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    So i had not been to the cafeteria in the basement of our building in a while (food was about the same level as school lunch food) but they have a salad bar so I was going to hit that up. But I was pleasantly surprised that whomever the building leases the food space out to had an utterly brilliant idea - every day they invite a different food truck vendor to occupy what used to be "the pizza station" - so I had some awesome food truck pork tacos for lunch today -totally great idea (and I didn't have to go outside)
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    TOMTI, that will never happen in my life time.
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    Emailed the NYS Engineering email on Monday, just for an update (not trying to cut the line) and received an email back today letting me know I am currently in the queue for the license process, it should be posted in the next 2 weeks, and my hard copy in another 2-weeks. Pretty simple/very responsive. Thank god! We'll find out if I need to follow-up email in 2-weeks, lol, but this does make me feel better knowing that I'm on the 'approved' list and it's just a matter of time.
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    Banned for being served.
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    That's the equivalent to the "free space" in bingo.
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    Thanks for your response. For one of the project, that I will work, requires a Civil PE and it’s not matter where you get your license. I know it doesn’t sound right but that is the case.
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    What a tropical beach looks like 4 months after being battered by a Category 5 storm with confirmed 200 mph wind gusts (kind of cleans up the beach!)
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    I took EET course and felt like it covered all the topics well. I just took the seismic this week all I used was his workbook and handouts for the entire exam.
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    5-year anniversary of "the call". Hope you're rampaging through all the national parks in the heavens with your lab my friend.
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