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    ^^ I've always wondered why it's socially acceptable in our predominantly Christian country to combine our foulest expletive with the Savior's name. It's especially surprising in the wake of otherwise very tactful posts on both sides of the argument dealing with the subject of Christianity.
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    Zach’s live webinar/Course should be your foundation. In addition to Zach’s live webinar/review course and all the wisdom from previous posts from other users do the little extra below. I'll keep it concise and to the point. The two topics you absolutely do not have the luxury of missing problems on the exam are Protection and NEC. This is key. Devote 2.5 months into these topics. It is excessive, but whatever it takes to pass. · Use NEC handbook · Create your own index for the NEC in a excel sheet. Turn each page of the handbook and write down the section on top of the page. This will force you to learn all sections. · Mike Holt Understanding the National Electrical Code, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 · Solve all mathematical NEC problems you can find · Protection- Read black burn cover to cover. Make tabs. · Protective Relay Principles by SLEVA. Make tabs. · EPRI Power Systems Dynamics Tutorial. Make tabs. · Learn theory · Solve all mathematical Protection problems you can find · Any articles you can find on the internet from multiple sources on these two topics and make a single binder.
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    And on the 70th day NCEES handeth the test results to the Boards of The State and then the Boards of The State handeth the results to examinees. And the examinees who achieved acceptable results were raised to blessed licensure while the examinees who did not were damned to reexamination and all burdens associated with such a fate.
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    jesus fucking christ. i'd pray to whatever god y'all want me to if it meant i'd get the SE results today so i dont have to read any more religion talk in a thread about the SE Exam. im guessing 5pm EST is the cutoff for results so if we dont get them within the next half hour today is probably not gonna happen
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    Today is my Friday. I'm going on vacation, starting tomorrow through the 22.
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    Pricing is probably different where you are, but $600 sounds pretty steep. When we had this problem a couple years ago we were charged $200 for replacement parts + labor; took about the same amount of time. OTOH, repairing springs is not something you want to do yourself, unless you have a death wish...
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    I honestly haven't thought that far in advance. I have my money saved for the October registration. If for some reason I pass, I may just retire like Jordan for a couple of years. Go out on top. Maybe try something easy like project management for awhile.
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    Maybe NCEES Chat knows if Christianity is true...
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    So... How about them test results?
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    VS. Thailand was on TV at work today. Pretty brutal to watch. (13 - 0 ) USA, for those too lazy to look up. @akwooly. I'll probably loosely follow it. US will def need to tighten up their game a little bit for some of the better teams (said Roarbark the rec league soccer player), but had some really great moments.
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    Duke, well said my man, I second everything said above. "Blessed are you that believes without seeing". I questioned it too, trust me, once I humbled myself and accepted it that I will accept that it is true, then things started to change. Sure it is much easier to go through life being hard headed and ignoring the Love of the Lord and his blessing in your life, but believing and walking with Jesus is an amazing journey that I personally enjoy every single day. I rest my case!! back to the exam results, where are they? you guys think today?
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    @FutureSE Thank you for being honest. One concerning thing I noticed with your objections is they are skeptical toward the ancillary elements of Christianity but don't touch on the lynchpin of it all, the resurrection of Jesus. If Jesus did rise from the dead then he is who he said he was and Christianity is true, if he did not then skepticism toward the rest isn't necessary because it would be false. I don't know what your personal "burden of proof" is but for me if it's more probable than not then I'd say it's perfectly rational to hold the belief. TBH I think agnostic/atheists who say this are either uninformed of the strength of the case of the existence of God and the evidence for Christ's resurrection or they are bias against it. I won't bother listing any now unless you want to talk further on this but there are several strong philosophical and evidential reasons to believe in the existence of God and the resurrection of Jesus. IMO it is pretty naive to think all Christians on the planet haven't fact checked and thought critically about their beliefs. Not trying to offend or argue, just my thoughts on this. Speaking on the grading of the exam Also a coworker of mine took the SEOI course and said that two people grade the afternoon with a rubric and if the scores are different then a third gets involved. Once that is done they run a statistical analysis and correct for "bad questions".
