknown mafia. Or are they unknown? Whispers quietly passed down like a contagion. These eyes are bloodshot, heavy, and red due to the stress and lack of rest; Begin to focus on a single person who has something to hide. “Squaretaper why are you lit AF in such an ill situation?” (Squaretaper is known for drinking, fights, and rough sex, therefore the nickname.) "You seem to engage in mafia-like hobbies, evil attributes." "Under our noses, you've been hiding the whole time. Off to the gallows!" "Snap-ity snap crack" went the audible break in Square's cervical spine. ( @squaretaper LIT AF PE was killed by the town. He was mafia. The remaining players are: @blybrook PE @DuranDuran @JayKay PE @MadamPirate PE @SaltySteve @txjennah PE )
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    All night actions have been submitted, so I am putting the results out here now in order that I don't have to keep you all guessing in the morning, when I inevitably don't wake up at a decent hour. No one was killed during the night. Remaining players: @jean15paul_PE @RBHeadge PE @DuranDuran @tj_PE @MadamPirate PE @NikR_PE @JayKay PE @txjennah PE @LyceeFruit PE @chart94 @squaretaper LIT AF PE Posts after this one will count toward minimum.
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    The town killed off @vhab49_PE. Final vote count: 6x @vhab49_PE (duran, mp, nik, jk, txj, chart) 1x @txjennah PE PE (jean) 1x @squaretaper LIT AF PE (lycee) 1x @NikR_PE (vhab) 1x @JayKay PE (square)
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    My wife is getting us back on the get-back-in-shape train. Left up to me, I'd just exercise and eat "less". I've done it several times in the past few years and gotten stronger, but didn't lose weight. However, since she is spearheading this effort and said she'd take care of all meals (I don't have to worry about anything), I'm ok eating like a bird. I haven't had bread in four days. I haven't had second helpings of dinner or finished my boys' dinners in a week. I haven't had any dessert in four days, and I'm no longer grazing the cabinets for snacks. I'm eating MUCH less, near-zero carbs / refined sugars, but lotsa protein / fruits / veggies. Also I'm running. I haven't run since I trained for a Spartan race seven years and 25 lbs ago. I'm not the fastest (9:30 per mile average), but 2.5 - 3 miles four times per week is working well for me and my knees. I'm now able to do the entire distance with no walking (yay me!). This isn't easy, and the first few days sucked, but it's a lot easier than I thought it would be. Now, assuming the scale isn't broken, I've lost seven pounds in the last week and I feel a lot better, too. As soon as I see a "1" as the first digit on the scale I'll be stoked. Just thought I'd share.
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    In the tourney, PMs between the mafia are supposed to be to coordinate nightkill votes. I'm ambivalent about the use of PMs in the EB game. On the one hand it's more challenging for the town. On the other hand, it's been a staple of our community since the first round. Further, as @DuranDuran pointed out, its part of our socializing and fun. Having fun should be the priority. I will save my notes for tomorrow, but my first read through was that you had a stronger game than you think. error: undefined fify Yeah, it skews it heavily toward mafia. But I do like the idea of replacing cop/doc with joats. That alone might balance out the use of PMs. Obviously something to discuss later. Something I was hoping to see this round was how townies would covertly assemble in full view. I saw some signs of that... but I'll save that for another post. It makes more sense from a narrative standpoint. Gameplay... idk. It's sucks to be a townie voted off a few hours into the game. Yep. Ditto for @ChebyshevII PE I really need to figure out how to assemble a coalition in the open without getting killed immediatly. Luckily, players can still advance through the tournament even if they were killed during the game. They just have to show that they were a strong player. The randomizer is the true townie VIP. It's taken out most of them.
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    TJ and txj. Jaykay must have typoed during the last announcement.
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    Because barbers can’t have an impact on voting?
