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    So mini MS1 got a bass guitar for his birthday (December) and has been taking lessons at School of Rock since early January. After only a few months, he's pretty legit. At his age and level, they're learning somewhat simplified versions of popular rock songs (Highway to Hell, Seven Nation Army, Zombie, etc...), but not much music theory, unfortunately, or how to "read" notes (note lettering shown on the tabs). After being aggravating for a while, the wifey-wife got the owner to modify his course a little bit to include that info so these kids can be more well-rounded musicians. Anywho, after going to their first "concert" last month and hearing how good the music was (well, MS1 and the drummer), I wanted to try it. I always wanted to play banjo (love that sweet sweet bluegrass), but my fat fingers didn't hit the strings very well so my fretting was poor. Now the bass only has four strings, they're BIG, and spaced far enough apart for my sausage fingers... AND MS1 is learning music I was obsessed with back in the day. So now I'm picking it up, practicing his music, and getting into learning the non-simplified / real versions of his songs plus others he won't be learning. This sh*t is f-u-n, FUN. And I can now play a six song set (bass only) - Zombie, Feel Good inc., Highway to Hell, Folsom Prison Blues, Island in the Sun, and Say it Ain't So. The best part is the wifey-wife also likes this music, so when I'm playing and you can hear it through the whole house, she... doesn't... complain... Evidently, SOR has adult performance classes, too. Don't think I have time for that, but sh*t that'd be awesome. * just wanted to use this gif again *
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    For all the lurkers out there: if you think it's bad now, it'll be so, so, so much worse a few days out from the exam. And the true hell begins a month after the exam!
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    I'll take a taco party over a lemon party any day!
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    They are probably monitoring this thread and tortuing us. LOL. There is no history of a Friday release. Maybe it'll be today!
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    LSU will win. ONLY because it will be our luck that after winning the whole shebang, the title will be taken away when the head coach's FBI investigation is complete.
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    Results are out! I passed Seismic, my last hurdle!
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    I f-ing love buffets. Also, in other news, this is why I'm fat.
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    Nice lemon party!
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    So i had not been to the cafeteria in the basement of our building in a while (food was about the same level as school lunch food) but they have a salad bar so I was going to hit that up. But I was pleasantly surprised that whomever the building leases the food space out to had an utterly brilliant idea - every day they invite a different food truck vendor to occupy what used to be "the pizza station" - so I had some awesome food truck pork tacos for lunch today -totally great idea (and I didn't have to go outside)
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    This. This is how you study. Keep it up @cvanwy02! You can do it! I also found it helpful to run through a variety of HVAC practice exams. There's a lot of overlap with TFS but some years the exam will feature more or fewer HVAC questions, you'll want to be prepared when they decide to be sadistic.
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    I don't want to discourage new test takers with any unnecessary fear mongering about references (or lack thereof). Regardless of whether you will take the new or old tests, if you diligently work a sufficient number of practice questions/exams and really internalize what's really going on with respect to theory, you'll see that it's really quite repetitive (speaking from a TFS standpoint, but I'm sure HVAC and MDM are probably the same, ask those weirdos ) and you'll pretty much memorize most forms of equations you'll ever need. I got to a point where I pretty much memorized steam table values and only looked things up as a sanity check. Remember, you're all very smart, beautiful, and capable, AND already working engineers. You can do it!
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    Yowza...If anyone has been following my posts, I think I've said on no fewer than ten occasions I couldn't have survived without the Mollier diagram. This is just yet another reason people should just get the Mollier diagram tattooed on their forearms!
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    Everyone still has two more tries in the pencil and paper!
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    @squaretaper PE....aren't you glad we passed the PE when we did? Imagine taking this exam wihout the use of personal notes, references, books, etc. Look at the evaluation above for the guide that's offered for the TFS exam in particular. WDYT?
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    My table partner erased ferociously like his score depended on it. It shook the entire table and I was ready to throw my calculator at him by the end of the day.
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    Hi everyone, I received this in an email after reaching out the Board: License numbers are automatically issued bi-weekly for all eligible applicants who have passed all required exams and fulfilled the Livescan/Fingerprint requirement. The next list was scheduled to be processed March 29, 2019. Your license number will be available on the CA Board’s website on/or within 2-3 business days after the date mentioned above. Please click “License Lookup” to view your license information at that time. http://www.bpelsg.ca.gov/consumers/lic_lookup.shtml Your wall certificate and paper pocket license will be mailed to you in approximately 6 to 8 weeks. You will also receive a plastic pocket ID card in the mail in approximately 12 weeks.
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    Any completed Re-exam forms received by the Board prior to the end of the quarter will be processed for the following quarter. There is a supplemental list prepared to accommodate those received very close to the last day of each quarter.
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    I am finishing up the last book of the Slay The PE TFS bundle (HVAC). I plan to spend the rest of the time knocking out as many practice test problems as I can. I have the 2011 and 2016 NCEES exam, Slay the PE Exam, and thinking about @justin-hawaii's exam if I master these three.
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    I got my Seismic (passed), still waiting for surveying!
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    THIS IS QUITE A ROUNDABOUT WAY. IF YOU WERE PART OF THE EB GIRLS SNAPCHAT YOU GET ALL THE NONSENSE. Lololol, I'll send it to @vee043324 and @tj_PE, so they can post it to instagram and MY RECIPE WILL BE STOLEN BY THE WORLD.
