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    My mom bought a snow cone/shaved ice machine for the family. My diet for the first half of Christmas was wine-slushies. I should not have done such a thing.
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    Well, Eastwood is 117 years old.
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    I got that $20 drone from Costco. I've already crashed it in the house twice now.
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    If I ever get married...my cake shall be cheese.
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    Have had enough time with my 4 roommates - ready to get back to the 5 day work week!
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    We moved a family of 5 from Atlanta to Denver with only 2 Pods. True story.. we basically got rid of everything- I fully recommend a major cleanse every 5 years. But it sucks to move- I hope to never do it again without having a job that pays someone to do it for me...
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    This. For the first time ever I hired movers earlier this year for Rancho Squaretaper. Worth. Every. Penny.
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    Should this have been posted in the Girls forum?
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    Actual video of the Disney creative team:
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    BAM. LOOK AT THIS STREAMLINED BEAUT. (even the construction workers can't take their eyes of that German engineering, oh la la).
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    Anyone see how they set the confidence points? Wowza
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    Over the hellidays I made the kid a little corner desk for his PC, couldn't really find one that fit his room layout so I just made one out of 1/2 " cabinet grade plywood. but I used pipe fittings for the shelf brackets (these shown were about $40/ EA) He had gotten a better monitor (not pictured) for Christmas that didn't fit on his old desk. the carpet is hideous and will be replaced but its far down on the list!
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    Happy Friday! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I'm interviewing all day tomorrow and Friday is my AFO! HAHAHAHAHAHAH
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    I didn't have to bring the AWC SDPWS. Hiner and I'm pretty sure EET, have all the necessary tables from that book already included in their workbook. I passed Seismic last month. All i needed was Hiner and ASCE 7-10. I brought the IBC both times that I took the test but never really had to use it. But it's still good to have just in-case.
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    The tree is coming down!
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    We are not affiliated with NCEES, so we don't have any information besides the outline. We (along with Engineer Boards) also do not condone the sharing of the contents of the actual exam. So I can't say for 100% confidence that I know what the exam will test you on. However, we do have a method that we feel gives us the best chance in preparing everyone for the PE exam. The Engineering Pro Guides products were produced by researching all the topics in the NCEES outline and then determining the concepts and skills that we felt were key to passing the exam. We used a four part criteria to make this determination, for more information see the end of this post. We also are constantly improving the products. For example, when we heard that our products were lacking in Protection, Power Electronics & Devices and Rotating Machines, then we added more problems to combat this deficiency. I know there is always room to improve, but I do feel confident that through the 3 products, the free cheat sheets and the recommended references that you have everything you need to pass the exam. I also need to clarify that the technical study guide covers skills and concepts that we felt were best taught through a textbook method. The full exam and references exam teach other concepts and skills that we felt were best taught by doing exam problems. There is some overlap between the three products, but you can't complete the full exam, simply by looking at the technical study guide. There are new concepts and skills in the full exam that are not shown in the technical study guide. Product Development 4 Part Criteria (1) First, the concept and skill must be commonly encountered in the Power Engineering field. (2) Second, the skill and concept must be testable in roughly 6 minutes per problem. There are (40) questions on the morning exam and you will be provided with 4 hours to complete the exam. The same is true for the afternoon portion of the exam. This results in an average of 6 minutes per problem. This criterion limits the complexity of the exam problems and the resulting solutions. For example, power flow calculations are common in the Power Engineering field, but the calculation is often very lengthy because of the number of steps involved, especially if the circuit is complex. Thus, the exam should use simple circuits and the math required to solve the problems should also very simple. (3) Third, the key concepts and skills must be used or be known by practicing electrical engineers in the Power field. This criterion is similar to the first criterion. However, this criterion filters the concepts and skills further by limiting the field to material encountered and used by practicing engineers. The Power Engineering field is vast and there are many different avenues an engineer can take. Two diverging paths are those engineers involved in research and those who practice. Research engineers are pushing the boundaries of the field and are highly focused in their specific area of the field. The Professional Engineering Exam does not cover emerging technologies or highly focused material. (4) The PE Exam must test the principle or application of the skill and concept and not the background knowledge of the topic or concept. The exam also does not cover background information on the NCEES topics. The PE Exam is meant to prove that the test taker is minimally competent to practice in the Electrical Engineering field. The exam is less concerned with theory and more with the principle or application of the theory, skill or concept. For example, the PE Exam is less concerned with the theory of thyristors or magnetic flux and more with the performance of a rectifying circuit and the voltage output of a transformer.
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    Thank you thank you. I don’t look a day over 92... Also thanks to those who posted birthday wishes on Facebook.
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    I moved around 4 years ago. I refuse to move again until either my landlords sell the house or I’m moving into the house where I’ll live the rest of my days. You never think you have that much stuff until you have to move and everything seems to multiply.
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    I just pulled a needed random Cable from my box of extra cables and wires in the garage... today was already good day......