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    Ask, and ye shall receive... My favorite clip...
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    Well you could... no... not going there. But realistically just being patient, flexible, supportive (and provide a kick in the ass if he stops studying). Its an incredibly nerve racking prep session. You should expect that: He will become increasing nervous, frustrated, and self-doubting as the date gets closer. He will stop having a social life. (if he ever had one. most engineers are boring, myself included). He will start buying random books, materials, and voodoo charms just because there is a 1% chance it may help. Come test day, make sure he has everything ready and available and the details thought out. His mind will be mush. That may include how he is carrying and transporting his reference books. How he is getting to the site and where the site is. Where he is staying the night before the exam. Some people rent hotels near the test facility to avoid traffic or other calamities. (i did.) What he is eating for lunch so he doesn't have to leave the test site. His ID / Identification / NCEES paperwork. Where Fluffy, Goldie, or whatever the pet is called will be located, fed, etc. But otherwise its your usual 8-hour test, life determining experience. PS. Try not to find out your having a kid either until after the test. From my experience it was a major distraction initially... but then it forced me to step my game up to succeed. Your results may vary on that one. PPS. There is a high likely hood he will fail. A lot of the tests have only a 60%-70% pass rate. He will need encouragement either way, as the test results are not released for a few months. If he didn't think he failed right after the test, give it a week and the second guessing will ensure he feels he failed. Even if he passed, he will feel like he failed until the announcement is made several months down the road.
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    My mind wandered and that previous post took a U-turn from my initial intent, which was to agree with you. Stories like the ones posted in this thread expose hypocrisy of some individuals, but they shouldn't discredit the whole movement.
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    Good luck @Jbone27 PE and @leggo PE! I’m thinking of signing up for the Baltimore half marathon, now that I’m in the area. I’ve been trying to find a good fall event for awhile. That one’s in Oct, so I don’t need to get off the couch yet.
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    Gonna leave early today and enjoy some of that personal time our boss keeps telling us we can use. By personal time, I mean the wife is out of town and I'll be day drinking and playing GTA.
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    Your fault for running a marathon in the first place.
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    Not only is it Friday, but also my last day with my current employer. Start the new job on Monday.
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    It's about power. For years women were the ones who were sexually assaulted or harassed at work and they kept quiet because they didn't want to lose their jobs. They were discredited if they said something, because Mr. So-an-so is a fine upstanding character and you could ruin his life if you say anything. Even today it happens, where a woman will have to put up with blatant sexual harassment or advances and she'll need to laugh it off so that no one isolates her and labels her as a problem. So the #metoo movement was a pendulum swing where finally women had power. It felt good to have men be the ones instantly discredited. It felt good to have all the power. We'll eventually, hopefully fall somewhere in the middle, but I know it's hard to see another group in power if you're part of the group that's always been in power.
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    First triathlon this Sunday. Here's to not dying and finally being done with this thing so I can enjoy NFL kickoff.
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    Sorry, I don't see where the problem is....
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    Or if you have government clients, seems problems always happen on Fridays – I was supposed to be off last Friday but our bridge folks fucked up some rebar details and I had to spend all day calming the client down after our idiot bridge guy told them that an extra $10 grand in rebar wasn’t really “a lot of money” – too which the client replied, great just send us a check!
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    Last time my Jets were worth watching...
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    It baffles me why nobody remembers that copy machines exist. Take notes to copier, hit copy. Voila, notes are now in ink.
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    In short: Europe. In long, because you know we like it long: London, Liverpool, Dublin, Belfast, galway, nice, st tropez, Monaco, Paris, reims 🤗🤗🤗🚣‍♀️🤸‍♀️👑🍾🍷🥃🍺🌍🚈⛵🛬⚽🎶🇫🇷🇬🇧🇮🇪
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    Do you live with your boyfriend? If you do and don't already do this, be willing (and not complain) about taking a bigger share of the household responsibilities like cleaning, cooking, and running errands. I definitely had to lean on my now fiance to cook dinner more times than not when I was studying, when usually he cooks maybe 30-40% of the time. Try not to be distracting to him. Support him while he's studying, and don't make him feel pressured to do something else (like hang out with friends or go to a show) if he knows he should, or needs to, be studying. Like @Szar said, remind him he needs to study if it there are signs that he should be but isn't. When he finishes the exam, have his favorite food/drink of choice ready for him when he gets home. His brain is probably going to be very tired, if only from just a long day involving a lot of intense mental concentration. Overall, it's really hard to study for this exam while also working full-time (assuming your boyfriend is working full-time). He's probably going to be tired a lot of the time, and maybe cranky. Don't take it personally! It's a season of life that eventually comes to an end. And also, I'm just going to give you props for reaching out and asking how to be supportive from a significant other's perspective! I wish my guy had done that. Kudos to you!
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    Today is my Friday for the next 11 days. Going cruising with the Kraks!
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    Did someone say ice cream?
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    Did the run-walk at the race this weekend. Turns out there were a few of us on the edges of the road, judging by similar behavior and the GPS beeps. Ended up finishing the 10K in 1:11:51. I maybe, possibly could have gone a little faster, but didn't. I felt like I'd gone all out when I finished the race.
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    I think this has been discussed before.The general consensus was that it is not allowed. Just make copies of your hand written notes or like you mentioned, start writing in pen. It's up to the proctor but not worth any added stress to worry about getting booted for pencil writing.
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    No doubt false accusations are awful. Any big movement has this kind of thing happen. I don't want this woman's actions, which are awful and illegal, to discredit every woman who has truthfully come forward about heinous things that happened to them. The tenor of the thread was "all women must be liars because this one is and women are only talking about assault because it's trendy."