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    LEEETTTTTSSSSSSS GOOOOOOOOOO! We put in the hard work and now its time to trust the process. I'm ready to smash this thing and hand them a passing test at the end of the day tomorrow!
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    April 2019 test takers, you got this!! Good luck!!!
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    Ya’ll got this! Treat yourself to a little R&R tonight, you won’t regret it.
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    Good luck everyone!
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    unless they are actually packing your stuff or have to walk a few blocks to the truck it will be less than 2hrs.
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    Bathroom - that's what we did for our elderly cat last two moves. Problem was our walk-in closet was off our master bedroom for our last move. The mover claimed he loved kitties so he just went in there and packed up. Cat attempted to tear the shit out of him, but he had jeans and heavy boots so he was okay. Not sure about cat....
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    $1500? That's good enough for 2 weeks of rent here...
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    That's good to split them up. Lateral is where the true fun begins. EET is a legit class; the instructors have taught excellent material. Around 50% of people will pass vertical on the first try, which is approaching the pass rate of some of the more difficult PE exams. After that walking, into the lateral exam reminds me of when Batman meets Bane the first time in The Dark Knight Rises. Batman is confident, but things go badly very quickly. *I enter the testing site, feeling good* Test Proctors: Ah. The Vertical Exam has cost you your strength. Victory has defeated you. *I turn in test* NCEES Graders: You engineer like a younger man. Nothing held back. Admirable...but...mistaken. *marks essay problem 'improvement required'* *One Essay problem shows I don't know what I'm doing, but I valiantly fight to get enough points* NCEES Graders: Theatricality and deception...powerful agents to the uninitiated PE graders. But we are initiated, aren't we? *marks essay problem 'unacceptable'* *I receive the email from NCEES on results. Did I pass?* NCEES Graders: Ah yes.....I was wondering which would break first. Your spirit...or your body! *marks results unacceptable for licensure* *I send another check to register for the test again* NCEES: Your precious test registration fee! Gratefully accepted! We will need it.
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    I passed the exam last Oct and this post gave me anxiety...Good luck
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    Apparently they didn’t get me on the list for the March 29th processing... pretty disappointed considering I had to go through a pretty frustrating situation with them losing my EIT paperwork back in the day as well. They sure hold us to a high standard for being as inefficient as they are. Anyways, hoping to get my license soon....

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