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    Yup. I would recommend letting any other people you know taking the exam they should sign up for the 2nd month of testing as opposed to the 3rd month to avoid this very issue.
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    Yes I would call it useful, exactly how i did, and here are the sections - wasn't aware i had to be this specific Chapter 5 - Three phase power systems (PDF, 1.82 MB) Chapter 6 - Transmission lines (PDF, 2.92 MB) Chapter 7 - Rotating machines (PDF, 1.13 MB) Chapter 5 - Worked solutions to some of the Chapter 5 problems (PDF, 167kB) Transformers - Some miscellaneous notes about transformers (PDF, 289kB) to roy - you are right
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    That site was last modified in 2005. It's way out of date for what's covered on the exam. Some of the information linked *may* be helpful in further explaining but I wouldn't use this as a resource or call it useful.
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    I’m only at 1. First time out since spraining the knee last year. Felt okay finally.
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    I vote for On the Basis of Sex. I'm seriously considering going to the theater for that one!
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    Banned because west is best.
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    Banned because it’s the right part of the state.
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    I am not sure if you still needed help but here is a discount code to more practice problems and a guide on the key concepts and skills for each of the topics. It seems like something may be missing in your understanding of Material Properties & Processing, Mechanics, E&M and Computational Tools, Engineering Economics and Ethics. Website: http://engproguides.com/fe-mechanical-exam-guide.html 10% Discount code: EBMECHFE
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    Banned for not taking this thread seriously.
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    I got the same email this morning. We're probably on the same schedule.
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    Mrs Dex and Mini Dex #2 were not impressed either. They watched that when my son and I watched Bumblebee.
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    https://www.intruderinc.com/products/the-better-mousetrap I found this to be the best mousetrap you can buy. Put a little peanut butter on it and if there are mice in the area you’ll get them. Just enough spring to kill the mouse with no blood/mess sand if you snap it on your finger it really doesn’t hurt. Pretty inexpensive too. My personal experience has been excellent results. can be had from amazon and most local stores.
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    You got it next time, I failed last April with a 47 score. I passed this go round in Civil Structural.
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