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    I went into the office to clear out my shit after I got canned yesterday for being "redundant". There is a real bloodbath at our office with essentially everyone taking a pay cut, being cut to 3 or 4 day workweeks, furloughed, or canned. I am honestly relieved because with me being there so long, I am grandfathered into an old severance package. 2 weeks for every year of service (I have been there for 17 years) - 34 weeks total Accrued but unused vacation - 7.5 weeks I only pay my current company rate for Medical, Dental, and Vision for 9 months On payroll until June 4th. Also, TN is "severance is payment for past services" instead of payment is for future services state (Means with the former you are eligible for UI after your last work day and the latter is you are only eligible after your benefit period is over). So they will be cutting me a nice check and I don't have to put up with their BS. I have had three different bosses in the past 18 Months (Construction Guy, Real Estate Developer Guy, and Commercial Risk Management Guy that laid me off). He never really understood what I did so this morning I forwarded him about 60 emails of issues I was dealing with instructions to the individual that I was leaving and to contact my boss to get them resolved. He got overwhelmed and asked that I forward to someone else. I told him I hadn't slept and was on my 10th cup of coffee due to stress so I might forget and he should just forward it to them. I was asked for spreadsheet for a budget and I sent them about 20 folders with 30 documents each with the message that it is in there somewhere and they will need everything at some point. They had a TEAMS meeting after that with my boss telling others he had no idea I had that much on my plate (Go figure, he never took the time to understand what I was did). Anyway, I think they will leave me alone until June 4th and just call me or email with questions. Meanwhile, the job search is on and I have already talked to two recruiters and had one interview with position with one of our consultants that looks extremely promising. Pay is comparable and they told me they had me in mind when they started recruiting for this position. Although I have only had my PE License for four years, I find it is definitely opening doors I would not have had if I had not received it. No matter how old you are, it is never too late to get it and it will pay off for you at sometime.
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    @RBHeadge PE was born into the mafia at the tender age of zero in real life. I'm not kidding, he's actually a member of the mafia. For that reason his identity cannot be revealed, so don't ask! He has nightkilled cops, rival mafia, and doctors alike. This makes him an expert in mafia game strategy. When he's not wacking townies in real life, he likes to play the mafia game to unwind. His preference is to be a townie to "see how the nobodies live". He aspires to one day be be the godfather of his mob and then take on the ********. (I could tell you but then I'd have to nightkill you.)
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    Who wants to see me change my display name to “FartFactory PE”?
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    Not much of that going to happen when you have Keto Breath.
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    I really miss PMs.
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    The harvest is about to start exploding. The garden photo was taken from my neighbor's back patio.
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    For starters, what does this even mean?! Yeah, and if you had failed (which is likely for the Power PE exam), you'd be doing it again. Chalk it up to figuring out your weaknesses. We all studied our butts off, it's part of the price you pay to be a PE. This is horse dookie. You're throwing a tantrum because the PE Exam wasn't your "perfect, special event." You sound more like a Bridezilla than a Professional Engineer. This is super immature of you.
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    Here are my notes from looking at only this thread. The formatting needs work, but idc. My notes are written from two viewpoints. The top half of the days' notes are my neutral observations on gameplay and strategy. My goal here is to look at strategies and try to examine text for 'tells.' I use chess notation for certain moves - some notation added after the fact The second half of day's notes are me trying to assess who is what role. While I was omnipotent this round, these assessments are based only on what was written in the thread. Day 1 notes 5 people claim not-mafia status 8+ not saying either way OT talks are good for getting people to sympathize with you. But of no logical use for determining roles Jean is the first to make an accusation I don't know why cheb was nightkilled the first night. There wasn't any strategic reason I can see. Pretty much, any player besides Jean could have been killed without arousing suspicion of a mafia member. No useful info for predicting roles Day 2 notes Salty coming out strong with questions vhab "good day for mafia" post could be easily misinterpreted duran first to make a vote, based on something useful if misinterpreted jean with the rando vote salty noticing lack of responses to questions and the pile-on jean starts for no good reason Jean is certainly townie. (hereafter I use the terminology 'super') a few meaningless votes at the end to seal the deal square has to be careful with his "one of these is a lie" statements. A casual reader could misinterpret joat down! people ever slightly tilting not mafia by posts: (?