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    Its your decision but I think you can try one last time as I have seen people clearing exam in their 6th or 7th attempt. I am not from Mechanical field but will genuinely want you to try a new PE prep course like EET etc. for one last time as I have seen the time one feels to give up is the time you should not give up as success might be just one exam away from you but you will never experience it if you quit now. Just give it a thought! All the best!!!
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    Not going to lie, I'd like it to have been cheaper (maybe $400), but that's all on me not looking around and grabbing the first place that popped on my phone (plus not wanting to have multiple rounds of estimates/paying for guys for service calls). Eh, what's done is done and I think I'm lucky to be in the position of that being the only thing I can complain about.
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    10,000th post in the Structural forum! Edit: LetsSE got it.... I'm 10,001st
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    There is nothing else you can do due to the nervous you have.
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    I was in a townhouse (no driveway or street parking bc HOA) and also living alone and I just wanted it done LOL
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    Late night repair might be a factor too. In our case, I was still able to open the garage door manually so we could park the cars in the driveway, so we didn’t have to deal with urgent repairs. I can see why it might be necessary in a bigger city, though.
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    maybe since it was so difficult, we'll all get the green pass
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    Florida man arrested after troopers find high-tech, toll-dodging license plate shield
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    Banned because 4th of July is coming and you should not be near fireworks
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    Banned because I did my time.
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    @David Connor, SE's book is a must. I Highly recommend it.
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    At this time, I'm choosing not to risk it. I'm going to ask the author of one of the sources to confirm what is in the notes. Maybe I can get to the bottom of it then.
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    It was the Millinocket Century, done in the same spirit as the marathon
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    The pictures were just a photoshop joke. I haven't received results, but I wanted to gig everyone. I am what I refer to as an agnostic athiest. My main concern with Jesus (if he exists) is why he plays favorites. He appeared to a select few and shunned the rest of us. Supposing there truly is an omnipotent (take this to mean omnipresent and omniscient as well) all father type deity, it is fully within his realm of capability to at least remove all doubt of his existence from the minds of non-believers, yet he doesn't do so. I've heard others mention free will and such arguments, however, I have never seen this argument in the Bible. Matt Dillahunty actually has the best argument, IMO, for the free will defense in specifically pointing out that Satan and a third of the Angels had free will, were creations of God, were weaker beings than God, and yet were perfectly capable of rebelling against God while knowing he existed. I was raised in a fiercely religious family and it took me years to get out of my indoctrination of "belief without question." Once I moved out from my parents and started to critically question the Bible and the world around me, I started to realize the good book does not hold up to critical scrutiny. There are several barbaric practices the church partakes in that are hideous when looked at from another point of view. Take the practice of circumcision for example. When Muslims mutilate female genitals, everybody gets butthurt, but when Christians happily have their sons genitalia mutilated because the good book says so, somehow that's fine because God said so. Why did he even put the foreskin on, one might ask? Is it that God made a mistake? Also consider the story of Eden. If God didn't want Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge, then why was the tree even in Eden. He's also supposed to be omniscient and omnipresent, he knew this was going to happen. It's like me leaving a steak in the living room for my dog and then beating him and banishing him and all future puppies outside when he ate it, despite the fact that I full well knew the poor pupper would. It's steak and I don't think I'd have that kind of control, much less expect my K-9 companion to. God also didn't mind guarding the tree with flaming swords that turned every way after the fall of man, he could've done so just as easily before one would think. For that matter, assuming the tree was a tangible temporal object, he could've placed the thing on Mars or he could've even made it inedible or even banished it to an alternate dimension (he's God after all). Just like I could avoid having my dog eat my steak by placing it in the oven. Another one of my favorites is Samson slaying 1000 