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    We Made some Cookies during be snow storm yesterday - well we made some Cookie dough and then maybe one batch of cookies cause yeah... 6 teenagers were in the house...
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    I can feel it being today! Good Luck everyone!
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    Its like if they put their creative energy into just being able to pass the class? Maybe NCEES needs to run the SAT/ACT! But we should all appreciate a scandal that doesn't appear to involve politics?
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    Several of you have already seen it but I figured I would post the progress pictures here as well. Status as of Saturday afternoon: The good news is that the only big thing left is to fix an oil leak. The bad news is that in order to fix the leak, I had to do this: With a little luck, I'll have it back together Saturday afternoon.
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    Opps, please excuse my tourettes. Where was I? Oh yeah, dial up modem. So my Dad had to figure a way to upgrade the internet in the trailer.
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    Concur with this. The change from the "general" morning is a detriment to the exam and the introduction of this reference manual is more akin to the FE where you're testing to what's provided and not testing to what is representative of the industry.
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    One month out....that means those who are going to pass have already logged 150 hrs and only have 150 hrs left to go.
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    Yeah, no Mollier diagram which is a major bummer. However, they did put in some really useful and important stuff such as the charge of an electron, Faraday's constant, and the conversion factor from hectares to acres. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    it was cold out and the pitched "tent" was embarrassingly small.
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    I looked at the MDM section and WOW, it's basically just a collection of equations. Little to no explanations or examples like in MERM, I'm just VERY glad I took the exam when I did.
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    Welp... one of our latest batch of chickens is a rooster... When you here a "cock a doodle doo" under your house, something just ain't right with your hen. When that "cock a doodle doo" is heard, again, the next morning from the coop, you have yourself a rooster. Dammit
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    Passed Surveying. done everything 😊
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    This. I had the 2009 version when I took the exam and even then had to write in a few conversions that I found missing during my exam prep.
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    Speaking of scope creep, this weekend was a shit-show with the racecar. Nobody makes a good long water pump pulley setup for the combination I'm running. I wanted to upgrade my water pump anyway to the one designed for this motor (it has extra ports for center-block cooling and scavenge lines that pull water from between the center exhaust ports), so drove up to Mooresville to pick one up from the place that builds them for various NASCAR teams. Sure enough, I go to install it and thunk... hits the timing cover. By like, a LOT. About 3/8 of an inch or so. WTF? So I look a little closer and notice how close the timing cover is to the balancer. Pull the balancer and timing cover, and sure enough... motor has a Jesel belt drive on it! I should have expected it, but never confirmed. Of course since it's of unknown age, I had to order a replacement belt at $110, and that gets added to the list of things to replace every 2 years. It also means that I get to machine spacers for the alternator and dry sump pump, and to buy a spacer for the crank pulley. The engine is also so tall, that I have to fab a custom air cleaner housing just to be able to barely see where I'm going (cardboard mock-up in place). REALLY wish I had a sheet metal shear for that one. (The timing belt pic also shows the NASCAR intake manifold modified for fuel injection. The guy who did the conversion for me did IMMACULATE work.)
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    So you're saying that the EB collective aren't your friends? That's fine. We see how it is.
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    I was a two time test taker as well. I reviewed my weak areas and worked those types of problems the most, but I also kept my strong areas fresh. For me, working on timing and organization of the references was key. To be honest, I never felt like I was solid and totally prepared. I felt kind of neutral for some reason. I was confident, but still concerned. I think your feelings are normal for a lot of people. Aside from working more problems, just focus on your strategy, timing, and organization. Try to remain positive going into it. That would be my advice. I also found it helpful to ask this board a few questions on problems that stumped me. In some cases, I was still making silly mathematical/unit mistakes. Those types of mistakes will eat you alive, if not checked. Best of luck!
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    So @csb is ASKING for a lemon party, huh?
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    I need you all to visit me and bring offerings of baked goods. I'll send my address.
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    Yes, my license number showed up on the DCA website also, woohoo! PS. So I talked to the lady from the board and she said we won't get a congratulatory email from the board until mid month, and they don't send it out bi-weekly anymore, they only send that email per monthly now (even though they still process license numbers bi-weekly). We should get our actual license in the email 6-8 weeks after.
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    Make sure you can sleep well the night before...
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    i have so much work to do I just said fuck it and am now "working" from the bar...
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    Some people take the decoupled exam right out of school and end up having to wait like 3-4 years. Others, like in NY, pass the test and have to wait like six months to get licensed just because the state sucks and is so damn slow. @NY-Computer-Engineer@JayKay0914 In the grand scheme of things, unless you've got money connected to obtaining the license, having to wait a little longer isn't that big a deal. It just makes it all the more satisfying when it finally happens @Mama said PE is the devil. And makes a funny story to tell later.
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    Banned for being confused at the statement I banned for because it was edited to make me look a fool.
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    Banned because everyone's mind went there.
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    This weekend: -Take a simulated exam if you have yet to do so, -make sure your materials are all tabbed and you are familiar with everything you are taking -Brush up on any topics you think you are almost there on Next Week: Monday and tuesday continue studying things you need work on Wednesday thursday do not touch anything PE related, if you are working consider taking thursday off for getting logistics for friday taken care of Thurday take time do do something you love to do, go running, play video games, watch movies... whatever Thursday night go to bed like 30-45 minutes before normal time Friday wake up and crush the PE Exam Good luck y'all!
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