=statement that could be read different ways, each + is an action that makes me think they are townie) txjen+ duran+++ salty?+ nikr? jean+?+++++ Day 3 notes still a lot of OT stuff that doesn't help gameplay I do like goat cheese though tj starts the first vote of the day. There is at least some basis her choice salty makes a vote with some loose logic duran is providing valuable in game analysis MP brings up a good point, but is she allied with Lycee? (?) tj counters MP (?!) If this was "Who's line is it anyway?" I'd award bonus points to Duran for creating "The Legend of RBHeadge" Screw it, I'll award him 30 bonus points anyway MP hints that she's mafia by confronting Duran on his joke to get me to reveal roles (??) bly asks about game mechanics. Not sure I can read anything from this jean is making decent (if bitter and deserved) points MP trying to defend lycee (?) roar votes to save/tie lycee (?) why didn't lycee save herself? She was online around the vote ending. (??) ditto chart lean townie duran lean mafia MP allies lycee and MP lycee and roar? not allies tj and MP chart and roar Day 4 notes tj with the first vote again Salty provides some game analysis. The underlying logic is built on a (faulty) assumption, but lets be generous and call it a gut feeling. (?!) -He accuses chart, MP, and himself!. While a little counter intuitive, the fact that he calls himself out as possible mafia leads me to think he's townie. -it's counter intuitive but his analysis should keep him from getting immediately nightkilled duran is super townie vhab accuses salty. I can understand why And there goes the other joat.... likely townie duran salty likely mafia MP tilt mafia roar vhab? tilt town tj chart txjen bly not allies salty and vhab salty and chart/MP Day 5 notes MP trying to pivot suspicion toward salty (!!) Has salty figured it out? I think so roar is playing things up a bit (?) Not surprised Salty got lynched. Mafia deflected well here. I can see why vhab was nightkilled, but if I were mafia and playing EB rules I would have taken her into the next round (?!) likely mafia roar MP likely town TJ tilt town txjen not allies tj and txjen? txjen and mp? vhab and salty? Day 6 notes In the tourney the mafia would have won overnight. At this point is should be obvious at the start of the day that MP is mafia. See who her ally is to figure out other mafia Tj is super townie MP is trying to deflect again (?!) roar is clearly mafia If I were a jury member, I would have to vote for someone to advance. Five people should advance in the tourney. I would only get one vote so I'll vote five times for effect. My votes for advancement would be for: Roar, Duran, MP, and maybe Salty and Jean. Best player: Duran. MVP: Roar.
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    Not gonna lie, my favorite thing I ever contributed to this board and story was the woodchipper the first time I nodded lol it has grown beyond what I thought.
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    I very much regret forgetting to chip you last round. 😔
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    *sweats* Randomizer results ala Google: 2, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 2, 1, 2. Tie Tie breaker: 1 Winner = Number 1 = Death to Lycee --- The HOA rules seem to be getting stricter. With bodies piling up, slowly but steadily, house prices are soon to begin dropping. And then who knows? Would people then feel like they could paint their house whatever color they want? Obviously, the accusations start flying faster and harder than baseballs at a junior baseball game. The homeowners are firmly divided between @LyceeFruit PE and @chart94, but the scales finally tip when the most horrendous offence comes to light: @LyceeFruit PE was a renter and didn't even HAVE a mortgage. Did they even deserve the laminated tag that hung off their rear-view mirror? Obviously, @LyceeFruit PE was killed with extreme prejudice. The newly purchased wood chipper used for landscaping seemed to be the perfect vehicle to dispose of the disgusting...renter. As their body was spread across the carefully cultured tulips, everyone knew bodies made the best compost, a set of mangled brass knuckles were pried from the blades of the blessed chipper. Everyone began to cheer, obviously they had disposed off one of the mafia members and they could resume paying their monthly HOA fees to get the pool skimmed. Making their way over, everyone's cheered abruptly turned into groans of first-world discomfort: There, floating in the clear waters, was a large bear. Seems like @blybrook PE was forced to go swimming with the fishes. Which meant that nobody could use the pool for at least a week, which was miserable. The remaining players are: @DuranDuran, @txjennah PE, @tj_PE, @MadamPirate PE, @squaretaper LIT AF PE, @SaltySteve, @Roarbark, @chart94, and @vhab49_PE
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    Goat Cheese Smear Campaign...new band name?