Philistines with a donkey's jaw bone in the book of Judges. It is a complete impossibility for one man to accomplish such a feat. Even the Spartans with 300 in the pass at Thermopylae only managed to kill around 30 Persians each and this was only because their flanks were covered and their backs were inaccessible (for a time, anyway). Then there is the mention of Moses and the Israelites on the Exodus from Egypt. There is literally no scientific backing or archeological evidence to prove this event ever happened not to mention that the trip was likely around 500KM or about 310 Miles. It's quite a haul, but most of the people in ancient times could handle 15 to 20 miles a day without too many problems. Even if they rested on the Sabbath, they should've made it to the promised land in less than a month. It took them 40 years to get there. God must've had his hand in programming apple maps I guess. No mention from Egyptians of hundreds of thousands if not millions of slaves leaving Egypt either. You'd think that would've kind of been a big deal. At least enough to get a few picture characters chiseled into some limestone. Don't get me wrong, I would absolutely be a believer if there were any substantial evidence to support the case for Christ or any other deity for the thousands of religions. You'd think there would be gods everywhere doing their deeds as many as have existed throughout history. If substantiating evidence were to be provided to me, I would change my mind if the evidence surpassed my burden of proof. Sadly, I've yet to see this happen. Seems like every time evidence is presented, it is done so in the way that Bigfoot is. By that I mean, it is a "look here are pictures of Bigfoot," however, no proof ever really materializes and if something (like hair) does get tested, it's proven to be a forgery. Just like the shroud of Turin now that I think about it. Maybe Jesus is Bigfoot. I have a feeling I would have a substantially equal probability of finding either. I'm truly sorry if I've upset you or anyone else from the post, as I've been fed the Christian doctrine almost my entire life and though I harbor no ill against those who believe, I also know sincerely how emotionally "naked and vulnerable" I felt after leaving the comfort of this belief system. The first step in opening one's eyes and freeing themselves from the bindings of religion is to view the absurdity from another point of view and then read the Bible. In my opinion, anyone that reads a religious text and then fact checks it or even thinks about it critically cannot remain religious. What comes after this life, I do not know and can only wish that I did. The only thing I can say for certain is that I know nobody else does either.
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    Biked to work this morning. Only took me 5 mins more than driving. I'm loving this!
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    So ready for this part of my life to be over. It has been a struggle for way too long. Good luck to all of you. Especially if you are in Georgia where there is no other option to licensure for anyone who designs any kind of building. If I ever manage to get on the state board, I will push for a bylaw that demands the current members must pass any new exams they intend to adopt. If there isn’t a PE there in that specialty, they shouldn’t be adopting new exams in that discipline anyway. I really don’t believe the current PEs practicing structural there could pass this thing but who knows, I’ve seen a terribly stupid engineer that somehow did (or claims he did and has a stamp). Yet another reason I believe the grading is extremely inconsistent. “May the dice of life roll in our favor this administration and may the tears of joy flow forth from thine faces upon reception of Acceptable results.” ~ FutureSE Upon passing, I will have to change my name. 😃
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    The power exam is super easy so test takers don't really need to study.
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    I've watched Beyoncé's Homecoming about 4 times now. I've moved on to Season 2 of She's Gotta Have It. I fell in love with the movie when I was very young. Spike Lee productions just give me this warm and fuzzy feeling.
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    I was crossing the street and someone gave me a $5.00 because they thought I was homeless. There is now -36 pennies and an empty pen after converting the $5 bill into 500 pennies. (Note: I stopped by the local Dollar General after doing yardwork recently. The Manager must have assumed I was homeless because he came to talk to me and gave me an application and said they have a program to help people get on their feet. I told him I appreciate the offer, but I am good at the present time.)
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    The Notebook was sappy. Sixteen Candles was sappy. "This is Us" is so beyond sappy, it makes The Notebook look like a slasher flick.
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    that's #1 on my list to see after GOT is over! The wife started watching "this is US" - arghh, a little sappy but from what I can tell by watching bits and pieces I would change the name of this show to "sometimes it sucks to be a dad"
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