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    If yall wouldn't have killed me, I would have gained some info!!!! #imjustsaying #stillbitter #petty #dedded #sob
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    Hi everyone, thanks for running this little experiment for me. I appreciate. I got my round assignment. I will be playing in Game 10, starting June 8. I certainly hope things clam down IRL by then. I need to start researching tourney play. The pride of EB is at stake, or something like that...
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    This is why Mafayette is a terrible place to live. It's like.... what's it called.... Crusty jugglers.... um..... Hot Fuzz! What if (in our past rules) the town are actually the bad guys, who start lynching people, and the Mafia come in afterward to stop them? /End Conspiracy theory Your counting is suspish! (4/5)
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    I can play I suppose.
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    Shoot. Forgot about this. I'll send out roles for this later tonight for a Tuesday start. I'm still trying to research the new roles and with my project load I might not be able to 'write-write' a real story this time. ALSO. We still need one more person, currently we're sitting at 14. This is who I have currently playing: @ChebyshevII PE, @DuranDuran, @RBHeadge PE, @txjennah PE, @tj_PE, @jean15paul_PE, @MadamPirate PE, @LyceeFruit PE, @blybrook PE, @squaretaper LIT AF PE, @SaltySteve, @Roarbark, @NikR_PE, and @chart94 I'll give until the end of day for one more person to join willingly. If not, @Audi driver, P.E. is begrudgingly playing. Because I need dad puns and confused reactions. 🤠
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    Greek yogurt, cereal, black coffee. That's no way to talk about Mrs. MS on a public forum!!
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    How about @Lissa plays!? they got us into this mess lol
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    I am... but I think things will sorta-kinda calm down in the early summer. I think I'll be okay if I do one of the June qualifiers. slightly OT: a June game would let us run through a few rounds using tourney-rules here on EB. I (or whomeever the rep) would need some experience with a different system to help plan strategy and game theory.
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    Arrgh. If someone dies of AIDS, it's not the HIV that kills them. It's the pneumonia, etc., but everyone agrees that they died of AIDS because they wouldn't have died otherwise. This virus attacks the respiratory system. Without oxygen, all the other organs start failing. Heart, etc. Cause of death may be heart failure. But it was brought on by the massive viral infection. Not sure why that makes you think hundreds of thousands of medical and public health workers are all in on some massive scheme. Fauci and others have all said that if we're effective at flattening the curve, we'll be accused of going too far. It's foolish and ignorant and take the results and conclude that the response was overblown. I hate to say this but in six more months I doubt you'll be able to so gleefully compare the death toll to the flu. We're only 2 months into this virus.
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    *sees Duran poking at RBH*
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    "jean15paul, the Ghost Doctor: He saves the living because he couldn't save himself" Premiering on Netflix this fall
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    I mean, @Roarbark effectively did that. The only difference is that he took Mrs. Cheb along for the ride as well (I believe the technical phrase for that is that he "borked" her.) 2/0
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    I propose a new role specifically for @Audi driver, P.E.: The Curmudgeon The Curmudgeon complains constantly, but has no effect on gameplay!
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    Another deadly action by the mafia has the town fearful. The evil unknown they turn on one another, nothing but guesses. Townies take chart’s life. Misdirected energy, he is innocent. The sun again sets tense spirits and bad omens. “What will this night bring?” Mass insomnia and vivid horrible dreams, the weary can’t rest. “Now this is our chance! We almost control the town.” Mafia plotting. Sneakily creeping, evil moves in darkness stalking unknown prey. Into the town square and up to the home of bly, ready for murder. “Hey, who goes there!!!” A voice from across the square Scares off the killers. It just so happens the insomniac doctor was watching bly's house. Some good news... ( @blybrook PE was targeted by the mafia but was saved by the doctor. The remaining players are: @blybrook PE @DuranDuran @JayKay PE @MadamPirate PE @SaltySteve @squaretaper LIT AF PE @txjennah PE )

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